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Fic: Practical Mathematics by Grey_Bard - The Avengers (2012), Captain America (2011) [AO3]
After a hard shift saving the world, Stark - in his infinite wisdom - has decided to bond with Steve by talking about his favorite subject. Well, third favorite, after building things and smart-mouthing people.

Steve is pretty sure none of his experiences really count. Tony is starting to wonder what Steve's definition of "is" is.
Avengers  gen  het  slash  multi  avengersmovieverse  theavengers  mcu  captainamerica  steverogers  steve  rogers  buckybarnes  bucky  barnes  peggycarter  peggy  carter  steve/bucky  steverogers/buckybarnes  peggy/steve  steve/peggy  steverogers/peggycarter  steve/peggy/bucky  f/m/m  threesome  orgy  polyamory  poly  polyfic  fic  pg13  grey_bard  greybard  humor 
may 2012 by grey_bard
Tyrion Fans: The Tyrion Lannister fanfic and discussion comm
Tyrion Fans on livejournal is a fan community devoted to Tyrion Lannister in GRR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and the HBO series Game of Thrones. Weekly episode discussion posts, an interactive masterlist of Tyrion fanfic and fanworks in all genres, and posts on all things Tyrion-related are a regular feature of this community. Now revamped for HBO's Season 2!
fandom:gameofthrones  got  game_of_thrones  gameofthrones  fanlisting  fans  masterlist  recs  gen  het  tyrion  fandom  meta  episode_posts  episodeposts  discussion  fan_fic  fan_fiction  fanfiction  fanfic  slash  vids  vid  fic  asoiaf  asongoficeandfire  a_song_of_ice_and_fire  tyrion_lannister  tyrionlannister  lannisters  lannister 
april 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: Beautiful Is the Mother, Tyrion/Sansa PG
Seqiuel to Of the Father's Love Begotten. Futurefic. Tyrion and Sansa love their infant children, but are more than a little worried about inherited family traits.
tyrion/sansa  fic  pg  het  gen  stark  sansa_stark  sansa  lannister  lannisters  tyrionlannister/sansastark  tyrionlannister  tyrion_lannister  tyrion  post-series  asoiaf  got  gameofthrones 
april 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: Kindness, Not Fear, Tyrion/Sansa
Tyrion and Sansa both end up winners in the game of thrones, become political allies and decide to reconsider their marriage. WIP
fic  wip  SecondStarOnTheLeft  futurefic  post-series  gen  het  pg13  gameofthrones  got  asoiaf  stark  lannister  sansa  tyrion  tyrionlannister  tyrion_lannister  tyrionlannister/sansastark  tyrion/sansa 
march 2012 by grey_bard
Imp-passion by Meridian_Rose
PWP in which Tyrion and a prostitute happily discuss sex, in detail.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  tyrion/oc  het  r-rated 
october 2011 by grey_bard
Primeval Vid: Like it or Not (Helen Cutter)
Helen Cutter does not care about your thoughts on ecoterrorism. A Primeval vid by Grey Bard premiering at Vividcon 2011.
vvc  vividcon  primeval  vid  fanvid  helen  cutter  helen/nick  nick/helen  stephen/helen  helen/stephen  vvc2011  vividcon2011  grey_bard  greybard  gen  het  characterstudy 
august 2011 by grey_bard
Vid Post: Primeval "Like it or Not" Helen Cutter
Helen Cutter does not care about your thoughts on ecoterrorism. A Primeval vid by Grey Bard premiering at Vividcon 2011.
vvc  vividcon  primeval  vid  fanvid  helen  helencutter  helen/nick  nick/helen  stephen/helen  helen/stephen  vvc2011  vividcon2011  grey_bard  greybard  gen  het  characterstudy 
august 2011 by grey_bard
My Watch Begins
Robb lives and ends up King of the North, and Tyrion is his ally but Robb plots with Daenerys to force him into the black. These tags and this description only apply to one plotline in the larger fic full of many, many plotlines.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  gen  robbstark  daenerys  daenerystargaryen  jonsnow  pg  robb/jeyne  jeyne  het  fic  stark  sansastark  sansa  daenerys_targaryen  tyion_lannister  jon  robb  epic  ensemble 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Being a Moving Target
Robb lives and ends up King of the North, and Tyrion is his ally but he must forswear any claim on Sansa. These tags and this description only apply to the first chapter in this anthology of short fics. The rest are other stories in the same universe.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  sansa  sansastark  au  ust  het  gen  pg  tyrion/sansa  sansa/tyrion 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Promises Kept
Lyanna Stark lives and marries Robert and is one hell of a Queen - which doesn't make her life any easier. WIP, totally AU, and awesome.
asoiaf  robertbaratheon  lyannastark  robert/lyanna  lyanna/robert  rhaegar/lyanna  lyanna/rhaegar  au  epic  wip  fic  het  gen  cerseilannister  cersei  jonarryn 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Beasts in the Darkness
Tyrion ends up in the court - and the bed - of the conquering queen Daenerys. Short ficlet.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  daenerys  daenerystargaryen  tyrion/daenerys  daenerys/tyrion  futurefic  het  bookverse  fic  ASOIAF  as  got  GameofThrones  gameof  unanon  PG13  lannister  targaryen  daenerys_targaryen  tyrion_lannister 
may 2011 by grey_bard
To Kill a Kingslayer
Brienne does the best she can after Jaime is dead and the action's over. Tyrion knows more about what really happened than she'd like. Locked, just but to members of an open membership comm.
asoiaf  het  gen  brienneoftarth  brienne  tyrionlannister  tyrion  jaimelannister  jaime  bookverse  jaimelannister/brienneoftarth  jaime/brienne  futurefic  deathfic  fic  pg13  violaswamp  GameofThrones  got  pre-series  Brienne_of_Tarth  Tyrion_Lannister  Lannister  angst  Brienne/jaime  g-rated 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Lady of Casterly Rock
Sansa and Tyrion in the future have babies. Locked, just but to members of an open membership comm.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  tyrion/sansa  sansa/tyrion  sansastark  futurefic  het  gen  g-rated  asoiaf  bookverse  fic 
may 2011 by grey_bard
A Whore
An emotionally fraught exploration of Shae's fate, Tyrion, and her place in the world they both lived in.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  shae  asoiaf  bookverse  tyrion/shae  shae/tyrion  deathfic  partnerbetrayal  etrangere  r-rated  PG13  got  GameofThrones  het  lannister  tyrion_lannister 
may 2011 by grey_bard
egalitarianmuse: The Best Man
Light gen about Henry and Nikola Tesla getting into an inventing war for Helen Magnus's attention. Gen but arguably het UST.
helen  magnus  helenmagnus  henry  foss  henryfoss  nikolatesla  nikola  tesla  sanctuary  fic  gen  het  UST  pg  helen/henry  helenmagnus/henryfoss  henry/helen  henryfoss/helenmagnus  helenmagnus/nikolatesla  magnus/tesla  tesla/magnus  nikolatesla/helenmagnus 
september 2010 by grey_bard
Fic: Becky is *Not* Writing This Story, by Grey Bard (Supernatural, PG-13, Gabriel/Becky, past Chuck/Becky, humor)
Gabriel: Best rebound date ever, or best rebound date *ever*?

Gabriel met Becky in Supernatural fandom when he was being a troll. See, he was writing trolly "meta third-wall breaking FPF/RPF Supernatural crossover fic" that was actually the last year and a half of Becky's *life*.

Spoilers for the Supernatural Season 5 finale and all eps before that.
fic  het  humor  Supernatural  SPN  Chuck/Becky  Becky/Chuck  Gabriel/Becky  Gabriel  Becky  Rosen  BeckyRosen  Trickster  meta-fic  grey_bard  greybard  grey  bard 
may 2010 by grey_bard
Adrienne's Sleepy Hollow Fan Stuff
The Sleepy Hollow work of Adrienne aka irisbleufic. Not updated since 2003, but still contains a lot of material. Four fics and many works of humor and poetry.
SleepyHollow  Sleepy  Hollow  Adrienne  irisbleu  irisbleufic  Kadorienne  fic  het  gen  humor  poetry  Ichabod  Katrina  KatrinaVanTassel  IchabodCrane  Ichabod/Katrina  Tim  Burton  TimBurton  JohnnyDepp  Johnny  Depp 
march 2010 by grey_bard
Something New by JMTorres
Ruby thinks Castiel deserves a bachelor party. Dean has no idea why she thinks there's going to be a wedding. Sam thinks all of this is hilarious.
Dean  Castiel  Dean/Castiel  Sam  Ruby  Sam/Ruby  humor  slash  het  supernatural  spn  drag  jmtorres  genderbend  genderbending  pg13 
march 2010 by grey_bard
The Vulcan (sequel to Descartes' Error)
The sequel to Descartes' Error, which was totally needed, because would Spock and Uhura languish in their pain? HELL NO. They would come up with a solution, even if it meant getting a different job. So that is exactly what Spock does. Okay, it kind of merges TOS canon with movie canon by having Spock serve on the Farragut under Pike and Number One, which may or may not contradict movie canon, but it makes for a good story, so roll with it. Spock has adventures on the Farragut, Uhura has adventures at the Academy, they miss each other a whole lot and... they sort of have a mental bond link? But sort of don't. In contradiction to 40 million fics, it is *not that easy* to forge a bond link, and they really, really should have left it up to the professionals. Who will probably have to fix it now. In the meanwhile, both of them have some very confusing dreams. Anyway, it is really good! Sadly, a WIP, but this author writes so quickly that you won't be waiting for long.
startrek  startrekxi  startrek2009  startrekaos  premovie  Spock/Uhura  Spock  Uhura  star  trek  StarTrekFanWriter  pg13  fic  het  epic 
november 2009 by grey_bard
Descartes Error Chapter 1: Accusations, a Star Trek: 2009 fanfic ...
Seriously awesome super-epic pre-movie Spock/Uhura fic of sheer win. Pay NO attention to the fact it is on, this puppy is a classic. Not only does it deal with the early days of their relationship - which doesn't come as quickly as you might think, they're colleagues for a long time before they start to have actual feelings for each other - it also deals with Spock's culture shock and the whole student/teacher relationship problem in an in character and tasteful way. Also, it has good plot, and people in their lives aside from each other! Did I mention it is epicly long?
startrek  startrekxi  startrek2009  startrekaos  star  trek  het  Spock/Uhura  Spock  Uhura  fic  StarTrekFanWriter  epic  pg13  premovie 
november 2009 by grey_bard
Like the stars, like your destiny
*Incredible* epic Uhura-centric, Uhura POV Spock/Uhura fic. The long, sweet story of how Uhura decided to join Starfleet, how she and Spock came to know each other and what she makes of this alternate universe thing. Spock/Uhura might not have been destiny the first time around, but it damn well is now.
Uhura  Spock/Uhura  Spock  startrek  startrekxi  startrek2009  star  trek  gen  R  rec  het  fic  anodyna 
august 2009 by grey_bard
Mirror My Malady, Transfer My Tragedy
Epic Uhura/Sulu friendship and romance, Sulu POV. Both of them are poly, and by the time of the movie, old friends. Funny and gorgeous and hot and explores their relationship before and after the movie. Also includes Kirk/Sulu and Spock/Uhura *at the same time*.

The best sort of poly-fic because it doesn't gloss over or minimize *any* of the relationships, but allows all of them to be significant and beautiful.

Completely recced. A must read.
startrek  StarTrek2009  startrekxi  fic  rec  Uhura  Sulu  Sulu/Uhura  Uhura/Sulu  Kirk/Sulu  Spock/Uhura  Gaila  poly  het  slash  nc17 
august 2009 by grey_bard
Guess Who is Coming to Dinner, a Star Trek: 2009 fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Screamingly funny Uhura-centric fic. Highly, highly recommended. Uhura and Spock are involved while Uhura's at the Academy. Spock's parents are dropping by for a visit. Spock does not get why this is a big deal. Uhura is a perfectionist. Hilarity ensues. Yes, WIP, but the author is super-reliable, so not really a risk. Hopefully will have Amanda and Sarek content later in fic! (Note: Was a bit 0_o about the goat thing, but research says not uncommon in some regions of modern Africa. Kind of like American pig roast picnics.)
StarTrekXI  StarTrek  StarTrek2009  PatFoley  het  gen  pg  Uhura  Spock  Spock/Uhura  WIP  humor  fic  rec  premovie  academy 
july 2009 by grey_bard
sanyin: Fic: Kafka and Me (Iron Man, Tony/Pepper, R)
Note - Since this fic is a WIP, I am linking to the fic's tag on the author's livejournal. Thus making this fic self-updating
Sanyin  Marvel  movieverse  fic  het  R-rated  genderswap  IronMan  Iron  Man  TonyStark  Tony  Stark  Pepper  Potts  PepperPotts  Tony/Pepper  Pepper/Tony 
may 2008 by grey_bard
alex_royale: Balance 1/?
This fic has not officially been rated, my guess for this part would be PG
WIP  AlexRoyale  Marvel  het  fic  IronMan  PG  Iron  Man  movieverse  Tony/Pepper  Pepper/Tony  PepperPotts  Pepper  Potts  Tony  Stark  TonyStark 
may 2008 by grey_bard
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