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Let the Dice Fall Where They May - Chapter 1 - Grey_Bard - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Captain Phasma has begun to realize that her vision for the First Order conflicts with that of the Supreme Leader - specifically, she would prefer that they continue to survive.

Meanwhile, Lando pretends to be Rick from Casablanca, Leia finally gets to do some really hands on diplomacy, and Maz Kanata is a funny, terrifying force of nature.
StarWars  TFA  Phasma-centric  Phasma  MazKanata  LandoCalrissian  Hux  gen  fic  CaptainPhasma  coup  scheming  greybard  grey_bard 
may 2017 by grey_bard
Ringo Vinda and what came after... - Gabriel4Sam - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“Captain Rex?”
“Sir?” answered the blond clone, still busy bandaging Tup’s head.
“I won’t make it an order, but I would appreciate your permission to open your skull, too.”
Fives  Rex  StarWars  StarWarsCloneWars  ShaakTi  Obi-wanKenobi  genre:whatever  fic  fixit  gabriel4sam  StarWarsBigBang2017 
may 2017 by grey_bard
Precipice - AngelQueen - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
When Padmé goes into labor at the moment of Mace Windu's death, everything changes. Now Anakin must get himself under control, rescue his newborn children, and get to safety - while outrunning a furious Darth Sidious and the newborn Empire.
fic  StarWars  PT  au  fixit  Anakin/Padme  PadmeAmidala  AnakinSkywalker  StarWarsBigBang2017  angelqueen 
may 2017 by grey_bard
flowers for a ghost - QueenWithABeeThrone - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
A little while ago, in a town not far from here, Obi-wan Kenobi was living a peaceful life, running his own bar and not thinking about any past life he had as a Jedi Knight, once upon a time. Then a mute, homeless and miserable Anakin Skywalker, fresh from prison, shows up drenched on his doorstep needing a place to stay.

(Bookmarker's note: She means past life literally, this is reincarnation fic)
StarWars  modernau  au  reincarnation  OT  PT  Obi-wanKenobi  AnakinSkywalker  Anakin/Obiwan  slash  fic  StarWarsBigBang2017  queenwithabeethrone 
may 2017 by grey_bard
the sea had broken you with all it hides beneath - egelantier - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
“In the Force,” he says, “there’s no difference between a single drop of water and an ocean, or a stone and a mountain, or a mountain and a planet, or a planet and a star."
StarWars  TFA  Luke-centric  egelantier  Rey  Luke&Rey  gen  fic 
may 2017 by grey_bard
Celestial Navigation - victoria_p (musesfool) - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Finn and Rey's epic space road trip adventure, featuring pirates, kittens, and the Force ghost of Anakin Skywalker.
StarWars  TFA  Finn-centric  Finn  Rey  Finn/Rey  adventure  AnakinSkywalker  forceghosts  fic  musesfool  victoria_p 
may 2017 by grey_bard
Scattered to the Winds - Chapter 1 - codenametargeter - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to "The Enemy Ahead". Lightside AU, Hux works for the Resistance, but is still a jerk.

When the New Republic refused to take the First Order seriously as a threat, Hux resigned his commission and joined the Resistance. Now he and Ben Organa Solo are continuing their fight against the First Order under the direct orders of General Leia Organa but family secrets can't remain hidden forever...
StarWars  TFA  au  lightsideau  Hux  KyloRen  LeiaOrgana  BenSolo  Hux/KyloRen  Hux/BenSolo  fic  slash  codenametargeter 
may 2017 by grey_bard
The Enemy Ahead - Chapter 1 - codenametargeter - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
To get away from the influence of his father, Hux defected from the First Order when he was 17 years old. Now, years later and a Major in the New Republic Fleet, he still can't outrun his First Order past. Fed up with the New Republic's unwillingness to act, Senator Leia Organa and General Tycho Celchu have given him a secret mission to find indisputable proof that the First Order is out there waiting to strike. The only problem? They're also sending Jedi Knight Ben Organa Solo.
TFA  StarWars  au  lightsideau  Hux/KyloRen  Hux/BenSolo  BenSolo  Hux  LeiaOrgana  codenametargeter  fic  slash 
may 2017 by grey_bard
because I don't know how to love any other way - rain_sleet_snow - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
When he brings Owen and Beru their nephew, Obi-Wan collapses at the Lars farmstead instead of exiting stage left to a hide-out in the Jundland Wastes.

Several things go quite a bit differently, after that.
au  fic  StarWars  Obi-wanKenobi  Obi-wan-centric  BeruWhitesun  OwenLars  Beru/Obi-wan/Owen  parenting  worldbuilding  fixit  rain_sleet_snow 
may 2017 by grey_bard
time to change the road you're on - Chapter 1 - wreckageofstars - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
The end of the Clone War is near - the fall of the Republic even nearer. Anakin Skywalker, caught up in the events that lead to the rise of the Empire and the loss of everything he holds dear, finds himself sent nearly two decades into the future.

Ahsoka Tano, still coming to painful terms with the true fate of her former master, is - not exactly happy to see him. But the Force works in mysterious ways - and the future is not nearly as set in stone as they've been lead to believe. Multi-chapter AU, Rise of the Empire/Rebels-era.
fic  StarWars  wreckageofstars  gen  AhsokaTano  AnakinSkywalker  Obi-wanKenobi  StarWarsRebels  fixit  timetravelfixit  Ahsoka-centric 
may 2017 by grey_bard
Hello From the Other Side - Chapter 1 - DarthNickels - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
So, okay, take the usual TimeTravelFixit plot and give it to Kylo Ren - for a Kylo Ren value of "fixit". Post-Bespin Vader wakes up in Kylo Ren's body and gets to enjoy having functioning legs as well as Luke's unconditional love. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren gets to live out his most cherished dream: Being Vader. Sorta. Be careful what you wish for! HILARIOUS.
timetravelfixit  tropeinversion  KyloRen  DarthVader  OT  TFA  gen  humor  StarWars  fic  darthnickels 
may 2017 by grey_bard
Bar Tips - primeideal - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
A pirate, a gambler, and a spy walk into a bar, and the Empire says, "What is this, a joke?"
StarWars  gen  fic  MazKanata  Maz  LandoCalrissian  Lando  CassianAndor  Cassian  Lando-centric  TFA  RogueOne  primeideal 
may 2017 by grey_bard
Captain America dialogue analysis, transcript and audio file for Captain America (2011)
Analysis, transcript and audio file of all of Steve Rogers's most important lines of dialogue from the movie, as an aid to writers who want to write him. At less than 10% of the runtime of the movie, this counts as fair use for educational purposes.

(Because Steve has relatively few lines for such a major character I've decided to use Captain America: The First Avenger for this analysis because it shows him in a wider variety of moods and contexts.)
fic  resource  audio  dialogue  transcript  meta  analysis  mcu  marvel  marvelmovieverse  avengersmovieverse  avengers  steve  steverogers  captain  america  captainamerica 
june 2012 by grey_bard
Bruce Banner/The Hulk dialogue analysis, transcript and audio file for The Avengers (2012)
Analysis, transcript and audio file of all of Bruce Banner's most important lines of dialogue from the movie, as an aid to writers who want to write him. At less than 10% of the runtime of the movie, this counts as fair use for educational purposes.
fic  resource  audio  dialogue  transcript  meta  analysis  mcu  marvel  marvelmovieverse  avengersmovieverse  avengerbruce  brucebanner  hulk  thehulk 
june 2012 by grey_bard
Black Widow dialogue analysis, transcript and audio file for The Avengers (2012)
Analysis, transcript and audio file of all of Natasha's most important lines of dialogue from the movie, as an aid to writers who want to write her. At less than 10% of the runtime of the movie, this counts as fair use for educational purposes.
blackwidow  black_widow  fic  resource  audio  dialogue  transcript  meta  analysis  mcu  marvel  marvelmovieverse  avengersmovieverse  avengers  natasharomanova  natasharomanoff  natasha 
june 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: Practical Mathematics by Grey_Bard - The Avengers (2012), Captain America (2011) [AO3]
After a hard shift saving the world, Stark - in his infinite wisdom - has decided to bond with Steve by talking about his favorite subject. Well, third favorite, after building things and smart-mouthing people.

Steve is pretty sure none of his experiences really count. Tony is starting to wonder what Steve's definition of "is" is.
Avengers  gen  het  slash  multi  avengersmovieverse  theavengers  mcu  captainamerica  steverogers  steve  rogers  buckybarnes  bucky  barnes  peggycarter  peggy  carter  steve/bucky  steverogers/buckybarnes  peggy/steve  steve/peggy  steverogers/peggycarter  steve/peggy/bucky  f/m/m  threesome  orgy  polyamory  poly  polyfic  fic  pg13  grey_bard  greybard  humor 
may 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: Amnesia Doesn't Make You Gay by Grey_Bard & jmtorres - Sherlock (TV) [AO3]
"If it could be easily induced and temporary, I might quite like having amnesia," Sherlock mused. "What a challenge! What a mystery! Pity it's wasted on you, John."

(Contains absolutely no dub-con)
sherlock  sherlockholmes  john  johnwatson  fic  slash  pg-rated  john/sherlock  sherlock/john  sherlockbbc  bbcsherlock  lestrade  humor  amnesia  jmtorres  juliettetorres  greybard  grey_bard 
april 2012 by grey_bard
Tyrion Fans: The Tyrion Lannister fanfic and discussion comm
Tyrion Fans on livejournal is a fan community devoted to Tyrion Lannister in GRR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire and the HBO series Game of Thrones. Weekly episode discussion posts, an interactive masterlist of Tyrion fanfic and fanworks in all genres, and posts on all things Tyrion-related are a regular feature of this community. Now revamped for HBO's Season 2!
fandom:gameofthrones  got  game_of_thrones  gameofthrones  fanlisting  fans  masterlist  recs  gen  het  tyrion  fandom  meta  episode_posts  episodeposts  discussion  fan_fic  fan_fiction  fanfiction  fanfic  slash  vids  vid  fic  asoiaf  asongoficeandfire  a_song_of_ice_and_fire  tyrion_lannister  tyrionlannister  lannisters  lannister 
april 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: Black Lions, Tyrion, Sansa PG
AU, Sansa is born the third Lannister child, and Tyrion is her younger brother. Both of them do better with someone to care about who needs them.
Ivanolix  fic  asoiaf  got  gameofthrones  tyrion/tysha  tyrionlannister  tyrion_lannister  tyrion  lannisters  lannister  stark  AU  sansastark  sansa_stark  sansa 
april 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: Beautiful Is the Mother, Tyrion/Sansa PG
Seqiuel to Of the Father's Love Begotten. Futurefic. Tyrion and Sansa love their infant children, but are more than a little worried about inherited family traits.
tyrion/sansa  fic  pg  het  gen  stark  sansa_stark  sansa  lannister  lannisters  tyrionlannister/sansastark  tyrionlannister  tyrion_lannister  tyrion  post-series  asoiaf  got  gameofthrones 
april 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: Of the Fathers' Love Begotten, Tyrion, Jaime, Tyrion/Sansa (offscreen) PG
Post-series, in a future where Tyrion and Sansa have reconciled and are ruling Winterfell, Tyrion and Jaime await the birth of Sansa's first child and deal badly with their respective daddy issues.
got  gameofthrones  lannister  tyrion  futurefic  post-series  gen  jaimelannister  jaime  tyrionlannister  tyrion_lannister  tyrionlannister/sansastark  asoiaf  fic  tyrion/sansa  mrstater 
april 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: The Measure of a Man, Tyrion, G-rated
During the visit to Winterfell, Tyrion observes Ned Stark and his family and draws conclusions.
Sawdust_and_Color  ASOIAF  got  gameofthrones  fic  g-rated  lannister  tyrion_lannister  tyrionlannister  tyrion 
april 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: Most of All, Tyrion, PG
Mid-war, between battles, Tyrion thinks about human nature and ambition.
fic  desktop_warrior  ASOIAF  got  gameofhrones  gen  tyrion_lannister  tyrionlannister  tyrion  PG 
april 2012 by grey_bard
Fic: Kindness, Not Fear, Tyrion/Sansa
Tyrion and Sansa both end up winners in the game of thrones, become political allies and decide to reconsider their marriage. WIP
fic  wip  SecondStarOnTheLeft  futurefic  post-series  gen  het  pg13  gameofthrones  got  asoiaf  stark  lannister  sansa  tyrion  tyrionlannister  tyrion_lannister  tyrionlannister/sansastark  tyrion/sansa 
march 2012 by grey_bard
bagheera_san: fic: Best Value for Money
Tyrion and Petyr both like sex, humor and mindgames. They indulge in all three together, and Tyrion gets what he paid for.
bagheera-san  r-rated  r  tyrion/petyr  petyrbaelish  tyrionlannister  slash  fic  got  baelish  lannister  petyr  tyrion  tyrion_lannister  petyr/tyrion  petyr_baelish  gameofthrones  asoiaf 
march 2012 by grey_bard
He's been seen at the table with kings by Postcardmystery
An amazing Tyrion fic as he schemes and philosophises and has a troubled by violently loyal relationship with his siblings.
Tyrion  TyrionLannister  Lannister  gen  pg-13  cerseilannister  cersei  Jaime  jaimelannister  jon  jonsnow  postcardmystery  PG  snow  got  fic  ASOIAF  GameofThrones  JamieLannister  Lannisters 
october 2011 by grey_bard
My Watch Begins
Robb lives and ends up King of the North, and Tyrion is his ally but Robb plots with Daenerys to force him into the black. These tags and this description only apply to one plotline in the larger fic full of many, many plotlines.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  gen  robbstark  daenerys  daenerystargaryen  jonsnow  pg  robb/jeyne  jeyne  het  fic  stark  sansastark  sansa  daenerys_targaryen  tyion_lannister  jon  robb  epic  ensemble 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Promises Kept
Lyanna Stark lives and marries Robert and is one hell of a Queen - which doesn't make her life any easier. WIP, totally AU, and awesome.
asoiaf  robertbaratheon  lyannastark  robert/lyanna  lyanna/robert  rhaegar/lyanna  lyanna/rhaegar  au  epic  wip  fic  het  gen  cerseilannister  cersei  jonarryn 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Beasts in the Darkness
Tyrion ends up in the court - and the bed - of the conquering queen Daenerys. Short ficlet.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  daenerys  daenerystargaryen  tyrion/daenerys  daenerys/tyrion  futurefic  het  bookverse  fic  ASOIAF  as  got  GameofThrones  gameof  unanon  PG13  lannister  targaryen  daenerys_targaryen  tyrion_lannister 
may 2011 by grey_bard
To Kill a Kingslayer
Brienne does the best she can after Jaime is dead and the action's over. Tyrion knows more about what really happened than she'd like. Locked, just but to members of an open membership comm.
asoiaf  het  gen  brienneoftarth  brienne  tyrionlannister  tyrion  jaimelannister  jaime  bookverse  jaimelannister/brienneoftarth  jaime/brienne  futurefic  deathfic  fic  pg13  violaswamp  GameofThrones  got  pre-series  Brienne_of_Tarth  Tyrion_Lannister  Lannister  angst  Brienne/jaime  g-rated 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Lady of Casterly Rock
Sansa and Tyrion in the future have babies. Locked, just but to members of an open membership comm.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  tyrion/sansa  sansa/tyrion  sansastark  futurefic  het  gen  g-rated  asoiaf  bookverse  fic 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Tyrion's point of view on his relationship with Jaime, over the years.
tyrionlannister  tyrion  jaimelannister  jaime  asoiaf  bookverse  gen  pg  lodessa  fic  tyrion_lannister  tyr  got  GameofThrones 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Out The Sweeter Species
Reunited, Tyrion finds his wife - and Brienne of Tarth - to be full of surprises.
fic  gen  tyrion  tyrionlannister  sansa  sansastark  brienne  brienneoftarth  futurefic  bookverse  asoiaf  voleuse  g-rated  rec  post-series  gameofthrones  got  PG  lannister  stark  tyrion/sansa 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Marching Orders: Home
As Marcus makes out his manumission papers, Esca explains exactly why, as a free man, he's not going anywhere. Sex ensues.
TheEagle  postmovie  slash  Marcus/Esca  Esca/Marcus  R-rated  post-freedom  fic  frantic-allonsy 
february 2011 by grey_bard
grey_bard: Fic: "Zen and the Art of Errantry" (Hawaii 5-0 AU) Chin & Kono, Gen, PG
Chin and Kono are awesome at hunting down marauding dragons. Steve and Danny are... themselves.

(The characters as D&D / fantasy novel versions of themselves.)
fic  gen  hawaii5-0  h50  au  humor  chinhokelly  kono  chin  PG  grey_bard  medieval  fantasy  d&d  konokalakaua 
november 2010 by grey_bard
grey_bard: Fic: "USS Oahu and Strike Team 5-0" (Hawaii 5-0/Star Trek crossover/fusion AU) Team, Gen, PG
Secret Federation missions, 5-0 style.

"Silence, plebs. Bring the humans to me," said the Romulan commander as her two officers glowered menacingly. "Do you dare to defy the Romulan Star Empire?"

Written because Leupagus personally challenged me to write H50/Star Trek crossover
fic  gen  hawaii5-0  h50  startrek  trek  crossover  fusion  ficlets  au  teamfic  team  PG  grey_bard 
november 2010 by grey_bard
Short and random Firefly/Hawaii 5-0 crossover, gen, PG
The Hawaii 5-0 taskforce on the inhabited moon Kaua'i needs a disreputable ship they can rent cheap.

A short gen Hawaii 5-0 crossover ficlet set in the Firefly universe written for Wishfulaces.
h50  hawaii5-0  firefly  crossover  fic  gen  pg  grey_bard 
october 2010 by grey_bard
egalitarianmuse: The Best Man
Light gen about Henry and Nikola Tesla getting into an inventing war for Helen Magnus's attention. Gen but arguably het UST.
helen  magnus  helenmagnus  henry  foss  henryfoss  nikolatesla  nikola  tesla  sanctuary  fic  gen  het  UST  pg  helen/henry  helenmagnus/henryfoss  henry/helen  henryfoss/helenmagnus  helenmagnus/nikolatesla  magnus/tesla  tesla/magnus  nikolatesla/helenmagnus 
september 2010 by grey_bard
Nine People (Plus a Few More) Who Hugged Batman When He Came Back
Bruce returns from the "dead". This merits tactile reassurance even if he and most of his associates aren't usually huggers. Dick is, of course. Even in The Suit. Mostly gen, hints of Clark/Bruce
dc  comics  dcverse  dcu  damian  damianwayne  damianalghul  batman  robin  dickgrayson  dick  grayson  gen  fic  g-rated  Barbara  BarbaraGordon  Oracle  Steph  StephanieBrown  Batgirl  Tim  TimDrake  TimothyDrake  RedRobin  Alfred  AlfredPennyworth  Cass  CassCain  CassandraCain  Kara  KaraZor-el  Clark  ClarkKent  Superman  preslash 
july 2010 by grey_bard
The Flawed Jewel
Really interesting dark Pre-Gotham Damian fic, from Ubu's point of view. It feels very real to me - Damian may be amoral by the standards of the Batclan, but he doesn't approve of innocents being hurt for no reason, even if he can't quite articulate why.
dc  comics  dcverse  dcu  damian  damianwayne  damianalghul  robin  ubu  rasalghul  ra'salghul  talia  taliaalghul  gen  fic  pg13 
july 2010 by grey_bard
Rhetorical Questions
A returned Bruce wryly deals with bratty Damian, who finds the grass is always greener on the other side of the Cave. Gen
dc  comics  dcverse  dcu  damian  damianwayne  damianalghul  batman  robin  bruce  brucewayne  gen  fic  g-rated 
july 2010 by grey_bard
FIC: All Hallows' Eve
Cranky Damian does not approve of Halloween gen fic
dc  comics  dcverse  dcu  damian  damianwayne  damianalghul  batman  robin  dickgrayson  dick  grayson  gen  fic  g-rated  holidayfic  halloween 
july 2010 by grey_bard
Adventures in Babysitting
Gen A Damian fic starring someone other than him and Dick! Enter Kara as reluctant and (more vitally) super-powered babysitter.
kara  karazor-el  supergirl  fic  gen  dc  comics  dcu  dcverse  damian  damianwayne  damianalghul  batman  robin  pg 
july 2010 by grey_bard
We Love Damian lj community
There's an actual comm for the Worst Robin Ever*! Hooray!

(*I say this with love. I think it is AWESOME that he is the worst Robin ever, and hilarious, and believable. I mean, really. How do you expect someone raised by supervillains to be good at being a lightening influence on Batman? Ain't gonna happen. He's a lot of fun to read)
dc  comics  dcverse  dcu  batman  robin  damianwayne  damianalghul  damian  community  fic 
july 2010 by grey_bard
Shadowplay - (FIC) Homesick (G)
The gennest gen that ever genned. This is safe for all audiences except those who don't like gen.
g-rated  gen  fic  batman  robin  DCverse  dc  comics  damian  damianwayne  damianalghul  dick  grayson  dickgrayson 
july 2010 by grey_bard
Hamburg Nights by Kadorienne
The best way to explain what sort of story this is, is to simply quote the opening lines.

"It was one of those sweltering afternoons that has you wishing you could move to Alaska, but I never will. Ich bin ein Hamburger, as they never tire of saying. The air was thick with humidity, smog and broken dreams. I sat back with my feet on my desk, watching the smoke unwind from my cigarette and fade away like the innocence of youth."
Kadorienne  MoselleGreen  From  Eroica  with  Love  FromEroicawithLove  slash  fic  Klaus/Dorian  Dorian/Klaus  AU  noir  detective  parody 
july 2010 by grey_bard
Morning Interlude
Some days don't start out right. But they can get better.
Kadorienne  From  Eroica  with  Love  FromEroicawithLove  slash  fic  Klaus/Dorian  Dorian/Klaus  Misha  MishaTheCub  blackmail 
july 2010 by grey_bard
Sharpe's Dragon (Part one of many in a completed epic Temeraire xover)
To quote the author: "Sharpe/Temeraire,


How Richard Sharpe Was Gazetted Into The Wrong Service."
A really meaty satisfying epic fic with obvious knowledge and love of both canons and some really fascinating exploration of draconic cultural issues and dragon rights as well as a very impressive outsider's view of Temeraire-As-Leader
sharpe  temeraire  crossover  fic  fusion  gen  richardsharpe  teresamoreno  teresa  epic  au  nonhumanprotagonist 
july 2010 by grey_bard
Fic: Five Things People Might Have Read On The Psychic Paper (If Things Were Slightly Different)
Imagine, if you will, that the Eleventh Doctor was played by Paterson Joseph but otherwise identical. What might people see on his psychic paper?

Created for the Racebending Revenge Ficathon
DoctorWho  humor  AU  TheDoctor  Doctor  Who  Fic  gen  PG  11thDoctor  AmyPond  11th  11  Eleven  Amy  Pond  racebending  racebendingrevenge  racebending_revenge  GreyBard  grey_bard  lj  livejournal 
july 2010 by grey_bard
Five Things People Might Have Read On The Psychic Paper (If Things Were Slightly Different)
Imagine, if you will, that the Eleventh Doctor was played by Paterson Joseph but otherwise identical. What might people see on his psychic paper?

Created for the Racebending Revenge Ficathon
DoctorWho  humor  AU  TheDoctor  Doctor  Who  Fic  gen  GreyBard  grey_bard  PG  11thDoctor  11th  11  Eleven  AmyPond  Amy  Pond  racebending  racebendingrevenge  racebending_revenge  ao3 
july 2010 by grey_bard
Fic: Becky is *Not* Writing This Story, by Grey Bard (Supernatural, PG-13, Gabriel/Becky, past Chuck/Becky, humor)
Gabriel: Best rebound date ever, or best rebound date *ever*?

Gabriel met Becky in Supernatural fandom when he was being a troll. See, he was writing trolly "meta third-wall breaking FPF/RPF Supernatural crossover fic" that was actually the last year and a half of Becky's *life*.

Spoilers for the Supernatural Season 5 finale and all eps before that.
fic  het  humor  Supernatural  SPN  Chuck/Becky  Becky/Chuck  Gabriel/Becky  Gabriel  Becky  Rosen  BeckyRosen  Trickster  meta-fic  grey_bard  greybard  grey  bard 
may 2010 by grey_bard
Adrienne's Sleepy Hollow Fan Stuff
The Sleepy Hollow work of Adrienne aka irisbleufic. Not updated since 2003, but still contains a lot of material. Four fics and many works of humor and poetry.
SleepyHollow  Sleepy  Hollow  Adrienne  irisbleu  irisbleufic  Kadorienne  fic  het  gen  humor  poetry  Ichabod  Katrina  KatrinaVanTassel  IchabodCrane  Ichabod/Katrina  Tim  Burton  TimBurton  JohnnyDepp  Johnny  Depp 
march 2010 by grey_bard
A Theory of Chromatic Acculturation
An SGA/Mother of Demons fusion fic. Look, you probably don't know this book, but it is really, really good and linked in the comments free and legal. And the fic is amazingly good. Highly recced.
sga  john/rodney  mckay/sheppard  john  johnsheppard  rodney  rodneymckay  stargateatlantis  fic  slash  motherofdemons  ericflint  fusion  xover  crossover  bookfic  litfic  scifi  recs 
december 2009 by grey_bard
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