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The Red Special: Brian May’s Handmade Guitar
Guitarists are a special breed, and many of them have a close connection with the instruments they play. It might be a specific brand of guitar, or a certain setup required to achieve the sound they’re looking for. No one has a closer bond with an instrument than Brian May to his Red Special. The guitar he toured with and played through his career with Queen and beyond had very humble beginnings. It was built from scratch by Brian and his father Harold May.
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june 2017 by grahams
Garage manufacturing, in a big garage
THE ARTISAN'S ASYLUM near Boston, Massachusetts, is host to a number of new hardware businesses. They are built around cheap workspace, high-tech tools and crowdsourced funding
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august 2013 by grahams - DIY iPhone Charger
Finally, after a few weeks of waiting, I've managed to proof that my iPhone charger concept works! Special thanks to Jia Ying who helped me buy components from Pudu. Here's how to build your own iPhone charger
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july 2008 by grahams
$14 Steadycam
[..]professional steadycams cost around $1500. Even the cheap 3rd party ones cost $600+. Not exactly a bargain considering many of us use cameras in that price range. So, I decided to make my own version. It turns out, it only costs $14.
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april 2004 by grahams

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