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Pricked thee out for young men's pleasure - Petra - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot and Margo meet at college, before he becomes himself, before Brakebills. Love the voices in this!
"I like guys," he says. It still feels true.

"Yeah? Me too. And girls." Margo shrugs, not looking at him. "If it's not for you, it's not for you. We leave it at round one and you can tell your husband how you experimented in college."

"Um," Eliot says, but in Xanax veritas. "I'd do it again. With you."

That gets Margo to meet his eyes again, her eyebrows high. "Yeah? Even though you like guys?"

"I guess."

"Well." She gives him another once-over. "Go swish, honey. Then something else."
petra  themagicians  eliot&margo  eliot/margo  pegging  het  humour 
march 2019 by greedy_dancer
But feel the strange heart beating where it lies - CountlessUntruths (KaliCephirot) - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A detailed account of the 1x11 threesome.
He doesn't hear Eliot waking up, not until he speaks--

("Should I...")

But Eliot doesn't finish, whatever it is he was going to say, looking at them. Looking at him, Quentin realizes. Eliot's wide open eyes on his eyes, lips, chest and up again and Margo stops kissing him, turning around and kneeling over the mattress so she can kiss Eliot, a different kiss than the ones Quentin has seen them share but also not like the way she was kissing him. It's softer, and not... something, that was there, with him, not in a bad way, he doesn't think, just--

Margo is taking hold of his hand and pulling him closer, slowly.

Take turns, Quentin thinks. Sharing.
countlessuntruths  themagicians  quentin/eliot  quentin/eliot/margo  quentin/margo  threesome  first-time  het  pwp  rimming  pre-413 
march 2019 by greedy_dancer
Here in Your Bedroom - knowledgekid - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Straight up smut. Q goes looking for Eliot but finds Margo instead.
“Eliot?” he said again. He felt like a kid sneaking into his parent’s bed after a bad dream.

A figure rolled over. “He’s with Fen,” High Queen Margo said sleepily, one camisoled shoulder visible over the mounds of pillowed feather and satin. “But I don’t think he’d mind if you hopped in, Q.”

“Thanks, Margo,” Quentin said. “It’s been a shitty night.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” she said into the blankets. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really.” He paused. “Do you?”

“Fuck no. Now get your ass in here so I can go back to sleep.”
themagicians  quentin/eliot/margo  quentin/margo  knowledgekid  pwp  voyeurism  het 
march 2019 by greedy_dancer
Like we stood a chance - becka - One Direction (Band), Taylor Swift (Musician), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Alternating Harry & Taylor povs as they try and figure out their relationship - then both evolve to find what they really needed all along.
“Hey,” he says warmly.

“Where are you right now?”

“Home. My mum’s. Why? Are you alright?”

He jumps to concern so fast Taylor has to bury her face in the arm of the couch and grin. She’s so glad she got to keep him, in the end. “Yeah,” she says. “I’m weird, but I’m okay.”

“Weird how?”

“I just had sex with a Victoria’s Secret model.” It seems unfair to not even mention Karlie’s name, but it’s probably not fair that she’s calling her ex-boyfriend about this at all.

Harry’s quiet for half a beat, but he recovers. “Yeah? Weird sex?”

“Probably, like, pretty normal sex for people who have sex with girls. But that’s not me. Not usually. Not ever before.” It’s monumental. It’s a moment in her life that changes things, and she’s going to have a lot to say to her journal in the morning.
becka  harry/taylor  nick/harry  1D/Radio1  het  femslash  taylor/karlie  harry&taylor 
april 2015 by greedy_dancer
Everyone is Zayn's Boyfriend — HAYLOR IT IS. Taylor Swift/Harry Styles, orgasm...
Orgasm denial ficlet: Harry/Taylor play a game.
This time Harry makes a noise almost as soon as she starts the timer.

“Wow,” Taylor says, sliding off his cock and walking on her knees over to the side of the bed where she’s got her iPhone sitting on the bedside table. “That was, like. Twenty-three seconds.”

“Sorry,” Harry says. Even though the whole game is for him not to make a sound, his voice is wrecked. He hadn’t realized he was holding his breath until she circled her hips just right and his loud gasp sounded more like a moan.

“Restart,” Taylor says, pressing at her phone.
harry/taylor  het  orgasm!denial  1D  disarm_d 
december 2014 by greedy_dancer
i guess i like one direction now — ready aim shoot (zerrie ficlet)
Zayn and Perrie play. Collaring, mild pet!play, mentions of Zayn/Louis.
He and Louis just wank each other off, give sloppy blowjobs in toilets and greenrooms and their bunks, when their girls aren’t around. It’s hot and Zayn likes it, needs it even, but it’s not the sort of thing Perrie does with him.

His cheeks flush, thinking about Louis knowing about the other stuff.

Perrie gives him a little squeeze and whispers into his ear, “Relax, kitten.”

Zayn gives a shaky sigh at the word, his body tensing and releasing like a spring that’s been let go, and Louis pats him on the thigh, sleepy, and digs his face into Zayn’s neck.
het  kink  d/s  zayn/perrie  1D  LittleMix  ymorton 
december 2014 by greedy_dancer
Does He Flutter Your Heart - hostagesfic - One Direction (Band), Little Mix (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Bareback pwp.
She's setting her own phone down on the opposite nightstand, raised up on her knees to reach it, as he drops the towel around his waist, climbs onto the bed behind her and drapes his body over hers. She laughs. "Get off, you great bloody pain. You'll break me." He won't; he's lost weight again and they both know it.

“Too comfy like,” he protests, nuzzling her shoulder and rubbing his scruffy chin against her throat to make her squirm. Her breath picks up and she arches her back beneath him, rubs her arse back against his crotch.
zayn/perrie  het  pwp  hostagesfic  1D  LittleMix 
november 2014 by greedy_dancer
i guess i like one direction now — see me in hindsight
"Hey," Harry says, when he’s stopped chuckling to himself. "Do you want to hear a cliche?"

"That’s not a thing people ask, Harry. They’re called jokes here in the U.S."

He pouts.

"Sure, please, tell me a cliche."

"Alright." He toys with the hem of his gray t-shirt. It’s so worn down it’s practically see-through, and he’s wearing black skinny jeans. His hair is getting long and he has sunglasses tucked up on his head even though it’s the middle of the night and Taylor is trying really hard not to write lyrics in her head about him.

"Do you want to go for a drive with me?"
ymorton  tumblr  het  harry/taylor  angst  open!ending 
october 2014 by greedy_dancer
Niall wakes up next to a girl-who-is-Harry.
The girl’s dark eyebrows furrow. “What?”

"I mean - Harry - did Harry say where he went?" Niall asks, a little hesitantly, and for the first time it crosses his mind that maybe this isn’t Harry’s bird - maybe it’s a fan. Oh god, maybe Niall’s lying in bed with a fan who snuck into their room.

Oh god.

He backs up on the bed, and the girl grabs his arm. She has tattoos. She has tattoos just like Harry’s, holy shit, she’s one of those people.

"Niall?" she says. "Niall, you alright? You’re being weird."
ymorton  het  sexswap  niall/harry  pwp  1D 
july 2014 by greedy_dancer
A Vicarious Occasion - Randominity - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Poly threesome series.
"it looks like Harry's missing you."

"Is he watching," Louis says softly, and lifts his head enough that their lips brush against each other, not kissing exactly, merely teasing. She nods, licks her lips and his with them via proximity. "Well, he can see me whenever he wants me," Louis goes on.

"You might have to make it up to him later," she says, and is surprised by the giddy rush she feels in her belly at this, the idea of teasing and talking about Harry at the same time.

"I will," Louis tells her. "I always do," he says, and when Eleanor flickers her eyes in Harry's direction again, he turns away abruptly at the prospect of being caught. She feels a pang of guilt at making him feel he needs to turn away, and then a spark of realisation comes over her at the fact that he was watching. He was watching, and that, Eleanor thinks, is something new.

"Do you think he'd," she starts, pulling back from Louis to regard him carefully. "Would you ever want... both of us? Together, I mean. Or, him watching, or me?"

He raises his eyebrows at her, opens his mouth, then closes it. "We're having this conversation now?" he says, whispering properly.
randominity  1D  threesome  polyamory  het  harry/louis  louis/eleanor  harry/louis/eleanor 
april 2014 by greedy_dancer
All These Secret Places - Randominity - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Scorching hot series where El & Louis explore various aspects of their relationship. Love this take on (mild) d/s in their relationship.
"I think you liked that nearly as much as I did, as well," Eleanor laughs, and then she looks at him, biting her lip thoughtfully. "So you want me to do that again sometime?"

"Just like that?" Louis says, and puts his hands back above his head to illustrate, but Eleanor shakes her head.

"There's lots of different ways we can do it," she says. "There's loads of stuff we could do, like-- like leading you around. But only if you want to, yeah?"

Louis' never known anyone quite like her, never felt anything quite like this. He knows it isn't love, but he senses that it's rare, that Eleanor knows things and that she's willing to teach him, and Louis' never met a new experience he wasn't willing to take on head-first.

"Let's give it a try," Louis says, sliding his arms around her to pull her close, and breathes her in. "It's not weird, is it, do you think?" he asks after a moment. "It's not like I secretly think you're my mum or something, right?"

"I sincerely hope you don't think I'm your mum," Eleanor says.

"I'm absolutely certain I don't think you're my mum," he swears. "I'm already sorry I even brought her up."
randominity  louis/eleanor  het  d/s  pegging  overstimulation  kink  orgasm!denial  ***  toys  spanking  sex!tears  1D 
april 2014 by greedy_dancer
pyrrhic victory, well my dash is having a harry/caroline night, so...
Caroline bosses Harry about a little bit. Pwp.
"You’re so easy, always ready to go, aren’t you, huh?" Caroline says, and Harry follows her line of sight to where his cock is tenting his trousers.

“‘M seventeen,” Harry mumbles. It’s not his fault. He’s got a beautiful woman kneeling between his legs.

"I know, baby," she says and then her hand is fitting to the shape of him through his jeans and squeezing, feeling him out. Harry jerks up into it and she laughs.

God, Harry hates how much he loves it when she laughs at him, when that hot flood of shame rushes through him for not knowing something. It’s not like he’s never been with anyone before; he’s had plenty of girls before, but that’s just it. Girls, not a woman.
blueandbrady  harry/caroline  pwp  het  tumblr  1D 
february 2014 by greedy_dancer
Not With Haste - bastilleday - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Pegging pwp.
"I want to fuck you." She said it so softly she wasn't sure he heard her.

Harry tilted his head to the side. "You just did, love."

“No.” She enunciated each word. “Properly.”
harry/caroline  pegging  het  pwp  bastilleday  1D 
january 2014 by greedy_dancer
Not Really About Cats - LittleMousling - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Het pwp ficlet.
Harry fucking loves pussy. He’s pretty sure he knew that before, but he hasn’t felt it like this, viscerally, hasn’t obsessed over every soft fuzzy millimeter until Caroline.

(He loves other parts of her too, all her parts, and her brain, and her laugh, but that is not what he’s thinking about right now.)
littlemousling  harry/caroline  het  pwp  1D 
january 2014 by greedy_dancer
Work Hard, Be Kind - ymorton - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Harry/Caroline ficlet, hints of d/s.
"Harry," she says, sternly, wiping sweaty hair off her forehead. She gasps, shudders as he sucks at her clit, all slick, wet, warm tongue. "Up from there."

Harry doesn’t obey. Instead he drops his head to the mattress in front of her spread legs, grinds his hips forward desperately, lets out a strangled gasp.

She lifts her head. “Harry?”

"Please," he gasps out, looking utterly undone, frotting hard against the bed. "Please-"

"What do you want, darling?" she says, softly, sitting up, and when she slips her hand into his hair he moans loud, says- breathless- "Hold me down."
het  kink  ymorton  harry/caroline  1D  pwp 
january 2014 by greedy_dancer
even the wrong words seem to rhyme - eleadore - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis' body changes the day after he comes, so he tries not to. Harry helps/makes things worse. Angsty and complex take on the trope, with added complex feelings about the H/L relationship (or lack thereof). Warning for casual sexism.
“It’s been two weeks,” he says. “Did you think we wouldn’t notice?”

He hadn’t, but of course the lads would turn observant once pussy entered the picture. “Thought you’d mind your own business.”

“That was stupid of you,” Harry tells him, and steps in close before fitting a hand between Louis’ legs. (...) “Let me try,” he says, mouth against the shell of Louis’ ear while he works at him. “I used to be quite good at making you hard.”

“You used to be a lot of things,” Louis says, and Harry stills before turning his head and sliding their mouths together. Louis’ heart thumps once, hard, and there’s violence in the ricochet. “Fuck. Don’t.”

“Yeah,” Harry says, and his lips are red, slick when he wets them with his tongue, “all right. Just let me—we’re free tomorrow, you could—let me get you off.”

Getting off with Harry has never been the problem; it’s everything else that ties Louis up in knots.
sexswap  turned-into-a-girl  harry/louis  angst  eleadore  1D  open!ending  dub-con  conflicted!Louis  het 
january 2014 by greedy_dancer
Some Girls - Rave - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Zayn wakes up in a female body, Liam helps him figure it out. Scorching hot take on the trope! 3 parts in the series so far.
And then, a few days ago, a late rainy night somewhere between Newark and Chicago, Zayn had woken them all up yelling in the bus bathroom. He wouldn’t let anyone in except, finally, Harry, who must have talked him off a ledge, because after what seemed like hours they filed out together, Harry looking pale under his Miami tan and holding up one hand in warning, and then, behind him, Zayn. Wild-eyed, shaking, hissing “Fucking laugh and I swear to God I’ll murder you” -- and definitely, unmistakeably a girl.

Liam is still pretty sure it’s his fault. He doesn’t know how. Just, like, he was having all these bad thoughts all the time, and now Zayn’s in this nightmare, and it just seems like there has to be a connection.

So it’s not that he doesn’t want to help Zayn out. It’s just that he’s not sure he can just help out and then back off. He can’t really be cool about it, or clinical. If he starts touching Zayn, he’s not sure how he’s going to make himself stop.
sexswap  turned-into-a-girl  1D  zayn/liam  rave  pwp  first-time  het  dirty!talk  kink  overstimulation 
december 2013 by greedy_dancer
Warmed Out of the Grey Ash - Carmarthen - Eagle of the Ninth - Rosemary Sutcliff [Archive of Our Own]
Marcus is married to Cottia and they live with Esca, but neither has figured out their relationship to the others yet.
At night they slept inside the walls of the half-built roundhouse, under a makeshift shelter, only a striped native rug hung between to separate Marcus and Cottia from where Esca lay. Cottia felt small and birdlike in Marcus’ arms, like she might fly away if he did not hold her to him.

They had been married since spring, and he did not know how to touch her. They were tired, always, and it made a good reason to simply fall asleep at the end of the day; and the woman she had become while he was in the north was still something of a stranger to him.

The women he had known before--not many, and briefly--were the sorts of women who lived around the forts, women who knew exactly what to do. If they had laughed at a young soldier’s fumbling, they had done so where he could not hear them. He knew he would not bear it, if he hurt Cottia.

And then, too, there was Esca, on the other side of the rug.
het  threesome  marcus/esca  marcus/cottia  esca/cottia  marcus/esca/cottia  post-movie  carmarthen  underage  TheEagle  domestic!fic 
march 2013 by greedy_dancer
Sparks Fly - LittleMousling - One Direction (Band), Taylor Swift (Musician) [Archive of Our Own]
Taylor spends the night in London with Harry and Nick.
Harry makes a noise in the back of his throat, and Nick grins at her. “I like you, Swifty. You don’t get caught up in the stupid things.”

“I didn’t make my boyfriend break up with his boyfriend, you mean.” She squeezes Harry again, watches his forehead wrinkle and smooth out. He’s either totally zoned out on it or he’s faking it to let them talk—maybe a little bit of both, she’s not sure.

“Mostly that,” Nick says. “And you came and got drunk with me, too. And you let me be an arse.”

“So you admit you were an arse,” Taylor says, the word too fun not to repeat.

Nick shrugs. “Not on the record, I don’t.”

“Well,” Taylor says. “Not on the record, I think you should make it up to me. By teaching me more stuff about Harry.” She licks her lips. “He says you have a massive bed.”
littlemousling  harry/taylor  harry/nick/taylor  1D/Radio1  threesome  het  pwp  nick/harry 
march 2013 by greedy_dancer
Queen of Spades
Bond wants M; she wants him to be the best he can be.
"James," she said, and he expected something necessary and usual: this can't ever happen again or I don't usually fuck my subordinates, but instead she said, "you're the best agent that I have."

He raised his eyebrows, lightly, and tried to sound amused more than surprised or, God help him, pleased; he wasn't going to become a damned lapdog, ready to wag his tail or lick her hand for petting and scraps of praise. "Surely there's a 'but' in there somewhere."

"But you're loyal to an idea of yourself instead of to the service," she said.

"You think I'm going to go rogue?"

She waved that away with an impatient shake of her head. "The point is, you can torture a criminal to death and still tell yourself you're a hero. But when you're on your knees sucking the cock of a mass-murdering dictator with the blood of half a dozen innocents on your hands, the only way to come out of it whole is if you're part of something larger than yourself."
het  astolat  skyfall  bond/female!m  kink  podfic-available  ust 
january 2013 by greedy_dancer
take the whole world with you when you go - multicoloredgypsy - The Hour [Archive of Our Own]
Freddie is invited to the country by Marnie while he recovers from his injuries and tries to deal with Bel. WIP that's going in an angsty direction (depression) but good potential for h/c and resolution.
"The country will be good for you," she says again. "It's very good of Marnie to offer."

"She didn't offer. She just decided it would be best and that was that. Although I fear she might not have thought this through. They'll have to drug me to the gills if I'm even going to survive the drive out."


"Plus, they're going to have to lock me up in my own wing if ever they want a good night's sleep.”

"What are you talking about?"

"Some of my roommates have already complained. Apparently I shout in my sleep now. I don't remember what I've been dreaming about, but it's obviously not very pleasant. So I'm getting whisked away to the country, where they're going to lock me up like Mrs. Rochester."

"Don't you dare."

"I will try not to burn the house down, but I can't make any promises. You know what I'm like."
thehour  angst  h/c  hurt!freddie  bel/freddie  het  wip  multicoloredgypsy 
january 2013 by greedy_dancer
Collide - Provocatrix (november_dreaming) - James Bond (Movies), James Bond (Craig movies), Skyfall (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"Lizbeth Salander as Q"!AU ficlet.
MI6 forces conformity. Those who stand out are likely to become security risks, so when he first sees her, with her half-shaved head and pale skin marked with dark ink, he assumes she’s a junior unlikely to see out the month. A moment’s reassessment brings him to the opposite conclusion – she’s valuable, sufficiently so that she can dictate her own terms to MI6. It’s confirmed when she strides right up to him, a weapon and a tiny radio in her outstretched hand.

“I’m your new Quartermaster,” she says, as though challenging him to dispute the fact.

“You must be joking,” he replies, but neither of them looks especially amused. The weaponry is simple and effective, and just as lethal as she appears to be.
au  skyfall  bond/q  provocatrix  pwp  girl!q  het 
january 2013 by greedy_dancer
Run to Ground - hollimichele - Captain America (2011), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve and Natasha go after Bucky and get him back.
“They bought-- what? A body in cryo?” Maria Hill looks skeptical. “How’d one guy fresh out of the ice kill a whole room?”

“There are a few possibilities,” Natasha says, and the corners of her mouth flick down. “None of them are good. There aren’t a lot of organizations that have good cryo tech, and the Red Room was always head of the class. They’ve had it for decades, and they liked to keep their best operatives on ice between missions.” She looks down at the table. “And there’s one in particular who hasn’t surfaced since the Red Room fell apart. Someone better than any of their other agents.”

Fury huffs a laugh. “You’re not talking about--”

“Yes. The Winter Soldier.” She can see the skepticism on every face but the Captain’s. On his, there’s only honest puzzlement.

“Okay,” he says, “for the benefit of those of us who’ve been frozen for seventy years, the Winter Soldier is?”

“A myth,” Fury answers. “A ghost. Not, in fact, a real person.”
het  hollimichele  steve/bucky  steve/natasha  natasha/bucky  steve/bucky/natasha  threesome  h/c  avengers  podfic-available 
october 2012 by greedy_dancer
courage teaches me to be shy - victoria_p (musesfool) - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Darcy accompanies Jane to a conference, with Steve as their security detail. But what a coincidence! Steve and Darcy have to share a bed!
"You're telling me they can't find a hotel room for Captain America?" she whisper-shouts at Jane, who makes hushing gestures.

"He wasn't supposed to get here until tonight. He must have used the Quinjet."


"You were supposed to have had a few drinks, be in a good mood, amused at the 'mix up,'" Jane says, making quotey fingers around "mix up."

"That is so unfair, using drunk confessions of a personal nature against me this way," Darcy says, crossing her arms over her chest so Jane knows she means business.

At least now Jane looks genuinely contrite. "I didn't think you'd mind, and he's a good sport." Jane bumps her arm. "It's not like you were ever gonna make a move yourself."
avengers  het  steve/darcy  musesfool  first-time  virgin!steve  misunderstandings 
october 2012 by greedy_dancer
Button Up Your Overcoat - victoria_p (musesfool) - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Darcy intends to instruct Steve on safe sex but finds him prepared.
She clears her throat. "Anyway, third date expectations. She'll probably invite you in for coffee, and coffee is code for sex."

"It is?" Even his skepticism is kind of cute. She'd hate him if she didn't like him so much.

"It is." She reaches into her bag and pulls out the strip of condoms emblazoned with his shield. "And that means safer sex."

She's expecting adorable blushes and fumbling but he just gives her a sly grin. "You know I was in the army, right, Darcy? I even did a PSA about VD." He strikes a cheesy Captain America pose she recognizes from his films and says, "Defeat the Axis. Use prophylactics." His smile fades. "Promise me you will never tell Tony about that." He looks up at the ceiling. "You, too, Jarvis."

"Yes, sir."

"Hmph," Darcy says, waiting until he's picked up a bottle of water and taken a sip, "now I guess you won't get to see my demonstration of how to properly put on a condom."
avengers  musesfool  steve/darcy  het  pwp  first-time 
october 2012 by greedy_dancer
Direction - boombangbing - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Series in which Darcy & Steve start dating, get outed as a couple, Darcy brings Steve home to her parents for Christmas and they move in together. I like!
Life got pretty weird after her face, and in short order her name too, got bandied about all over television, magazines, and the internet. For the first week, orders came down on high from Fury, and she got time off. She and Steve did one grocery store run, and then basically stayed in for six days straight. Which, not a problem, really. She taught Steve how to do a lot of things. A lot of things.

They had a lot of sex, is what she's getting at. (...)

She wasn't able to go home for Thanksgiving, though, that kind of sucked. Once the media got hold of her name, they easily tracked down her family, and then there were reporters fucking up the lawn in the front yard. Her parents thought it was all quite fun, but her Great Aunt Lewis has dementia and she's got belligerent and even a little violent for less, so Darcy decided, in her infinite and newly found maturity, to not lead the entire circus to the west coast, and rather make it extremely clear, like *hello, here I am kissing Captain America in the street on Thanksgiving morning in New York what the fuck are you doing in California?*, that they were staying in New York.
steve/darcy  avengers  boombangbing  het  post-movie  virgin!steve  first-time  domestic!fic 
september 2012 by greedy_dancer
sutlers: Just Temporary, Ma'am (Darcy/Clint)
Darcy gets Clint to be her fake boyfriend to get Jane off her back, and gets Tony to propose to Pepper.
"Okay, listen up, Barton," she said, straightening up and pushing her hair out of her face. "I'm in love with you."

"Okay," Clint said, with the air of a man who had just popped out to get a beer and run into Doctor Doom trying to hold up the Quik-Mart; which, you know, had probably actually happened to him once or twice.

"I just need to get Jane off my tits, please God, help me do this and be my fake boyfriend. She thinks I'm having trouble adjusting."

Now Clint was looking at her tits, so Darcy congratulated herself on words well chosen and pushed her shoulders back on the pretense of getting a crick out of her neck.

"Does this mean we get to make out?" Clint said finally, dubiously.

"Deal," Darcy said.
sutlers  avengers  clint/darcy  fake!dating  het  tony/pepper  humour 
september 2012 by greedy_dancer
But the little girls understand - victoria_p (musesfool) - Push (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Nick & Cassie try something new. Hot! (Cassie is 17)
They're still in the honeymoon phase, can't keep their hands off each other, so she's mostly naked in his lap, arching up into his mouth as he licks her boobs, when his hand slides down over her ass and squeezes. She squirms against him and says, "You can do me up the butt if you want."

"Cassie." Nick pulls back, scandalized. It's kind of hilarious, considering he just had his mouth on her tits and his hand on her ass.

"Nick," she answers in the same ridiculously shocked tone. (...) "If you want, I mean. We don't have to."

"Jesus," he says. "I'm the one who should be saying that to you."

She pats his hair gently. "It's okay. I know how freaked out you get about debauching a minor."

He groans and drops his head onto her shoulder. "It's not that I don't want to. I just thought maybe we could wait."

"For what?" She rests her cheek against his head and breathes in the familiar scent of sweat and hair gel. "Is there a special butt-sex anniversary? Like, not until we've been together for nine months or something? Or do you have to be super extra legal to do anal?"
musesfool  push  nick/cassie  pegging  het  kink  first-time  underage  het!anal  post-movie 
august 2012 by greedy_dancer
Action Items for the Morning After - lettered - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to "Or Even Rearrange You": the morning after.
7:01 am

15. Tell JARVIS how much longer to let him sleep.
16. Make coffee.
17. Check news and Google alerts.
18. Take off the blouse she’d already put on, and put on his shirt.

The shirt he’d been wearing last night (when she had taken it off of him) was one of his tamer t-shirts. He’d probably still been out of it last night, or who knew; maybe for once he’d actively thought about not offending her by wearing one of his shirts that didn’t have a naked lady on the front of it. This one just had a snake eating its tail, circling the spot where the arc reactor would have been on his body and where cleavage was on hers. Of course it was huge on her, but it was soft and cotton and she could tuck it in, put her suit coat over it.

There was too much work to do to waste time arguing or making out, but this wasn’t going to be like any other morning, and he was going to know that.
avengers  lettered  sequel  tony/pepper  het  awkward!sex 
august 2012 by greedy_dancer
Or Even Rearrange You - lettered - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Really interesting characterization & relationship there. Pepper convinces Tony to sleep with her and get over his moral objections/hero-complex (post IM-2). I like the complicated feelings and hints of poly/kink in the future (?).
“Tony, let go.”

Tony shook his head. “Can’t.”

“Tony, let go.”

“No. Because then you’ll be undressed, and I’ll be—” Her hands reached for his zipper. “I’ll be—ah ah—really turned on, Pepper, don’t—”

“A little turned on,” Pepper said, because he was only half hard. She slid her hand down over his cock, over his briefs.

“No, that’s just, um—Pepper. You have not achieved my full consent. This is—these are questionable actions.”

“Want to stop me?” She pressed her palm against his cock.

“Yes,” Tony breathed. “But then—ah—you won’t be wearing any clothes.”

She leaned in, put her mouth by his ear. “Then say okay.”
avengers  het  tony/pepper  first-time  damaged!tony  dub-con  lettered 
august 2012 by greedy_dancer
Any Way I Do - MissJeeves - The Avengers (2012), Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Clint and Natasha got married, and no one told Tony.
“I’m going to…” Tony trails off, outraged. “How dare they?” He looks at Thor, who blinks back at him innocently. “You? They told you?”

“It is an honored task,” Thor repeats, puffing out his chest.

“What are you talking about?” Steve asks.

“Agent Barton,” Tony seethes. “Denied me the chance to throw him a bachelor party. I am going to kill him.”
avengers  clint/natasha  het  marriage!fic  missjeeves  crack  not-NC17 
august 2012 by greedy_dancer
Lab Rats - thingswithwings - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Clint and Darcy becomes the official SHIELD lab rats and develop a relationship in the process. Short and cute! :)
"This was my first time testing tech," Darcy admitted. "But I've only been here six weeks."

"Really? What did you do before? Black ops? Experimental testing subject? Super soldier clone?"

"Uh, no?"

He narrowed his eyes at her. "You weren't in the circus, were you? You'd be surprised how many people were in the circus. Did you grow up on the streets?"

"I got recruited out of college. I did PoliSci."

There was a long pause, and then Clint asked, "Were your parents killed by a supervillain or something?"

"Not last time I checked," Darcy said warningly. "They live in Dallas. With a dog. Should I be concerned about them getting killed by a supervillain?"

He shrugged. "Not really. We just get a lot of orphans around here."

"Uh-huh. Well, I'm just a junior analyst, no tragic backstory."

"There's something not right about that," Clint muttered darkly, and Darcy laughed.
avengers  clint/darcy  thingswithwings  first-time  het  not-NC17  from twitter_favs
august 2012 by greedy_dancer
Objects in the Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear (The Didn't See That Coming Dance Mix) - victoria_p (musesfool) - Push (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
5 times Nick surprised Cassie. (In which they say goodbye to Kira, bust Cassie out of division, get shot in a casino and kiss in Maine.)
They ditch the car in the long-term parking lot at the airport and then take the hotel shuttle to the Days Inn. Nick is white as a sheet, and he passes out as soon as he hits the bed, which is a blessing as far as Cassie is concerned. She hates that she knows how to dig a bullet out of his arm and patch him up, hates that she has to do it because he was protecting her.

She gives him a Vicodin from their small supply of drugs and lies awake in bed next to him, staring at the ceiling. She remembers her mother telling her that strong emotions could lead to blind spots, that it was harder to see about the people you cared about most, and Cassie had, at the ripe old age of ten, sworn she would never let anyone but her mom get that close. She shifts away from Nick, as if putting six inches of physical distance between them will help, but she knows it's already far too late.
push  het  nick/cassie  musesfool  first-time  post-movie  angst  h/c  happy!ending 
july 2012 by greedy_dancer
Another Country - victoria_p (musesfool) - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Natasha pov on hers and Bucky's relationship.
She doesn't know how much he remembers, now, of those days. The killing weighs heavy on him, etched into the lines on his face--too young for his age and too old at the same time, a familiar look she sees in the mirror every day, though she's reconciled herself to the past in ways he can't yet, in ways he might never be able to. But the pleasure, the companionship they shared--she doesn't know if he doesn't remember or chooses not to, if everything from his time with the Red Room is tainted, even her.

She watches him force the mask, the charming face no one else sees through, because he was taught not to show any fear, any doubt, any pain. Because he was one of the ones who taught her the same thing.

Steve watches him, puzzled at how the man he rescued, the man he so joyfully embraced as his long-lost friend and brother, is in those moments so different from the one he knew.
natasha/bucky  het  avengers  musesfool  amnesia  steve&bucky  angst  pre-movie  post-movie 
july 2012 by greedy_dancer
what a smile means - victoria_p (musesfool) - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Lovely Natasha pov on her and Steve's developing relationship.
"Coffee?" he asks once they're inside.

"Water is fine."

He fills her out a glass from the tap, cool but not cold, as she examines the airy apartment, the walls white and the ceilings high, the hardwood floors newly refinished. It's almost completely bare of personality and neat as a pin, and she takes a moment to wonder whether that's leftover from the military or just part of who Steve is.

"I haven't been here very often lately," he says. "I'm sorry there's no ice."

She takes a sip of water and then puts the glass down by the sink. "Steve." She cups his cheek, fingers cool from the glass. "I didn't come here for ice."

"I hoped," he says, giving her another smile, this one small and nervous. "I didn't want to presume."
steve/natasha  het  avengers  post-movie  first-time  virgin!steve  musesfool 
july 2012 by greedy_dancer
you and your high top sneakers and your sailor tattoos - victoria_p (musesfool) - The Avengers (2012), Captain America (2011), Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve and Darcy go out for drinks, and then come in for coffee. Sweet and hot.
"Coffee?" he asks when the door to his quarters is closed. He leads her into the small living room with its squashy blue sofa and flat-screen television.

Darcy smiles and gives him a look from beneath her lashes; she reminds him of a movie star, though he isn't sure which one. After a look like that, he's lucky he remembers his own name.

"I thought you invited me up here to see your etchings."

"I, um, yes," he says, rubbing the back of his neck. "I really would like to draw you."

The seductive look disappears as if it had never been there, replaced by a frown of confusion. "So you don't want to have sex?"

Her bluntness is as charming as it is startling. "Can't we do both?" he asks, feeling the heat of a blush in his cheeks.
het  avengers  steve/darcy  first-time  virgin!steve  friends-with-benefits  musesfool  clint/darcy  steve/peggy 
july 2012 by greedy_dancer
Driving with the brakes on - victoria_p (musesfool) - Push (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Cassie is having trouble with her visions; Nick learns that orgasms can help, but he doesn't want to cross that line. (Cassie is 16).
"Easier for you, maybe." She rubs the back of his hand where it joins his wrist and then lets him go. "You know what the age of consent is in Virginia?" She doesn't wait for him to answer. "Fifteen. I looked it up." She sits up, draws her knees to her chest and wraps her arms around them.

He sits up, too, unwilling to give her the high ground. "I don't even know what to say to that."

She gives him a sharp glance. "When did you start having sex?"

He looks down at his hands. "Sixteen."

"Given that I'm more mature than you now, I can only imagine what you were like at sixteen."
push  nick/cassie  het  powers!fic  first-time  voyeurism  dirty!talk  musesfool 
july 2012 by greedy_dancer
Archive of Our Own - Simple, Not Easy
Darcy is just Jane's assistant until Loki mistakenly kidnaps her and they bond. A really excellent story, great Darcy, great Clint, great Loki, great everyone. Also contains "How to train your dragon," baby sloths, the most awkward double date in the Nine Realms and great truths about friendship.
"It wasn't like that! He wasn't after Avengers secrets, or up to anything. This is a guy who freaking cried during How to Train Your Dragon, for fuck's sake!"

"Dragons?" Thor echoed, and Darcy wished like hell that she'd been up-front with Loki's brother from the start, because that would have made this a whole lot less awkward.

"It's a kid's movie. It's kinda my go-to movie when I'm feeling like—I was having a bad night, okay? And then he showed up, and I was all freaked out and then..." Her shoulders dropped, and she could feel her eyes smarting with angry tears. "We just sat and watched the movie like normal people. I know it sounds nuts. Believe me."

She sat down on the weight bench, pulling her knees up to her chest and hugging them as she looked up at Clint and Thor.

"He doesn't have anybody. And for some weird reason, which I still do not entirely understand, he picked me to talk to. Okay, so sometimes he treats me like a hamster, but that's better than taking me hostage or whatever. And I don't want to be just one more person in this guy's life who let him down and rejected him and chose everyone else ahead of him just for what he is. For not being, you know—him."
avengers  clint/darcy  darcy&loki  ljc  het  loki/sif  angst  ***  from twitter
june 2012 by greedy_dancer
An Old Solution - listedheart - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Darcy's in charge of bringing Steve up to speed, which turns into demonstrating the concept of "friends with benefits." 12k.
“Wait, no, rewind. I didn’t even get him drunk. I got me drunk, and then I kissed him. Did you know super soldiers can’t get drunk? Super soldiers can’t get drunk, Jane.”

“Oh my god.” Jane’s laughing. Darcy pulls a face at her. “What happened?”

“Well, like – he kissed me back? I think?” Darcy shrugs. “It’s hazy. But he did that thing, you know, where dudes have their hand on the back of your head, in your hair?”

Jane nods. “The hair thing. Got it.”

“And then he’s like, so, Darcy, better get you home! And I was like, awesome, and then he just helped me take my shoes off and like, put me to bed like I was a kid and then left.” Darcy sighs down at her plate. “I mean, what the fuck, Jane? He did the hair thing! And I was drunk and easy, what’s wrong with the dude?”

Jane gives her a look that verges on pitying. “I don’t even want to know what kind of guys you meet,” she says, “if you think him not taking advantage of you is a bad thing.”
steve/darcy  het  avengers  listedheart  virgin!steve  first-time  steve&the21stcentury  friends-with-benefits 
june 2012 by greedy_dancer
Less scribbling than a sort of awkward calligraphy - Birthday Smut-a-Thon: Never Have I Ever (Avengers)
A game of "Never have I ever" with the team leads Steve to find Natasha in his bedroom. Lovely, hot and tender.
"You don't have to," he blurts out, even though, God, she's so close, and she smells so good, and he really— "I wouldn't want, not if you're just being nice, if you don't really want—"

He has no idea what he's saying.

And then he's not saying anything at all, because Natasha is kissing him. "Never have I ever been someone's first," she says when she pulls back, her voice as quiet as a breath.
avengers  steve/natasha  het  scribblinglenore  first-time  virgin!steve  innocent!steve 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
All the Reasons I Gave - Peripeteia - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki and Sif's secret relationship, up to the eve of the movie's events.
Sif is not a very good liar. Loki is.

It doesn't matter, in either case, because it's a very easy secret to keep.

Many assume Sif's attentions lie elsewhere, or will in time. And even among the most dedicated of gossips, rarely does Loki's name trip from their mouths as such a prospect. Loki has many talents, but few are held in very high esteem by the people of Asgard. They assume that Sif, great among them, values what they do and in all of the same ways.

She has also long been, and remains, short-tempered about his pranks. So, if she understands him a little more than she ought and sometimes elbows Volstagg or Fandral when they tease him like children at play, no one pays it any mind.

Some suspect it of Loki, if not of her, but that is only because they assume that he covets everything his brother has.
avengers  loki/sif  het  peripeteia  pre-movie 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
Paper Planes & Playground Games - Memlu - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Sif becomes the princes' childhood companion, playing and training with them, must to her father's incomprehension, and loves Thor like a brother and Loki like... 14k.
"You hit me."

"That's different," she said.

She didn't know if it was. Something about the way his eyes showed, all dark and soft as he looked right at her, made her want to pick him up and shove him against a tree so the branches shook and the leaves fell down on him. He was smiling still.

"Is it?" he wondered. "In what way?"

She showed him the blood on her fingers, some of it Hallormr's, most of it Loki's. "I don't hurt you!"

He caught her hand between his and brought her hand down to his chest that she might feel his heart fluttering against his ribs. He'd worn a thin, white shirt, and his skin burned her through it. Her hair fell dark along his breast.

"Oh," he said softly, "but you do. You hurt me very badly."
avengers  pre-movie  loki/sif  memlu  het  first-time  misunderstandings 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
Like a Shotgun Needs an Outcome - Memlu - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
The sparring session quickly turns into more.
Sif was quick, light on her feet. She dove for the side and came around again behind him. Her arm drew back to strike. He dodged left and rose at her right. Her elbow, which she jerked back, grazed his shoulder.

"Well done," he said. "You nearly got me."

"Don't worry," she promised. "I'll get you."
avengers  loki/sif  memlu  het  pre-movie 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
Lying Tongues - Memlu - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Loki accompanies Thor and his hunting party, and ends up having to save them all. He goes to Sif in the aftermath. A story of longing, self-doubt, and a ribbon in Loki's hair.
"I believe this is yours," he said.

Sif let her hair tumble freely again. Strands brushed his face; they tickled his lips. She smelled of sweat and earth and alien blood, still spattered across her shirt where it lay on the floor. Loki wanted to bury his nose in her nape.

She caught his hand. The ribbon folded between her palm and his wrist; the cloth rasped over his skin. Turning, Sif fit against him. The nearness of her was a blade fitted to his ribs. Sif twisted a finger in his curls, low on his neck, and tugged. His scalp pricked.

"And what was that about?" she demanded. "What if someone had seen my ribbon in your hair?"
avengers  het  loki/sif  memlu  angst  pre-movie  hut!sif 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
Hand to Hold - Memlu - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
In a faraway future, Sif & Loki living together. The night after an Avengers reunion dinner. I just love their dynamic.
The past could not be forgotten. Certainly it could not be changed. "Well, at least most of us haven't tried to kill--you know, most of us," Stark had said. Thor had been speaking with Jane and Pepper and missed it. Sif had not. Before she could cross to Stark and punch him in the throat, as her knuckles itched for to do, Loki had very calmly lifted a champagne glass off a tray, smiled at the waiter, and drifted out of the room.

Sif stroked Loki's arm. Her fingers fitted to his elbow. He turned to her, and she thought again how marvelous, that his jaw should be so thick now and not so gaunt. The past could not be changed, but they changed for it. Perhaps that was best.
avengers  post-movie  redeemed!loki  loki/sif  het  memlu  domestic!fic 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
The Hunt and the Game - Memlu - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
More interesting Sif/Loki word & power play! Sif comes to Loki's tent at night during a hunt.
He turned the pen over and clasped it between his hands. His knuckles paled and then relaxed. "Why? Have you come to ravage me?"

The tunic's sleeves were too short on him; a length of arm stood out from each. Sif slid her hand up his wrist. Her fingers closed about the joint.

"I believe that, properly, it's called ravishing," she said.

"Oh, well, then," he said. "That changes it, doesn't it?"
avengers  het  memlu  loki/sif  pre-movie 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
At Play - Memlu - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
A beautiful scene in the relationship between Sif & Loki.
"So you do mean to devour me," says Loki.

"Skin," she says to his fingers, "and meat," she says to the fleshy pads at the base of his fingers, "and bones," she says to his wrist with its taut tendons and knobby ends. Then she rises from her knees beside him on the bed and leans over him, towers over him, fills him with her shadow. Sif throws her leg across him; she straddles his bony hips. Loki is spread out before her.

"Is that all?" he says.

"And heart," she says. She runs her short, squared nail down his breast, tracing the thrum of that organ in his chest.

He lifts his hand. His palm is a cool brush across her cheek, then his fingers are in her hair; they are winding, twisting, knotting. "Will there be any of poor loki left when wicked sif is done?" he asks, as if it is still a game.
het  loki/sif  avengers  memlu  pre-movie 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
Fleet-Footed and Caught - Memlu - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Post Thor. Sif, Thor & co eventually find Loki, but he won't believe anything they tell him.
Thor dragged Loki into a sudden embrace then, and Loki's hands were caught on Thor's chest. Sif let her hand fall from her sword.

"Is that how you greet the man who tried to kill you," said Loki. It came out muffled against Thor's shoulder.

"No," said Thor. His arms tightened about Loki. "This is how I greet my brother."

Loki's face sharpened. He'd grown so thin, so lean and starved, the hollows of his face thick with shadows. His eyes flickered, low then to the side. He looked over the warriors three, over Jane, at Sif. Her fingers pressed into her thigh. His eyes closed.
het  loki/sif  avengers  post-movie  memlu  angst  damaged!loki  not-NC17 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
A courtship - nev_longbottom - Thor
Prompt: Sif hunts, feasts, fights on Loki's behalf, wears armour most of the time, throws Loki down and rides him after a long day sparring. She brings him treasures from her quests. Loki reads, likes looking pretty, gets fought over, likes Sif being rough with him in bed, has learnt healing spells to play nursemaid to Sif when she gets all bruised.
"I slew your enemy for you," Sif said, growing nervous in his gaze. "I have fought thirteen days and thirteen nights for my right to make a courting claim for you. If you will have me, I will hunt for you, fight for you, keep you and have you. Loki, son of Odin and Prince of Asgard, will you accept my suit?"

Sif's face reddened and she brought a silver signet out from behind her back. "Here," She said, looking pointedly in another direction. "A courting gift. I stole it from the dwarves."
het  loki/sif  avengers  nev_longbottom  kink  pre-movie  from twitter
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
where the rainbow hits the ground - sabinelagrande - Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Thor walks into the hall while Loki and Sif are busy there, cloaked by one of Loki's spells.
"Loki?" he calls, and Sif's heart stops.

Stay calm, he mouths at her. She's seen Loki's favorite trick many times, but there's something very different than seeing it right then, a copy of Loki stepping away from the wall on the other side of the hallway and walking towards Thor.

"Brother," Thor says, with his typical cheer. "I was afraid you had retired."

Loki starts moving in her again, thrusting slowly, and her eyes widen in shock. This cannot possibly be happening; Loki is Loki, but this is a cruel trick even for him.
avengers  sabinelagrande  loki/sif  pwp  angst  pre-movie  in_public  het 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
The Education of Steve Rogers - sabinelagrande - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve has a number of first times with the team, until Clint figures it out. Well done take on the virgin!Steve trope. (1.5k)
Clint handed him a tissue; Steve wiped off his hand and tossed the tissue into the trash before zipping his pants and standing up. "Nice work," Clint said, pulling his shirt back on, and Steve gave him a look. "How many of them fell for the act?"

Steve froze. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said, but he'd always been a terrible liar- or, at least, this was the kind of lying he wasn't good at.

"Come the fuck on, Rogers," Clint said, rolling his eyes. "That wasn't beginner's-luck head. Everybody else is so impressed with themselves for getting to deflower Captain America that they haven't noticed they aren't the only ones. It's pretty obvious to anybody who's actually paying any attention."
avengers  steve/tony  steve/natasha  steve/clint  steve/thor  first-time  virgin!kink  virgin!steve  sabinelagrande  het 
may 2012 by greedy_dancer
mrsronweasley: BRBB FIC: "Just Add Skirt (And Some Eyeliner Can't Hurt)" (bandom, Gerard/Lindsey, NC-17)
Lindsey and Gerard clean their closets... which turns into cross-dressing as each other and having scorching sex.
She was lounging on the couch, completely dressed.

Completely dressed in Gerard's clothes. Gerard's jeans, Gerard's shirt – the one he should really have been retiring from stage, but was having a hard time letting go – Gerard's leather jacket, Gerard's leather boots.

Gerard's half of their necklace.

Lindsey's own crooked smile, her hair tied up into a messy blond ponytail. She looked hot as hell.

“Shit," he breathed, and took a step closer. “You're –“

“Fucking hell, look at you," Lindsey said at the same time, just as quiet as him. For some reason, the dark always made them whisper like that, born out of long bus trips between stops, quiet sex in their bunks, the road lulling beneath their bodies.

Gerard made his way over to her, making sure to swish his hips as much as he could while still staying upright, and grinned down. “You like what you see?"

She caught the edge of his skirt and bit her lower lip. “Maybe. You?"
bandom  mrsronweasley  cross-dressing  kink  pegging  gerard/lynz  het  domestic!fic  from twitter
march 2012 by greedy_dancer
shiningartifact: Bandom Reverse Big Bang Fic - Sure of You (Frank/Gerard; NC-17; ~11000 words)
Beautiful, hot and excellent. A year of girl!Gee falling for freshman!Frank, their struggles and milestones.
Gee hesitates, then says, "So, can I ask you something?" He nods, and she reaches up to unstick his sweaty hair from his cheek, pushing it back and off his face. "How the fuck did you last 'til I came twice? I'm fucking impressed."

He rolls his eyes and then starts to giggle, burying his face in her tits. His voice is muffled when he admits, "I maybe jerked off right before I came over."

Gee starts to laugh, too. "Seriously?" He says something she can't understand, and she grabs his hair, tugging him up. "What?"

He bites his lip, and then says, "Well, like. You're used to being with girls, right?" He shifts so that his back is against her chest, her arm curled down across his belly. "I didn't want to be, I don't know. A letdown, or whatever."

She pulls him closer, her mouth against the back of his neck. "Trust me when I say you don't have anything to worry about. Okay?" He's quiet, and after a moment she leans over so she can see his face. He's grinning, so wide she can see all his teeth. She rolls her eyes, laughing. "Oh god, just say it. I know you want to."

Frank immediately does sideways victory arms and crows, "I'm awesome in bed and you came twice."
au  bandom  frank/gerard  shiningartifact  always-a-girl  girl!gerard  het  pegging  college!au 
march 2012 by greedy_dancer
Four Different Snowflakes - mistresscurvy - My Chemical Romance, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Nice and quiet OT4 reunion after G & F come back from the YGG shoot.
It had been a long day for all four of them, Gerard and Frank performing at the Yo Gabba Gabba studio and Lindsey and Jamia wrangling Bandit and the twins. It wasn't uncommon for Gerard to do this, hold court and pace while he told the stories of the day, shedding a single article of clothing at a time while the three of them curled up in bed and waited for his energy to dissipate enough for him to join them.
bandom  mcr  OT4  frank/jamia  gerard/lynz  het  domestic!fic  mistresscurvy 
december 2011 by greedy_dancer
Let the Compass Point You Home - amazonziti, mistresscurvy - My Chemical Romance, Mindless Self Indulgence, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Long and hurty and happy and good.
"When Frank is taken by slave raiders, Jamia and Lindsey work together to find him and buy him back. After months of searching, they finally locate him, but their lives are complicated by his attachment to a fellow slave he can’t leave behind. Suddenly Jamia finds herself the owner of her husband, and Lindsey the owner of a man whom she’s never met before and who has no reason to trust her--and who has a secret of his own. Can the four of them learn to trust each other enough to put the past to rest and help Gerard find what he’s lost?"
bandom  bbb  mcr  frank/gerard  frank/jamia  gerard/lynz  frank/jamia/gerard/lynZ  jamia/lyn-z  frank/gerard/jamia  slavefic  slave!frank  slave!gerard  au  mistresscurvy  amazonziti  angst  h/c  het 
september 2011 by greedy_dancer
brooklinegirl: Fic: One-Dollar Shot, bandom, MCR, NC-17
Assholes Frank/Jamia verse, the first time they meet.
"He falls asleep drooling against her tits and when he wakes up blearily in the morning, she's gone, and he still doesn't have her fucking number. He doesn't even notice the huge hickey she left on his neck until he's in the coffee shop and can see it reflected in the fucking window. He fucking hates that girl. He doesn't even know her name. He wonders if he'll see her again."
frank/jamia  mcr  bandom  het  asshole!frank  au  brooklinegirl  rimming  asshole!jamia 
september 2011 by greedy_dancer
brooklinegirl: Fic: Friday Evening Ant Brigade (MCR, asshole!Frank/Jamia, NC-17)
Assholes Frank/Jamia verse ficlet, after they move in together.
"Godammit. He'd needed this - a fight, and a beer, and a fuck - and she'd fucking known that. She knew him really fucking well. How the fuck did she know him inside and out like that? Fuck."
frank/jamia  mcr  asshole!frank  au  pegging  het  bandom  brooklinegirl  asshole!jamia 
september 2011 by greedy_dancer
brooklinegirl: BBB 2011 Wave Two: Turn It Up (Frank/Jamia, My Chemical Romance, NC-17, Master Post)
Assholes in love AU.
"Asshole!Frank meets his match when he gets into a relationship with Asshole!Jamia. Frank's not one hundred percent sure why the relationship thing isn't freaking him out as much as it should - all he knows is that lately, the only girl he wants to put his dick in is Jamia. What's it going to take for these two to make it work? Apparently, a lot of dirty, dirty sex, and Jamia pushing every boundary Frank has. Oh, and a little help from his friends, of course."

In which Frank and Jamia fall into a relationship, and Frank fights (for Gerard) and gets sex advice (from Pedicone) and there are many feelings and a lot of sex. AWESOME.
bbb  brooklinegirl  het  frank/jamia  mcr  bandom  domestic!fic  asshole!Frank  asshole!jamia  pegging  gerard/pedicone  au  real-life!au 
august 2011 by greedy_dancer
graceoftheworld: it ain't hip if you are retro.
College!AU where Jamie (boy!Jamia) meets Frankie, the mostly-dike who's fucking Schechter, the RA. And Gerard has a hamster names Mrs Snuffles.
""Hey, does Schechter seem bummed out at all to you?" "Yes," says Jamie truthfully. "He really wanted you to meet his family?" "I think I accidentally became part of his lifeplan," says Frankie glumly. "He’s a nice dude, but that’s really – what do you even say to that shit? There’s just nothing you can say!" Jamie enthusiastically commiserates about what a trial this must be. "So what’s up with you? How’s your shit?" asks Frankie briskly. Jamie starts talking, he doesn’t even know what about: about his classes, his guest appearance as a superhero in the manga Gerard’s drawing, this band he drove ten hours to see last weekend. "You have the prettiest fucking eyes, dude," says Frankie suddenly, and Jamie realizes she’s looking at him, intently, through the smoke she’s gently blowing in his face."
frank/jamia  sexswap  frank/brian  au  het  college!au  graceoftheworld  mcr  crack  girl!frank  always-a-girl  always-a-boy 
august 2011 by greedy_dancer
sinsense: fic - Bend Over Boyfriend (MCR, NC-17, Frank/Jamia)
Jamia finds a Bend-Over Boyfriend video on the tour bus, and it gives her ideas.
"The first time she tries to put the harness on, she gets the straps all wrong, and she ends up on her back, laughing while Frank tries to get everything unraveled with his teeth and fingers. They give up eventually, crack open tiny bottles of whiskey from the minibar, and get giggly drunk. Frank fucks her with the harness hauled up, wrapped around her middle and pushed to one side between her legs, and they fall asleep without remembering to take it off. In the morning she's got a headache and red marks scoring her belly and the inside of her left thigh. It's a shitty beginning, but that's par for the course with them."
bandom  mcr  frank/jamia  kink  pwp  het  frank/gerard/jamia  dirty!talk  first-time  sinsense 
august 2011 by greedy_dancer
lovebashed: fic: Steps (Gerard/Lyn-z)
Gerard being a househusband and "doing the married thing" during the break before DD.
bandom  mcr  het  domestic!fic  gerard/lynz  lovebashed  not-NC17 
august 2011 by greedy_dancer
jai: pegging: (v.) requires a man (mcr, frank/jamia)
Hop pegging ficlet. Jamia bought a present for them.
mcr  bandom  kink  het  frank/jamia  pegging  pwp  jai 
august 2011 by greedy_dancer
desfinado: Title: On A Good Day
Hot pwp, stolen moment on tour in the empty bus.
""J, I want. Christ…" he swallows thick around his own spit and closes his eyes, biting hard into the meat of her shoulder as she shifts against him in perfect rhythm. "You move like a fucking dancer, you know that?" "Trained in the Jersey pits, baby, you know me." Jamia huffs a laugh, and her voice has dropped the way it always does when she's turned on. Frank has to feel her too now, wants to see just how she's doing. He gathers the hem of her skirt up higher in his fingers and cups his hand over her underwear, warm and soft and wet, that spot right where the calloused pads of his middle and forefinger rest, between her thighs. He pushes in slightly, rubs little circles, feels the fabric get even more damp. "Fuck, yeah," Jamia groans, loud just like Frank loves her to be, no fucking princess in the bedroom."
bandom  mcr  het  frank/jamia  pwp 
july 2011 by greedy_dancer
brooklinegirl: New Fic: San Diego, 2010 (MCR, Gerard/Lyn-Z, NC-17)
A quickie at Comic-Con.
"It's the middle of second day of the convention and they're right outside their room and this is really fucking stupid. They should just go in, but Gerard can't help but press Lindsey to the wall, crowd up against her and kiss her right there in the hotel hallway. Her lips curve under his and she giggles against his mouth. "What's going on?" She squirms against the wall a little bit, not entirely trying to get away. "Come on, Gee, anyone could come by." "I know." He knows, he knows, but Jesus, he's been half-hard for what feels like hours, just, like, adrenaline and excitement and being on the UA panel and signing autographs afterwards – he was signing for a while, he guesses, but the time flew by. Doing this at Comic Con, it's easy, somehow, really fun, and he hadn't done a signing in ages, anyway. These fans are so excited to see him, not just because of the music, but because of the art, the comic, and they are his people. "
bandom  mcr  pwp  brooklinegirl  het  gerard/lynz 
july 2011 by greedy_dancer
7iris: FIC: Pretty Pink Ribbon
Hot pegging PWP at the beginning of their relationship.
"She's buckling the last of the straps when Gerard lets himself in. "I'll be out in a minute," she calls, and he says something back. She looks at herself in the mirror. Her stage make-up kit is next to the sink, too. The thing is, she's been doing this, being Lyn-Z, for a long time now. She knows all about the scene's charming virgin/whore dichotomy, and how the people who say they'll let her are sometimes worse in the long run than the ones who say no upfront. But it's Gerard. Who is sweet and respectful to his female fans, who listens to her when they talk about art or music or comic books. Who gives really enthusiastic head. In the end she just pulls her wet hair back into pigtails and leaves the make-up on the counter. She's pretty sure she's most of the way in love with him already, which is why the only thing running through her head when she steps out of the bathroom is Gerard, don't fuck this up."
bandom  mcr  kink  het  pegging  7iris  gerard/lynz  first-time  pwp 
july 2011 by greedy_dancer
mrsronweasley: Fic: "Without Knowing How" (MCR/MSI, Frank/Jamia/Gerard/Lindsey, NC-17)
Super hot OT4 fic. The night before, and the morning after.
"Gerard and Lindsey are both pretty easy people, and together, they're like an awesome couple of laid-backness, as well as a weird mindmeldness. They work together so well, it's kind of really, really scary to watch at times. It freaks Frank out a little, even though he and J can totally do the whole "ONEHIVEMIND" thing, too, but it kind of never occurred to him that Gee and Lindsey were that easy. And that Jamia would totally go along with this."
bandom  mcr  frank/gerard  het  mrsronweasley  frank/jamia  frank/lynZ  gerard/lynz  gerard/jamia  jamia/lyn-z  OT4 
july 2011 by greedy_dancer
yekoc: i don't know what to do with this [not!fic]
Not!fic in which Gerard is the creepy slashboy who ends up meeting his idol - LynZ, who's in a band - by chance and they get together.
"and [Gerard] spends approximately the next week in his basement wallowing in depression about the fact that he actually could NOT have possibly been more creepy or desperate or weird upon meeting lyn-z, as opposed to all the scenarios he had thought up in his head where he saved her from a burning building or became the most famous artist in the world and she couldn't even afford his paintings so he gave her one free or he was a superhero and she was a mutant with latent powers that activated suddenly and he had to ~help her adjust~ and then they became an awesome crimefighting team and also had lots of sex AT LEAST HE DELETED THE FIC :D ? ?"
bandom  gerard/lyn-z  mcr  het  mikey/ray  not!fic  yekoc  crack  humour  angst 
july 2011 by greedy_dancer
mistresscurvy: Fic: Home (Frank/Jamia, NC-17)
"Frank is aware of the fact that most people probably wouldn't consider three weeks of changing diapers and picking up dog shit to be a vacation. There are also probably people who don't think playing in a rock band with your best friends is the world's best job. Some people are crazy. He doesn't give two shits about them. He loves it all, is the thing."
bandom  mcr  frank/jamia  mistresscurvy  pwp  domestic!fic  het 
june 2011 by greedy_dancer
NOW MULTIPLY BY FRANK - Fic: Right Here (MCR, Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Lyn-Z, NC-17)
Gerard misses his wife while on tour, but he misses Frank while on break. Part of the OT4 verse. Hot!
bandom  mcr  mistresscurvy  pwp  gerard/lynz  frank/gerard  het 
may 2011 by greedy_dancer
nokomis305: Fic: Another Cog in the Murder Machine (Sue Sylvester/Bob Bryar)
Hilarious, omg!
“Bob Bryar? Coach Sue Sylvester here,” came a curt, crisp voice that hadn’t changed in the slightest from the last time Bob had heard it, back on Daytona Beach as he was kicked out of his own hotel room as Sue called after him, “Our business here is done. I’ll send you my dry-cleaning bill.” “Coach Sylvester,” Bob said warily. “I need your assistance in a little matter of national importance,” Sue said. Bob waited patiently for her to get to the point. “The New Directions must not sing a My Chemical Romance song.” “I didn’t know erections could sing,” Bob said, confused. “Focus, buddy,” Sue said. “None of your dirty talk.”"
mcr  bandom  crossover  crack  het  glee  bob/suesylvester  humour  nokomis305 
march 2011 by greedy_dancer
orgasmsandwoe: domestic kinksters
Chat!fic about Gerard and girl!Frankie the burlesque punk rocker, kinksters in love. A lot, A LOT of kink. Omg.
bandom  mcr  kink  d/s  bdsm  sub!gerard  domestic!fic  mwestbelle  anoneknewmoose  frank/gerard  genderfuck  girl!frank  het  rimming  toys  orgasm!denial  overstimulation  baby!fic  child!fic 
february 2011 by greedy_dancer
ladyfoxxx: Fic: Mind Your J's and G's (Frank/Jamia)
In which Frank forgets himself and calls out the wrong name. Luckily it gets taken in stride.
"He blinks his eyes open, twisting his head to look at Jamia who's staring right back at him. "What did you just say?" Did he say something? He can't remember. "Did I- what?" The words are thick and clumsy on his tongue. "You said Gee," she says, and the moment she says it, he realizes that he did. Shit. "What? No, I... I said Jai. At least- I mean, I didn't. Fuck. I'm sorry, baby, fuck. Fuck.""
bandom  ladyfoxxx  mcr  frank/jamia  frank/gerard  toys  first-time  kink  het 
january 2011 by greedy_dancer
Frank and Jamia and Gerard and LynZ after the birth of the kids. "She knew that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to understand how she could share her husband, if they knew the truth. Knew that they would never believe her if she said that she got just as much from the arrangement as he did, if less frequently, and that nothing in the world could ever make her doubt his devotion to her. The fact that he was also completely devoted to Gerard and then Lyn-Z in turn didn’t change that at all."
bandom  mcr  mistresscurvy  frank/gerard  frank/jamia  frank/jamia/gerard/lynZ  foursome  het  OT4 
december 2010 by greedy_dancer
brooklinegirl: Fic: Couldn't Call It Unexpected (MCR, Frank/Jamia, for no_tags!)
Jamia wakes up with a dick, and Frank is a girl. They make the most of it while it lasts. SO HOT and sweet at the same time.
Jamia wakes up hard. "Oh my fucking god," she breathes, and then she's up on her knees, shaking Frank. "Wake up wake up wake up wake UP," she chants."Gimme five more minutes," he says. "Wake UP," she says, grabbing onto his hair and tugging fiercely until his eyes open the whole way. "Frank. FRANK." "What?" he says finally, crankily, dragging the covers all the way up his chin, his eyes sliding closed again. "You remember that thing that happened to Gerard last year?" Her voice sounds funny, high-pitched with excitement, but deeper than usual. He just stares at her sleepily. Frank's useless when he just wakes up. "The thing," she says again. "The really weird – oh, for Christ's sake." She grabs Frank's hand out from under the covers and drags it down to wrap around her cock.
bandom  mcr  brooklinegirl  frank/jamia  het  sexswap  genderfuck  frank/gerard  girl!frank  pwp  toys  ***  turned-into-a-girl  turned-into-a-boy 
november 2010 by greedy_dancer
disarm_d: Because you looked just like a girl | Spencer/Brendon | nc-17 | Genderswap |
Cabin Era. Brendon randomly turns into a girl, except he's bad with girls, so he starts pestering Spencer for advice, which prompts a realization. Fun though un-betaed. Two sequels, link in the fic (girl!Spencer and girl!Ryan). "“I’ve got a girl’s body,” he says, “of my very own. To do what ever I want with. I should never even bother to leave my bedroom. But instead I’m sitting here, making a fool of myself, begging you to let me give you a blowjob.” Spencer continues to move his mouth over his thumb. It would be distracting if not for the part where Brendon is having a bit of a crisis here. “You don’t really mean this,” Spencer finally says around his finger. “You act like this is just a big joke to you.” “Excuse me for being glib,” Brendon says. “But I lost my goddamn penis and you’re giving me a sexual crisis or something and I’m just trying to, you know, roll with it.”"
bandom  patd  pre-divorce  girl!brendon  brendon/spencer  sexswap  disarm_d  comingout!fic  conflicted!Brendon  het  girl!spencer  girl!ryan  threesome  brendon/ryan/spencer  turned-into-a-girl 
october 2010 by greedy_dancer
with the lights on - carleton97, rue_quercus (Sister_Wolf) - My Chemical Romance, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Old!days MCR at a house party. Frank is running away from Otter, he and Gee end up fucking in a closet, and then again. Hot.
rue-quercus  het  sexswap  frank/gerard  mcr  bandom  girl!gerard  pwp  always-a-girl 
october 2010 by greedy_dancer
Half-Hard to Rock! - Inception futurefic, Arthur/Phillipa
Arthur disappears for 7 years after a job goes wrong and Ariadne gets hurt. When he comes back, he falls in love with 17 yr-old Philippa. Eames watches. SO WRONG YET SO GOOD. "He follows her down the hall, walking slowly. Enjoying the view. He thinks about getting her name, but he'll be back. He'll have all the time in the world to meet her. She stops at a door and fishes keys out of her pocket. He's going to walk past her and then he sees that she's at Dom's door. 554. He pauses, frowning. She's holding the door, standing there, looking back at him. She smiles, eyes warm and familiar, and says "Uncle Arthur, you coming in?" It startles him enough to show on his face. She laughs. This look is all Mal. The same amusement. "Oh," he says, and clears his throat. He tries to say something else, but Dom comes out around his daughter, kisses her on the forehead as he passes. "You recognize Phillipa, right?""
inception  onelittlesleep  arthur/eames  arthur/philippa  post-inception  future!fic  het  arthur/ariadne  arthur/mal  first-time  voyeurism  kink 
september 2010 by greedy_dancer
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