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All That They Had Not Lost - Quizzical - Harry Potter - Fandom, Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The rest of the world had ceased to exist outside of their circle. Outside of their search. That would they do now they had found what they had been looking for, and it was all destroyed? So much had been lost in the process.
category:fanfiction  fandom:harry_potter  pairing:hermione.granger/harry.potter/ron.weasley  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:first_time  rating:mature  genre:kidfic  content:moresome 
april 2019 by grim_lupine
Polaris (Triad Version) - setissma - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman [Archive of Our Own]
Hermione's face looked grimmer than Harry had seen it in a long time, maybe since the war. “Dark wizards… we ran those out quite a while ago. But magic has never been the safe picture the Ministry likes to paint, and one of the largest defenses against that darkness has a gaping wound next to a place that’s a siren song for things on the hunt for blood. I’d set traps, as many as you can, the sort that the wilder sorts of magic won’t have much effect on. Plants. Creatures. Make bargains, if you have to.” She paused. “Harry, I would not send my children here right now.”

category:fanfiction  fandom:harry_potter  pairing:miscellaneous  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:het  rating:explicit  content:moresome  au:daemons  genre:kidfic 
march 2019 by grim_lupine
The Family Business - Deastar - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
"I don't want to pay you for sex," she said, in a tone of voice that implied that Dean was clearly the dumbest kid in the class. "I don't want a one-night stand," she told him condescendingly, "I want a sperm donor. Moron."
category:fanfiction  fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean.winchester/sam.winchester  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:mature 
january 2019 by grim_lupine
Are You With Me? - Chapter 1 - mcmachine - Grey's Anatomy [Archive of Our Own]
April's crisis of faith has her spiraling out of control, and it's impossible for Jackson to ignore. He wants to step in before it becomes too late but doesn't know where to start. Canon-divergent, post-14x13.
category:fanfiction  fandom:grey's_anatomy  pairing:miscellaneous  genre:het  content:break-up/make-up  rating:explicit  genre:kidfic 
october 2018 by grim_lupine
Love You Better - Chapter 1 - melissaeverdeen13 - Grey's Anatomy [Archive of Our Own]
On an unassuming afternoon, tragedy strikes April and Matthew’s tumultuous marriage. Sent reeling, April is left not only with a biological child, but one she has raised as her own - now without a father.

The Taylor family doesn’t plan on making this easy for April, a newly-single mother of two. She’s felt alone before, but never like this.

Luckily, she still has her best friend by her side - Jackson, as always.

What will come of the newfound family she can’t bear to part with? Sparks fly, old relationships renew, and unexpected surprises wait around every corner.
category:fanfiction  fandom:grey's_anatomy  pairing:miscellaneous  genre:het  content:break-up/make-up  rating:explicit  genre:kidfic 
october 2018 by grim_lupine
a permanent piece of my (medium sized) american heart - crispierchip - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“Yeah, so,” Nate starts again, quieter now, “I have, uhm, kids.”

EJ blinks. “Like, cousins?” he asks.

On the other end of the line, Nate chuckles. “More like two daughters.”
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:miscellaneous  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  rating:explicit 
april 2018 by grim_lupine
I Think That You Came Too Soon J2, non-AU, 2600 words, PG. Jensen…: longsufferingly
Jensen comes out of his marriage with a kid, and Jared doesn't, so Jared kind of ends up joining the family. And then he actually joins the family.
category:fanfiction  fandom:supernatural  pairing:jensen.ackles/jared.padalecki  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  rating:general 
april 2018 by grim_lupine
Yes Sir (I Don't Mean Maybe) - master post: hkath
The path to parenthood is full of complications for Jared and Jensen, who are forced to take part in a trendy parenting class to improve their chances at adoption. Can they survive encounters with obsessive tabloid reporters and nosy talk-show hosts, handle the needs of a very special robot and resist the gravitational pull of the small planet called Vin Diesel? Will they come through unscathed and unscarred on the other side of this story? Will there be schmoop? (Spoiler: There will be schmoop.)
category:fanfiction  fandom:supernatural  pairing:jensen.ackles/jared.padalecki  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  rating:mature 
april 2018 by grim_lupine
Falling Feels Like Flying (In a Vee) - Master Post: the8threalm
The ragtag Riverside Ducks, the butt of every joke in the Greater Toronto Peewee Hockey League, couldn’t win a game to save their lives. As rambunctious on the ice as they are off it, this team of misfits gets lucky when their intrepid new coach turns out to be just as plucky as they are, and all his eccentric training tactics start to turn the team around. But just as the suddenly mighty Ducks are inching closer to the play-offs and that all-important championship trophy, hockey is surprisingly the last thing on anyone's mind: Jensen Ackles gets an unwelcome blast from the past; Jared Padalecki gets the second chance he's been waiting an entire lifetime for; and on the sidelines, a flock of meddling Duck-lings learn what it means to fly in a vee. And as Jensen and Jared soon find out, sometimes falling in love feels a lot like flying.
category:fanfiction  fandom:supernatural  pairing:jensen.ackles/jared.padalecki  genre:slash  genre:rpf  rating:explicit  genre:kidfic  au:different_careers  content:break-up/make-up 
march 2018 by grim_lupine
Supernatural: Houses Out of Cardboard Boxes [Masterpost]: infatuated_ink
It's been nine months since Castiel went missing and the baby has Jimmy Novak's eyes. It isn’t hard for Sam to put two and two together.
category:fanfiction  fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean.winchester/sam.winchester  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:teen  content:pining 
march 2018 by grim_lupine
on life and love; - crossroadswrite - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
Yuri Plisetsky glares at him with all the righteousness five year olds possess, and says in heavily accented and clumsy English. “Be more gooder, stupid!”

And then he storms out in a sweep of blond hair and blue and red lights from his Sketchers.

(Or: in which everything is the same but Yuri Plisetsky is Victor's bratty five-year-old child.)
category:fanfiction  fandom:yuri_on_ice  pairing:viktor.nikiforov/katsuki.yuuri  pairing:otabek.altin/yuri.plisetsky  genre:slash  genre:first_time  rating:teen  genre:kidfic  au:other 
march 2018 by grim_lupine
You should stay another night with me - Puppet_in_the_Corner - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Chuck had thought he’d gotten over this crush years ago, but he hadn't thought that picking up a guy in a bar that his foggy, drunken brain identified as kind of looks like Raleigh Becket on his 21st birthday would backfire so spectacularly on him.

Not until after Operation Pitfall, when a woman looking for Raleigh Becket shows up with a 2 month old baby.

category:fanfiction  fandom:pacific_rim  pairing:raleigh.becket/chuck.hansen  genre:slash  genre:pre-relationship  genre:kidfic  rating:mature  content:mpreg 
january 2018 by grim_lupine
From Eden - Chapter 1 - frombluetored - His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman [Archive of Our Own]
"Maybe it means nothing. It just is."
"Everything means something," Lyra said severely. "We just have to figure out how to read it." (Lyra's Oxford, pg 6)

The prophecy contained more than anybody was told. As both Lyra and Will work towards reuniting, they find themselves carried willingly towards that hidden destiny.
category:fanfiction  fandom:his_dark_materials  pairing:lyra.belacqua/will.parry  genre:established_relationship  genre:het  rating:teen  genre:kidfic  status:wip 
january 2018 by grim_lupine
It's Tea Time - frombluetored - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Thorne & Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Ginny Potter estimates it will only take three days into the Weasley-Potter family holiday for Albus to act on his feelings for his best friend. Albus estimates it will only take three days for him to die of embarrassment. And Scorpius, well. Scorpius is just glad to be there with Albus in the first place.
category:fanfiction  fandom:harry_potter  pairing:scorpius.malfoy/albus.severus.potter  genre:slash  genre:first_time  pairing:miscellaneous  genre:het  rating:teen  genre:kidfic  content:pining 
january 2018 by grim_lupine
For all the Things my Hands have Held (The Best by Far is You) - RemyJane - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
There was an empty bed, a bassinet, and a recliner. There was a sink, a window overlooking the city, and a small table. But none of those things registered because Nicky was standing in the middle of the room shirtless, with the tiniest baby Alex had ever seen cradled to his chest as he swayed.


Nicky adopts a baby and Alex falls in love.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:nicklas.backstrom/alexander.ovechkin  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
january 2018 by grim_lupine
Build A House Inside Of You - bigmoneygator - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
The tale of the unfortunate romance that everybody sees, but no one talks about, least of all the two involved. Or: the story of the unresolved, unfortunate love affair of Chuck Hansen & Raleigh Becket, and how they fix it.
category:fanfiction  fandom:pacific_rim  pairing:raleigh.becket/chuck.hansen  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:domestic  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
january 2018 by grim_lupine
we need not be let alone - a_novel_idea - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
It’s eleven forty-five and Raleigh is back in his room, has been for hours. He’s lying in his bunk, flipping through a paperback book he didn’t even realize he’d brought with him; he’d found it in the bottom of his duffel bag. It’s a familiar book, the pages worn, the spine split in the places it’s been read most; some passages have been highlighted or underlined.

The knock on his door is light, and surprising. When he answers the door, the last thing he’s expecting is Chuck Hansen standing in the hall in his pajamas. His hair’s tousled, like he’d rolled over a few times in bed then run his fingers through it. He’s wearing his father’s Jaeger Academy Class of 2016 t-shirt.
category:fanfiction  fandom:pacific_rim  pairing:raleigh.becket/chuck.hansen  pairing:raleigh.becket/chuck.hansen/mako.mori  genre:first_time  genre:het  rating:teen  genre:kidfic  content:moresome  au:pre-canon 
january 2018 by grim_lupine
Words and Pictures - pocky_slash - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
When Lorna's powers manifest early, Charles Xavier's mutant picture books are the perfect teaching tool. Erik just hadn't expected the author to be so young. Or attractive. Or available.
category:fanfiction  fandom:x-men  pairing:erik.lehnsherr/charles.xavier  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:general  au:different_careers  au:modern 
september 2017 by grim_lupine
Literal Daddy Percival Graves - Abi_A - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Missing? What do you mean missing?”

Isolde Graves glares at Tina as fiercely as her father, it’s terribly disconcerting to see that expression on a fourteen year old girl.

“We don’t know where he is -” Tina begins, gently, but Graves’ eldest daughter cuts her off.

“I know the definition of missing, I’m neither an infant nor an idiot! I mean how did it happen? How does the Director of Magical Security go missing?”
category:fanfiction  fandom:harry_potter  pairing:credence.barebone/percival.graves  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
september 2017 by grim_lupine
It Takes A Village - Chapter 1 - drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
James laughs, a tired and almost pained sound, and shakes his head. With a sigh, he presses his teeth to his lip, and then carefully, he works open his coat. Within, bundled tight, is a shape smooth and rounded. Not a bomb, not a cruel device. As James moves, the shape shifts and Q curses.

“What -”

“If you're quiet, she won't wake,” James tells him softly.

James returns from a job with an unusual souvenir...

[aka the 00Q Baby Fic]
category:fanfiction  fandom:james_bond  genre:slash  genre:established_relationship  genre:kidfic  genre:domestic  rating:explicit 
august 2017 by grim_lupine
Attack-Dogs Make Great Babysitters - Chapter 1 - Only_1_Truth - Skyfall (2012) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
In which Q is seven, Bond is very much out of his element, and the world is about to get a taste of what a child super-genius can do when he only trusts one person. Period.

James Bond was used to dealing with two things, generally: guns, and people trying to shoot him with guns. Usually, the second was a problem, and could be solved with the first. Kids were neither as dependable as guns, nor was it socially acceptable to shoot them if they became threatening.

And how funny was it that one of Britain's best agents was more terrified by having to deal with a seven-year-old enigma than he was of facing a score of enemy sharp-shooters?
category:fanfiction  fandom:james_bond  genre:gen  genre:kidfic  rating:teen  au:other 
august 2017 by grim_lupine
The Oppenheimer Effect - nagi_schwarz - Clan Mitchell - Fandom, Leverage, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Multiverse, Stargate SG-1, The Gilmore Girls, The Sandman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
An AU in which Cam Mitchell never fully recovered from the crash in Antarctica, Atlantis was never found, and Rodney McKay returned to the SGC to work after his stint in Siberia. While Rodney is at a science conference with Sam Carter and Bill Lee (as in Bounty, SG-1 season 10), his cat Oppenheimer escapes from being house-sat by Cassie Frasier, and said cat is rescued by the denizens of Casa Atlantica, four men who are rejects from either the Air Force or the SGC or both. Romance ensues.

[Rodney/John, Evan Lorne/Clone Jack O'Neill/Cameron Mitchell]
category:fanfiction  fandom:sga  pairing:miscellaneous  pairing:rodney.mckay/john.sheppard  genre:slash  genre:first_time  rating:teen  content:moresome  au:pre-canon  genre:kidfic 
july 2017 by grim_lupine
Small Primes and Square Roots - Liviapenn - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
"I hope you picked someone really intelligent, otherwise it seems like it would be kind of a waste. Of incubation time, if nothing else."
category:fanfiction  fandom:sga  pairing:rodney.mckay/john.sheppard  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:mature  au:other 
june 2017 by grim_lupine
The Bella 'Verse - Chapter 1 - Bead - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Rodney didn’t sit up until the mug scraped against the surface of the table. When he did, he brushed a ruffly, mint-green sock off his cheek and reached for the coffee with both hands. After a good, long, gulp, he looked up at John with big tragic eyes.

“You went away and were gone for a long, long time,” he mourned.
category:fanfiction  fandom:sga  pairing:rodney.mckay/john.sheppard  genre:slash  genre:established_relationship  genre:kidfic  rating:general 
june 2017 by grim_lupine
We Should Live in Salt - busaikko - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
John comes back from an off-world mission pregnant. The responsible thing to do, of course, is to give up everything he loves.
category:fanfiction  fandom:sga  pairing:rodney.mckay/john.sheppard  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:explicit  content:mpreg 
june 2017 by grim_lupine
Learning To Share - respoftw - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Rodney returns, untriumphantly, to the SGC following the death of his sister and her English teaching excuse of a husband.

He has to deal with raising an 18 month old kid, being on the lowest rung of the scientific ladder and, to top it all off, he doesn't even get his own office. All in all, he'd rather be back in Siberia.
category:fanfiction  fandom:sga  pairing:rodney.mckay/john.sheppard  genre:slash  genre:first_time  rating:teen  genre:kidfic  au:pre-canon 
june 2017 by grim_lupine
Perfectly (Dys)fuctional - eadunne2 - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Harvey’s smiling, soft in a way that Mike recognizes, but after a few weeks without it, it's easier to note the intimacy, the surprising fondness from a man so guarded. It disarms him, and without thinking Mike reaches up to brush his fingers along Harvey's cheekbone then down the sinew of his neck.

A hand shoots up and circles Mike's wrist, jerking him away.

“Shit, sorry,” Mike breathes. “I -” For a breath, the overwhelming longing for things to return to normal - where Harvey took care of him, where they had each other’s backs - almost shoves an embarrassing sound from his gut, but Mike’s learned some control over the past few years so he wrenches his wrist free and passes the baby over, gently but without touching Harvey at all.

“Gotta go. Thanks for the -”

His throat starts to close so he stops talking, stumbles up, and throws his coat on before darting out the door.

Harvey doesn't try to stop him.
category:fanfiction  fandom:suits  pairing:mike.ross/harvey.specter  genre:first_time  genre:slash  genre:kidfic  rating:explicit 
june 2017 by grim_lupine
rise up singing - mardia - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
And now here Thomas is, in Peter and Beverley's house more nights than not, with a change of clothes he keeps in the dresser, on the regular rota for picking and dropping Laura off when needed, his own spot on their couch and his own bed in their home and it's wonderful, Thomas wouldn't give it up for anything, but--it's certainly unusual.

(Companion fic to sixthlight's excellent places to be, written from Nightingale's POV.)
category:fanfiction  fandom:rivers_of_london  pairing:beverly.brook/peter.grant/thomas.nightingale  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:het  genre:kidfic  rating:general  content:moresome  content:accidental_relationship 
june 2017 by grim_lupine
jump on a moving train - oops_ohdear - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“Best baby need best jersey,” Alex says blithely, which doesn’t actually answer the question. It does, however, tell Nicklas whose jersey it is, and sure enough when Alex lifts it up to put it back in the bag Nicklas can see the 8 and the 'OVECHKIN' emblazoned on the back.

or, nicklas finds himself responsible for a baby. alex approves.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:nicklas.backstrom/alexander.ovechkin  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  genre:rpf  rating:teen 
may 2017 by grim_lupine
back in groove - fyborg23 - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Shea can barely look at his reflection in the glass. He knows he’s a mess. He feels like a mess.

-or, how Shea got his groove back.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:roman.josi/  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  rating:mature  au:other  genre:kidfic 
april 2017 by grim_lupine
Partners - sanctuary_for_all - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
"When Steve threw himself into some violently dangerous situation, which he did at least once a week because the man's self-preservation instincts had apparently short-circuited in infancy, no one huddled around Danny to assure him his partner wouldn't get himself killed. Instead, they seemed to take it for granted that Steve had magical SEAL superpowers that would constantly save him from his immense stupidity"


Danny and Steve worry about each other all the time. One of these days, they're going to figure out what that means.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hawaii50  pairing:steve.mcgarrett/danny.williams  genre:slash  genre:first_time  rating:teen  genre:domestic  genre:kidfic  content:marriage 
february 2017 by grim_lupine
Stepping Stones - ellievolia, sirona - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve is a full-time Dad to his daughter Julie. When nanny/babysitter Lenora gets into Yale and has to leave, Steve has to make Other Arrangements. Enter daycare centre Stepping Stones, proprietor one Danny Williams.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hawaii50  pairing:steve.mcgarrett/danny.williams  genre:slash  genre:first_time  rating:explicit  genre:kidfic  au:different_careers 
february 2017 by grim_lupine
double digging for the successful transplant of organic cultivars - Rest - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Tom works on a fishing boat in long shifts of four or five days. He lives with one of his brothers. They work at different times and on different days and do not see each other so much.


Mike's days begin early in the morning and end around sundown. He has time for his son, but not enough time by his measure. His aim is not for a helper. He is looking for a partner in parenthood and a companion.


Tom likes working with his hands, but it is a solitary life. He would much prefer to be married. Leaving and settling elsewhere is his surest chance for having that.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:michael.latta/tom.wilson  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  rating:mature  genre:kidfic  au:space  au:other  content:marriage  genre:domestic 
february 2017 by grim_lupine
Variations & Fugues - Chapter 1 - sunshiner - Captive Prince - C. S. Pacat [Archive of Our Own]
He thought of the long faces of the members of the Veretian council, when they had first suggested, with reluctant gravitas, the two kings should marry. Like it would be a hardship for them. Like it hadn't been an obvious consequence, so inevitable that it had been unspoken between him and Laurent until then, a silent promise.
"Marriage," Laurent had said, his mouth curling. "How did we not think about it before, Damianos?"

A collection of short stories for the Captive Prince week.
category:fanfiction  fandom:captive_prince  pairing:damen/laurent  genre:slash  genre:established_relationship  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
january 2017 by grim_lupine
Otabek and Yuri Find a Baby - Euphorion - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
Otabek and Yuri find a baby. Takes place 3-4 years post-season one.


“That’s,” Otabek said slowly, “a baby.”

Yuri turned to him, the bundled child in his arms, his face frozen in terror. “This is a baby.”

“That’s a baby,” Otabek said again, the deep wrongness of the statement finally filtering through to him. “Why—what—”

Yuri crossed slowly to him, jiggling the baby vaguely in front of him. “What, what do we do with it,” he asked, picking up Otabek’s sentence where he’d dropped it in confusion. “Beka this is a baby what do we do with a baby—”
category:fanfiction  fandom:yuri_on_ice  pairing:otabek.altin/yuri.plisetsky  content:pining  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
january 2017 by grim_lupine
Slumber Parties - fourteencandles (thingsbaker) - Entourage [Archive of Our Own]
Eric meets Tina at a book-signing in WeHo. He’s there stalking a script for Vince, which is how he frames it the next day. “I think we got it locked,” he says at lunch. “And I met a girl.”

Or, the one where Eric gets married (not to Vince) and has kids (not Turtle and Drama).
category:fanfiction  fandom:entourage  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  content:pining  rating:mature 
november 2016 by grim_lupine
Progeny - Chapter 1 - pasiphile - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Not once had Jim considered occasional custodial visits of his natural daughter in his myriad plans for the future. The child had featured, of course, but as a side-note. He’d put her in a foster family, or leave her with her mother, and she’d be nothing more than a theoretical exercise, far removed from him.
He never imagined this.
category:fanfiction  fandom:sherlock  pairing:sebastian.moran/jim.moriarty  genre:slash  genre:established_relationship  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
october 2016 by grim_lupine
Don't be afraid to knock on the door - zanzibar - Swimming RPF [Archive of Our Own]
If I look at this and squint my eyes we're not dating, I’m stalking him. He’s a nice guy, he taught my kid to read and he’s crazy good looking.

In which Michael accidentally falls in love with his kid's Kindergarten teacher.
category:fanfiction  fandom:swimming  pairing:ryan.lochte/michael.phelps  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  au:different_careers 
august 2016 by grim_lupine
Unexpected - Ceres_Libera - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Inspired by a prompt on the buckle-up meme on LiveJournal, a might-have-been story where an in love but oblivious Jim and Bones have a baby, after a genderswap. A twist on the typical AMTDI storyline, with a warning that a visit to the dentist might be necessary after reading. Unexpected is the first in a series of stories, and is unrelated to Switch.
category:fanfiction  fandom:star_trek:aos  pairing:jim.kirk/leonard.mccoy  genre:slash  genre:first_time  content:sexswap  genre:kidfic  rating:mature 
august 2016 by grim_lupine
Engagement - celli - ST XI/Reboot [Archive of Our Own]
"Hello, sunshine," he said softly. "I guess getting born out of a jar is just as much fun as getting born out of a person, hm? Don't worry. It gets better from here."
category:fanfiction  fandom:star_trek:aos  pairing:jim.kirk/leonard.mccoy  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
august 2016 by grim_lupine
here comes the sun - oflights - Social Network (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
This is a story about growing up, sad 70's rock songs, too much hair gel, "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", a baby with curly hair, a Geiger counter, a dog that isn't named Max, the Chicken Dance, Cheerios, pepper-spray, drugs, sex, and a stuffed chicken named Cluckerberg, nicknamed Cluck. or: Mark raises Sean's accidental baby, and I write the fluffiest thing ever.
category:fanfiction  fandom:social_network  pairing:eduardo.saverin/mark.zuckerberg  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:explicit 
june 2016 by grim_lupine
Building Blocks - SaitouLover - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
Lex walked her to the door and spoke up as she was halfway through it. “What’s his name?”

Marcia stopped and looked back at him. “The child?”

Lex nodded.

“Connor,” she said with a smile. “Connor Kent.”

The temperature in the room seemed to plummet at the child’s last name, and for brief seconds Lex felt as if he were trapped and suffocating.

“Kent?” he asked in a forced casual tone. “By any chance… would his father be Clark Kent?”

The woman’s eyes lit up right before her smile did, and Lex’s stomach dropped out from under him.

“Yes!” she said happily. “You know him?”
category:fanfiction  fandom:smallville  pairing:clark.kent/lex.luthor  genre:first_time  genre:slash  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
may 2016 by grim_lupine
You're 'Bout to Miss Your Shot - merryofsoul - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“No problem, bro,” Matt says, and Brandon watches in horror as he holds out a fist to the stranger. The man, clearly thrilled, gives Matt a fist bump.

“I didn’t teach him that,” Brandon says.

“It’s awesome,” the guy replies. Brandon looks him over, and this would be the kind of guy who thinks fist bumps are awesome. He’s hiding some pretty questionable hair underneath a snapback, and there’s a half-permanent grin on his face that’s just this side of shit-eating.

Matt stands up and makes his way over to Brandon. “Andy plays the drums. Daddy, can I play the drums?”

The man -- Andy -- laughs as he gathers the rest of the abandoned folders up in a pile. “Kid, you just made your dad hate me.”
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:brandon.saad/  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  au:different_careers  rating:general 
april 2016 by grim_lupine
ATF AU with Vin and Ezra as teens living on the street and JD a 10-year-old runaway they've taken under their care.
category:fanfiction  fandom:magnificent_seven  genre:gen  genre:kidfic  au:modern  au:other  rating:teen 
april 2016 by grim_lupine
Honest Songs - Chapter 1 - MDJensen - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Eight years since he last saw his friends-- eight years since everything changed-- Captain d'Artagnan sets off to visit Aramis and Porthos at their distillery in the country.
category:fanfiction  fandom:musketeers  genre:gen  genre:kidfic  content:de-aging  rating:teen 
january 2016 by grim_lupine
Talent is only half of the equation - storiesfortravellers - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Teamfic: some humor, and some drama too. From a prompt: the team trains their replacements so that they can use their famous names to pull heists of their own, Dread Pirate Roberts style. This is how the team gets their first recruit.
category:fanfiction  fandom:leverage  genre:gen  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
november 2015 by grim_lupine
Ice Ice Baby - uraneia - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A gold medal isn't the only souvenir Claude brings home from Prague.

OR: The one where Claude gets drunk, gets pregnant, and gets convinced to move in with Danny, whom he's been secretly in love with for years. What could possibly go wrong?
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:danny.briere/claude.giroux  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  content:mpreg  content:pining  rating:explicit 
october 2015 by grim_lupine
Breathing Histories - Chapter 1 - cinderlily - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Oliver wasn't prepared for a lot of things when he was called up to the Coyotes. Not the language barriers, the new city, and he certainly wasn't prepared for Mikkel. Mikkel who spoke his language, who wanted to show him around and who... had a kid. A sweet little girl who was definitely amazing but more responsibility than the 19 year old thought he was prepared for.

He spends the next few years figuring out how he was wrong and proving it to himself and Mikkel.

[Mikkel Boedker/Oliver Ekman-Larsson]
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  pairing:miscellaneous  rating:teen 
october 2015 by grim_lupine
better late than never (stay forever) - cherryvanilla - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“Great job out there today, Jason,” he says, thumping his gloved hand against his sandy colored hair.

“Thanks, coach!” Jason replies. He’s always smiling, friendly, never gets frustrated. He’ll be a good little winger one day. Johnny looks up in time to see Jason’s dad standing near the far boards, smiling the same smile Jason has, only wider, waving his hand.

Johnny’s seen him a couple of times, but more often than not he sees Jason’s mom. It’s pretty easy to figure out they’re no longer together, given that his dad has only been here every other Saturday.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:jonathan.toews/dan.watt  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  au:different_careers  rating:mature 
october 2015 by grim_lupine
Not in Front of the Kid - catwalksalone - due South [Archive of Our Own]
The one thing Ray and Ray weren't expecting? The Spanish Inquisition. That, and to become fathers overnight. But when four-year-old Harry's mom dies, the only family he has is the father he's never met. Ray and Ray have faced down criminals, stared down the barrel of guns, run after a crazy Mountie more times than they can count, but this? Is their biggest challenge yet.
category:fanfiction  fandom:due_south  pairing:ray.kowalski/ray.vecchio  genre:slash  genre:established_relationship  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
october 2015 by grim_lupine
Just Grab My Hand (Don't Ever Drop It) - Firalla11 - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"I’m Nick. Leddy.”

“I know,” Brandon said, and his cheeks darkened as soon as the words left his mouth. “I mean, I’m Coach Brandon. Brandon Saad. Um. You can call me Brandon?”

Or, Nick has a daughter, a pair of meddling friends, and twin almost-nephews he thinks the world of. Then he meets Brandon, Cara's new hockey coach, and they make a family of it all.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:nick.leddy/brandon.saad  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  au:different_careers  rating:teen 
october 2015 by grim_lupine
A Life More Ordinary Chapter 1: Prologue, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry was left on a doorstep, Sirius was sent to Azkaban and Remus lost everyone he had ever loved. When the real traitor is captured three years later, Sirius sets out to make things right for the two people he loves the most.
category:fanfiction  fandom:harry_potter  genre:slash  genre:established_relationship  genre:kidfic  au:canon_divergence  rating:teen 
june 2015 by grim_lupine
some assembly required - oops_ohdear - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
PK fishes in his pocket and pulls out a crumpled bit of paper. 'Baby Subban,' it says in neat, block lettering. Kind of nice of the universe to let PK decide on a first name, Carey thinks, since it didn’t let him decide on. Well. A baby.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:carey.price/pk.subban  genre:slash  genre:rpf  genre:established_relationship  genre:kidfic  rating:teen 
may 2015 by grim_lupine
all the colors will bleed into one - cherryvanilla - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Just then Jonathan Toews skates up close to the glass, messing around with a puck. He looks up and catches Brent’s eye. Brent swallows hard, absently stroking Mara’s hair when Toews looks down at her and waves.

“Daddy!” Mara says excitedly and bounces, shaking Brent’s hand off. “Hi!” she says back to the glass.

Toews laughs and mouths ‘hi’ and Brent’s heart swells in his chest.

When their eyes meet again he can clearly see Toews say, “Nice jersey.”

Brent looks down at himself and the ‘C’ stares back at him.
category:fanfiction  fandom:hockey  pairing:brent.seabrook/jonathan.toews  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:rpf  genre:kidfic  au:different_careers  rating:mature 
april 2015 by grim_lupine
Family Ties - Saziikins - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
Over a decade of knowing each other, Sherlock and Greg have always had a complicated - and at times, turbulent - relationship. Ultimately though, Greg will always wait for Sherlock and Sherlock will always want to come home to him.
category:fanfiction  fandom:sherlock  pairing:sherlock.holmes/greg.lestrade  genre:slash  genre:established_relationship  genre:kidfic  content:break-up/make-up  rating:explicit 
april 2015 by grim_lupine
Can't Get Enough of You (Baby) - Renay - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Eames vanishes from dreamshare and Arthur goes a little crazy looking for him until he stumbles across him -- with a baby.
category:fanfiction  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:kidfic  rating:explicit 
april 2015 by grim_lupine
it takes a village - meretricula - Temeraire - Naomi Novik [Archive of Our Own]
Rescuing that baby from the burning house was only the beginning of Laurence's troubles. And, of course, Tharkay's.
category:fanfiction  fandom:temeraire  genre:gen  genre:kidfic  rating:general 
january 2015 by grim_lupine
Had He Known It - BreTheWriter - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Jim Kirk has always known he made a few mistakes in his wild youth, but he never expected anything like this. Determined to do right by the son he never knew he had, he embarks on his third five-year mission with something he's never had before: a family.
category:fanfiction  fandom:star_trek:aos  pairing:jim.kirk/leonard.mccoy  pairing:pavel.chekov/hikaru.sulu  genre:slash  genre:established_relationship  genre:kidfic  rating:mature 
december 2014 by grim_lupine
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