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Shingata (Hikaru no Go)
Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira. A sweet and satisfying get-together story, starting with Akira's 18th birthday party and ending at the New Year. 50,000 words.
fanfiction  rec  hikarunogo  slash  post-canon  via:littlerhymes 
december 2015 by greenet
4 Minute Window - Speranza - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
"Look, if they catch me," Bucky muttered, "they're either going to kill me or they're going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can't."
fic  id:cesperanza  f:Marvel  f:CaptainAmerica  slash  s:Steve/Bucky  long  'ao3  via:esther_a 
january 2015 by greenet
We've Been Here Before - kehinki (Captain America)
Steve/Bucky. Steve and his ghosts. Short but perfectly formed. 1400 words.
fanfiction  rec  slash  captainamerica  via:littlerhymes 
april 2014 by greenet
Don't Ask | captain america
Captain America and Bucky Barnes were like brothers. Everyone knew that.
captainamerica  gabe.jones  steve/bucky  slash  outsiderpov  angst  war  ensemble  10000-40000  r  annafugazzi  via:addely 
april 2014 by greenet
[Naruto] Technical Support - emmykay
[10121 words] Iruka calls in some technical support, only to find he's gotten the absolutely best man for the job. Computer genius!Kakashi.
fanfic  slash  fandom:naruto  @ao3  status:complete  rating:mature/r  p:hatake.kakashi/umino.iruka  c:hatake.kakashi  c:umino.iruka  x:au_modern  x:alternate-identity  x:first-time  via:ericaceae 
october 2013 by greenet
Hell House by narukyu_fic
Marvelous pre-series, gothic horror/romance with excellent plotting, characterization, and dialogue. Loved this! Can't wait for the sequel.
supernatural  supernatural-recs  sam/gabriel  andy-gallagher  sam/andy  slash  pre-series  nc-17  narukyu_fic  big-bang  plotty  thinky  emotional  scary  hurty  john-winchester  first-time  hurt-comfort  via:killabeez 
march 2012 by greenet
I Trust You to Kill Me - ghostrunner
Most people find Clint annoying and impossible to work with. Coulson's the exception because nothing fazes him. Well, almost nothing.
avengers  fic  slash  avengers:clint/coulson  via:annecatherine 
december 2011 by greenet
Improbable – Old Spice Guy/Sassy Gay Friend – CRACK FIC, OMG SO MUCH CRACK – uh, 1,932 words – erm, idek, PG?
slash  +humour  !crossover  oldspiceguy  sassygayfriend 
may 2011 by greenet
queenklu: Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No [NC17] Danny/Steve
“—so Gracie puts this flower in my hair and she tells me I look pretty and if I love her I’ll wear it all day, and I think, Great, I think, Greatness, because this is my day off and no way would Steve McGarrett show up at my door on my day off, right, Steven?”
h50  slash 
march 2011 by greenet
Original Fiction
Hurrah for Hollywood: four tales of a cinematic Southern California
original  slash 
december 2010 by greenet
we meanies only take NO for an answer. - so I wrote a Brokeback Mountain story and I hope you like it.
After Ennis Del Mar broke his leg that last time, Alma Junior came and got him, told him to stop being such a stubborn old ass, and moved him into her house.
brokebackmountain  slash  bm:ennis  !kidfic 
march 2008 by greenet
TITLE: Loving Rodney
Atlantis loooooves Rodney. John does too.
sga  slash  sga:McKay/Sheppard 
august 2007 by greenet
crawfords_lover: Fic: The If Sieve, Harry/Draco
Draco tries to see if he and Harry could've been friends
hp:harry/draco  HarryPotter  slash  what:fic  !AU 
july 2007 by greenet
sga_rps: That Inevitable Awkward Question, PG-13
Joe doesn't know why David snogging people at conventions is annoying
sga:rps:joe/david  rps  slash 
july 2007 by greenet
stillane: Fic Post: Settle (The Rundown, Travis/Beck, R)
Fic for the Rock and whatshisface's jungle movie. That doesn't matter. There's a bar, and it's cute, that's all you need to know.
slash  what:fic  Travis/Beck 
july 2007 by greenet
Anything But Ordinary by Cimorene
Remix of Ordinary people where they ARE angelic/demonic.
go:Aziraphale/Crowley  GoodOmens  slash 
july 2007 by greenet
Stupid like a fox! - Strangers on a Six Train pt. 1/2
AU where McKay and Sheppard meet on the train every day. McKay is oblivious, and Teyla is awesome.
SGA  sga:McKay/Sheppard  slash  what:fic  !AU 
july 2007 by greenet
Conduct Unbecoming
John's not a slut - ex-boyfriends and Carter
+humour  slash  sga:McKay/Sheppard  SGA  what:fic  !Oh(CharacterName) 
july 2007 by greenet
Shore Leave
McKay is whipped, Jack is amused.
Eureka  sga:mckay/sheppard  sga  slash  what:fic  !Crossover 
july 2007 by greenet
After Kim dies and Eureka gets rewound four years, Jack's understandably depressed and spends a lot of time sitting around the house in his boxers while SARAH and Zoe have concerned, whispered conversations about him in other rooms.

In a sign that despite teen rebellion she really does love him, Zoe sits down next to him at the beginning of the World Series, looking grim. Before Jack can say something like, "Wow -- you really want to watch the series with me?" or "I never really meant all those jokes about the basinettes being switched at the hospital," Zoe holds up a quelling hand and says, "I am here to support you in your time of middle-aged distress -- but I do not want to talk about it."
Eureka  sga:mckay/sheppard  sga  slash  what:fic  !Crossover 
july 2007 by greenet
#435, The Atlantis Local Stitch'n'Bitch Chapter
It was, before anything else, a vague, distracted awareness--a low grade recognition that Rodney kept active for strange trends in graphs or weird outliers in scatterplots.

And it was so subtle that it'd actually taken two months before the slight inconsistencies had started to ping as anything other than just random, Atlantis oddness on Rodney's mental radar. After two months, Rodney's satellite started noting a Doppler effect: excessive smiling among the female contingent of his science teams, a sudden abundance of Athosian Sort Of Sheep wool cluttering up the back lab tables where people dumped personal effects, books, and other things scientists played with while running lab simulations, and again, the smiling.
what:fic  sga:mckay/sheppard  sga  slash 
july 2007 by greenet
smittywing: [Gateverse Remix] Socially Acceptable Behavior (The White Men Can't Rap Remix)
John promised to bid his goodbyes To every one of those past other guys. Rodney felt his heart melt And liked how it felt So he gave John his fucking French fries.
+humour  sga:mckay/sheppard  sga  slash  what:fic 
july 2007 by greenet
fic_orphanage: snuggle!fic
Weiss is kidnapped, Sark rescues. Not entirely ic, but fluffy
alias:Weiss/Sark  slash  Alias 
july 2007 by greenet
FIC: Once More With Feeling
tptb has another go at that whole Apocalypse thing
GoodOmens  HarryPotter  slash  what:fic  !Crossover 
july 2007 by greenet
The Evening and the Morning by Dira Sudis
The nurse was so polite as to mumble something about the required observation period, but from the way her eyes didn't meet his Dan concluded that they just wanted to wait for the cover of darkness before releasing him from the hospital.
wilbywonderful  ww:duck/dan  slash  what:fic 
july 2007 by greenet
Fanfic- Bunny
"It's a great place. Like, not too bad of a neighborhood. Better than the fucking trailer park anyway."

"What's the catch?" Rabbit didn't even look up. He was on a roll.

Future shrugged. "It's small, only two bedrooms."

"That's not a catch." He tapped his pen impatiently against the table.

"I told you it's a good deal. Gets you away from your mom."

"You said your aunt owns it?"

"Like, great aunt twice removed."

"What the fuck ever."
slash  8mile  what:fic  8mile:future/rabbit  !cute 
july 2007 by greenet
The Great Frog Fan Club - Best Days of Our Lives, 1/2
Which would leave him with about twenty-nine minutes before he had to be downstairs. Why did Joan make him get up so early? Those twenty-nine minutes could have been spent back in his dreams, and his dreams were way cooler than real life.

He sighed and headed downstairs.

Getting ready at speed wasn't as much fun without Max to tell him off for it.
dcu  what:fic  slash  dcu:tim/bart 
july 2007 by greenet

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