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Real-Time Object Detection for Drones
Step-by-step tutorial to run an object detection model on a drone’s live video feed.
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7 weeks ago by grinful
Wikipedia2Vec is a tool used for obtaining embeddings (vector representations) of words and entities from Wikipedia. The emnbeddings can be used as word embeddings, entity embeddings, and the unified embeddings of words and entities.
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august 2018 by grinful
The Definitive Guide to Natural Language Processing
A guide that gives an introduction to Natural Language Processing, explaining how can a machine understand text, important concepts and applications.
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june 2018 by grinful
Machine Learning :: Text feature extraction (tf-idf) – Part I | Terra Incognita
Short introduction to Vector Space Model (VSM) In information retrieval or text mining, the term frequency - inverse document frequency (also called tf-idf), is a well know method to evaluate how important is a word in a document. tf-idf are is a very interesting way to convert the textual representation of information
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march 2018 by grinful
A Promenade of PyTorch – Peter Goldsborough
A brief discussion of a research-first deep learning framework
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february 2018 by grinful
Object detection: an overview in the age of Deep Learning - Tryolabs Blog
There’s no shortage of interesting problems in computer vision, from simple image classification to 3D-pose estimation. One of the problems we’re most interested in and have worked on a bunch is object detection. Like many other computer vision problems, there still isn’t an obvious or even “best” way to approach the problem, meaning there’s still much room for improvement. Before getting into object detection, let’s do a quick rundown of the most common problems in the field.</block...
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january 2018 by grinful

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