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Five Minutes a Day for Fresh-Baked Bread
Baking bread at home saves hundreds of dollars on groceries every year. With this easy method, each deliciously crusty-on-the-outside, moist-and-chewy-on-the-inside loaf will only cost you about 50 cents and 5 minutes a day. We’re not kidding!
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june 2009 by grahams
Polling: Baseball's Stat Star on Campaign '08
Nate Silver, an all-star in the world of baseball stats, may be the political arena's next big draw.
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june 2008 by grahams
Steve Martin - Being Funny
How the pathbreaking comedian got his act together
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january 2008 by grahams
Scrabble Strategy
The biggest mistake most players make is wasting the two best tiles in the bag.
entertainment  games  howto  strategy  tips  scrabble  tutorial  readlater 
november 2007 by grahams
Making Better Cocoa
[...] my short list of ways in which I think Cocoa could be improved. I don’t think anything I’m saying here is new. Certainly I’ve bandied these about with Wil [and] Wolf Rentzsch, and sent them in to Apple as my official wish list for 10.6 “Ocel
apple  cocoa  coredata  evolution  interesting  mac  programming  osx  leopard  readlater 
november 2007 by grahams
Rands In Repose: Secret Titles
What do you do? Seriously, on your business card there is a title. [..] Is that what you actually do? Try this: think about the last four hours of your job and give yourself a title.
personal  productivity  rant  toread  work  readlater  management 
november 2007 by grahams
Programmers Need To Learn Statistics Or I Will Kill Them All
I have a major pet peeve that I need to confess. I go insane when I hear programmers talking about statistics like they know shit when it’s clearly obvious they do not.
readlater  coding  computers  articles  statistics  programming  math  mathematics  development  software 
august 2007 by grahams
A List Apart: Articles: Never Use a Warning When you Mean Undo
Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you realize—just a split second too late—that you shouldn’t have clicked “Okay” in the “Are you sure you want to quit?” dialog?
articles  37signals  design  coding  development  gui  hci  usability  interface  warning  readlater 
july 2007 by grahams
Leshy's Page - The Tale of the Mad Feces King
What follows is the highly disturbing tale of a roommate that more or less slowly descended into total madness, up to the point where he was storing dead animals in the oven, and taking dumps in various places around the house that werent the toilet bowl.
college  creepy  culture  humor  funny  people  toread  roommate  stories  readlater 
july 2007 by grahams
SD-15A-05, Mean Well SD-15A-05
Maybe use this to provide 5V from inside car's dash to TomTom and Sirius radio?
readlater  hack  car  automotive  power  tomtom  sirius  hawkeye 
february 2007 by grahams
ViInputManager 0.3.1 – Mac OS X – VersionTracker
This bundle patches the Cocoa Text System to add a Vi-like command mode. [...] Essentially, this add Vi command functionality (albeit a small subset) to any (and all) text editors that use the Cocoa text system;
vi  text  editors  cocoa  macosx  awesome  readlater 
february 2007 by grahams
CoRD is a remote desktop client for Mac OS X ported from the UNIX program rdesktop. It is a Universal Binary, and allows you to connect to multiple servers concurrently. (Sounds like a gui version of rdesktop, which I currently use)
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november 2006 by grahams LJ Clean Friends
This script [..] kills potential quizzes and replaces them with a link to their post (basically it forces any tables or forms into an LJ cut) . Also as a bonus it limits the width of images so your friends page isn’t blown out of wack.
readlater  greasemonkey  firefox  mozilla  livejournal  hack  images 
november 2006 by grahams
Idolator Presents: The Greatest Public-Access Music Videos Of All Time, Part II - Idolator
Ye asked, and now ye shall receive: After last week's somewhat-heralded round-up of some of the best music videos to ever make it to the public-access airwaves, we gladly (and humbly) unveil the sequel. After the click-through, please join us for a deligh
september 2006 by grahams
How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change the World? One. And You're Looking At It.
For years, compact fluorescent bulbs have promised dramatic energy savings--yet they remain a mere curiosity. That's about to change.
environment  green  interesting  science  technology  business  readlater 
august 2006 by grahams
CocoaMySQL - A MySQL GUI for Mac OS X
CocoaMySQL is an application used to manage MySQL databases (locally or over the internet). It lets you add and remove databases and tables, change fields and indexes, view and filter the content of tables, add, edit and remove rows, perform custom querie
apple  applications  cocoa  database  sql  web  tools  utilities  readlater 
august 2006 by grahams
You Can Take The Boy Outta Brooklyn…
This early edit of the famous cantina scene from Star Wars is completely without sound effects & dubbing - it’s hysterical to hear the actors speaking in their natural British accents (the bartender and walrus-man’s pal, notably, had their dialogue ov
starwars  readlater  video 
august 2006 by grahams | eG weekly | For definite
"The" has its place. That, more or less, is the theme of Glenda Browne's treatise called The Definite Article: Acknowledging "the" in Index Entries.
readlater  articles  grammar  language  indexing 
august 2006 by grahams
Boing Boing: Unintentionally hideous college recruitment video
Appalachian State University put out this video last year and it instantly became a viral hit amongst the educational community. It's probably THE worst educational recruitment video ever and possibly one of the worst songs ever recorded.
august 2006 by grahams
Check Out That Serenity Documentary ... for Free! - Cinematical
Ah, but what's this? Someting called a "free torrent" is available? The filmmakers DON'T MIND if you download their movie without paying for it?
serenity  josswedon  firefly  dvd  torrents  free  readlater 
august 2006 by grahams
The Atlantic Online | July 1945 | As We May Think | Vannevar Bush
Now, says Dr. Bush, instruments are at hand which, if properly developed, will give man access to and command over the inherited knowledge of the ages. The perfection of these pacific instruments should be the first objective of our scientists as they eme
articles  history  internet  news  software  hypertext  readlater 
may 2006 by grahams
html2text: THE ASCIINATOR (aka html2txt)
Check this out at home since the goodrich filter bitches at me
readlater  html  python  text  snfc 
may 2006 by grahams
The Sneeze - For Your Viewing Pleasure - Two Legendary Pilots
I've seen Heat Vision and Jack several times, but I want to check out this "Lookwell" show.
tv  pilots  video  readlater 
may 2006 by grahams
Robert Accettura’s Fun With Wordage » Blog Archive » Cleaning a Firefox Profile
I occasionally like to clean my Firefox profile. I test quite a few extensions, and play around a bit, so every once in a while, I just want to clean up.
readlater  mozilla  firefox  geek  tips  hints 
may 2006 by grahams
Uncharted Territory: A Conversation with Vinton Cerf
NEH Chairman Bruce Cole talked recently with one of the Fathers of the Internet, Vinton G. Cerf. A recipient of the National Medal of Technology, Cerf is vice president and "chief Internet evangelist" for Google.
readlater  articles  vintcerf  internet  geek  google 
may 2006 by grahams
The Space Review: Astronauts and Area 51: the Skylab Incident
This secrecy was threatened in early 1974 when the astronauts on Skylab pointed their camera out the window and took pictures of a facility that did not officially exist. They returned to Earth and their photographs quickly became a headache for NASA, the
readlater  nasa  reconnaissance  imint  skylab 
january 2006 by grahams
This American Life | Testosterone
Stories of people getting more testosterone and coming to regret it. And of people losing it and coming to appreciate life without it. The pros and cons of the hormone of desire.
readlater  interesting 
january 2006 by grahams

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