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Don'€™t Eat Before Reading This
"A New York chef spills some trade secrets."
anthonybourdain  food  newyork  restaurant 
june 2018 by grahams
The Fashion Outlaw Dapper Dan
"Twenty-five years after luxury labels
sued his Harlem boutique out of existence,
Gucci looks to him for inspiration."
fashion  streets  hiphop  nyc  newyork  underground 
june 2017 by grahams
This Is How We Ride -
THIS summer the city’s Department of Transportation inaugurates a new bike-share program.

David Byrne on NYC finally catching up with Boston and it's bike sharing program.
bikes  bicycles  hubway  nyc  newyork  davidbyrne 
may 2012 by grahams
A Classic Vietnamese Sandwich Absorbs Local Flavors -
FRED HUA’S banh mi pho does not look like a cultural revolution. But in its juicy, messy way, it is. Served at Nha Toi in Brooklyn, where he is the chef and owner, banh mi pho is stuffed with the ingredients for pho, the sacred soup of Vietnam: beef scented with star anise and cinnamon, fresh basil and crunchy bean sprouts.
banhmi  food  restaurants  newyork  nyc  manhattan  nytimes  vietnam 
may 2009 by grahams
Boston Red Sox - Reporter from Red Sox Nation finds sneers and loathing in the land of Yankees - The Boston Globe
The contagious joy of Red Sox Nation may have spread to all corners of the country this week, but New York is apparently immune.
funny  baseball  mlb  redsox  yankees  boston  newyork  sox 
october 2007 by grahams
The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel
As the 30th anniversary of the Alameda-Weehawken burrito tunnel approaches, it’s worth taking a look at the [..] sequence of events that takes place between the time we click “deliver” on the site and the moment that our burrito a
humor  burritos  food  funny  california  newyork  eastcoast  westcoast 
april 2007 by grahams
YouTube - David Lynch's Public Service Announcement
This public service commercial to "clean up new york" was directed by David Lynch and photographed by Frederick Elmes. Perhaps the scariest commercial ever made.
lynch  davidlynch  film  movies  tv  television  commercials  litter  newyork 
april 2007 by grahams

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