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Base power | The Monthly
The opening para on this op-ed nails it: #cleanenergy #auspol
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july 2017 by grantyoung
South Australia announces Tesla as backer of world's largest battery
RT @WeAreNexergy: Great to see the Tesla grid-scale battery going ahead in SA—and it all started on Twitter (well, sorta): ^GY
battery  sa  tesla  musk  grid  gridscale  scale  australia  politics  energy  electricity  power  twitter 
july 2017 by grantyoung
Spotlight on solar energy policy | Blue Mountains Gazette
RT @WeAreNexergy: Thanks @SusanTempleman, @PatConroy1, and @bmrenew for today's discussion about the distributed energy future ^GY
solar  trading  energy  electricity  power  bluemountains  labor  politics  australia  nexergy  bmrenew 
april 2017 by grantyoung
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