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Sustainability and Cost Dominate Packaging Industry
"Of those respondents working on sustainable packaging, 65% say their efforts are focused on design for recyclability or use of recycled content; 57% are focused on weight reduction; 41% rely on renewable or bio-based materials and 25% say they are focused on compostable materials."
sustainability  packaging  materials  business  stats  statistics  research  survey  industry 
may 2011 by grantyoung
Beautifully designed bowls made from recycled Australian Macadamia nut shells.
sustainability  recycled  materials  products  design  recycling  alternative  macadamia  nut  husk  bowls  from delicious
july 2010 by grantyoung
Lotus 2020 Toyota Venza concept - Lotus sheds light on low-mass future
Lotus uses the techniques and strategies outlined in the book Natural Capitalism in relation to the "Hypercar" concept to product a "near-term" (2017) prototype and 2020 variation that achieves 30% weight decrease.
hypercar  cars  car  weight  engineering  lotus  materials  efficiency  sustainability  mass  synapseblog  from delicious
may 2010 by grantyoung
Welcome to
Ecolect Great searchable directory of sustainable materials ranging from floor coverings to fabric.
materials  sustainability  fabric  directory  search  ecofriendly  resources 
january 2008 by grantyoung
Great searchable directory of sustainable materials ranging from floor coverings to fabric.
materials  sustainability  fabric  directory  search  ecofriendly  resources 
january 2008 by grantyoung
Reupholster with Ground-up Shoe Soles : TreeHugger
Reupholster with Ground-up Shoe Soles Pointer to an interesting recycled material.
recycling  materials  design  sustainability  futuremakers 
may 2007 by grantyoung

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