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Breathless (1960 - Jean-Luc Godard)
2013-10-09: LoveFilm: 5/10 - stylish and clearly innovative but left me feeling a little empty
film  rated  film-rated  film:year=1960  film:watched=2013  film:rating=5  french  foreignlanguage  drama  nouvellevague  film:lang=fr 
october 2013 by grange85
Hors de Prix (2006 - Pierre Salvadori)
2012-12-27 : TV: 4/10 - shallow and vulgar comedy made (barely) tolerable by its stars
comedy  French  foreignlanguage  film:rating=4  film:watched=2012  film:year=2006  imdb:id=tt0482088  film  film:lang=fr 
december 2012 by grange85
Lift to the Scaffold (1958 - Louis Malle)
8/10 - Beautiful, moody and a wonderfully silly plot 2012-11-13 (Barbican)

Elevator to the Gallows
Ascenseur pour l'échafaud
film  rated  film-rated  1958  8  foreignlanguage  french  louismalle  crime  black&white  film:rating=8  film:watched=2012  film:year=1958  film:lang=fr 
november 2012 by grange85
L'Atalante (1934 - Jean Vigo)
2017-05-29: DVD: 9/10
2014-10-27: NFT2: 10/10
2012-01-21: Curzon Renoir: 9/10 - canals, cats, music and a love story
film  rated  film-rated  drama  romance  blackandwhite  french  9  1934  film:year=1934  foreignlanguage  film:rating=9  film:watched=2012  film:watched=2014  film:lang=fr  film:watched=2017 
january 2012 by grange85
A Very Long Engagement (2004 - Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
2014-02-09: 8/10

2010-12-17: 8/10 - Fantastic looking, beautifully acted and a lovely story
2006-04-07: IMDB : 9/10
8  delicious-export  drama  film  film-rated  jeunet  rated  war  wwi  film:watched=2006  film:watched=2010  film:watched=2014  film:rating=8  film:year=2004  french  foreignlanguage  film:lang=fr 
december 2010 by grange85
Micmacs (2009 - Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
2013-03-16: Film4HD: 8/10

2010-07: 9/10 - another great Jeunet film - lovely to look at, funny and a little bit serious
cinema  film:rating=8  film:watched=2013  film  french  jeunet  movies  rated  film:watched=2010  film:year=2009  foreignlanguage  film:lang=fr 
july 2010 by grange85

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