Protest is Just the Beginning For Tenants Organizing at Bushwick's 431 Bleecker - BKLYNER
Protest is Just the Beginning For Tenants Organizing at Bushwick’s 431 Bleecker:
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14 hours ago
Map: Sex and Love on the Streets of NYC
turns out tech and crowdsourcing can beautifully illuminate the human experience ❤️
3 days ago
Brooklyn Residents Fight Plan To Build Tall New Jail In Boerum Hill: Gothamist
“The problems that exist on Rikers exist in the borough jails,” testified Mariam Fishman, who lives on a neighboring street. She worries that the violence and abuse that have long plagued the island-jail complex will simply “spread to all of the other facilities.”
28 days ago
How the Park Slope Food Coop Came to Be
“More than ten years before the rest of the world discovered kale, we were already selling ten cases of 24 bunches or more per week,” Zimmerman boasts. “Mostly, I added items that members asked for; I tried anything for which I could find a supplier. Many of our members are vegetarian, or have fruit- and vegetable-centric diets, so I always tried to supply produce for our various appetites.”
5 weeks ago
Mystery of the cargo ships that sink when their cargo suddenly liquefies
Solid bulk cargoes are typically “two-phase” materials as they contain water between the solid particles. When the particles can touch, the friction between them makes the material act like a solid (even though there is liquid present). But when the water pressure rises, these inter-particle forces reduce and the strength of the material decreases. When the friction is reduced to zero, the material acts like a liquid (even though the solid particles are still present).
7 weeks ago
Something Terrible Happened to Jackie | sarahjeong dot net
Sarah Jeong on the Rolling Stone story about campus rape
7 weeks ago
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