Ask Me, I Won't Say No (
Eliot & Quentin are on competing Pub Quiz teams. They get together. (No magic!AU where Eliot is a bored executive & Q raises Teddy alone after his wife died.) Sweet and hot! But needs a good beta.
Quentin turns in his arms, pressing his head against Eliot’s chest, “I’m not saying it’s not work because it’s a lot of fucking work. It’s just…. Kids have simple needs. You love them, feed them, keep their lives mostly consistent. And they love you back, just like that. Even if you fuck up, they just forgive. It’s so easy for them, they don’t even question it.”

Eliot thinks about how easily and immediately Teddy had accepted him without any thought for whether he deserved it.

Maybe Quentin has a point there, “Until they get older and have pesky little minds of their own.”

Quentin laughs, pulling him out of Teddy’s room, “Spoilers. We’re not quite there yet.”

Eliot watches how his eyes crinkle, heart tripping like it always does when Quentin says we. Like he could be a parent. Like they could be a family.

Not for the first time recently, he fights back the urge to say it —I love you, I love you, I love you. That’s one thing he doesn’t want to rush. Instead, he ducks down to kiss Quentin, something to placate the urge. A show, to prevent a tell.
themagicians  quentin/eliot  au  real-life!au  first-time  father!q  veganshailseitan  domestic!fic  from twitter
6 weeks ago
Threesome #1 - Quentin, Eliot, Eliot - ceeainthereforthat - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to the cuddle party fic. Q comes back from Brakebills to find two Eliots waiting to take care of him.
"Which one is you?" Quentin asks. "You're both alike, sometimes you move exactly the same way, you finish each other's sentences--which one is you?"

"Both," The Eliot massaging his feet says. "He's a construct, but right now, your head is in my lap. I can feel everything he feels. When he touches you, it's because I'm touching you. When he's kissing you, it's because I'm kissing you."

Eliot can feel everything his double feels. He reaches up to run a featherlight finger around this Eliot's ears, and Eliot stops massaging his feet to suck in a breath.
ceeainthereforthat  themagicians  quentin/eliot  threesome  quentin/eliot/eliot  sequel  au  kink 
9 weeks ago
A Partial Age of Miracles - hetrez - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
WONDERFUL 30k fix-it!!! It's a week after the finale and suddenly, the dead are coming back to life - including Q. The gang figure out what's happening/how to fix it, and Q & Eliot find their way back together & heal together.
"I pushed him away, after years of — and I didn't trust him the way that I should have. I lied to him. I got in trouble, and he had to come rescue me, and he was tortured for it for months, and then he died." Eliot's voice cracked on the last word, and he trembled a little, and then he squeezed Quentin tighter and cleared his throat. "And now he's alive again, because someone attacked the laws of nature with a lemon zester, and I’m going to fight like hell to make sure he stays that way. But he died thinking I didn’t love him, and there’s nothing I’ll ever be able to do to change that."

And Quentin had promised, but this was too much. How could Eliot expect him to stay quiet after that? "El," he said. He pushed at Eliot’s arms, which were like iron bands around his chest. "Eliot, come on."

Eliot let go. Quentin scrambled away and took a breath, and turned. Eliot was sitting with a hand over his mouth, his eyes huge and glassy, looking like someone had torn his guts out for him. "Eliot," Quentin said, helplessly.

Eliot looked away, at the ceiling and the fucked-up walls and the books. Then he looked back at Quentin. He put his hand down and licked his lip. He said, "I love you."
hetrez  themagicians  quentin/eliot  au  alive!Q  fix!it  post-413  post-monster  ***  quentin&alice  quentin&julia  eliot&margo  h/c  from twitter
10 weeks ago
fire and life - lesbianbatgirl - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
High-school AU. Eliot accidentally kills his father & calls Q to come help him bury the body. Better than it sounds!!
“I changed my mind. I don’t want you here.” His tone is forcefully careless and he doesn’t look at Quentin when he says it. He takes a drag from his cigarette.

Quentin, undeterred, sits on the porch steps beside Eliot, pulling his knees up and looping his arms around them, fingers clasped together, “I came all this way, I’m not going to turn around and go home now.”

“Just leave, Q,” Eliot says tersely, shifting a few inches away from him.

“You’re in shock,” Quentin says. “You don’t mean that.”

“Get the fuck off my property.”

“‘Off your property’? You sound like a hick,” Quentin shoots back and that earns Eliot pulling himself off the stairs altogether, standing tall above Quentin and scowling. Quentin’s hammering heart wants him to shrink back, but he doesn’t. “Let me help you.”
themagicians  quentin/eliot  au  lesbianbatgirl  highschool!au  hurt!eliot  not-NC17 
11 weeks ago
tomorrow past tonight - veganshailseitan - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A nice, hot take on the first time at the mosaic.
One of Eliot’s hands covers his own on the blanket, the other coming up against his neck in a way Quentin can only say is tender, thumb just brushing his jaw.

When Eliot kisses him, there’s a sureness in his movements that Quentin had been missing. This kiss is longer and deeper and no less sweet than the first one. The tension Quentin has felt between them for so long burning up on their lips with the taste of blackberry wine.

He’s not sure if Eliot pushes him back or if he pulls the other man down but they end up spread out on the blanket with Eliot above him, kissing and kissing and kissing for what feels like hours. Quentin is half hard in his jeans, but he can’t bring himself to stop their teenage makeout session until they shift and he feels Eliot hard against his thigh too.
quentin/eliot  themagicians  veganhailseitan  mosaic!fic  first-time 
11 weeks ago
Marvel at the Flowers You'll Have Made - moodlighting - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Q comes down with Hanahaki Disease at the end of S3 - if he doesn't get his true love to return his feelings, he'll die. But of course, Eliot is currently unavailable...
Margo, predictably, was the first to lose patience. “All right. Spill, Coldwater. I don’t care whose name you’ve got written in little hearts all over your pretty pink Password Journal. Now is not the time for secret crushes.” Then, sighing heavily, like it was painful for her to admit it, “I guess you’re pretty lovable, so whoever it is will just have to...catch feelings before you kick the bucket. Tell us who it is, we’ll hitch a ride with 23, go pick them up, whether by force or -”

Quentin stopped listening. He knew who they needed, who he needed, of course. But he hadn’t had the chance to follow the logic that far ahead yet. Now, it was abundantly clear how this was all going to end. The one person who could possibly save him was the one person they couldn’t reach. The one person they were already trying to save.

He really was going to die.

Quentin laughed, miserable and defeated. Based on how everyone else reacted, that wasn’t the response they’d expected from him.
moodlighting  themagicians  quentin/eliot  h/c  hurt!Q  au  alive!Q  pining!Q  hanahaki 
11 weeks ago
Reciprocal - Rizandace - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Mosaic!AU where Q doesn't get with Arielle - however, Eliot thinks he wants to, and makes a stupid decision to try and ease the process.
And then, just as Peter had put a not-so-subtle hand on Eliot's thigh, Arielle had let out a laugh at something one of her friends had said, throwing back her face and letting her beautiful hair, worn loose for an evening of relaxation, flow around her face. She was so beautiful. Even Eliot could admit that. And if he noticed, there was no way Q hadn't, and... and would it be so bad if Q wanted Arielle? Would it be the end of everything if Quentin wanted to start something with her? After all, they were on their quest together. Nothing could stop that. Even the sex didn't have to stop. People had open relationships. People had arrangements. Eliot had been a side piece before, and honestly it wasn't at all bad. Of course, he'd never been in love with someone before, not like this, so maybe...

He was too drunk to be thinking so much about this. When Peter leaned in to whisper something in his ear, Eliot didn't push him away. Eliot could be a "casual sex" person. That was practically what he was built for. He could let Peter the Carpenter nibble on his ear, and he could let Q fall in love with Arielle - and he could keep Q in his life no matter what.
rizandace  themagicians  quentin/eliot  eliot/omc  mosaic!fic  angst  happy!ending  au 
11 weeks ago
Eliot Waugh's Full Moon Cuddle Party - ceeainthereforthat - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Quentin finds out Eliot is hosting regular cuddle/orgy parties in the dark, and gets a nice ~~first experience there. Hot!
He can't hear anyone around him any more. There's no sound of kissing, no whisper of fabric sliding against skin, no moans or gasps—they're quiet, and in the velvet blackness of the cuddle room Quentin wonders if they all stopped because he can't stop—he can't stop the harsh, throat-filling breaths or the insistent grind of his body or the noises Eliot's wringing out of him, the noises Eliot's making in his own throat. He wonders if they're gathered around the edges of the room, listening to him make all these shameless sounds...and the idea spreads dirty, sex-crazed thoughts from his mind's eye down to his curling toes.

They can listen all they want. They can listen as Eliot strips off every stitch, puts him facedown on the soft, cushiony floor, and fucks him right in the middle of the room. He wants them to hear what Eliot's doing to him—what Eliot's making him feel right here in front of them.
themagicians  ceeainthereforthat  kink  voyeurism  quentin/eliot  first-time 
11 weeks ago
why shouldn't we move back? - kaci3PO - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Post finale. Alice sends Eliot back in time to prevent Q's death.
"I'm an idiot," she says softly.


She swallows. Bites her lip. Finally relaxes her hands on her lap. "So it has to be you," she says again. "You have to go back to that moment and—"

"And I have to say yes," Eliot finishes for her. She nods, looking like she wishes the floor would eat her alive.

"And then your past self has to keep him," she says. "You can't stay back then for very long. Less than a day. Write yourself a note, film a video, I don't care, but you have to convince your past self to not fuck this up. He can't come back to me." She grabs his wrist and looks him square in the eye. "Do you understand me? If he chooses me, he dies. You have to keep him so that when he saves you from the monster, he stays by your side in the infirmary."
themagicians  kaci3PO  quentin/eliot  quentin/alice  post-413  fix!it  alive!Q  timetravel  angst 
11 weeks ago
whitespire - peacefrog - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Vaguely AU. Quentin & Eliot get it on in the throne room.
The waiting was the agony. Quentin wanted to drop to his knees right there and swallow Eliot down, but that wasn’t part of the game. The rules said that Quentin had to take his time. Eliot wouldn’t have him any other way.

Quentin stripped off Eliot’s shirt, removed his jewelry bit-by-shining-bit, helped him out of his spats and his boots. His erection tented the front of his breeches and Quentin could hardly resist. He ran a hand delicately over the curve of it and Eliot caught him by the wrist.

“That’s cheating,” Eliot drawled. “Your High King demands patience from all his subjects. Even those that happen to be… lesser kings.”

This was their game. Arousal pulsed in Quentin’s blood like a fever. “Forgive me, Majesty.”
themagicians  peacefrog  kink  d/s  quentin/eliot  pwp  au 
11 weeks ago
four and twenty lovebirds (baked in a pie) - stardust_rain - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
Really well-done epistolary/mixed-media story where Peter Grant is a GBBO contestant and Thomas Nightingale is a GBBO judge. Told through tweets, tumblr posts, texts, emails, articles... Just really cool, and a lovely love letter to fandom, too.
au  gbbo  riversoflondon  stardust_rain  peter/nightingale  ***  meta  mixed_media  cooking!au 
11 weeks ago
saw myself tonight (caught my reflection in the mirror) - notcaycepollard - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Bucky finds and fucks Sebastian Stan. Because why the fuck not??
“Hey,” Bucky says after another joint, and Seb turns his head lazily to look at him. “How much money do you think we'd make if we did a porn together?”

“I,” Seb says. Opens his mouth and closes it again. “What.”

“Porn,” Bucky says like it's simple. “I bet if we found you a WW2 uniform and dressed you up cute we'd make a load of fucking bank.”

“What the hell,” Sebastian says. Cannot now figure out how they've got here, but he's really fucking high and it's pretty funny; he just kind of rolls with it.

“Come on,” Bucky says, “as if you've ever said no to playing a sad gay twink. Like I said, I've seen your movies.”

“I'm not making a porn with you,” Seb says, trying to get the conversation back on track. “I have enough money.”

“Well, yeah, same,” Bucky admits. “The money ain't really the point though, is it?”

“What—what is the point, then?”

“Don't lie,” Bucky says, “like you've never thought about sucking your own dick.”
crossover  steve/bucky  doppelcest  notcaycepollard  avengers  rps  bucky/sebstan  pwp 
11 weeks ago
forty days to land - impossibletruths - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot POV on the aftermath of S4, trying to be brave, trying to take care of Q.
Sometimes Quentin talks near him, or around him, includes him slantwise. Sometimes like now, when they pass too close to each other and all their tattered edges get tangled up. Usually there is alcohol involved, like the beers Josh has set on the coffee table, a siren call for the unemployed twenty-something. Even Alice, who turns her nose up at the drink, crosses her ankles and sits with them, humoring the topic of conversation, which is:

“Is there anything good about Fillory?” Kady looks around at them. “I mean, given our track record.”

“Kinghood has its pluses,” says Margo, considering.

“You aren’t a king anymore,” Alice points out, and receives a nasty glare from Margo she weathers with only a flicker of a frown. “What? It’s true.”

“I’m always a goddamn king,” says Margo, and Alice’s expression flickers again. She doesn’t say anything.

“The opium,” posits Josh, and gets a round of tired looks. “Oh, come on. You can’t tell me you’re not thinking it.”

“I liked the stars,” Q says. Penny snorts.


“What?” He shrugs, defensive. “They moved. That’s pretty cool.”

“They move here too, dumbass,” Penny says, but Eliot understands. The stars in Fillory are nothing like the stars on Earth, because in Fillory they are magic and alive and when they walk across the sky it isn’t a metaphor for the rotation of the planet.
impossibletruths  themagicians  quentin/eliot  post-monster  post-413  fix!it  alive!Q  not-NC17 
11 weeks ago
Brideshead Revisited Revisited
Eliot has been institutionalized for most of his life because he thinks he belongs in 1920s England. Quentin is a new patient at the hospital. Ostensibly your typical Mental Hospital AU, except...
New kid was out on the patio during their allotted fifteen minutes of outdoor time in the cold months, perched on a stone bench and folded in on himself. It looked and smelled like snow. Eliot asked McRae, who was supervising the scant few patients who’d ventured outdoors, and he said the kid’s name was Quentin. He went over and sat on the bench. “Quentin,” he said.

The eyes moved and focused, like a camera lens. He was so bombed that something about the movement was almost unhuman. Carefully, like a child going through the alphabet, he pronounced the letter L.

“You know my name.”

He nodded minutely. The wind stirred his hair, which was lank and flat and smelled bad.

“I figure we have to have been someplace together before this,” Eliot tried, “right? I forget where.”

“Upstate,” Quentin managed. “New York.”

“I’ve never been to New York,” Eliot told him.
fluorescentgrey  themagicians  quentin/eliot  au  hopeful!ending  alive!Q  hurt!eliot  drugs  eliot/omc  from twitter
12 weeks ago
The Constraint of Conscience - ellen_fremedon - Temeraire - Naomi Novik [Archive of Our Own]
Set after(?) Tongues of Serpents.
Awareness of his fortune had kept him chaster than rumor would paint a Navy captain, and had made him as lenient as regulation would allow on the foibles of men who could not look forward to a settled marriage, whether the whorings of those poor devils who would never scrape more than a night's support for the most desperate of women, or the intrigues of men of all ranks whose own natures barred them from women's company.

He had nothing to offer a woman now; but as for the rest, nothing had changed: they could have no privacy, no safety, no hope of future or ease.

Nothing had changed, except Laurence himself: alone at night, belowdecks, he listened for the creak of the door and knew he would let Tharkay in if he came; would embrace him, for the warmth and companionship of his presence.
temeraire  ellen_fremedon  laurence/tharkay 
12 weeks ago
Saltwater - mtothedestiel - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Cool pirates AU: Eliot is the High King of the Western Seas along with the Blood Queen Margo, and Q is the bereaved, depressed doctor he makes a deal with: be spared and serve aboard the Whitespire for a year. Loving it!
“Let me take a guess,” she says, raising one eyebrow, “You’re thinking of your middlingly handsome pet project who’s going to kill us all with his herbalism nonsense.”

“We needed a change,” Eliot says, pointedly, which Margo sighs her agreement with, “And he’s performed capably so far as a surgeon. He pulled a bullet out of our cabin boy, and a good bit of shrapnel out of me.”

“And yet,” Margo says, drumming her fingers dangerously close to Eliot’s sore shoulder, “The face.”

“I may have misspoke,” Eliot admits.

“The High King doesn't misspeak to a man whose life he spared.”

“By implying that we took him as a prize—“

“Which we did , and he’s lucky to be here, on the greatest ship to ever sail the Western Seas—“

“And I believe he took offense.”

“For god’s sake, men and their angst—“
mtothedestiel  themagicians  WIP  quentin/eliot  eliot/idri  eliot&margo  AU  no-magic!AU  period!au  ust  quentin/alice  angst 
may 2019
honey, put out your hands and take these blossoms - propinquitous - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to Little Flaws, set during 2x12: El got banished (no more marriage contract!), Q & El got the clock from Ember and are staying at a B&B in Vancouver. They take the opportunity for a little R&R (ie, a bed! And shower sex!).
"You know what," Quentin laughed and shook his head, "when I imagined this I never imagined it would be in a bed and breakfast in Vancouver, but this isn't half bad." He laughed again, his head lolling onto Eliot's shoulder.

"You imagined this, huh?"

Quentin shrugged. "Like you haven't." Eliot said nothing but smiled, pressed a kiss to Quentin's temple, a place he realized he loved.

"I was thinking," Quentin said and paused.

"Hm?" Eliot was drifting off but Quentin's nervous tone startled him awake.

"Instead of going back tomorrow, can we just. I don't know, it's stupid, but can we stay another day?"
propinquitous  themagicians  sequel  quentin/eliot 
may 2019
Fragments - Rizandace - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Set a few years after Lover's Touch. Q is cursed again - this time, he sees his worst nightmare happen in front of his eyes again and again (Eliot dying.)
"It would have to be someone who knew me," Q said. "I mean - they knew how to hurt me, what specifically would..."

"No," Margo said, shaking her head decisively. (..) "Q, it could be that someone cursed you to face your worst nightmare. They wouldn't need to know specifically what that was. It - it could be your own mind conjuring up the scariest shit you can think of."

Q's hand tightened on Eliot's, the knuckles standing out white. (...) He was shaken to his very core, and Eliot couldn't blame him for it given what he'd just experienced.

"Yeah," Quentin said, his voice strangled. "My worst nightmare. That tracks."

There was a long pause. "Who would want to fuck with you like that?" Josh asked. "You're... Quentin."

"You'd be surprised," Eliot said, teeth gritted. (...)

"Apparently I just have one of those curse-able faces," Quentin said, shrugging. It was said like a joke, but his eyes were still anguished.
rizandace  themagicians  quentin/eliot  angst  post-413  alive!Q  sequel  future!fic  h/c 
may 2019
How Easy You Are To Need - ohmarqueliot - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone in the Physical cottage is sex!pollened, and Q is able to resist everyone except Eliot -- until he realizes Eliot wasn't under the influence! (1/2 parts posted rn.)
The press of his lips against his shoulder was automatic, and it took him a few seconds to realise that the fog around his mind was mostly post-coital, that the urge to taste him, to hold him close, was slipping into something more familiar, something he could fight against… but why would he want to, when he was here, with Eliot’s fingers scratching at his scalp, his other arm loose around his waist. The relief he felt was staggering. “I think I’m finally coming down from the pollen,” he said, meaning, I’m coming down from the pollen and I still want you, please tell me you still want me.

Eliot’s hand slid up his back in one long, firm stroke that was too… easy, too familiar, for him to hold onto the worry that had started eating him up. This was Eliot, who above and beyond anything else, was his friend, who cared for him, who - well, who flirted with him constantly, and he’d thought it had been a joke, but maybe it -

“Pollen?” Eliot asked, and Quentin’s dissipating worry was suddenly an icy grip around his heart.
themagicians  ohmarqueliot  quentin/eliot  sex!pollen  WIP  first-time 
may 2019
(this is) the beat of my heart - portraitofemmy - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Quentin is fighting his depression and Eliot is trying to make his own body work again, and they take care of Kady's puppy and go to Pride. <3
“What’s something you want to do for you?” Eliot rephrases, because maybe living to help other people was what had kept Q going, but it didn’t exactly seem like a long term strategy.

“That is for me. I want to help the people I love,” Quentin says, stubborn, and it sounds too much like you sacrifice for the people you love, makes that fear coil tighter in Eliot’s stomach.

“I know you love generously, baby, we all know that. There has to be something you want to do for you.”

Quentin’s quiet for a minute. “This,” he whispers, tugging a little at Eliot’s sweater. “You. I– want to go to Pride, I think. This summer. Maybe. I’ve never. Done that. Can we do that?”

He sounds nervous, and if Eliot could kick his past self, he would, for the part he’s played in Quentin’s hesitation. Quentin, who’s always been more self-assured in his queerness than in any other aspect of his life, has also had it used as a weapon against him one too many times. Even now, after months, he sounds hesitant, like Eliot might tell him he’s not queer enough for Pride.

“I’d love that,” Eliot says honestly, smoothing his hand from between Q’s shoulder blades, down to the small of his back and back up. “I haven’t been to Pride since undergrad. I’d love to go with you.”
portraitofemmy  themagicians  quentin/eliot  post-413  fix!it  alive!Q  post-monster  lgbt 
may 2019
Waking Prayers - Page161of180 - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to Bedtime Stories. Alice catches on, and Eliot stops saying "you don't have to" and he and Q finally get together.
That night, or the next morning, actually, Alice had found them together on the couch, Quentin sitting with his head rolled back against the cushions, Eliot’s face pressed against his shoulder, leaving a drool patch on his henley. (Quentin was actually a much more graceful sleeper than Eliot, ironically-- less of a slobberer, less given to sprawl-- which Quentin took weird pride in, even if Eliot always said it was just because there was so much less of Quentin to spread.)

This morning, Quentin and Eliot weren’t even touching but they were angled toward each other, Quentin’s knees tucked into his chest, while Eliot’s long legs splayed across the opposite corner of the coffee table from where Alice was sitting.

She didn’t look . . . mad , not exactly. She looked-- determined , maybe. Determined to keep pretending that it was better than finding him naked and underneath Eliot-- finding him fully dressed and not even touching Eliot, willing to fuck up his back sleeping on this ridiculous MTV-Cribs -stereotype of a sofa, just to share the same air.

Oh, Vix , he thought, tender. You’re trying even harder than I am .
themagicians  page161of180  quentin/eliot  post-413  fix!it  alive!Q  quentin/alice  sequel  post-monster 
may 2019
Fanworks Permission Statements | FPS List
The Fanworks Permission Statements website - with searchable list of authors categorized by fandom!!
fandom  podfic  podfic-permission  resource 
may 2019
Authors/Artists grouped by Fandom | FPS List
Fandom Permission Statement list of Magicians authors with BP.
resource  podfic  podfic-permission  themagicians 
may 2019
Theory and Application - greywash - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
After Q's been brought back and dealt with his issues, he drops out of Brakebills, sells his dad's house, figures out what he wants next (go to normal grad school, be with Eliot) and how he fits into all his friends' lives now that he's given up magic (They have a baby!! With... Kady? Idk it works)
"Q," she says, voice rough. "You're applying to grad school?"

"Yeah," he says; and then clears his throat. "I—I've been thinking about, um." He sits down again, facing her, cross-legged on the floor: most of the downstairs furniture has already been sold. "So okay, Eliot and I—talk, you know, and—therapy, too, I have—the only thing I've ever done that I really liked—like, actually enjoyed doing, was—a puzzle, basically, so like. Maybe. I should think about that? So I thought about that. And I thought—you know, if there's ever a right time for a change in direction, it's—."

He stops. He can feel his face reddening.

"Do you want to do this?" she asks; and Quentin sighs, leaning his elbows on the table. Eliot'd asked the same thing.

"I don't not want to do this," he says, to Alice. "And—right now, that counts for a lot? This is a solid option. I'm not expecting it to be my favorite thing ever, okay?"

She doesn't answer. Turning the top page over, for the next prompt-and-response.

"I—I know you said you applied to a bunch of physics programs," Quentin says, "before you snuck into the Brakebills exam, which—didn't seem a million miles away from engineering, so. I was hoping—"

"That I would read your essays," she says, quiet; and Quentin hunches up a little inside Eliot's purple cashmere sweater, and nods.
greywash  domestic!fic  themagicians  quentin/eliot  post-413  fix!it  baby!fic  not-NC17  quentin&alice  future!fic 
may 2019
You Steer My Heart - portraitofemmy - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to The Ways We Fit Together: Arielle comes into the picture and Eliot tries his best to give Quentin what he needs while not sacrificing himself. (Until he suggest Q&A get married, not knowing that fidelity vows are ONLY for royalty!) SO GOOD, a few typos.
Eliot sees, like a fork in the road, two paths stretched out before him. He can pretend to be asleep, let Q crawl into bed and never bring it up again. That option is tempting, is perhaps the path of least resistance. But. But. But. But, there’s a thin line between letting Q go and sharing him, and Eliot thinks. He thinks maybe he can ride that line a little while longer.

He rolls over, opening his arm in invitation for Q to tuck into his side. “Have a good time?” he asks, smiling as Quentin makes a happy noise, rolling, rolling, rolling with a little drunken giggle until he collides with Eliot’s chest.

“Yeah,” Quentin murmurs, snuggling into him, and oh, this. This is so precious. Eliot tips his nose down to bury in Quentin’s hair, breathe in the smell of him. You can do anything that makes you happy, just please come back after, he thinks, aching, afraid. “I didn’t step on her even once, which I think is better than we both expected. And then-”

He cuts off, bashful, and Eliot can practically hear him wondering if kissing and telling is bad form. “And then she fucked you stupid?” He finishes, just to hear Quentin laugh.

He does, and it’s light, and wonderful. “She really fucking did, El.”

“Good,” Eliot says, and feels a wash of relief. Quentin had still come home to him. He could survive anything as long as he had that. “I knew I liked her.”
portraitofemmy  themagicians  quentin/eliot  quentin/arielle  eliot&arielle  ot3  polyamory  mosaic!fic  marriage!fic  angst  happy!ending  sequel 
may 2019
Me Time - Bluesummers - The Magicians - Lev Grossman [Archive of Our Own]
Book!Eliot gets fucked by show!Eliot.
"We're clearly not the same person," the other Eliot pointed out.

"This doesn't look like a parallel universe thing, either."

"Must be magic, then." He had a cute smile. "I drank this… thing, this potion… it was supposed to make me–"

"I know." Eliot cut him off. "I drank it too."

"So we're like, what, different versions of ourselves?" He suddenly stared at Eliot with shock on his face. "Are you… younger than me?!"

At that, Eliot had to give a little smile, which he immediately wiped off. He looked terrible when smiling.
eliot/eliot  themagicians  pwp  bluesummers  doppelcest  selfcest  dom!eliot  sub!eliot 
may 2019
It's Never Over - charlotteschaos, prettyclever - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
100k alternative S5 where Eliot brings Q back through accidental sex magic, a giant Fillorian turtle makes Q an updated demigod body, The Dark Prince kidnapped Q & El's descendant, Todd is sort of a bad guy, and Q/El get married and acquire some children and make a world. Super juicy & fun (if OTT at times!)
Margo stared at him, then looked to Eliot. “What did you do, El?”

“Um.” Eliot’s joy overflowed until he felt it pouring from his eyes, his ears, his nose. Glory just spilled out of him like the touch of god. “I think I may have sex magicked Q last night during his visitation. He was just supposed to say goodbye, but then one thing led to another…”

He patted his knee gleefully and looked at Q. “Come sit on Daddy’s lap.”

“For eighteen hours?” Margo blinked at Eliot. “What kind of tantric—never mind. I don’t want to know.”

She moved to give Quentin a hug, but her arms flew through him. “Huh.”

Quentin looked worried, then confused as he padded over to Eliot. He gently put his hand on Eliot’s shoulder. It landed solidly and he gave it a squeeze. “So, um…”

“Or it’s my wards. I told you ain’t nuthin’ getting through.” Margo seemed quite proud of herself.
charlottechaos  prettyclever  themagicians  quentin/eliot  fix!it  post-413  alive!Q  baby!fic  marriage!fic 
may 2019
Your Continued Presence is Required - Page161of180 - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to "Your Urgent Attention is Required." Monster POV on the events of S4 & Quentin's s4 depression spiral, in which Eliot's memories influence it to take care of Q & even sacrifice itself for him.
The plan-- the plan didn’t change after that. Quentin was still supposed to look .

It was just-- The Body that was-- jittery. And tight. And pinched, always, at its temples. It was The Body that was-- distressed . At Quentin, sleeping too much. Quentin, not eating. Quentin not yelling, not breaking things .

It didn’t matter to him , at all. Whether Quentin was happy. Or.

It only mattered if Quentin looked .

It was just that-- shut up, body , shut up --

It was just that Quentin couldn’t look , if. If--

The Body gagged then, even though there was only Red Bull in its mouth, and the juice box from the refrigerator.

Quentin had to-- be here, so that he could pay attention . He had to. Just until the last stone, and then-- something . That was why it mattered. There were no other reasons.

So, the plan .
sequel  outsidePOV  quentin/eliot  quentin&monster  monster!Eliot  angst  character!death  fix!it  alive!Q  post-413  page161of18 
may 2019
The Province of the Brave - threerings - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Nice take on the post-Monster reunion: they talk, Q breaks up with Alice, there are tears and shower sex!
Days passed all too quickly. He and Eliot dodged whatever responsibilities arose to the best of their abilities. They made excuses to stay in and not see people. When others came by, they were polite and friendly, but something seemed to give most people the hint that they were intruding. So they were often left alone in the penthouse. Which was ideal as far as they were concerned.

Perhaps inevitably, they spent a lot of time in bed. They had a lot of time to make up for, and a lot of each other to explore. They rediscovered each other’s buttons and tastes, half remembered from another lifetime. Some things were always the same. Quentin always loved bottoming, Eliot always loved making him shout.

Nearly a week had gone by before they had their first serious talk.

“Have you heard from Alice?” Eliot asked one evening after dinner.

“Alice?” He looked at Eliot with suspicion. “Why?”

“Just...cause I don’t know how you left things with her...when she stormed out.”

“She didn’t storm.” Quentin ran a hand through his hair. “I was just honest with her, you know. I thought you heard all that.”
threerings  themagicians  quentin/eliot  post-413  post-monster  fix!it  alive!Q  finale-what-finale 
may 2019
means and methods - patrokla - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A series. Part 1: Q volunteers to distract the Monster with sex. Part 2: Eliot is back, but Q is in a bad place re:the aftermath.
“You don’t want this,” it tells him one afternoon. They’re at a park because the Monster had wanted to feed some birds, but it’d become disinterested when it found out that bird feed was just dried bread and seeds.

It had spotted a man walking his dog, a man that Quentin honestly doesn’t see the appeal of, but it doesn’t matter because the Monster is tilting its head and smiling a little in a way that indicates Danger Ahead, so Quentin does what he has to do.

And so:

“You want this, but you - don’t want it? It’s very confusing,” the Monster says. It has Quentin pressed up against a maple tree in the park, one long leg between Quentin’s, one broad hand running along the lines of his face. Quentin doesn’t answer - not that he could, because the Monster is pressing a thumb between his lips, pushing against his teeth. He lets his mouth fall open a little, and the Monster moves even closer against him, its body one long line of heat.

“This body wants this,” the Monster says confidently, looking down at him, the issue of Quentin’s wanting-not-wanting falling to the wayside, “So much. That’s why this is the best game, Quentin.”
themagicians  patrokla  quentin/eliot  quentin/monster  monster!Eliot  angst  post-monster  post-413  alive!Q  dubcon 
may 2019
little flaws - propinquitous - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Quentin helps Eliot test the limits of his Fillorian marriage no-intimacy-with-other-people spell, and they open themselves up to each other.
"I mean, this was your idea," Quentin said. "What do you think?"

"I think you should touch my finger and think debauched thoughts," Eliot said as his eyes fluttered closed. (...)

"C'mon, Q, debauched thoughts. About me, specifically."

Quentin closed his eyes and Eliot wondered what he imagined. He almost asked if Quentin was thinking about what they had done together, if the memory of sucking Eliot's dick was as intrusive for Quentin as it was for him, but thought better of it. He felt a flush crawl up his chest and then a tingle began in his finger where he touched Quentin that crescendoed into a quick zap, like they'd touched an exposed wire.

"Ow, fuck," Quentin said and pulled away.

"Okay, so that gives us some idea of how this works. What were you thinking about?"

Quentin smiled. "Model airplanes. That was all you, El."

Eliot narrowed his eyes. "I see," he said and didn't reveal his thoughts that had led to the trigger.
quentin/eliot  themagicians  propinquitous  pre-413  not-NC17 
may 2019
You In My Head - stele3 - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot is back but Quentin is avoiding him. Eliot finds out exactly how far Quentin went to appease the Monster.
“Why sex?” he asks. “I mean, you could have given it a bubble bath, a massage, why did you—?”

“Why the fuck do you think?” Q snaps, a sudden rise that rings painfully. He shoots Eliot a glare but then quickly subsides. “I’m sorry. You just—got your body back. It must be pretty horrifying, to hear about all the things that happened. I’m sorry that I—look, we’re not going to talk about it after this, so, it had your face and your eyes and your voice and I know, I know it’s dumb and not something you want to hear, that you didn’t—have any choice, again, that you were stuck with me, again, but I just. I did that, okay, and I liked it because the whole time I could pretend it was really you in there. And you can hate me for it if you want, but I didn’t want you to die.”

His voice splinters at the end and he ducks away, moving like he’s gonna just walk out, and Eliot grabs him. Grabs the side of his neck, where his hand fits perfectly into the bruise.

Oh look, a metaphor. Great. Eliot hates metaphors.
dubcon  themagicians  quentin/eliot  quentin/monster  monster!Eliot  post-monster  kink  pre-413  stele3 
may 2019
And So Lift Your Spirits (
Post Monster, Eliot makes cocktails while angsting about whether Q really wants him, and Q works on a spell to show him just as much.
There was a part of Eliot that would always believe his time with Quentin was borrowed time. A certain thought had worn a groove in Eliot’s mind: that instead of heartfelt impulse on Quentin’s part, it had been a concession, some complicated calculus around long-term misery-to-contentment ratios that had led Quentin to say, that day in the throne room, awash in fifty years’ worth of emotions: Why the fuck not? Why not, indeed. Lots of reasons, Eliot thought.

But despite fearing Quentin’s heart might never be all in, Eliot couldn’t bring himself to forgo the pleasure. Not now. Not after coming so close to losing Quentin. (...)

And when it was good it was good. Scratch that. It was never not good. It was, in fact, incandescent. For Eliot, anyways. Quentin’s soft mouth. His whimpers of surrender when Eliot tugged an earlobe with his teeth, or grazed his jawline. Quentin’s low groan when he felt Eliot’s cock seated deep inside, a breathy rumble Eliot sometimes felt resonate in the bones of his toes. (...)

That low, base, animal groan had to be real and true. Quentin wanted him. Quentin felt a measure of what he felt, he was sure of it.
themagicians  post-413  post-monster  fix!it  alive!Q  sex!magic  orchardsinsnow  quentin/eliot  from twitter
may 2019
hide away, hide away - portraitofemmy - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
4 times Eliot found Quentin in the Physical Cottage's hidden reading nook, from their 1st year to post-S4.
Eliot knows he’s here, knows he came back to Brakebills after the frankly-disastrous boat-quest, but he’s not in his old room in the cottage, or Eliot’s, or– though Eliot’s not sure why he would be, Alice’s old room. But standing in Quentin’s room, which is a disaster zone of hoodies and jeans and books strewn everywhere, Eliot realizes he knows exactly where Q is.

He really should have checked there to begin with.

The sliding door to the reading nook is closed, but he can see from the outside that a light is turned on inside. Heart in his throat, Eliot raises his hand to knock, a special secret knock which a little boy from another time on another planet used to use as the password for a cottage door.

Three soft taps come from the inside of the reading nook, and something he hadn’t known he was holding on too releases in Eliot’s chest. He slides the door open, looking in to find Q sitting at the far end, small smile on his face and knees pulled up to his chest.

“Hey,” he greets, resting his chin on his knees as Eliot clambers his gangly limbs into the little space, then slides the door shut.
portraitofemmy  themagicians  quentin/eliot  post-413  finale-what-finale  alive!Q 
may 2019
don't ruin this on me. - milominderbinder - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
S3 AU: Q & El accidentally solve the mosaic 2 years in, early enough that upon their return to the S3 timeline they're still pretending (to each other) they've just been frends-with-benefits the whole time. Exciting premise!
“Might bring this too,” Eliot says, begging his voice to sound as blasé as ever. He is not , he assures himself, bringing the quilt because it’s what he and Quentin first kissed on top of, first fucked on too, have curled up beneath countless times on the nights they shared a bed. He’s just bringing it because it’s the perfect level of soft, and one can never have too many blankets. “On the off chance the key drops us off in the middle of the fucking Arctic and we need to huddle for warmth, of course.”

Quentin’s eyes go soft watching him from the doorway, and he reaches to El.

So often, Quentin is the one to move first in times like this; he always was the brave one. Eliot goes to him, blanket carefully folded in his arms, and is surprised when Quentin reels him in for a soft kiss. It’s not that they haven’t shared plenty of kisses like that before. (...) Sometimes El sneaks kisses onto Quentin’s forehead or cheeks in the same casual way he would do with Margo, but they don’t really kiss, actually kiss, when it’s not about sex.

Until now. Eliot loses himself in the soft press of Quentin’s mouth, bending down to meet him, curling one hand around Q’s neck and into the strands of his little ponytail, feeling Quentin’s hot breath against his face. He tries very, very hard not to feel like they’re about to go back to their old lives, and this is a goodbye to this part of their relationship.
milominderbinder  themagicians  quentin/eliot  mosaic!fic  post-mosaic  au  wip 
may 2019
as it was - peacefrog - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The Underworld metro card brings Q right back to the Physical Cottage.
“How long was I gone?” Quentin asked.

“It’s been a week,” said Margo.

“Shit.” Quentin looked between them, back down at the metro card. “It all happened so fast, I… I was in the Underworld and I stepped through a door and then I was just… here.”

“What kind of door?” Eliot asked.

“It was just an empty doorway. Penny was there,” Quentin laughed, gazing into Eliot’s wide eyes, “and he gave me this card and said it would take me where I needed to go.”

“Where you needed…” Eliot reached out and touched Quentin’s face. Delicately. As though he thought it might break. “You’re telling me Penny brought you back to life.”

“I don’t know what happened. I was dead and now I guess… I'm not.”
quentin/eliot  themagicians  peacefrog  post-413  fix!it  alive!Q  post-monster 
may 2019
You and You and Me - ohmarqueliot - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
YES YES YES: Alive!Q is with Alice after his finale near-miss, and Eliot is back, and Q is *happy*... But Alice & Eliot know he could be happier. The poly negociations/getting-together I was waiting for.
Feeling almost detached from the whole situation, Quentin forced a laugh, still struggling to settle into an appropriate response. “Alice, I don’t think you -”

“I don’t think you want to finish that sentence,” she said firmly, her eyebrows lifting. “You think I haven’t thought this through? You think I’m some naive girl who’s grasping at straws so she doesn’t lose her boyfriend? I know what I’m talking about, Quentin.”

And he believed her. He did. He didn’t think you could grow up in the family she had without a basic understanding of polyamory. If anything, he was surprised she didn’t have horrible associations with the idea, considering her parents. But that still didn’t mean that she meant it, that she’d thought it through, that it was what she really wanted. “Yeah, but do you really want this? Like - really. Alice… it’s not always an easy thing. If Eliot is pushing this and you don’t want it...” He could just imagine it. Eliot, making a joke about sharing him that turned out to be not so much of a joke, and then here they were, in a situation that she didn’t want -

“I know that,” she said firmly, then paused, her face softening. “I'm the one who suggested it. We talked about it a few times, and then had some time to think about it, and talked about it some more.”
ohmarqueliot  themagicians  quentin/eliot  quentin/alice  eliot/quentin/alice  OT3  polyamory  finale-what-finale  alive!Q  post-413  post-monster  happy!ending  not-NC17  eliot&alice 
may 2019
One Week Later: A Season 4 The Magicians Finale... - apsis
A comprehensive (?) recap of articles, reviews and reaction posts in the week following the finale, incl links to previous articles about the show/Queliot storyline & showrunner responses.
meta  messier51  themagicians  post-413  article  character!death  resource 
may 2019
What Matter Where (
1st part of the "Eliot signs himself over as Hades's consort for half the year in exchange for getting Q back" fic. Can't wait for the rest!
"Just tell me what you agreed. Get it over with.”

“Six months as his, umm, consort in the underworld, six months on Earth,” said Eliot. “Or Fillory, I guess. Above ground. Topside. Whatever. You get back to help Josh and Fen, Quentin gets – to be alive again.”

“And what do you get?” said Margo. “What do you fucking get, Eliot?”

“I get to know that Quentin’s alive,” said Eliot. “I don’t even care – or I do care, but I’ll cope – if he doesn’t want me, if he wants Alice or no-one or someone we haven’t even met yet. I get to know he’s – fucking walking the dog or reading his stupid books or smiling at Julia. I get to know that Josh and Fen – and I care about them too, you know – aren’t rotting in the ground somewhere. And that you’re with them.”

“While you’re in the Underworld,” said Margo. “You never bothered to read the classics, did you?"
achray  themagicians  quentin/eliot  eliot/omc  post-413  fix!it  wip  ***  from twitter
may 2019
The Ways We Fit Together - portraitofemmy - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to A Year in the Life. Eliot & Q experiment more at the mosaic - Eliot is the toppiest bottom and he brings home some rope to tie Q up with.
“So I freaked out,” Quentin says, while Eliot settles down half on top of him.

“You totally did,” Eliot agrees. Q’s starting to look a little sheepish again, turtle in on himself, and that’s the last thing Eliot wants. His fingers find Quentin’s hair, smooth through the soft strands until the repetitive motion starts to soothe Q’s nerves. “Do you know why?”

Quentin shrugs, eyes flicking around the candle lit room, until they land on Eliot’s. “I got caught up in my head, I guess. Couldn’t focus.”

“Why?” Eliot asks, confused, because of all firsts they’d had together, this seems, well. Tame. “I mean, why is this different than anything else we’ve done?”

“Because there’s more pressure? I mean, it’s on me to make it good, right?”

Oh. “Baby,” Eliot says, and he’s gotta work really hard to keep the laughter out of his voice, still isn’t sure he succeeds. “I don’t care what our dicks are doing. If you think that whatever we do together isn’t gonna be me fucking you stupid, then you’re not paying attention.”

It’s amusing, almost, how Q’s eyes go hot and dark and hungry at that. It would be, except it makes Eliot’s stomach clench, makes longing crash over him in a heady wave.
quentin/eliot  d/s  portraitofemmy  themagicians  mosaic!fic  sequel  bottom!eliot 
may 2019
my heart restarts, my life replays - campchitaqua - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Alive!Q tries to deal with his issues in the aftermath of the Monster's treatment. Eliot does his best to help.
He slides his hands up Quentin’s shirt sleeves, around to the backs of his shoulders to pull him in closer, but he drops them the moment he feels resistance, circling back down to Quentin’s elbows.

Quentin is the one to break away though, this time, and Eliot lets him, watches him take a breath. And another. Tracks his hand as he gently takes Eliot’s wrist and lifts it up between them, holds it there. When he glances back over at Quentin, it’s to find him watching, eyes wide and focused on Eliot’s face, searching. It’s me, It’s me, I’m here , he wants to say, but doesn’t. Instead, he watches Quentin watching him, and counts his heartbeats - one, two, three, four, five - until Quentin swallows, tightly, and places Eliot’s hand on his neck.

“Oh.” Eliot says, softly, feeling the shudder that runs through Quentin at the contact reflected in the shock sizzling through his own nerves - for entirely different reasons. It hurts to see Quentin’s jaw tighten, his eyes squeeze closed, and Eliot breathes through an indescribable tug in his chest, again, at the thought of this being something Quentin would ever have to be afraid of. He wants to pull his hand away, to murmur and soothe, but Quentin still has a hold on his wrist. Quentin wants him there. “Red, yellow, or green?” He asks, softly, and Quentin, who had been slipping, slowly, out of this moment, pulls back in.
themagicians  quentin/eliot  post-monster  h/c  fix!it  alive!Q  campchitaqua  finale-what-finale 
may 2019
press your love into my palm - propinquitous - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot & Quentin's first time at the mosaic.
He was used to casual sex, sex with friends, never felt like this kind of intimacy needed to be limited to one context. Still, there was no denying what Quentin had always done to him, and what a year functionally alone together had amplified. He wanted to peel off his skin and reveal himself, let Quentin see his ugly insides and give him the chance to decide to love him anyway.

Beneath him, Quentin let out a long moan.

"El, please, please make me come," he sighed, his voice too worn out for anything else. "I can't, please, I," Quentin didn't know it but begging always tapped something deep in Eliot, made him helpless to do anything other than what he was asked to do, made him more turned on than anything.
quentin/eliot  themagicians  first-time  mosaic!fic  propinquitous  pwp 
may 2019
and if i do (perhaps i am myself again) - alasse - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
How the finale could(/should) have gone so Quentin lives to fucking hear how much his friends love him & how much he needs to take care of himself. Good but fucking heartbreaking, because it didn't.
“I just. Everett showed up, and we were so close, but he smashed the mirror and I… I just had to fix it. I felt like I had to fix it.”

“But you knew what it would do to you, in the Mirror World. Alice must have reminded you,” Margo said.

“She did. I knew.” Quentin shrugged, tried to come up with the right words to explain again, but could only hear Alice, could only hear himself, saying your brain breaks sometimes. “It seemed like what I should do.”

Margo just looked at him for a moment. “Quentin, do you realize what it would have done to him, if he’d woken up and you were…” she trailed off, glancing away. “Fuck, you little shit, do you realize what it would have done to me?”

“I - I didn’t think, it was-“

“I never told you, did I, what I always told El?” Margo interrupted. “The difference between a live hero and a dead moron is a stupid decision. And I know we haven’t talked in a while, Q, between getting ourselves erased and me getting thrown back to Fillory by Ember, but.” She stopped, shifted a little closer to Quentin. “I thought we’d settled this, when we refused to let you be the Monster’s jailer for the rest of your life - we need you around, you asshole. Do you think Eliot and I just go around making friends all the time? This - all of this - it only makes sense because you’re the one that’s brought us together.”
themagicians  quentin/eliot  not-NC17  alasse  fix!it  post-413  alive!Q  happy!ending  quentin&julia  quentin&margo  quentin&alice  finale-what-finale 
may 2019
Your Hand of Gold - pineapplecrushface - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to Moving Without Moving/Shaping the Doorway. Q's thinking about Eliot's hands - at Brakebills / during the mosaic / post-Monster. Just as good and hot as the rest of the series, pfew.
He loved Eliot’s persona, of course. It was Eliot as he wanted to be seen, and Quentin basked in the created parts as well as everything underneath. It was all Eliot, really. Half a century was barely enough to figure him out, but there were some things Quentin knew and one of those things was that Eliot was good at anything he put his hands to. He’d make driving look easy. Quentin, who had grown from an extremely anxious driver to a slightly less anxious driver, had a vision of Eliot’s long fingers on the wheel of a car, the entire elegant line of him in tune with the machine. He shivered all over and stared at Eliot almost without seeing him, his entire body suddenly alight. Eliot would push his sleeves up—Quentin fucking loved when Eliot pushed his sleeves up—and he’d just…he’d just—

Eliot turned to him as if he knew exactly what Quentin was thinking and waved him over, and Quentin went as if dragged by a string, his legs wobbly.

“Hey,” he said, clipped, sliding his fingers around Eliot’s wrist. He felt twitchy, like he was making grabby motions and not quite getting what he wanted.

“Hey,” Eliot said, giving him one of those tiny little looks that combined curiosity and concentration and love. Whenever they kissed, he always seemed to be trying to figure Quentin out and liking whatever he discovered, which was gratifying. Afterward, anyway. In the moment, Quentin’s brain was usually pretty much static. Kind of like now.

“I, uh,” he said. He tugged on Eliot’s wrist, breathing too hard, and could see the moment Eliot caught on. That little Well, what do we have here? look deepened and he bent his head down to murmur in Quentin’s ear, which was a smart move because Quentin wanted to fucking climb him.
quentin/eliot  themagicians  pineapplecrushface  sequel  mosaic!fic  post-monster  pre-413 
may 2019
Lover's Touch (
Finale-What-Finale: Post S4, alive!Quentin gets cursed by a hedgewitch to die unless he receives his true love's touch - and Alice isn't doing the trick - but is it too late??
"Quentin?" Eliot said, a little uncertain. He kept his hand on Q's face, running his fingers up and down, petting gently. Q's harsh breathing began to slow back down to a quiet wheeze. "Q, can you hear me?"

"Mmm. Hurts..." Q said softly. "...less, now." He lifted a hand weakly, brushing it over Eliot's where it rested against his face.

Eliot's face was a study in contrasts - heartbroken and agonized, yes - but also unbelievably tender, full of so much gentle affection that Julia felt mesmerized by it, second-hand. "I'm here," he said, his voice wobbling and distorting around the words. He brushed his thumb lightly across Q's cracked lower lip, and then brought his other hand up, curling it along the other side of Q's face. Q gave a soft, peaceful sounding sigh, his eyelashes fluttering as he fought to keep his eyes on Eliot.

"Oh my God."

It was Alice, her voice cold and shocked. Despite the fact that she'd been in the bed next to Q this whole time, plastered up against his side, Julia had managed to nearly forget about her. She sat up in the bed, staring down at Quentin with a look Julia could almost describe as disgust on her face. She got up, disconnecting herself from Quentin, and Julia was about to protest that she shouldn't risk such a thing when suddenly the full impact of what had just happened slammed into her.

"Holy shit," Penny-23 said from across the room, seemingly coming to the same conclusion.
themagicians  quentin/eliot  future!fic  post-monster  au  rizandace  h/c  post-413  quentin/alice  alive!Q  happy!ending  ***  finale-what-finale  from twitter
may 2019
Shaping the Doorway - pineapplecrushface - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sequel to Moving without Moving: reflections on Q's tattoo. Fucking scorching hot, holy shit. Part mosaic timeline, part post-Monster reunion.
[Q] liked to sleep in Eliot’s old shirt. It had no buttons left and was frayed several inches from every hem, but he wore it with his shorts to bed and Eliot tried to find it annoying but couldn’t. He liked looking across their little sleeping area to see Quentin curled up in his bed, hands tucked inside his too-long sleeves.

In the morning he shrugged out of it and hung it on the hook next to his bed, and Eliot happened to turn at the right moment to see his bare back in the light, the Q in the tattoo suddenly stark and beautiful against his skin. His mouth dropped open a little bit and he was on his feet, standing behind Quentin, before he had even realized it. Q gave him a curious look over his shoulder.

“I keep forgetting about your tattoo,” he said. “You just never seem like the type.”

He ran a thumb over the scrollwork and opened his mouth to say something about how pretty it was, but Quentin went suddenly very still. Eliot jerked his fingers away, an apology on his tongue.

“Wait,” he said instead, remembering. “The tattoo feels good, doesn’t it?”
quentin/eliot  themagicians  ***  pineapplecrushface  tattoo  mosaic!fic  post-monster  happy!ending  pre-413  quentin/eliot/arielle  sequel 
may 2019
The Honor of Your Presence - Page161of180 - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Outside POV of the Q/El wedding: Todd witnesses the proposal, Raphe the preparations, and Marina23 the actual ceremony. Wonderful voices and indulgent in all the right ways!
The doors swung open and there was Margo, in a gown with literal spikes on the shoulders and a slit that made Marina want to weep . She had Eliot on her arm-- and it was super clear that it was in fact Eliot on her arm, and not the other way around-- looking hot enough in the aforementioned crushed-velvet trouser-and-tails ensemble that Marina actually noticed him, even next to the concentrated fierceness of King Margo, long may she reign. The pair of them were clearly in their element, striding up the aisle like they owned the place-- which maybe they did? Marina’s honestly still fuzzy on exactly how the whole grad-students-slash-colonizers thing is working out. Eliot in particular took in each detail of the room like an artist surveying his brush strokes, registering approval but not surprise at each impeccable detail.

It was only when the two of them reached the arch at the front of the room, and Margo cupped Eliot’s cheeks to press a long, easy kiss to his mouth, that Marina began to suspect what they were in for. Because there was no hiding the telltale shimmer in Eliot’s eyes as Margo pulled back and pretended to wipe her black-red lipstick from his lower lip (as if Margo Hanson would fuck around with anything but smudge-proof). Marina’s row was close enough to the action that she could hear Margo’s “now go get him, baby, and don’t you fuck it up,” as she walked away, followed by the little hum that Eliot didn’t suppress quickly enough.
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may 2019
In the Woods Somewhere - pineapplecrushface - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Plotty post-S4 finale fix-it: Q died because Alice fucked up the time-sharing spell & part of his young self stayed behind - driving the events of the finale. But the other part of him is visiting Eliot in dreams (for lots of dream!sex) and trying to get resurrected. Excellent!
“Vix, come on,” he said, laughing. “You’re acting like I’ve got two heads.”

“I think you kind of do, actually,” she said, and in the same strange voice, she asked, “Q, do you love Eliot?”

“Yes,” he said, closing his eyes to let it wash through him. That love—it felt like it came from everything around him, every joyful thing that had ever existed, funneled right into him and through him and he was on fire with it, absolutely beautifully on fire.

He shivered, shaking his head. His throat felt weird, like he was having an allergic reaction. “Did you say something?”

“I asked,” she said slowly, “if you love Eliot.”

“Of course,” he said. “My friends are basically my family. Well, maybe not Penny.”

“Shit,” Alice said. “Shit, Q. Fucking shit.”

“What?” He realized his face was wet, and wiped his eyes. “Am I crying? What’s going on?”

“Something is really wrong,” she said, grabbing his hand and dragging him from the room.
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april 2019
What Are Friends For? - ohmarqueliot - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Margo ~~gives Eliot a hand when he's too worked up about Q to sleep. S1.
“I feel like my game is off, Margo,” he said with a dramatic sigh.

He felt as much as heard her chuckle. “Oh, so this is about Quentin.”

He didn’t bother trying to deny it – she always saw straight through him. He tilted his head so that his cheek pressed against the top of her head. “I haven’t woken up with a boner this often since junior high. It’s been days since I’ve had a good sleep. I just really want to put my dick in his mouth,” he said wistfully, feeling said dick twitch at the thought. “Don’t you think he’d look so pretty with my dick in his mouth?”

Pulling back, Margo leaned her hand on his opposite leg and twisted her body so that she could look at him squarely. “You’re really worked up on him, aren’t you?” she said slowly, a smile spreading across her face as her eyes lit up with surprise and delight. She glanced down at his crotch and her smile widened. “You’re all worked up right now.”

Groaning quietly, Eliot closed his eyes, slumping further down on the couch. “So much.”
eliot/margo  ohmarqueliot  quentin/eliot  themagicians  voyeurism  pre-413 
april 2019
The Magicians: Quentin's Journey is Not About Heroism | The Young Folks
If we’re talking about subverting the typical white male heroic journey, The Magicians accomplished that way back in season one when their white male protagonist realized that maybe this story isn’t really his, at least when it comes to the big characters-stepping-into-their-heroic-roles moment. A female is the more powerful magician and takes on the Big Bad of the season and an out queer character becomes the prophesied High King of Fillory. [...]

In the season three finale, Quentin attempts to take on the sacrifice by being the one to stay in Blackspire for an eternity. Eliot and Alice both attempt to stop him, but it’s Eliot’s words that are the most important: “I didn’t actually agree on anything. But I did decide that one of my best friends wouldn’t spend the rest of his life locked in a prison guarding what turns out to be not a really scary monster.” Again, The Magicians says this destiny thing is kind of bullshit. [...]

When thinking of the The Magicians as a metaphor for adult life, especially adults in their twenties, when life can feel like a roller coaster of highs and lows, when the disillusionment of childhood informs the first moments of adulthood, Quentin’s end feels even more like a blow. [...]

It doesn’t take a hero to be brave, but it does take bravery to change people’s lives, not through sacrifice, but through the seemingly small actions taken in their everyday lives. Perhaps it’s in taking a risk with a relationship or rekindling one. Or maybe it’s in admitting you’re not okay. How wonderful it would have been if it was words that had saved the day, rather than a noble sacrifice?
themagicians  meta  article  post-413  character!death 
april 2019
templemarker | an extraordinary uncertainty of judgement [The Magicians 4x13]
Templemarker's meta post about the finale. Some good points I hadn't seen yet.
The Magicians was already an ensemble show, an ensemble of characters that are women, that are people of color. From the first episode, Quentin's storyline is immediately paralleled by Julia's storyline -- which was a progressive choice, because it took the focus solely off Quentin and made equal Julia's storyline too. It's troubling to think that the showrunners didn't believe that their ensemble show could truly be an ensemble until Quentin was killed off. [...]

Are we, as an audience, supposed to take away from this that we can't have stories about non-white, non-male characters unless the White Male character is dead? [...]

So -- what is the disconnect here, on the part of the showrunners. In creating the character, writing his story, bringing him to life through Jason Ralph, at what point do the identities the show wrote for Quentin cease being identities, and only become characterization?

I keep circling back to the white privilege of Gamble, McNamara, and Myers, who in seeing Quentin's identity so narrowly as a White Man are declaiming their own white privilege by killing off one of their own.
templemarker  meta  themagicians  post-413  character!death 
april 2019
The Magicians' Season Finale Was an Unforgivable Mistake | Her Campus
So, yes. I have been in mourning. But not, exactly, for Quentin himself. I’ve always prided my ability to think rationally about seemingly controversial TV show and movie decisions. Quentin’s death, in an alternate reality separate from ours, could have been done respectfully. Satisfyingly. In another universe, his death would have just been a painful death, and nothing more.

But instead, killing off Quentin Coldwater has revealed several upsetting and deeply problematic issues with the writing team and the direction they are taking the show. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Sera Gamble says, “It's kind of great that at last, the white male lead on a show is no longer safe.” Her words highlight one of these deeply problematic issues: characters cannot be treated with respect when the writers themselves do not understand the characters' complexity of identity and intersectionality. Call it anything you’d like: second-wave feminism, commercialized feminism, shallow wokeness, et cetera. Of course, Quentin was a white lead. But he was also queer and mentally ill. For many people, that meant something. And it should have meant something to Sera Gamble and John McNamara. [...]

In short: I could have handled the death of a character in one of my favorite shows. I am still, however, trying to figure out how to handle the death of that show’s character.
themagicians  meta  article  post-413  character!death 
april 2019
Pause, Restart - moosetifying - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Alice brings Q's body back, but his mind is still trapped in the mirror world. Eliot & Julia go get it back.
Wavery, pale, insubstantial: Eliot could see the hallway beyond right through him. But he was undeniably Quentin; there was a presence about him, if not a physical one, some sort of mental or spiritual heft that the amnesiac physical Quentin had been missing.

“Quentin,” Eliot breathed, and carefully stepped toward him. Julia, hand still in his, went with him.

They looked at Quentin for a moment and Quentin looked back. He appeared—like himself; his hair was longer than it had been on the physical body waiting out in the real world. But he also seemed shrunken somehow, diminished. Something beyond just lacking a physical body. He looked like there was something in him that was eating him up from the inside out.

“Oh, fuck,” he said at last, and started to cry.

Eliot cried too. So did Julia. For a few, ridiculous minutes all the three of them did was stare at each other and cry and cry. For once, Eliot didn’t try to hold anything back; there was no one to hide from here, really. There was only pain, fully bared to the world.

Quentin was crying so hard it shook his entire, fragile, not-there body, tears that seemed painful on an incomprehensible level. “Fuck,” he said again, “oh god, fuck. I’m so sorry.”
moosetifying  quentin/eliot  themagicians  post-413  fix!it  character!death  grief  alive!Q 
april 2019
The Magicians Discussion: The Season 4 finale changes the show forever | SYFY WIRE
The Magicians recap people ON THE SYFY WEBSITE are wondering whether the show is still worth watching /o\
Jessica: I think it’s safe to talk about his now but when we were sent screeners that mentioned Jason Ralph and had a letter from the showrunners attached, I knew we were in for it. Still, watching Q die felt… well, I don’t know how it felt, really. I’m still processing. All I know is Quentin Coldwater deserved better than that. Jason Ralph did too. Now maybe Ralph wanted to leave? Actors like to jump to different projects after playing one character for so long. But even if this was his decision, the way Q goes just felt so hollow and unearned. This season we saw Julia grapple with her humanity, we saw Alice trying to make amends, we saw Margo discover who she is without the crutch of Eliot, we saw Kady become the leader of the hedge witches. It was a very female-driven installment of the series and I personally loved that. But, if you knew you were saying goodbye to a character as integral and important to the story as Quentin Coldwater, why in the hell didn’t you give him more to do? He mourned his dad, he whined about missing Eliot and wanting to save him, he found out he could fix mugs, he forgave Alice. Am I missing something or did he have a pretty uneventful season? You don’t kill off your main character after an uneventful season! [...]

Really, Q felt like the glue that bonded these characters together in so many ways. Without him, we’re left asking what this show looks like. And not in a good way, the interesting way that feels progressive and bold and like the writers are taking risks that will pay off. More in the “it feels pointless to continue watching” way, which is such a sad thing to admit but it’s a feeling I can’t escape right now.
themagicians  meta  article  post-413  character!death 
april 2019
The Magicians Season 4 Finale Broke My Heart
According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gamble, McNamara and Ralph first had the idea to kill Quentin in Season 3. Maybe Ralph wanted to leave the show, and if that’s the case, I respect Mr. Maisel’s right to do what he wants with his life. But if everyone went into Season 4 knowing it would be Quentin’s last, then, respectfully: what the fuck was that? [...]

In retrospect, we got a season where Quentin was barely present. We got a rushed reunion for Quentin and Alice—a relationship that two episodes prior, was supposedly over and done with. We got a build-up for a Queliot reunion with no payoff—when the moment finally came, Q barely spared a glance for his friend/lover as he was bleeding out on the ground. [...] That’s the end? Really? It’s just… weird!

“This season, we saw the rare opportunity to complete his arc,” wrote the showrunners in the press release. That’s not what this feels like. This feels like a last-minute take-back. This feels like a rushed betrayal. This feels mean. And truthfully, I don’t see how the show will continue without the character who was the glue holding all these disparate misfits together. [...]

The press release notes, “In real life, none of us are safe.” I don’t care about real life; I was never here for a documentary. I was here for the fun, for the fandom, for the friends, and for the feels. Yet I came away from this episode feeling something I’ve never felt after a Magicians episode: empty. It feels like The Magicians killed their own show, and that’s sad for a lot of reasons.
themagicians  meta  post-413  character!death  article 
april 2019
and then some - wekeepeachotherhuman - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Eliot takes Margo to the mosaic site after they come back. [Canon divergent - pre-4x05, Q & Eliot clearly never had that conversation.]
“It’s just a shadow,” Eliot says. “A spill,” he continues, shrugging. “I loved him, that doesn’t mean, I…”

“So what if it does?” Margo asks.

“Margo,” Eliot says, rolling his eyes.

“So what if it does?” Margo repeats.

“I’m married,” Eliot says. “ Twice .”

“And when you weren’t, who did you choose?”

Eliot shakes his head, pulls his hand away from Margo and clasps them together in his lap. “I wouldn’t call it a choice. We were… It was just us.”

“Jesus Christ,” Margo mutters. “I’m trying to…” She takes a deep breath, readies herself to start over. “You know, it’s okay to have feelings every now and then.”

“That never goes well for me,” Eliot says back.
pre-413  post-mosaic  wekeepeachotherhuman  themagicians  quentin/eliot  angst  eliot&margo 
april 2019
Consumation - Merit - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
(pre-S4) 3 times Quentin & Eliot almost fuck (a random Brooklyn party; after Eliot's wedding to Fen; just after ELiot comes back from the Netherlands w/ Fen & Fray) and one time they do. Hot.
“We could die tomorrow,” Quentin said, running his teeth up Eliot’s jawline, fingers digging the waistline of his trousers, buttons popping off his shirt. “Don’t you want to fuck before then?”

“Well,” Eliot said, spreading his legs, Quentin’s head dark between his thighs, “Your logic is impeccable.” [...]

“Fuck you’re going to be the death of me,” Eliot said, running a hand through Quentin’s hair.

“You know I like it when you pull it,” Quentin said softly, like a feather falling through the air.

Eliot paused, Quentin’s hair still threaded through his fingers. And yes, he did know. He’d lost count, then, the number of times Quentin had fallen to his knees in the soft dirt. Quentin had smiled up at him, wrinkles forming like a fine tapestry across his face over the years. Then he’d press his head against Eliot’s hand, smiling, the taste of peaches on his lips.

He pulled, gently, Quentin arching back like a violin in his hands. There was an expression of pure joy on his face and it was probably mirrored on his own.
quentin/eliot  themagicians  pre-413  post-mosaic  merit 
april 2019
You know what hurts me the most out of this whole... - One day I'll...
My post re:S4 finale & fandom.
You know what hurts me the most out of this whole debacle (out of like, the millions of things that hurt right now)? The fact that the show received such praise about how it was handling fandom. All the talk about how Sera “learnt from her time on SPN” and how they celebrated the show “bringing subtext into canon” and 3x05 being “a gift to fandom” and all that stuff.

The fact that they KNEW they were going there the whole time? And THIS is how they consciously chose to do it?

Literally ANYTHING ELSE would have given us the space to do what we do best: take a situation we don’t want, gather the crumbs of what we’ve been given, and make it into something beautiful and optimistic and FIX IT with a million different stories.

But by making Quentin walk through that door it feels like they closed it for us.
myownstuff  meta  themagicians  fandom  post-413 
april 2019
brakebillskids: deathlydelicious: Queliot and... - One day I'll...
My addition to the Queerbaiting/Queercatching post.
And like, just like the Q/E storyline didn’t *really* fit into the queerbaiting category bc both of them are canonically queer and we do see them kiss, IMO it doesn’t fit neatly into this one either - again, because those things were explicit. However little of it there was, it couldn’t be missed. It wasn’t subtext, it wasn’t hinted at but never depicted. It was THERE.

It would have been a different story if the threesome had only shown images of Q/Margo and E/Margo, and the mosaic kiss had never happened - but they had still sent Hale do press in LGBT publications about how Q & E had been together in that timeline, despite having no on-screen evidence.

And I think that this is what makes it so hard to give “proof” that we got fucked over. Because we ABSOLUTELY DID, in the most shocking and disgusting and gut-wrenching way. But TPTB and their supporters can point to these definitions and say “The show didn’t do *this* though, so your criticism is invalid.”

Which is FUCKED. And in some ways feels even worse, because they get to pat themselves on the back for avoiding those tropes, while having hit us with Bury Your Gays - and not just accidentally, but *buidling up the whole relationship* to make that ending all the more painful.
myownstuff  meta  themagicians  post-413  character!death  lgbt  queerbaitingetc 
april 2019
lierdumoa, Thanks, I hate it - The Magicians S4 Finale
This Tumblr post makes an interesting point about the lack of credibility of the "kill the white male" narrative, re:Josh.
I mean first of all, when fans complain about shows fridging “everybody except the white guys” it’s because we want shows to STOP fridging women & POC. It’s not because we want shows to START fridging white guys IN ADDITION to women & POC.

And secondly, if they sincerely wanted to make a statement about the unimportance of privileged white men, they would have fridged Josh, instead of spending two seasons setting him up as Quentin’s more heterosexual, more neurotypical REPLACEMENT.

Josh is the textbook white straight cis neurotypical male self-insert Gary Stu. He’s a mediocre white man who requires constant validation. [...]

The show constantly rewards him for his mediocrity. He gets a giant werewolf penis, and then he gets to angst about his giant werewolf penis. He gets a hero’s journey. The show even hands him naked!Margo on a silver fucking platter like she’s some kind of fucking participation trophy. [...]

The sheer unmitigated gall of these showrunners.

To write the most grossly patriarchal narrative possible that ends with them fridging a queer, mentally ill character, then still have the audacity to *award themselves progressiveness points*.
themagicians  meta  post-413  character!death 
april 2019
This is tied for the worst thing about the... - One day I'll...
Tumblr meta post about the actors' side of the whole debacle, specifically Hale's reaction.
I just feel like this is so cruel to the cast. Especially Hale, a queer man who has been so vocal and so happy and just glowing about the show this season—he was obviously having a blast and clearly invested. And calling Jason his work husband, playing that up—just so clearly giving this his whole heart.

And no one ever pumped the brakes. We have the clip where Hale says that the showrunners were like, “can the monster be a little more like Eliot?” Which I now read as them asking Hale to tone it down because they knew this was coming. But he didn’t, because he’s a—you know, a human and a talented actor and has free will and thumbs—so he made choices based on what they told him was happening. And they let him do that, instead of filling him in.

I can’t help but project a little onto Hale’s silence and his likes on twitter—that he’s taken aback and aware of what a red herring his happiness was. But not just a misdirection aimed at us, the fans—aimed at him, too. They saw what he was doing and feeling, they saw how he was pumping people up, they let him do that, they used it. Only to, what. Completely undercut him at literally the last moment.
giddygeek  themagicians  meta  post-413  character!death 
april 2019
cleolinda | The Magicians S4 Finale Aired Five Days Ago And I'm Still Mad As Hell
Cleolinda's massive meta post with links to reviews/other meta - summarizing the reaction about/issues with the S4 finale.
I don't think I've ever straight-up called show runners out before, and, for that matter, I don't entirely know who I'm calling out, other than producers Sera Gamble, perhaps best known for Supernatural, and John McNamara. I don't know how high or low on the food chain this whole thing goes. I do know that it's not the cast's fault, because everyone who was not actually playing Quentin Coldwater was told two days before fans found out. They filmed dummy scenes and they were deceived. Tamaro606 (...) and I watched Arjun Gupta (Penny) try to reassure people on Twitter a week or two before the finale aired, not knowing what was actually going to air, and we watched him camp out in his mentions afterwards trying to comfort every single fan who replied to him. I'm sure Jason Ralph (Quentin), who I absolutely do not blame, is contractually forbidden from saying anything about it beyond official interviews. But I do know that he advocated for the Quentin/Eliot relationship, said it was important, and said it was real ("soulmates"; "a lifetime love"). I also know that it was important to Hale Appleman (Eliot), an openly queer actor, to play his character [...] and get this relationship on screen for people. [...]

I'll tell you that I've personally checked out the tags on Tumblr, and there are a lot of vulnerable fans in pain out there, many in their teens and early twenties, who were dealing with enough in the world already and didn't need callous shit like this on top of it. And, quite frankly, I might be old enough to be their mom, but I'm one of those people too. It's a damn shame that I'm gonna have to lay this out like a court case to even explain why this has hurt people so much, but so be it.
cleolinda  themagicians  meta  post-413  character!death  suicide 
april 2019
Alice Quinn’s Grand Unified Theory of Magic - messier51 - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A good look at all the things that went wrong in S4/the finale, for all storylines + the reappearance of Plover + the "magic comes from pain" issue.
Right now, my personal source of magic is my disappointment. I honestly believed that the storylines that the majority of season 4 of the magicians were setting up were some of the most phenomenal storytelling I’ve ever seen on television, and that the season would follow through on the themes and character arcs it set up. The show has surprised me with its depth and thoughtfulness in the past, and I felt that was a good enough reason to trust the current season to do the same [...].

What I feel like I got instead was a disconnected story about how a depressed bisexual man had to die because destiny demanded it, and that no one else could escape their similarly axiomatic storylines in order to take on their current narratively-relevant conflicts. [...]

I love the idea of The Magicians, and the show was right. The idea of it IS enough. I think we, as a fandom, can do better than a 4-season-long untagged MCD darkfic. And in the end, the most magical thing is not the show, or the simplistic use of pain. It is the way in which so many people can connect emotionally to the story, to the characters, and to each other. And we won’t only be fueled by pain, but I’m sure we’ll find some meaningful stories to tell, anyway.
themagicians  messier51  meta  character!death  post-413 
april 2019
rage, rage - greywash - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Greywash's series of meta posts about the finale.
Like—the thing I keep coming back to (...) is that (...) I can't say that the writer's room doesn't get trauma, or understand how to write mental illness, or understand that it's something that merits thought and attention. They do understand mental illness. They clearly know that writing mental illness merits thought and attention and care.

So then—the thing that I'm left with, then, is that they know that, and they understand that, and they still wrote a clinically depressed boy spending about two years being traumatized, abused, isolated, abused, and traumatized; and then they wrote him killing himself. "But it's okay!" they shout. "He did it saving his friends!" But that doesn't make it okay. It doesn't mean that he wasn't, in that moment, processing shit very, very poorly, due to the aforementioned relentless trauma and assault and abuse. *In fact*, because of the way that scene is filmed, when Quentin has fucking ages to throw the bottle before Everett attacks: they specifically framed and constructed that scene so that Quentin Coldwater *did not need to die.* But—he still did die, didn't he. "But it's okay!" they shout. "We talked about why it wasn't suicide!" But that doesn't make it better, because it was suicide. They know it was suicide. You fucking *know* that he killed himself. *That is why they had to write the last twenty minutes of that episode*. So you had a badly traumatized mentally ill bisexual kid kill himself unnecessarily, and then you spent 20 minutes gaslighting dead!him, over whether or not he'd actually done *the thing he most feared when he was alive*.
greywash  meta  themagicians  post-413  character!death  suicide 
april 2019
Reading the Room: The Magicians, BTS, and the Emotional Responsibility of Creating Popular Culture
The aim for every creator, I assume, is to share their creative expressions, to evoke ideas, and to make things that people enjoy. And to do that you have to care, at least a little, about your audience. [...] Popular culture specifically depends on wide audience consumption and approval, which is why bad series finales, insulting character arcs, and stale or unbelievable plot lines are curious. When a show, or a movie franchise, or even a commercially successful band creates something that has its audience angry, scratching their heads, or vocally removing their support, it makes you wonder how things could have gone so wrong. [...]

To me, the creators sound a bit self-important and concerned with their own ability to create a surprising story arc to impress their friends than caring at all about their audience and how people use fiction, particularly fantasy/sci-fi, to escape and cope with how shitty reality is — *a point that they make within their own show*. Trying to turn standard hero arcs on their head may be an intellectual exercise that’s interesting for a creative writing class. It’s less interesting when you are writing a television show that more than half a million people watch every week.

And it’s certainly not something you write to make people feel something other than the bullshit pain we feel every single day of our miserable lives.
themagicians  meta  article  post-413  character!death  suicide 
april 2019
Why Quentin's Death on The Magicians Was Wrong | POPSUGAR Entertainment UK
Popsugar's article on the S4 finale.
There's an odd sort of unspoken agreement between TV shows and viewers: shows tell you what to expect, and viewers keep their expectations in line. Because The Magicians was never a Game of Thrones-style tragedy, and because it handled all these issues of sexuality and trauma and mental health so well, it always seemed like this would finally be the show that would, ultimately, give hope to these damaged characters we've grown to love. That was, it seemed, the bargain it struck with viewers: we're the kind of show that won't take that step too far.

Then came the fourth season finale. Seriously, if you haven't watched it yet, this is where you should turn back.[...]

It's an unexpected — and dangerous — misstep for a show that's always been so cognizant when dealing with issues of mental health. To suggest that a kind, gentle, and, yes, depressed man only realises his life is worthwhile after he dies, or that his journey had nowhere left to go? It's irresponsible and downright chilling. There is always a journey left to make, and life is worthwhile while we're still living it. Piling on top of that: Q gets to watch his friends memorialize him around a bonfire and see how much they miss him, which is a popular element of real-life suicidal ideation (i.e. "I bet they'll miss me when I'm gone"). The sequence is exquisitely, realistically filmed and acted — which makes it all the more frightening, or borderline triggering, to real viewers.
themagicians  meta  article  character!death  suicide  post-413 
april 2019
The Magicians Finale: The Writers Explain Quentin’s Fate
Vulture article about the S4 finale with all the horrific quotes from the writers.
Or did you mean for there to still be ambiguity?

John McNamara: I think that exact question will hopefully fuel debate and discussion and possibly be the source of a few academic papers at institutions of higher learning. I think it is ambiguous. [...]

What’s the thought process around that relationship and killing Quentin without letting that relationship ever really exist? [...]

I think Eliot is now the most open he’s ever been to newer and deeper emotional experience, in part because of Quentin’s death. [...]

[T]here are many examples of characters on The Magicians who have died and come back in one way or another. Is that something we’ll see in season five with Quentin?

John McNamara: To be totally candid, I think that the answer and proof of the finality will lie in the articles and the press, because we are saying Jason is leaving the show under great circumstances. It was a mutual decision. He will confirm that. He is no longer part of the cast.

So we won’t be seeing another timeline version of Quentin?

John McNamara: There is no other timeline version of him planned, no.
themagicians  meta  post-413  character!death  suicide 
april 2019
To Give You Hope and a Future - Page161of180 - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Post-4x13, Eliot visits widow!Quentin at the mosaic. Heartbreaking but somehow still better than the show.
“You have so much to live for, El. So much to offer,” he says, with silent apologies to every person who ever told him the same and ended up on the receiving end of his rolling eyes. It’s not the right thing to say, but he’s never been good at saying the right things to Eliot, no matter how much he loves him. “I know how much it hurts right now,” he says, trying another tack.

But Eliot jumps out of his seat with a scoff. “You have no idea how this feels.”

Quentin’s husband has come back to him, young and whole, and it takes less than an hour alone for Quentin to roll his eyes at him. He doesn’t bother with the obvious rejoinder, the fact that the cup of water that Eliot is still worrying in his hands has been touched by no one, served to no one, in eight years. Instead, he says, “You’re still so young. You can love again. I want that for you.”

He means it. It breaks his heart in pieces, but he means it.
themagicians  fix!it  page161of180  quentin/eliot  angst  grief  character!death  post-413 
april 2019
The Magicians Season 4 Finale Infuriates Fanbase
413 review.
In truth, the backlash from fans is far more than just the displeasure over queer-baiting and a bisexual character being killed off. The backlash stems from the fact that the trust between the viewers, the cast, and the writers has been broken. The writers were happy to soak in the praise for how they were treating Quentin and Eliot’s storyline, only to entirely invalidate it at the end of the season for no good reason. [...]

Jason Ralph had to lie to his castmates on set, and basically hide the truth of his arc for the entirety of filming the season.

What kind of person doesn’t allow their cast to say goodbye on set? So many series (including Game of Thrones, and the Marvel Films) have had cast farewell parties and allowed exiting cast members to have closure. Where was this for The Magicians cast? In my mind they are not at fault, the blame entirely lays on the shoulders of the writers and showrunners.

No other show, that I know of, has encouraged a lead actor to lie to his castmates for an entire season. The fact that Jason Ralph was put in that position in the first place, is somewhat sickening in and of itself. I could see keeping a twist close to the vest, but with something like that, people need to have the time to process and talk about things.
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april 2019
Stop It, Show!: Quentin Coldwater is bisexual. Did anyone tell his writers?
So you’d think that a show that regularly makes speeches about representation and who gets to be seen as a hero — a show written by people who genuinely seem to care about this problem — would not have run quite so willingly into the twin infernos of queerbaiting and burying its gays.

And if you spend a little more time on Twitter and Tumblr and Reddit, underneath the anger and betrayal, you’ll see another thread: confusion. Why? Why would they do this? Why would they make Quentin bisexual just to kill him eight episodes later? Why would they dangle the idea of a Quentin/Eliot relationship, then never return to it? Why would they set up an entire season centered around Quentin’s quest to save Eliot, only to kill Quentin without ever letting the two of them talk again? What was the point of any of this? [...]

I fundamentally believe that Gamble and McNamara view Quentin as just a very secure, sexually liberated straight man. You know, one of those Millennial men who are so secure in their heterosexuality that they have no problem hugging their male friends, or holding hands with them. Or giving them a blowjob. Or having kids with them, growing old together, and then asking to do it all over again.

Basically, they think of Quentin as a straight man who just happens to be open to the occasional fling with men. And the idea that one of the words people might use to describe such a person is “bisexual” seems not to have occurred to them. So no, they’re not queerbaiting! They’re not burying their gays! To do that, you have to have a queer — or intentionally queercoded — character to begin with.
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april 2019
goseaward | (no subject)
Goseaward's reaction post.
Thoughts for the future:

*I'm ALSO pissed because some of the s5 story lines look really interesting and I love Eliot so...I'm probably gonna watch. But I'm gonna seethe about it the whole time, too. Also: Eliot needs to get a love interest about halfway through the season. Say...episode 6 or 7. Definitely NOT episode 5.
*I'm also ALSO pissed because I've now been reccing this show to people and I definitely should have waited for the end of the season to do that!!
*I'm also also ALSO pissed because I was excited about having a fandom again and now...I'm not sure but this might have ruined it for me.
*And finally...I'm pissed because I feel like a fool. I got taken in by something that looked like it was offering me something nice, when it really just wanted to get me invested and then rip it away from me.
*I look forward to whatever the Magicians fandom equivalent of "Epilogue What Epilogue" is.
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april 2019
still (get through) - CivilWhere - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Post-Monster reunion/Quentin & Eliot are in the back of a car. LOTS OF NICE FEELINGS.
“I need to hear you say it, Q,” Eliot had said their first night together (the third night since he got back, after two nights spent pressed against each other so tightly they were a mess of limbs and sweat-stuck skin in the morning but too worn and frayed to do anything except sleep and hold each other and sleep), his thumb tugging gently at Quentin's bottom lip as if he were coaxing the words out like a wobbly-legged foal from a stable. [...]

“I want to take you in my mouth,” he'd said, watching the way Eliot's eyes slid almost closed before going wide and desperate when Quentin continued. “I want to taste you. I want to taste all of you, every part of you. I've missed,” he'd paused, swallowed. “I've missed how you taste, El. Missed it so badly.”

They'd both been crying by the end of it.
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april 2019
Monsterless - portraitofemmy - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
AU where the Monster is not in Eliot's body during S4, and Eliot goes with Q when his dad dies & they work out their issues.
Quentin had always been the brave one, the one who went out on a limb. He’d kissed Eliot on the mosaic, sweetly and with no expectation. He was the one who returned to Eliot’s side, again and again during that life they lived and lost. It had been Quentin, brave sweet Quentin, who’d asked for another shot. And Eliot had run away.

There was no doubt that Q deserved better than that. That he probably deserved better than Eliot, but Eliot’s the one who’s here. He’s the one Q chose and keeps choosing, against all odds. He’s the only one here, watching Quentin curl into himself, whiskey breaking the damns he’d put up around his own grief.

“Baby,” Eliot whispers, his own heart breaking, shuddering and dying in his chest as Q’s face crumples. Oh, oh Eliot’s an ass, he doesn’t deserve Quentin, but Quentin deserves someone who can love him the way he needs and... Eliot can do that. He can. “Baby, c’mere.”
portraitofemmy  themagicians  quentin/eliot  au  h/c  grief  pre-413 
april 2019
Imagination Succumbs - templemarker - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Funny/cute ficlet about the kinds of designs that must have happened.
"Are you fucking kidding me," he says flatly to the giant dick framed by a set of improbably round balls laid out into the mosaic.

Eliot's pleased smile only increases -- it's at Chesire Cat levels now. "You don't think this is the 'beauty of all life'? Come now, Quentin, you must defend your criticism. Art stands on its own merits."

"I can't believe you wasted an afternoon to make a dick joke," Quentin grumbles, slowly climbing down from the stair, notebook tucked under his arm.

Eliot stretches languorously; a perfect beam of sunlight hits him through the treeline and he looks like he's about to swipe a feather out of the air. "Ah, but an artistic dick joke."
themagicians  templemaker  mosaic!fic  quentin/eliot  quentin/arielle  humour  pre-413 
april 2019
Your Day Number One In the Rest of Forever - jjtaylor - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
What does Eliot mean by "You wanna live your life, live it here?"
“Oops,” Quentin says, and then he kisses Eliot; not the soft, gentle kiss of exploration that they'd shared on their anniversary, but a kiss full of saved up thoughts, like pages and pages of confession spilling from a diary, but here it's Quentin's breath spilling across Eliot's cheek, Quentin's tongue moving slick and hot against Eliot's own. Eliot pulls Quentin down against him, spreads his legs out so Quentin’s between them.

How often has he thought about pushing Quentin down on the damn mosaic and kissing him stupid? No, that’s like asking how many times he's blinked since they'd been here. How many times has he considered it a real possibility? That they could do this – that he could have this, even once, before Quentin went all skittery and nervous, afraid he was missing some big adventure just beyond the tree line?
themagicians  jjtaylor  quentin/eliot  mosaic!fic  pre-413 
april 2019
As Sharks in Sheep's Clothing - Giddygeek - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Written pre-finale: The gang gets the Monster out of Eliot, and then there's a feral god-child someone has to raise... so Eliot volunteers them. (Also Alice gives Julia her shade & becomes the wellspring!) Some gore.
“I like her,” the monster said. “Let her stay and be my friend.”

Quentin and Eliot looked at each other. The thought of the monster alone with Alice, and Alice alone with the source of the wellspring of all magic: no. Eliot had enough rivers of blood on his hands already.

Know that when I’m brave, it’s because I learned it from you, he thought. Quentin didn’t know; Quentin had been a memory when Eliot said that to him. But Eliot had meant it. He could act on it. He could show Q, take the first step on the long path of making things right.

“Why don’t you come with us,” he said to the monster, trying for the light reasonableness of Quentin’s voice; the way they had talked to their son, when he was small and irrational. “Me and Q. We’ll make you a deal. We’ll take you away from here, away from the wellspring and Blackspire—”

“—and the monsters,” the monster said. It shivered, cowering against Quentin’s side. Q looked down on it and hesitated, but put his arm across its shoulders protectively.
themagicians  giddygeek  quentin/eliot  pre-413  post-monster  kid!fic  child!fic 
april 2019
A Year In The Life - portraitofemmy - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The first year at the mosaic: Q struggling with depression, Eliot getting injured, them getting together. Hints of d/s.
Knowing, and being known, that was... new and terrifying. And surprisingly exciting. [...] But Quentin’s not a virgin, and has been sexually active since college, and he just... misses sex. Kind of. Sometimes. [...]

Occasionally it flits into his brain, what it might be like to have both, but he squashes those thoughts down mercilessly. There was only so much any one person could reasonably be asked to give to someone else.

But that didn’t mean he didn’t wake up some mornings, comfortably wrapped in warmth with the smell of Eliot clinging him, and ache with want.

Didn’t mean he didn’t sometimes give into to it, take himself in hand and revel in the memory. Eliot’s lips on his. Eliot’s skin on his. Eliot’s beautiful intimidating cock stretching his jaw until it ached. Eliot’s hand in his hair, guiding, gentle until it wasn’t, and oh how he’d moaned for that. Eliot, noticing, tugging. Eliot, turned on by turning Q on. Eliot, Eliot, Eliot.
themagicians  mosaic!fic  quentin/eliot  portraitofemmy  h/c  pre-413 
april 2019
while ye may, go marry - threerings - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Middle-aged Q/E enjoy some kinky private time while Teddy is away.
“Are you begging already?” Eliot ran a single finger down his chest, avoiding any particularly sensitive areas. He strained against his bonds anyway, trying to follow the contact. “Patience, Q. We’ve got the whole night to ourselves with Teddy staying in the village. I plan to take full advantage of this rare opportunity.” Quentin gave a little groan of complaint, even as he thrilled inwardly. It had been too long since they’d been able to play like this.
threerings  themagicians  quentin/eliot  mosaic!fic  pwp  kink  bdsm  toys  pre-413 
april 2019
The Magicians’ Queliot Episode Is a Slash Fandom Triumph
Vulture article about 4x05.
But still, it’s undeniable there is something queer within the way that Eliot and Quentin relate to each other. And for fans, there’s also a larger context at work. Shows like Shadowhunters, The 100, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer preceded The Magicians in featuring major queer characters in their fantastical stories. The genre remains heteronormative enough, though, that this confirmation of an ongoing romantic thread between Quentin and Eliot still feels like a notable moment — not just because it’s a well-crafted story that feels true, but also because it affirms a queer reading of the kind of relationship that’s categorically denied in so many other shows. [...] With “A Life In the Day,” The Magicians fulfills fandom daydreams by delivering Quentin and Eliot in a literal domestic fantasy. It is proof of concept, if you will, of all the feelings fans had been funnelling into fanfic and gifsets since season one, not to mention an especially fitting tribute to the idea of fandom itself.
themagicians  meta  article  slash 
april 2019
nothing but time - kaci3PO - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Mosaic first time!
The first few hesitant kisses had Eliot sure that Quentin had never been with a man before, but that assumption hadn't lasted for very long. He'd had too much dick-sucking technique for it to be his first time. But he'd never shown any interest after, and Eliot couldn't tell if it was because of the guilt over hurting Alice or if he just wasn't interested.

So he can't help smiling as he leans back in, deepening the kiss and cupping Quentin's face with one hand. He's waited so long for some sign that Quentin is aware of what's between them.

The last time they did this had been hurried and frantic, three emotion-drunk assholes fumbling in the dark. It had been good fumbling, yes, but Eliot was absolutely sure it could've been better if they'd taken their time. After a year in Fillory working on the mosaic, it feels like the two of them have nothing but time now, at least for tonight; if he's being given a second chance at this, Eliot fully intends to do the thing properly .
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april 2019
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