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Such Is the Law (1930 - Sinclair Hill)
2017-09-14: BSFF Phoenix, Leicester: 3/10 - slept through a chunk of this
film  film-rated  film:rating=3  film:watched=2017  film:year=1930  film:lang=en 
september 2017 by grange85
Pax aeterna (1917 - Holger-Madsen)
2014-08-29: British Library: 3/10
With intro and live piano, sadly tedious and preachy.
film  film-rated  film:watched=2014  film:rating=3  film:year=1917  silentfilm  silent  danish 
august 2014 by grange85
The Three Worlds of Gulliver (1960 - Jack Sher)
2013-05-25: Film4: 3/10 - three or four minutes of second-rate Harryhausen is not enough to salvage this yawn
film  rated  film-rated  film:watched=2013  film:year=1960  film:rating=3  harryhausen 
may 2013 by grange85
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