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The Men Who Have Taken Wiffle Ball to a Crazy, Competitive Place
"Ben McGrath reports on the games and equipment modifications of players in the Palisades Wiffle Ball League."
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15 days ago by grahams
Veterans Speak Out Against The Militarization Of Sports - Only A Game
"Before 9/11, giant flags and flyovers were reserved for the Super Bowl. Today, they are commonplace. Even the players wear camouflage jerseys. The military is omnipresent. And it’s by design."
"The public accepts this as supporting the troops, but one group of individuals — the veterans themselves — is more skeptical. One voice stood out: William Astore's."
""They bring out a humongous flag," he says. "Military jets fly overhead, sometimes it’s a B-2 stealth bomber, sometimes it’s fighter jets.""
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8 weeks ago by grahams
The Results Of Taking A Fastball To The Nuts Are As Horrifying As You Can Imagine
"Back on May 5, our unfortunate Yadier Molina took a deflected 102-mph fastball directly to the dick and balls, organs which baseball decorum demand be dangled near home plate with alarming precarity. He was rushed into surgery for an injury that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch referred to as a “traumatic hematoma.” Given the location of trauma and subsequent bleeding, we can deduce that Yadi was whisked under the knife to deal with a scrotum full of blood."
"So, what does a testicle expert think about Molina’s injury?"
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10 weeks ago by grahams
We Tried It: Fenway Park’s New Jim Beam Dugout
"Ever wanted to watch the game mere inches from the Fenway dirt while spying on Dustin Pedroia? Now's your chance."
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april 2018 by grahams
The Very Modern Life of an Old-Timey Baseball Organist
"Powered by technology and enthusiasm, Fenway Park’s Josh Kantor pulls out all the stops."
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october 2017 by grahams
The Juiced Ball Is Back
"New testing suggests the baseball is at least partially responsible for MLB’s huge homer spike"
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june 2017 by grahams
Starling Marte and Home Runs in the Era of PED Testing
Joe Sheehan (and the data) suggests that the "Steroid Era" of baseball may have been more accurately described as the "Expansion/Players' Strike Era"...
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april 2017 by grahams
MLB rookies won't dress like women this year. Here's what players think about the new rule.
"Sean Doolittle understands the concern.

The veteran A’s reliever, asked about the new, collectively bargained MLB rule that prohibits the long-standing tradition of forcing rookies to dress up as women for a late-season road trip, stressed that he does not think ballplayers ever meant to marginalize any fans in the practice. But, Doolittle said, if the increased social-media attention around the annual rite of passage alienated fans, there’s no good reason to keep it going.

“It has always been one of those sacred clubhouse rituals,” Doolittle said. “With the nature of media now, and the transparency that comes with social media, that stuff gets a lot more publicity. And while it’s meant in good fun, we also have to be aware of what it looks like to other people. And if other people say they’re offended by it, who are we to say what you’re allowed to be offended by or what you’re not allowed to be offended by?”"
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march 2017 by grahams
The Rebirth of Baseball’s Great Communicator – The Ringer
"Terry Francona became a baseball legend when he helped end the Curse of the Bambino. Now, years after an acrimonious end with the Red Sox, he’s rebuilt the Cleveland Indians into a World Series contender and reassumed his position as a pillar of the sport. He’s equally revered for his managerial innovations and press conference quirk, and he’s happy to talk about all of it — right after he pulls his tooth out of his tobacco."
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march 2017 by grahams
Thanks for the Memories, New York
"And when I hear you boo me, I’m gonna try to hit the ball over that white fence, all the way to the mother******* choo choo train. "
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september 2016 by grahams
The Five Toughest Pitchers I’ve Ever Faced
The Players’ Tribune asked me to name the five toughest pitchers I’ve ever faced. I don’t want this to be boring, so I’m going to mix it up a little bit and give you three legendary guys who are retired and two younger guys who have really impressed me recently.
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september 2016 by grahams
What does it take to be the organist for the Boston Red Sox?
"Josh Kantor has heard every hacky organ joke in the book. The organist for the Boston Red Sox since 2003, Kantor has spent dozens of nights (and some days) every year perched in a booth near the top of Fenway Park, whipping through both old stadium classics—“Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” a handful of Motown standards—and newer, more off-kilter tunes with aplomb. Kantor, who also works as a part-time librarian assistant at the Harvard Music Library, has become a bit of a fan favorite, taking requests from Red Sox faithful in the stands via Twitter and posting some of his takes to his YouTube account.

The A.V. Club talked to Kantor about his role within the Red Sox organization, his daily grind, and why he thinks that, even in the age of MP3s, baseball organists matter."
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august 2016 by grahams
David Ortiz Is the Best Home Run Trotter of All Time
"He’s got style, he’s got personality, and he rounds the bases more slowly than anyone else in Major League Baseball."
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july 2016 by grahams
The Doug Mirabelli Trade: An Oral History
Ten years ago, a backup catcher got presidential treatment.
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april 2016 by grahams
ESPN Tried to Shame Cuba on Poverty and It Backfired Spectacularly
"The caption read, "Meanwhile, next to the stadium in Havana..." — an apparent attempt to highlight the irony of the most powerful man in the world enjoying a game at a fancy ballpark while the ills of poverty sat right next door.

There was just one problem"
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march 2016 by grahams
Time For A New MLB Concussion Protocol
"Baseball is a peaceful game, in which the only violence is supposed to be the smack of the wooden bat against the leather cover of the ball. However, the ball doesn’t always follow the path the pitcher intends, and sometimes there’s just no time to get out of the way. In light of the national conversation surrounding the subject and a recent spring training incident, Brandon Magee believes that it is time for a new MLB concussion protocol."
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march 2016 by grahams
Loose Gossage Needs A Reality Check
"Sitting in the hot sun also must have cost poor Gossage his memories of fellow teammate (and current Yankee guest instructor) Mickey Rivers. It’s hard to believe that Mick the Quick and his bat twirls would have a problem with anybody’s bat flips or jazzy handshakes. Even the ultimate Yankee himself, Mickey Mantle, managed some pizazz with that lethal swing – so it’s not just about “us old guys don’t like it.”"
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march 2016 by grahams
Brian Bannister and the art of making pitchers better
"The Red Sox’ director of pitching development uses a unique blend of creativity and analytics in his work with the team’s staff."
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february 2016 by grahams
Are You Flipping Kidding Me?
"I flipped my bat. I’m human. The emotion got to me. It’s in my DNA. If you think that makes me a jerk, that’s fine. But let’s call it what it is. Let’s not have these loaded conversations about “character” and the integrity of the game every time certain players show emotion in a big moment. That kind of thinking is not just old school. It’s just ignorant.

And it is slowly becoming extinct."
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november 2015 by grahams
Think Redskins name is offensive? What about Yawkey Way?
"So here's a question: Why haven't we renamed Yawkey Way?

Yawkey was a product of the South who embraced the status quo. He put his clubs in the hands of men like Pinky Higgins, Joe Cronin, and Eddie Collins, who were at best resistant to the idea of integration and at worst virulent racists. Under their stewardship, the Red Sox came to be known as, "The Plantation."

Yawkey wasn't overt. He wasn't a preening Grand Dragon. He didn't wear the hood or burn crosses. His racism assumed a more insidious form best interpreted via his actions. Or lack of them.

In his landmark 2003 work, "Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston," former Boston Herald columnist Howard Bryant laid bare the team's ignominious past. He noted that less than a year before Pumpsie Green became their first black player in 1959, the Red Sox didn't employ a single African-American at any level of the organization, "not with the grounds crew, custodians, concessionaires, or office staff.""
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november 2015 by grahams
Flipping out
"Both the most- and least-surprising aspect of that moment was that baseball has a rule for it. And, as you noted, the rule — rule 6.03a, as we learned — is literally an EXACT description of what happened. It was the most surprising aspect because, indeed, no one had ever seen it before. It was the least surprising aspect because of course baseball has a rule for this, it has a rule for everything.  And of course it was incredibly specific, because all of baseball’s rules are incredibly specific. Baseball rules are the opposite of football rules."
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october 2015 by grahams
Baseball Is Not a Contact Sport
"That’s it. That’s the whole thing. There are contact sports out there. A whole lot of contact sports. Baseball is not and never has been among them."
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october 2015 by grahams
It's time for Major League Baseball to protect middle infielders from the kind of slide that broke Ruben Tejada's leg | FOX Sports
"In the culture of Major League Baseball, this play is acceptable, because people have been sliding into middle infielders for years, and it's part of the game.

Well, running over catchers at home plate was part of the game, too, until MLB eventually realized it didn't want it to be part of the game. MLB explicitly told players to stop running over catchers. And you know what? I haven't heard one single person complain that they missed catchers getting run over this year. The game has gone on and been as entertaining as ever without that part, and MLB will be just fine without continuing to endanger middle infielders in the future."
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october 2015 by grahams
Racism in Baseball isn't Going Anywhere | VICE Sports
"We're opening this game to everyone that can play. However, if you're going to come into our country and make our American dollars, you need to respect a game that has been here for over a hundred years..."

This may sound like the kind of thing you'd hear during one of Donald Trump's campaign speeches, but it was actually said by current major leaguer Bud Norris. Alas, many white American players share Norris' beliefs, which may explain why 82 percent of brawls in the last five seasons have pitted different ethnic groups against each other, primarily white and Latino players, according to a story this week in USA Today. It begs the question: Is there racism in baseball?
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october 2015 by grahams
Diamondbacks announcers' selfie shaming needlessly alienates younger fans -
Having a group of women taken to task by the broadcast booth during a meaningless game in late September for enjoying themselves is pretty silly. Presumably these women paid for a ticket, just like anyone else in attendance, and didn't seem to be bothering anyone by snapping photos with their phones of their silly faces and giant churros, yet the television booth decided they were worthy of ridicule because they happened to be on their phones instead of using that time to watch every single minute of a nine-inning game
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october 2015 by grahams
Just a Kid From Santo Domingo | By David Ortiz
Listen, bro: If you can hit a baby doll head with a broomstick, you can hit an inside cutter. You don’t need a batting cage in the Dominican. You just have to love the game. And you need to be able to fight off your sister when she comes looking for her baby doll.
davidortiz  ortiz  mlb  baseball  bigpapi  redsox  papi 
september 2015 by grahams
How A Secret Brotherhood's Revolt Nearly Destroyed The National League
"Today marks the 125th anniversary of the formation of the Players' League, the most radical experiment ever attempted by baseball's major leagues. It was a rebellion led by a slender, brilliant shortstop, who had begun pondering revolt nine months before, in the shadow of the pyramids."
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september 2015 by grahams
The Ball-Catching Expert Who Caught A-Rod's 3000th Hit
"Zack Hample isn't your typical fan at a ball game. He's there to snag baseballs, and do it with a studied, meticulous approach. In this VICE Sports exclusive, we hung out with the "Ball Hawk" in the days following his catch of Alex Rodriguez's 3000th hit. While in some ways it served as the pinnacle of his time in the stands it also brought with it a firestorm of media coverage and public opinion that wasn't always friendly. Life can be lonely in the bleachers, too."
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september 2015 by grahams
‘Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!’
"The twisted, true story of the drug-addled, beer-guzzling hardcore punks who made the most popular T-shirts in Boston history"
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september 2015 by grahams
The Website MLB Couldn’t Buy
Meet Durland and Darvin, the Hummer-driving, rock-and-roll-playing, real-life twins keeping in the family and out of Minnesota’s baseball mitt
mlb  baseball  twins  history  internet  domains 
august 2015 by grahams
Brewers minor-leaguer makes baseball history by coming out publicly as gay
"With the help of MLB’s first Ambassador for Inclusion, David Denson of the Helena Brewers reached out to the Journal Sentinel to tell his story. In doing so, he becomes the first active player in affiliated professional baseball to reveal that he is gay."
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august 2015 by grahams
500 (More) Words on Baseball Clocks
"Thursday, I was in Toledo to do a story on minor league home run champion Mike Hessman, and I watched my first baseball game with a clock. And I’ll just say it right out because there’s no point in playing games here: I was 100% wrong. I was so totally, ridiculously and absurdly wrong that, frankly, I want to write an angry email in response to myself. It is hardly the first time I was this wrong. It won’t be the last."
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august 2015 by grahams
Why A 16-Year-Old Shortstop Could Be First Woman To Sign With MLB
<Blockquote> Meet Melissa Mayeux, a 16-year-old from France who made history this weekend when she apparently became the first woman ever to be added to MLB's international registration list. As a result, she can be signed by a Major League Baseball team as soon as July 2. You know, NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING. </Blockquote>
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june 2015 by grahams
MLB's Culture Clash, or Why Baseball Is Boring
"The old-school rules of baseball are badly out of step with modern society and, unless something changes, baseball will lose what's left of its fan base."
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may 2015 by grahams
Fenway Park Organist Josh Kantor on Stadium Food and Red Velvet Cookies
"This busy musician goes from library to ballpark to club gigs"
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may 2015 by grahams
How MLB Stays White
"When the Milwaukee Brewers hired Craig Counsell as the team's new manager on Monday, it hardly came as a surprise. Already a "special assistant" to the club's general manager, Counsell spent six of his 16 professional playing seasons in Milwaukee, was a fan favorite and attended high school in a nearby suburb. His father once worked for the Brewers' front office.

In fact, reports of Counsell's hiring were flying across Twitter within an hour of the team's Sunday dismissal of previous manager Ron Roenicke, who led Milwaukee to a Major League Baseball-worst 5-17 record in April. And none of that would be a problem, except for this: Milwaukee's seemingly non-existent managerial search means the club almost certainly violated the league's "Selig Rule," which mandates that teams consider minority candidates for all prominent front office positions, including manager."
mlb  baseball  racism  history 
may 2015 by grahams
Time for the National League to use the DH
Scherzer, however, got at the root of the argument when he said, "If you look at it from the macro side, who'd people rather see hit: Big Papi or me? Who would people rather see, a real hitter hitting home runs or a pitcher swinging a wet newspaper? Both leagues need to be on the same set of rules."
mlb  baseball  dh  nl  history 
april 2015 by grahams
The Future of Binge TV Belongs to America's Oldest Sport
HBO’s much-hyped fifth-season premiere of Game of Thrones this month was a resounding success, not just with its record-high ratings but also the distinct lack of people hurling large objects at their screens. [...] outages on the network's streaming service for cable subscribers, HBO Go, crippled last year's Thrones debut. Not this time around, and not on the network's new standalone digital streaming service. That's because HBO learned its lesson.[..]the infrastructure didn't belong to Netflix or Time Warner or some other expected broadcast conglomerate. It was Major League Baseball's.
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april 2015 by grahams
Why the National League should adopt the DH.
"We've come to take things for granted, because over the last four-plus decades it has become the norm, but baseball has been played under awkward conditions unlike any other in major American sports. The two Major Leagues -- American and National -- play by different rules, ones that affect everything from roster construction to payroll management to in-game decision-making.

What if the NBA's Eastern Conference had a three-point line and the Western Conference didn't? Or in the NHL, the East went to a shootout after overtime and the West just ended in a tie? And during cross-conference games in either sport, you play by the home teams rules? Of course, it's silly to even contemplate."
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april 2015 by grahams
Letter to My Younger Self | The Players' Tribune
"Dear 16-year-old Curt,

Tomorrow at lunch, a kid is going to dare you to take a dip of Copenhagen. If you say yes, like I did, you’ll be addicted for the rest of your life. Well, the rest of your life up to the point when you are diagnosed with cancer."
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april 2015 by grahams
How To Attend A Sporting Event Like A Functional Adult
"Anyway, baseball season is upon us, and baseball is the easiest and most available (and in some ways, the best) professional sport to watch in person, and so this is a good time to talk about how to attend a sporting event—functional stuff like shopping for tickets, and also tips and advice for having the best possible time. "
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april 2015 by grahams
Don’t Let Op-Eds Ruin Baseball
The New York Times on Wednesday published an op-ed with the headline “Don’t Let Statistics Ruin Baseball.” Some of the baseball nuts at FiveThirtyEight staff couldn’t contain themselves after reading it. Here’s an edited transcript of our Slack conversation.
baseball  statistics  dumb  mlb 
april 2015 by grahams
Josh Hamilton deserved better than the public trial he got
The Angels should be ashamed of themselves.
The more I think about it, the more appalled I am that we even knew that Josh Hamilton faced a possible suspension from baseball.
drugs  mlb  baseball  addiction 
april 2015 by grahams
The Dirt - David Ortiz
"David Ortiz speaks on PED allegations, MLB's testing policy and whether or not he deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame."
baseball  mlb  redsox  bigpapi  papi  steroids  testing  drugs 
march 2015 by grahams
Kurkjian: Baseball has history of ambidexterity
"Pat Venditte, the ambidextrous pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, was throwing in the bullpen during spring training recently and, as always, threw the same number of pitches right-handed as left-handed. After watching that session, Oakland manager Bob Melvin said, "He wears No. 74, but I swear, when I looked down at [the bullpen] a second time, he was wearing No. 47.""
baseball  mlb  brain  awesome 
march 2015 by grahams
The illusion of how to play baseball
"MLB’s official historian discusses how the sport’s rules have changed, why we should have stuck with the ‘Massachusetts’ version"
baseball  mlb  history  rules 
march 2015 by grahams
The power struggle over Josh Hamilton and why Rob Manfred needs to do what's right
"The Josh Hamilton case should be about his addiction and only his addiction. It's what anybody fighting substance abuse deserves: The ability to remain sober with as few distractions as possible. The very last thing he needs is people with vested interests in his career twisting his problems into something about themselves. This is not about the Los Angeles Angels, not about Major League Baseball's drug program, not about anybody but Hamilton and his disease.

mlb  baseball  addiction  drugs  money  unions 
march 2015 by grahams
What Do You Think of Ted Williams Now?
"Regarded as perhaps the finest piece of sportswriting on record, the furious saga of Teddy Ballgame — from boy to man and near death — is an unmatchable remembrance for an American icon."
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february 2015 by grahams
"This incredible, genuine memo, issued to all Major League Baseball teams in 1898 as part of a documented campaign spearheaded by John Brush to rid the sport of filthy language, was discovered in 2007 amongst the belongings of the late baseball historian Al Kermish, also a respected collector of memorabilia. Essentially an on-field code of conduct, most amusing is that the memo was in fact so expletive-laden and obscene as to be "unmailable" to its intended audience via the postal service, and so was delivered by hand to each of the League's 12 clubs and their foul-mouthed players."
lol  history  baseball  swearing  mlb  language 
february 2015 by grahams
Alex Rodriguez's return to the New York Yankees
"Six months, four cities, two coasts and one Batman suit -- we chronicle the fallen slugger's winding road back to pinstripes."
baseball  schadenfreude  yankees  mlb 
february 2015 by grahams
Left Out
Andrew McCutchen on the financial gap between low-income families and playing baseball.
mlb  baseball  culture  inequality 
february 2015 by grahams
Red Sox create new behavioral health department
"Amid the announcement of promotions and hires will be the mention of an unusual addition to baseball operations. According to team and industry sources, the Red Sox will name Dr. Richard Ginsburg, co-director of the PACES Institute of Sports Psychology at Massachusetts General Hospital, as the head of a new department of behavioral health."
baseball  mlb  redsox  mentalhealth  psychology 
january 2015 by grahams
Hall of Fame voters still let personal bias get in the way. | : Will Leitch Article
"That we allow writers to vote on this highest of baseball honors is, for all the attempts to reform it, an anachronism. It's a callback to a time when there were a limited number of men (and it was almost always men) who saw players more than anyone else did and therefore were the only people who had the most important qualifications: First-hand observation, and at least the pretense of impartiality. You couldn't let just players and managers -- the only other people who saw all of these players play -- choose who got in, because they would let everybody in, or at least just their close friends. Writers were the sole other option. It had to be them. They were there all the time. Who else would you ask?"
halloffame  baseball  mlb 
january 2015 by grahams
Boston loved Pedro Martinez, and the feeling was mutual
"Boston’s beloved king of the mound is now a Hall of Famer"
mlb  baseball  redsox  pitching  pedro 
january 2015 by grahams
MLB umpire Dale Scott comes out as gay in quietest way possible
"I am extremely grateful that Major League Baseball has always judged me on my work and nothing else," he says. A photo with his husband in a small magazine was his first public acknowledgment.
mlb  baseball  gay  umpires 
december 2014 by grahams
Curt Schilling not hiding his scars
It's a bummer he's still fence-sitting on campaigning for the banning of tobacco in baseball..
Still reeling from his company's bankruptcy and a grueling battle with cancer, former World Series hero knows he has only himself to blame
mlb  baseball  redsox  schilling  cancer  tobacco 
october 2014 by grahams
Shea Stadium is gone, but its impact on ballparks lives on.
Sunday will not only conclude the 50th anniversary of Shea Stadium's opening season, but it also marks the six-year anniversary of the final game played there. Fittingly, the Mets will take on the Astros -- who moved into the Astrodome, another multipurpose stadium which was considered a modern marvel, a year after Shea's first Opening Day -- on this much forgotten commemoration. 
sports  baseball  mlb  politics  mets  sheastadium 
september 2014 by grahams
Will Joe Girardi rediscover his self-respect when Derek Jeter is gone? -
Joe Girardi can say he wasn't hired to put on a farewell tour all he wants. He was, and he betrayed both himself and the fans by doing so.
lol  baseball  mlb  yankees 
september 2014 by grahams
The Woman Who Struck Out Babe Ruth And Lou Gehrig
Elizabeth Stroud was a professional baseball pitcher in the 1890&#39;s, and she was damn good. She&#39;s just one of many baseball-playing women who are lost to history.
mlb  baseball  feminism  women  sports 
september 2014 by grahams
What I find interesting is that baseball seems to have a pace of game problem because everyone says that it does. The average game lasts 3 hours, but then the average NFL game lasts 3 hours (they usually schedule two blocks of games on Sundays, three hours apart). They huddle in the NFL between plays to talk it over. There can be as many as 12 timeouts in an NFL game where the coach and the team have a little pep talk. The NFL invented instant replay. Yet, there is no “pace of game” problem in the NFL.
baseball  mlb  rules  sports  television  tv 
august 2014 by grahams
The Dodgers/Red Sox trade, 2 years later
Two years ago today, the Dodgers did something insane. Let's look at how both teams fared after the big deal.
baseball  mlb  redsox  dodgers 
august 2014 by grahams
An Idiot in Exile - Johnny Damon is adjusting to life without baseball.
More than two years since he last played in the big leagues, Johnny Damon still wants to get back in. The money helps, of course, but it's really about the fun, the parties and the teammates. At his core, Damon is just a big kid, which is both the best and worst thing about him.
mlb  baseball  redsox  mfy  damon 
july 2014 by grahams
MINOR LEAGUE MANHOOD - A first-hand account of masculine sports culture run amok.
Lots of guys made their cases for why they should be considered the alpha male of a locker room in the low minors when this writer was down on the farm. But the biggest separator was one's prowess with the opposite sex. It fostered a toxic culture of misogyny and exploitation.
mlb  baseball  misogyny  sex  sexism 
july 2014 by grahams
A quantum of Oriole
To the beaten dog, every sudden movement is another impending brutality in a lifetime of such. Eventually, even the most modest and trivial move in the mutt’s direction induces a simpering cower.

baseball  mlb  orioles  davidsimon 
july 2014 by grahams
The Hater’s Guide To Derek Jeter
I missed the All-Jeter Game last night but I'm told it was an emotional Jeterball game in which Derek Jeter jetered a few hits and saved 12 babies that fell from the stands and mowed the outfield so that you could see a crucifix pattern in the grass. There was also a small Jeterversy in which Adam Jeterwright laid down for Derek Jeter (who hasn't?!) and let him get off an extra Jeter for old Jeter's sake.
lol  mlb  baseball  yankees  mfy  jeter 
july 2014 by grahams
We can't let Derek Jeter be anything but perfect.
This was the perfect final All-Star Game for Derek Jeter. Not because he had two hits, not because he received several massive ovations, not because his final sendoff was indulgent but still somehow understated. It was the perfect final All-Star Game for Derek Jeter because, in one moment, what Jeter is, and what we demand him to be, came into vivid focus. We are nearing the end of Jeter's career, and we still can't let him be anything but perfect. We can't let him just be a great player. He has to be a god.
baseball  mlb  jeter  yankees 
july 2014 by grahams
Renaming the 'ultimate grand slam'
Rajai Davis hit an ultimate grand slam on Monday night, but no one's calling it that because it's a stupid name. Let's rename it.
baseball  mlb  history  lol  languages 
july 2014 by grahams
The A’s Are Playing a New Brand of Moneyball
The funniest thing about the legacy of Moneyball, the 2003 Michael Lewis book and the 2011 Brad Pitt movie, is that it quickly became an ongoing leadership seminar about losers.
mlb  baseball  billybeane  moneyball  sabermetrics 
july 2014 by grahams
This Bud’s for No One
The sad, financially successful legacy of baseball commissioner Bud Selig.
baseball  business  sports  mlb 
july 2014 by grahams
Astro-Matic Baseball
Can Houston’s radical rebuilding project—featuring a Nerd Cave led by a blackjack dealer turned rocket scientist—actually work? Maybe sooner than you think
baseball  mlb  sabermetrics  scouting  astros  science  statistics 
june 2014 by grahams
Greatest thing ever
Perfection in Jeteration is when you can so perfectly present over-the-top praise for the Derek Jeter that you would use the exact same graphic or story or take as satire. This is not as easy as it sounds.
mlb  baseball  yankees  jeter  mfy  lol 
june 2014 by grahams
Pedro Martinez on the Art and Science of Pitching
Pedro Martinez was a genius with a baseball in his right hand. One of the most dominant pitchers of all time, he didn’t just overpower hitters. He outsmarted them. When he was on top of his game – as he often was – he was almost unhittable. No starting pitcher in history has a better adjusted ERA.

Martinez might be best described as a thinking man’s power pitcher. His pure stuff alone would have made him a star. His ability to read hitters and maximize his talent put him on a whole new level. The Hall of Fame awaits.

Martinez – currently a special assistant for the Red Sox – shared the wisdom of his craft earlier this week at the site of some his greatest glory, Fenway Park.
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may 2014 by grahams
Curious David Ortiz Wondering What Happens To Players After They Retire
Man, my best friend Jason Vortex [sic] retired a few whiles ago, and I was really sad, but maybe I can see him again someday.
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may 2014 by grahams
John Henry and the Making of a Red Sox Baseball Dynasty
The Boston Red Sox’s owner didn’t buy a championship team. He built one by doing the math
mlb  boston  redsox  baseball  sabermetrics  moneyball  economics  johnhenry 
april 2014 by grahams
Josh Lueke Is A Rapist, You Say? Keep Saying It.
Late Saturday night, during the Yankees-Rays game, I stumbled onto an online conversation among baseball writers and fans regarding the propriety of tweeting about Rays pitcher Josh Lueke's criminal history every time he's on the mound.
mlb  baseball  crime  rape  lueke  scumbags  assholes 
april 2014 by grahams
A Major League Pitcher's Guide To Doctoring A Baseball
The old saying says that it's not illegal if you don't get caught. In baseball, sometimes it isn't illegal even if you do.
mlb  baseball  cheating  pitching 
april 2014 by grahams
From the Harvard Library to Fenway, Red Sox Organist Says He's Ready for Opener
On Friday, Joshua Kantor will take the day off from work. Instead of heading to Harvard, where he works as a part-time librarian assistant, Kantor will be starting the year at his other job: playing the organ for Boston’s beloved baseball team, the Red Sox.
music  baseball  mlb  redsox  fenway  harvard  libraries 
april 2014 by grahams
Checking for a Concussion With the Clock Running
This article makes a great point. Baseball needs to add a mechanism for a play to come out of the lineup, be properly tested for a concussion, and then returned to the lineup later assuming the test is negative.
mlb  baseball  rules  concussion  TBI 
april 2014 by grahams
MLB increases penalties for PED use
Major League Baseball players suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs will not be eligible for the postseason or for postseason shares under new rules enacted by MLB and the MLB Players Association Friday.

First-time offenders will receive an 80-game suspension, up from 50 games. A second violation will result in a full-season suspension and a loss of pay for 183 days, closing a loophole that allowed disgraced Yankees star Alex Rodriguez to collect $2.8 million last year. A third violation brings a permanent suspension.
mlb  baseball  PEDs  steroids 
march 2014 by grahams
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