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We Tried It: Fenway Park’s New Jim Beam Dugout
"Ever wanted to watch the game mere inches from the Fenway dirt while spying on Dustin Pedroia? Now's your chance."
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april 2018 by grahams
The Very Modern Life of an Old-Timey Baseball Organist
"Powered by technology and enthusiasm, Fenway Park’s Josh Kantor pulls out all the stops."
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october 2017 by grahams
The Rebirth of Baseball’s Great Communicator – The Ringer
"Terry Francona became a baseball legend when he helped end the Curse of the Bambino. Now, years after an acrimonious end with the Red Sox, he’s rebuilt the Cleveland Indians into a World Series contender and reassumed his position as a pillar of the sport. He’s equally revered for his managerial innovations and press conference quirk, and he’s happy to talk about all of it — right after he pulls his tooth out of his tobacco."
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march 2017 by grahams
Thanks for the Memories, New York
"And when I hear you boo me, I’m gonna try to hit the ball over that white fence, all the way to the mother******* choo choo train. "
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september 2016 by grahams
The Five Toughest Pitchers I’ve Ever Faced
The Players’ Tribune asked me to name the five toughest pitchers I’ve ever faced. I don’t want this to be boring, so I’m going to mix it up a little bit and give you three legendary guys who are retired and two younger guys who have really impressed me recently.
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september 2016 by grahams
What does it take to be the organist for the Boston Red Sox?
"Josh Kantor has heard every hacky organ joke in the book. The organist for the Boston Red Sox since 2003, Kantor has spent dozens of nights (and some days) every year perched in a booth near the top of Fenway Park, whipping through both old stadium classics—“Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” a handful of Motown standards—and newer, more off-kilter tunes with aplomb. Kantor, who also works as a part-time librarian assistant at the Harvard Music Library, has become a bit of a fan favorite, taking requests from Red Sox faithful in the stands via Twitter and posting some of his takes to his YouTube account.

The A.V. Club talked to Kantor about his role within the Red Sox organization, his daily grind, and why he thinks that, even in the age of MP3s, baseball organists matter."
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august 2016 by grahams
David Ortiz Is the Best Home Run Trotter of All Time
"He’s got style, he’s got personality, and he rounds the bases more slowly than anyone else in Major League Baseball."
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july 2016 by grahams
The Doug Mirabelli Trade: An Oral History
Ten years ago, a backup catcher got presidential treatment.
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april 2016 by grahams
Brian Bannister and the art of making pitchers better
"The Red Sox’ director of pitching development uses a unique blend of creativity and analytics in his work with the team’s staff."
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february 2016 by grahams
Think Redskins name is offensive? What about Yawkey Way?
"So here's a question: Why haven't we renamed Yawkey Way?

Yawkey was a product of the South who embraced the status quo. He put his clubs in the hands of men like Pinky Higgins, Joe Cronin, and Eddie Collins, who were at best resistant to the idea of integration and at worst virulent racists. Under their stewardship, the Red Sox came to be known as, "The Plantation."

Yawkey wasn't overt. He wasn't a preening Grand Dragon. He didn't wear the hood or burn crosses. His racism assumed a more insidious form best interpreted via his actions. Or lack of them.

In his landmark 2003 work, "Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston," former Boston Herald columnist Howard Bryant laid bare the team's ignominious past. He noted that less than a year before Pumpsie Green became their first black player in 1959, the Red Sox didn't employ a single African-American at any level of the organization, "not with the grounds crew, custodians, concessionaires, or office staff.""
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november 2015 by grahams
Just a Kid From Santo Domingo | By David Ortiz
Listen, bro: If you can hit a baby doll head with a broomstick, you can hit an inside cutter. You don’t need a batting cage in the Dominican. You just have to love the game. And you need to be able to fight off your sister when she comes looking for her baby doll.
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september 2015 by grahams
‘Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!’
"The twisted, true story of the drug-addled, beer-guzzling hardcore punks who made the most popular T-shirts in Boston history"
boston  baseball  punk  hardcore  mlb  redsox  shirts  history 
september 2015 by grahams
Fenway Park Organist Josh Kantor on Stadium Food and Red Velvet Cookies
"This busy musician goes from library to ballpark to club gigs"
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may 2015 by grahams
The Dirt - David Ortiz
"David Ortiz speaks on PED allegations, MLB's testing policy and whether or not he deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame."
baseball  mlb  redsox  bigpapi  papi  steroids  testing  drugs 
march 2015 by grahams
What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now?
"Regarded as perhaps the finest piece of sportswriting on record, the furious saga of Teddy Ballgame — from boy to man and near death — is an unmatchable remembrance for an American icon."
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february 2015 by grahams
Red Sox create new behavioral health department
"Amid the announcement of promotions and hires will be the mention of an unusual addition to baseball operations. According to team and industry sources, the Red Sox will name Dr. Richard Ginsburg, co-director of the PACES Institute of Sports Psychology at Massachusetts General Hospital, as the head of a new department of behavioral health."
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january 2015 by grahams
Boston loved Pedro Martinez, and the feeling was mutual
"Boston’s beloved king of the mound is now a Hall of Famer"
mlb  baseball  redsox  pitching  pedro 
january 2015 by grahams
Curt Schilling not hiding his scars
It's a bummer he's still fence-sitting on campaigning for the banning of tobacco in baseball..
Still reeling from his company's bankruptcy and a grueling battle with cancer, former World Series hero knows he has only himself to blame
mlb  baseball  redsox  schilling  cancer  tobacco 
october 2014 by grahams
The Dodgers/Red Sox trade, 2 years later
Two years ago today, the Dodgers did something insane. Let's look at how both teams fared after the big deal.
baseball  mlb  redsox  dodgers 
august 2014 by grahams
An Idiot in Exile - Johnny Damon is adjusting to life without baseball.
More than two years since he last played in the big leagues, Johnny Damon still wants to get back in. The money helps, of course, but it's really about the fun, the parties and the teammates. At his core, Damon is just a big kid, which is both the best and worst thing about him.
mlb  baseball  redsox  mfy  damon 
july 2014 by grahams
Pedro Martinez on the Art and Science of Pitching
Pedro Martinez was a genius with a baseball in his right hand. One of the most dominant pitchers of all time, he didn’t just overpower hitters. He outsmarted them. When he was on top of his game – as he often was – he was almost unhittable. No starting pitcher in history has a better adjusted ERA.

Martinez might be best described as a thinking man’s power pitcher. His pure stuff alone would have made him a star. His ability to read hitters and maximize his talent put him on a whole new level. The Hall of Fame awaits.

Martinez – currently a special assistant for the Red Sox – shared the wisdom of his craft earlier this week at the site of some his greatest glory, Fenway Park.
mlb  baseball  pitching  pedro  redsox 
may 2014 by grahams
Dirty Water: The Story of the Standells
Larry Tamblyn is one of the original members of the Standells, a group that recorded what many consider to be the first punk song, “Dirty Water,” a 1965 ditty about how Boston is a shit hole. Larry is a great guy who grew up in LA in a showbiz family—his brother Russ was a movie star who appeared in West Side Story, The Boy with Green Hair, Gun Crazy, and alongside Elizabeth Taylor in Father of the Bride. Russ also choreographed Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock, which led to Larry obtaining the King’s home phone number, making him extremely popular with the girls at school.

In honor of the Standells spring 2014 tour, Larry and I chatted on the phone about band’s roller-coaster ride of a career. If you’ve never seen the Standells live, write down the tour date that’s closest to your house and then go see them play. You’ll be glad you did.
music  punk  redsox  history  dirtywater 
may 2014 by grahams
Curious David Ortiz Wondering What Happens To Players After They Retire
Man, my best friend Jason Vortex [sic] retired a few whiles ago, and I was really sad, but maybe I can see him again someday.
redsox  baseball  mlb  lol  theonion  funny  sports 
may 2014 by grahams
John Henry and the Making of a Red Sox Baseball Dynasty
The Boston Red Sox’s owner didn’t buy a championship team. He built one by doing the math
mlb  boston  redsox  baseball  sabermetrics  moneyball  economics  johnhenry 
april 2014 by grahams
From the Harvard Library to Fenway, Red Sox Organist Says He's Ready for Opener
On Friday, Joshua Kantor will take the day off from work. Instead of heading to Harvard, where he works as a part-time librarian assistant, Kantor will be starting the year at his other job: playing the organ for Boston’s beloved baseball team, the Red Sox.
music  baseball  mlb  redsox  fenway  harvard  libraries 
april 2014 by grahams
Apples and Oranges, Bambinos and Billy Goats
No, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer haven’t fixed the Cubs as quickly as they fixed the Red Sox. But the only bigger mistake than expecting that would be counting them out in the long run.
mlb  baseball  redsox  cubs 
march 2014 by grahams
Red Sox prospect arrested in curious incident
According to Deadspin, the expletive in question is "pussy". This is the 3rd Sox prospect arrested in Fort Myers in as many years... I hear that the Fort is boring as sin, and I know that these prospects are basically kids, but you'd still think they'd do a better job of protecting their career.
When asked by police why he was in the Fort Myers Beach area, Denney, according to police, replied: "Partying and looking to get some [expletive]."
baseball  redsox  mlb  police  arrested  lol 
march 2014 by grahams
Moneyball … But With Money
The World Series champions have tons of cash, and they’re not afraid to spend it. But as the Red Sox mount their title defense, they’re not relying on money alone.
redsox  mlb  baseball  fapfapfap  crankin 
march 2014 by grahams
The New Normal
Robinson Cano and Mariano Rivera are gone. Derek Jeter is old. It's time to accept that 2013 wasn't a fluke: The Yankees aren't good, and they aren't getting better.
mlb  baseball  yankees  redsox 
december 2013 by grahams
MLB Baseball Recap: Final statistics from the Seattle vs. Boston game played on April 17, 2006
This was the second Red Sox game I attended (both games were gifts from my employer), but it was the one that really got things rolling with my fandom. After this game I started watching games here and there throughout the season, and by the 2007 season I was watching most of the games and even bought my own tickets for the first time. It was all downhill from there...
baseball  mlb  redsox 
november 2013 by grahams
Translating Red Sox closer Koji Uehara’s blog
Koji Uehara is blogging about “The battle against St. Louis” in his native Japanese.
baseball  mlb  redsox  translation  koji  uehara  japan  japanese 
october 2013 by grahams
Sports Journalist Told To Write Some Slop About Baseball Healing Boston
Ahead of Wednesday’s potential World Series–clinching Game 6 matchup between the Red Sox and Cardinals, sources confirmed that Los Angeles Times sports editor Sam Poyet instructed journalist Ross Martinez to quickly throw together some slop about baseball helping the city of Boston heal from this year’s tragic marathon bombings.
boston  redsox  mlb  marathon  bombing  theonion  lol 
october 2013 by grahams
Go Screw, Boston
lol EPIC anti-Boston sports rant...
I love Boston as a city. If there’s one place I had to move, it’d probably be there. Big city stuff in a smaller package. Relatively clean. Beaches nearby. History. An indigenous community.

Great sports teams…

… all of whom can go fuck themselves.

lol  boston  sports  baseball  redsox  patriots  celtics  bruins  awesome  philly 
october 2013 by grahams
How Boston Red Sox DJ TJ Connelly Snagged His Dream Job
As the Boston Red Sox battle for the chance to make it to the World Series, TJ Connelly has a bigger interest than most fans. As the team's official DJ, Connelly is responsible for all the pre-recorded music at Fenway Park—an organist handles all the live music—and consequently helps guide the mood of Fenway's 37,400 fans. The DJ talked to Fuse about getting his dream job, Neil Diamond's classic "Sweet Caroline" and deciding what to play among 75,000 songs.
redsox  fenway  music  dj 
october 2013 by grahams
Lucchino has 'enormous' pride for turnaround
In an extensive conversation with columnist Richard Justice, Red Sox CEO/president Larry Lucchino discusses among other things the club's remarkable turnaround this season, last year's blockbuster trade and his thoughts about baseball parks.

mlb  baseball  redsox  fenway  lucchino  interviews 
october 2013 by grahams
Daniel Nava, the long shot
Daniel Nava was considered too short, too skinny, too mediocre. When the Red Sox signed him for $1, they figured they had nothing to lose and maybe he’d surprise them. Did he ever.
mlb  baseball  redsox  nava  profiles 
august 2013 by grahams
Grand Theft Baseball - Grantland
Oakland's Coco Crisp brings us deep into the mind of a base stealer
articles  baseball  sports  mlb  stealing  athletics  redsox 
july 2013 by grahams
The art of being Dustin Pedroia
The four-time all-star savors the peaceful hours before the game
mlb  redsox  baseball  pedroia 
july 2013 by grahams
From Mr. Consistency to Mr. Essential: Why Craig Breslow is vital to the Red Sox
With Andrew Miller almost certainly done for the year, how can the Red Sox replace one of the most overpowering left-handers in the game? The task isn't easy.
redsox  mlb  baseball  breslow  miller  pitching 
july 2013 by grahams
Every Viewer Complaint About Big Papi's Post-Bombing Swear Word
Before the Red Sox's first home game after the Boston Marathon bombings, David Ortiz grabbed a microphone to tell an emotional and excitable crowd that "this is our fucking city." This being our country, Americans immediately ran to register their disgust with the FCC.

Through a FOIA request, Deadspin has obtained the complaints, which can be found below. There were just as many viewers upset with the FCC chairman's implicit approval of Ortiz's language as with the remarks in the first place.
lol  redsox  mlb  papi  boston  baseball  fcc  profanity  words  fucking 
july 2013 by grahams
Manny Being Romanticized
But Ramirez also was widely accused of quitting on his team, and wore out his welcome in L.A. as well as in Boston. He tested positive for PEDs not once but twice, or three times if you want to count his appearance on the leaked list of 2003 failed tests. And he was arrested for domestic violence (though charges were later dropped), fought with a teammate and pushed a 64-year-old Red Sox traveling secretary to the ground.
mlb  baseball  redsox  manny 
july 2013 by grahams
Fenway Park to Add Perimeter Posts to Thwart Car-Bomb Attacks
The sea of cars that wash over Fenway Park for hours on a Red Sox game day pose more of a headache than mere traffic — turns out, the historic ballpark is susceptible to terrorist car-bomb attacks in several key areas, a reality that's prompted a revised look not at how the organization keeps fans in, but how it keeps possible threats out.

To counter the potential terrorist risk, 54 security bollards will be erected in front of Gates B (above) and C to stop vehicles strapped with explosives from driving into the park during public events, like Sox games and concerts.
fenway  baseball  mlb  redsox  terrorism 
july 2013 by grahams
Man Who Plays Game For Millions Of Dollars Called Gutsy
Several sources confirmed Friday that a man who is paid millions of dollars to play a game was reportedly called gutsy and lauded for a “valiant effort” to hit a small white ball with a wooden stick.
boston  redsox  lol  baseball  mlb  theonion  funny 
june 2013 by grahams
Dollar Sign on the Glistening Muscle: Scouting Ballplayers in 1980s Playgirl
Like any decent American institution, baseball has close connections to sex, from the early 1900s postcards that featured baseball-themed sexual instructions to the salacious sheet music to the scorching hot photograph of five sexy, shirtless shortstops in Sports Illustrated to the amazing collection of baseball erotica that you can find on Amazon and the deepest, darkest corners of the web.

But there is another forgotten relic from baseball’s sexual past. Perhaps lost amidst the frenzy of cocaine, the advent of the CD player, and the soulful tunes of After the Fire, during the early 1980s Playgirl magazine convinced a number of baseball stars to pose seductively within their pages. Many of the photos were thought to have been lost to the sands of time, that cruel mistress washing away all evidence of Steve McCatty in a bathing suit. But thanks to a little archeological digging, today we’re able to rectify that:
baseball  mlb  remdawg  jerryremy  lol  redsox 
may 2013 by grahams
Big Papi's Roller-Coaster Ride
Yu Darvish has been nearly unhittable in his second big league season. Though known more for his mastery of multiple pitches and eerily consistent delivery, the Rangers right-hander can also beat you with pure heat, with a fastball that averages 93.1 mph and ranks among the game's fastest. The pitch's results have been merely good this year, but that fastball can still be extremely tough to hit, especially given all the other pitches he might throw in any count.

David Ortiz laughs.
baseball  mlb  redsox  ortiz  papi 
may 2013 by grahams
Napoli Diary: “I Love This City”
and I’ll be honest, I was aware Bobby Valentine wore No. 25 last season
mlb  boston  redsox  baseball  napoli  blogs  valentine  lol  marathon 
april 2013 by grahams
Team-building with Billy Beane and Theo Epstein
As has been the case for each of the last four seasons, the Red Sox began this season with a payroll more than double that of the perennially cash-strapped Oakland Athletics. The resources the Red Sox can generate from Fenway Park, NESN and a passionate fan base that stretches from coast to coast dwarfs that of an Oakland team that plays its baseball in a stadium built for football.

But the combined efforts of both the owners (to restrict overall spending) and the players' union (to direct what spending there is to veteran players) have limited the ability of the Red Sox to parlay that financial advantage into more wins and losses in the future.
baseball  sabermetrics  mlb  redsox  economics 
april 2013 by grahams
Fifty-dollar tickets and fifty-cent narratives: The end of the Red Sox sellout streak
Apparently some sort of ticket-sales thing happened last night, so let's dissect it.
boston  mlb  baseball  redsox  media 
april 2013 by grahams
Jacoby Ellsbury and the gap between perception and reality
The reaction was swift.

Jacoby Ellsbury, racing back into first base when Phillies catcher Humberto Quintero fired a pickoff throw behind him, slammed his heel into the bag and rolled his ankle. He left an inning later for precautionary purposes, and sat out for a couple of meaningless spring training exhibition games to permit the issue to heal.

The characterization that followed says a great deal about the perception of the outfielder. In half-jest, the twitterverse flickered with unflattering portrayals that approximated something like:

"Here we go again."

"See you in July."

"Goodbye, 2013."

The implication, of course, is that Ellsbury is something between fragile and dispassionate, that he is both injury-prone and then intentionally deliberate in making his return to the field, as if he inherited the baton from J.D. Drew.
mlb  baseball  redsox  injury  tacoby 
march 2013 by grahams
Good Will Hunting: An Oral History: Online Extra
Magazine stories, like films, often end up with a lot left on the cutting room floor. Here are some additional juicy moments from our conversations with the cast and crew of Good Will Hunting, where they talk about getting the Red Sox footage into an R-rated film, how they stole the film’s title from a friend, and their ongoing beef with Mindy Kaling. 
film  movies  boston  redsox  baseball  mlb  damon  affleck 
january 2013 by grahams
David Ortiz Convinced There's Something Like The 7th-Inning Stretch But For The 70th Inning | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
BOSTON—Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz told reporters Monday that he believes an intermission similar to the seventh-inning stretch—but even better—happens midway through the 70th inning of a baseball game.
rofl  sports  redsox  baseball  davidortiz  papi  lol  funny  mlb  theonion 
august 2012 by grahams
Finding the True Border Between Yankee and Red Sox Nation Using Facebook Data
To figure out where the true boundaries are I used Facebook’s ‘Create and Ad’ feature. By pretending be buying an advertisement, Facebook will tell you the approximate number of people in an area who ‘like’ something.
baseball  mlb  redsox  yankees  demographics  geography 
august 2012 by grahams
End Game
Curt Schilling set out to build the greatest video-game company the world had ever seen, and to get rich — Bill Gates rich — doing it. Instead, the whole thing exploded in his face. Drawing on exclusive interviews with the Red Sox legend and his former employees, Jason Schwartz takes us inside the chaos, arrogance, and mistakes that led to the destruction of 38 Studios and the loss of $75 million in taxpayer money.
economy  economics  business  gaming  games  baseball  redsox  schilling  38studios  lol  noob 
july 2012 by grahams
Kevin Youkilis' letter to Red Sox Nation - Boston Red Sox Blog - ESPN Boston
On the eve of his first game at Fenway Park since being traded to the White Sox, former Red Sox infielder Kevin Youkilis asked to pass along this letter to Red Sox fans
redsox  baseball  youkilis  mlb 
july 2012 by grahams
red sox - Entering the new world order: A 2012 Red Sox draft primer - WEEI | Alex Speier
This year’s draft represents a dramatic sea change for a Red Sox team that flexed its considerable financial muscle in the acquisition of top amateur talent in recent years. The new Collective Bargaining Agreement has changed the rules for how teams acquire amateur players in significant fashion.

Major League Baseball desperately wanted to constrain the bonuses that have been given to high school and college players by teams like the Red Sox. In order to do so, a number of penalties were put in place to punish teams for spending beyond those slot recommendations.
baseball  redsox  mlb  draft  money  economics 
june 2012 by grahams
Keidel: My Face Is Red (Sox) With Envy
This is the closest I will ever come to New England envy.

My public contempt for the Red Sox is so profound that I hardly consider Boston a part of the republic. My fury spills into other matters of Massachusetts, including the Patriots, Ben Affleck, the native, noxious accent, and perhaps anyone named Kennedy.

But they got one thing right: keeping Fenway Park. It’s Boston’s bedrock ballpark, a temple that doubles as home to a signature franchise and a resounding salute to the sport. Fenway belongs in baseball as much as any accoutrement over the last century. There is now no other place on the planet where Babe Ruth played in his loved and loathed uniforms.
baseball  redsox  fenway  yankees  rivalry  history 
april 2012 by grahams
Francona still feels sting of fall -
Terry Francona is still looking for a little perspective.
baseball  tito  mlb  redsox 
february 2012 by grahams
Where Did The Original Green Monster Scoreboard Go? | WBUR
Ask die-hard Boston Red Sox fans what they love most about their team’s home ballpark, and the answer is invariably the Green Monster left field wall, with its manually operated scoreboard.

“That has been there forever,” said Jason Chaves from East Bridgewater. “The scoreboard? Absolutely been there forever.”

Actually, that’s not true. The scoreboard, which for the 2011 home opener is showing a deplorable 0-6 season start, has only been there for 10 years.

It’s a replica.

baseball  mlb  fenway  redsox  history 
february 2012 by grahams
In Defense of John Lackey - Over the Monster
It's been almost four months since the hideous ending to the season and, hopefully, that has put a small portion of emotional distance between us and the 2011 Red Sox, enough to be able to start to see some of the players and their actions in a less jaundiced light; enough to begin a civil discussion about one of the more polarizing figures on the team. As you probably gathered from the title, this is a little post about John Lackey.

baseball  redsox  MLB  pitching  lackey 
january 2012 by grahams
A $154 million bargain? Revisiting Adrian Gonzalez deal in light of Albert Pujols' contract - WEEI | Alex Speier
Is Albert Pujols better than Adrian Gonzalez? Maybe, maybe not. On its face, that is a question that can be debated, with different camps taking different views on the two superstar first basemen.

Is Albert Pujols worth $100 million more than Adrian Gonzalez? On that subject, there is no debate.
baseball  mlb  redsox  brows 
december 2011 by grahams
Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington was born to lead his hometown team - ESPN Boston
During the long, lazy days of summer, young Ben Cherington assembled his trusted friends, grabbed his whiffle ball bat and assumed his stance, demonstrating an uncanny knack for recreating the batting tendencies of each of his beloved Boston Red Sox players.
baseball  mlb  redsox  cherington  profiles 
november 2011 by grahams
Farewell, Red Sox Nation - Theo Epstein - Opinion - The Boston Globe
An farewell editorial by Theo Epstein as he leaves the Red Sox to join the Cubs.
mlb  baseball  redsox  theo 
october 2011 by grahams
Improving Westmoreland prepares to face live pitching | Boston Red Sox | | The Providence Journal
After months of seeing steady progress with his swing, starting with tee work and advancing to soft toss, hitting off a machine and, at long last, batting practice in groups, Westmoreland is on the verge of facing live pitching.
baseball  redsox  mlb  brain  injury  health 
july 2011 by grahams
Sox looking down at pitch counts? - Extra Bases - Red Sox blog
As we were prepping a story about pitch counts yesterday, Mr. Anti-Pitch Count himself - Luis Tiant - strolled into the Red Sox clubhouse.

Tiant never gave a hoot how many pitches he threw and he often got into the 160 and 170s without blinking an eye. And when you ask "Looie" about pitch counts in reference to the modern pitcher he doesn't have a favorable opinion about them. That was then, this is now.

But is it changing within the confines of Yawkey Way?
baseball  redsox  mlb  pitching  strategy 
may 2011 by grahams
Manny Ramirez, the High School Legend -
Manny Ramirez, an 18-year-old from the Dominican Republic known for his fast swing and prodigious power, starred at George Washington High School in Upper Manhattan in 1991.
manny  redsox  MLB  baseball  steroids  from instapaper
april 2011 by grahams
David Ortiz Terrified After Hearing About Red Sox Bats Coming Alive | The Onion Sports Network
During last Sunday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, designated hitter David Ortiz was reportedly horrified by manager Terry Francona’s comment that the Red Sox’ bats were coming alive, which caused the panicked slugger to scream warnings and urge teammates to flee Fenway Park.
baseball  mlb  redsox  onion  funny  lol 
april 2011 by grahams
A Red Sox aural history - Lifestyle Features
Going to a ballgame for the music is like visiting a bus station for bouillabaisse. You shouldn't get your hopes up. As far as tunes go, sports culture has nurtured some seriously rancid cacophony,
redsox  fenway  music 
april 2011 by grahams
Fenway faithful on opening day - - Red Sox - Sports
Sean Graham (left), 34, and Jeff Mahoney, 32, put their glasses together in calm celebration during the fourth inning of the Red Sox season opener.
me  jeffm  rory  baseball  mlb  redsox  boston 
april 2011 by grahams
Which Red Sox Game Was Featured in ‘The Town’? » Baseball-Reference Blog » Blog Archive
I was on a flight this weekend and watched The Town with Ben Affleck. When Ben and Jeremy Renner were scouting Fenway Park for their big heist they were in the upper deck in right field and there was a game going on while they talked. The scene cut to the game and a play was shown. I remembered your Ferris Bueller post from a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about the game that was being played in this movie.

baseball  redsox  movies  film  affleck 
march 2011 by grahams
A year later, prospect Ryan Westmoreland's comeback moves forward - WEEI | Alex Speier
Great profile of Ryan Westmoreland's long, slow climb back towards professional baseball after brain surgery less than a year ago.
baseball  mlb  redsox  westy  brain  surgery  medicine  rehab 
february 2011 by grahams
The Slap - 2004 - A-Rod's Most Embarrassing Moments - Photos -
When cameras panned to Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriguez popcorn from a luxury box at the Super Bowl, it was the latest in a long line of embarrassing moments for one of baseball's top players. Here are some more of A-Rod's worst moments.
a-rod  yankees  redsox  mlb  baseball  photoshop 
february 2011 by grahams
The Joy of Sox: Dave O'Brien Has A Thing For J.D. Drew
Many people are obsessed with J.D. Drew, for many reasons. Most of those reasons have very little to do with playing baseball.
redsox  mlb  baseball  drew  stats  from delicious
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Joe Posnanski » Blog Archive » The Yankees Payroll
The following is a screed about the Yankees payroll. If you are a Yankees fan uninterested in a screed about the payroll, don’t read it. You won’t enjoy it. Go out, buy a championship T-shirt, reminisce about this great team, enjoy the victory. I’m telling you: Don’t read it.

As for the rest of you: The following is a screed about the Yankees payroll. It is, I think, something that is always bubbling below the surface of baseball (when you are not a Yankees fan). I rarely write about it because … it’s like writing about the heat in Phoenix. We all know it’s there, and we don’t really want to talk about it anymore. But with the Yankees winning the World Series and then talking about how it showed the team’s character, well, yeah, I thought maybe this once …
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Ever feel left out when your friends start having an in depth baseball discussion?

Ever wish you can participate, but don’t want to spend every spring, summer and fall studying the game to become an expert?

Then follow my guide and learn my 10 simple phrases and you too can talk baseball.
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At Sold-Out Fenway, a Way In for Those Fans Willing to Wait -
Joan George was in the mood to treat herself to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, where every game since May 15, 2003, has sold out.
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Richard Perry/The New York Times
Joan George was first in the Red Sox’ game-day ticket line, paying $160 for a seat in the front row atop the Green Monster. More Photos »

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So a few hours before a recent game, she went to the back side of the ballpark along Lansdowne Street, in the shadow of the Green Monster in left field, and stood behind a steel barricade. And she waited.
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Graphic: How Jacoby Ellsbury steals a base -
Jacoby Ellsbury tied Tommy Harper’s 36-year-old club record for most bases stolen in a season with 54. Like Harper, Ellsbury possesses unique qualities that enable him to be a prolific base stealer. When stealing second, four unique events happen that determine whether he is successful.
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