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Beasts in the Darkness
Tyrion ends up in the court - and the bed - of the conquering queen Daenerys. Short ficlet.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  daenerys  daenerystargaryen  tyrion/daenerys  daenerys/tyrion  futurefic  het  bookverse  fic  ASOIAF  as  got  GameofThrones  gameof  unanon  PG13  lannister  targaryen  daenerys_targaryen  tyrion_lannister 
may 2011 by grey_bard
To Kill a Kingslayer
Brienne does the best she can after Jaime is dead and the action's over. Tyrion knows more about what really happened than she'd like. Locked, just but to members of an open membership comm.
asoiaf  het  gen  brienneoftarth  brienne  tyrionlannister  tyrion  jaimelannister  jaime  bookverse  jaimelannister/brienneoftarth  jaime/brienne  futurefic  deathfic  fic  pg13  violaswamp  GameofThrones  got  pre-series  Brienne_of_Tarth  Tyrion_Lannister  Lannister  angst  Brienne/jaime  g-rated 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Lady of Casterly Rock
Sansa and Tyrion in the future have babies. Locked, just but to members of an open membership comm.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  tyrion/sansa  sansa/tyrion  sansastark  futurefic  het  gen  g-rated  asoiaf  bookverse  fic 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Tyrion's point of view on his relationship with Jaime, over the years.
tyrionlannister  tyrion  jaimelannister  jaime  asoiaf  bookverse  gen  pg  lodessa  fic  tyrion_lannister  tyr  got  GameofThrones 
may 2011 by grey_bard
A Whore
An emotionally fraught exploration of Shae's fate, Tyrion, and her place in the world they both lived in.
tyrion  tyrionlannister  shae  asoiaf  bookverse  tyrion/shae  shae/tyrion  deathfic  partnerbetrayal  etrangere  r-rated  PG13  got  GameofThrones  het  lannister  tyrion_lannister 
may 2011 by grey_bard
Out The Sweeter Species
Reunited, Tyrion finds his wife - and Brienne of Tarth - to be full of surprises.
fic  gen  tyrion  tyrionlannister  sansa  sansastark  brienne  brienneoftarth  futurefic  bookverse  asoiaf  voleuse  g-rated  rec  post-series  gameofthrones  got  PG  lannister  stark  tyrion/sansa 
may 2011 by grey_bard

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