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Transistor Full Documentary - YouTube
John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain at Bell Labs
PBS  transistor  history  computer  science  Bell  Labs  John  Bardeen  William  Shockley  Walter  Brattain 
january 2018 by guiambros
Kevin Kelly
The Birth of a Network Nation
history  computer  history  Kevin  Kelly  article  journal  New  Age  papers 
june 2014 by guiambros
A Generation Lost in the Bazaar | Hacker News
Thirteen years ago, Eric Raymond's book The Cathedral and the Bazaar (O'Reilly Media, 2001) redefined our vocabulary and all but promised an end to the waterfall model and big software companies, thanks to the new grass-roots open source software development movement. I found the book thought provoking, but it did not convince me. On the other hand, being deeply involved in open source, I couldn't help but think that it would be nice if he was right. The book I brought to the beach house this summer is also thought provoking, much more so than Raymond's (which it even mentions rather positively): Frederick P. Brooks's The Design of Design (Addison-Wesley Professional, 2010). As much as I find myself nodding in agreement and as much as I enjoy Brooks's command of language and subject matter, the book also makes me sad and disappointed.
history  architectures  development  model  computer  science  Eric  Raymond  The  Cathedral  and  Bazaar 
april 2013 by guiambros
Apple's New Thing (iPod) - MacRumors Forums
Apple announces the iPod. People were waiting for the new Newton... :)
technology  mp3  history  ipod  apple 
december 2012 by guiambros
The TTY demystified
The TTY subsystem is central to the design of Linux, and UNIX in general. Unfortunately, its importance is often overlooked, and it is difficult to find good introductory articles about it. I believe that a basic understanding of TTYs in Linux is essential for the developer and the advanced user.

Beware, though: What you are about to see is not particularly elegant. In fact, the TTY subsystem — while quite functional from a user's point of view — is a twisty little mess of special cases. To understand how this came to be, we have to go back in time.
sysadmin  operating  systems  fundamentals  programming  terminal  history  linux  demystified  TTY 
september 2012 by guiambros
Virtual AGC Links Page
Here you'll find a collection of all the AGC, AGS, LVDC, and Gemini spacecraft computer documentation and software that I've managed to find whilst working on Virtual AGC. Every document on this page is archived here at Virtual AGC, regardless of whether it originated here or not. In the early days I used to include only material I uncovered by my own efforts, but there have increasingly been contributions by readers, including some of the original AGC developers. And there's material here that has been duplicated from other Apollo-centric websites for your convenience; see the FAQ page for a list of the fine Apollo and Gemini websites I raided. Now, there is some value-added in this process, since I add searchable text to those PDFs which are image-only, as well as adding metadata and bookmark panes where they don't exist. My intention is to eventually provide one-stop-shopping for all of your Apollo and Gemini computing-system documentation needs. Note however, that I choose to
history  AGC  source  code  nasa  source  apollo 
april 2012 by guiambros
Luck Is Just the Spark for Business Giants -
entrepreneurs luck lucky success bill gates microsoft history study NYTimes New York Times NYT article
entrepreneurs  luck  lucky  success  bill  gates  microsoft  history  study  NYTimes  New  York  Times  NYT  article 
october 2011 by guiambros
Where In The World Is Eduardo Saverin? « Thinking About Thinking
mark zuckerberg facebook thefacebook social network eduardo saverin history
mark  zuckerberg  facebook  thefacebook  social  network  eduardo  saverin  history 
september 2011 by guiambros
History of the Internet on Vimeo
history of the internet vimeo web historical geek evolution education
history  of  the  internet  vimeo  web  historical  geek  evolution  education 
january 2009 by guiambros
Full text: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant
bill gates article usability interface windows microsoft history
bill  gates  article  usability  interface  windows  microsoft  history 
june 2008 by guiambros
Musings from Mars » Ajax/DHTML Library Scorecard:How Cross Platform Are They?
AJAX library libraries web2.0 webdesign programming development history guide toolkit tools web ajax javascript dynamic html dhtml
AJAX  library  libraries  web2.0  webdesign  programming  development  history  guide  toolkit  tools  web  javascript  dynamic  html  dhtml 
january 2007 by guiambros
habitat MMORPG RPG game history online internet gaming
habitat  MMORPG  RPG  game  history  online  internet  gaming 
april 2006 by guiambros
From Habitat to Global Cyberspace
habitat RPG MMORPG virtual games first online internet snow crash history
habitat  RPG  MMORPG  virtual  games  first  online  internet  snow  crash  history 
april 2006 by guiambros
web history google internet 1.0 old days retro
web  history  google  internet  1.0  old  days  retro 
april 2006 by guiambros

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