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MassDOT Releases Five-Year Capital Plan For Infrastructure Fixes
On Thursday afternoon, MassDOT released its Capital Investment Plan for 2014 through 2018, which is an outline of how state officials plan to spend money, trying to fix the problems that plague pedestrians, cyclists, commuters, and drivers.

In a 65-page document, MassDOT Secretary Richard Davey outlined the goals of the agency, which includes projects on the state’s highways and bridges, as well as critical infrastructure changes along the tracks of the MBTA and Commuter Rail system. According to the report, over the next five fiscal years, MassDOT plans on spending roughly $12.4 billion on transit projects across the state.
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INFRASTRUCTURIST - Duke’s Place: Michael Dukakis on How to Fix America
Curious about the Duke’s thoughts on the stimulus bill and the larger project of rebuilding America’s infrastructure, we reached him recently at UCLA, where he’s teaching this semester. He talks about why the U.S. can’t build big things anymore, what he thinks about when he’s stuck in L.A. traffic, and what America would be like if he’d been elected back in ‘88.
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