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Travel well, for business or pleasure | The Wirecutter
For those that travel a lot, this could be a really expensive read:
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april 2014 by griffey
iPad and Nexus 7 cases
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july 2012 by griffey
Carryology | Exploring better ways to carry bags, wallets & more.
Oh man. This site is gonna be really, really dangerous for me:
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december 2011 by griffey
Ristretto for iPad/Netbooks: TOM BIHN
For $110, I expect an interior padded sleeve that's just right for an iPad, not 1-inch thick to accommodate a laptop.
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april 2010 by griffey
Ristretto for iPad/Netbooks: TOM BIHN
@jenica26 Oh yeah. The Tom Bihn Ristretto: Great bag, love mine.
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march 2010 by griffey
DadGear - Dad Diaper Bag, Men's Diaper Vest, Dad Gear
For Jason: The Retro Stripe Blug Messenger diaper bag
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august 2007 by griffey

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