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Review: A Counterfeit, $100 iPhone X
"We disassembled the phone and asked security researchers to probe it to find out what it is. Verdict: It's wild."
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july 2018 by grahams
Intel Mac Temperature Database
"This site will help collect and show the temperatures of Apple Macintosh computers using the new processors by Intel. All new computers that haven't faced the trail of time will have problems and issues that can make users mad and furious. As with the new MacBook Pro machines where were, and still are, problems with heat dissipation. After scouting forums and help sites for information about what temperatures I can expect on a new MacBook, but that turned out to be harder and more scattered than I first imagined. That's the main motive behind this site and it didn't take too long to setup as I had the base code handy from another site"
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september 2016 by grahams
TP-Link TL-WDR7500 / TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 / TP-Link Archer C5 AC1200
Dual Band (concurrent) and Gigabit Ethernet. Advertised as 1750 Mbps. It has simultaneous Triple-Stream (3x3) radios on both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz Bands. It supports 802.11n in 2.4GHz for 450Mbps throughput and IEEE 802.11ac (draft) for 1300Mbps throughput in 5GHz.

The TL-WDR7500, currently available in PRC only, has 6 external antennas. The Archer C7, available worldwide, has 3 internal (2.4GHz) and 3 external (5GHz) antennas.
hardware  software  reference  wifi  openwrt  networking 
january 2015 by grahams
On Hacking MicroSD Cards
Bunnie is the man....
Today at the Chaos Computer Congress (30C3), xobs and I disclosed a finding that some SD cards contain vulnerabilities that allow arbitrary code execution — on the memory card itself. On the dark side, code execution on the memory card enables a class of MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks, where the card seems to be behaving one way, but in fact it does something else. On the light side, it also enables the possibility for hardware enthusiasts to gain access to a very cheap and ubiquitous source of microcontrollers.
hacks  hardware  memory  security  bunnie 
january 2014 by grahams
How Apple Makes the Mac Pro

As a product designer, one of my favorite parts about any new Apple product launch is the inevitable "How it's made" video. The Mac Pro incarnation did not disappoint. 

What makes Apple fascinating is not that they are using some wiz-bang alien technologies to make things - even here in Portland, Oregon, all the technologies Apple shows in this video are in-practice across numerous local factories. What makes Apple unique is that they perform their manufacturing with remarkable precision and on a scale that is simply astonishing, using techniques typically reserved for the aerospace or medical device industries.
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november 2013 by grahams
How long do disk drives last?
How long do disk drives last? The short answer is: we don’t know yet, but it’s longer than you might guess.
disk  failure  hardware  storage 
november 2013 by grahams
Why Does Windows Have Terrible Battery Life?
[...] that battery life gap is worse today – even when using Microsoft's own hardware, designed in Microsoft's labs, running Microsoft's latest operating system released this week. Microsoft can no longer hand wave this vast difference away based on vague references to "poorly optimized third party drivers".
apple  battery  hardware  microsoft  windows 
october 2013 by grahams
Coding Horror: The IPS LCD Revolution
I'll spare you all the exposition and jump to the punchline. I am now the proud owner of three awesome high resolution (2560x1440) 27" IPS LCDs, and I paid less than a thousand dollars for all three of them.
hardware  lcd  deals  cheap  monitors 
october 2012 by grahams
A few things iOS developers ought to know about the ARM architecture
When I wrote my Introduction to NEON on iPhone, I considered some knowledge about the iOS devices’ processors as assumed to be known by the reader. However, from some discussions online I have realized some of this knowledge was not universal; my bad. Furthermore these are things I think are useful for iPhone programming in general (not just if you’re interested in NEON), even if you program in high-level Objective-C. You could live without them, but knowing them will make you a better iPhone programmer.
iphone  ios  hardware  development  code  arm 
november 2011 by grahams
Apple - Support - My Support Profile
Register your hardware, sign up for VoicePass, all that jazz
apple  support  applecare  help  hardware  voicepass 
february 2011 by grahams
Remiel: Making the leap to SSD on a MacBook
This post is intended for the pseudo-technical, “I’m sold; what do I do?” crowd that doesn’t care about the nuances, and just wants to get cracking with a credit card and a screwdriver.
ssd  hardware  hdd  mac  performance  tutorials  from delicious
december 2010 by grahams
Atari 2600 Composite Video Mod Rev 2
Recently I fixed up what I thought was a long-dead Atari 2600. I then decided to come up with a better composite video mod then the one I've been using for over 4 years. After a few hours of tinkering I did! It's similar to the normal mod (found on the site and in my book) but gives a cleaner signal with no interference from the audio and seems to be more compatible with more TV's. I tested it with A LOT of my games and compared it to emulated ROMS on my computer for higher accuracy overall.
todo  benheck  video  2600  atari  consoles  hacks  hardware  soldering  projects 
february 2009 by grahams
Mac OS X Pl2303 Driver Project
The goal of this project is to provide a Prolific PL2303 USB serial adapter driver for Mac OS X. This chip is used in various devices like usb serial dongles and as cheap embedded USB bridge in cellphones, GPS receivers and other applications with low data traffic.
serial  usb  drivers  opensource  awesome  hardware  support 
december 2008 by grahams - DIY iPhone Charger
Finally, after a few weeks of waiting, I've managed to proof that my iPhone charger concept works! Special thanks to Jia Ying who helped me buy components from Pudu. Here's how to build your own iPhone charger
projects  power  make  iphone  hardware  howto  hack  electronics  diy 
july 2008 by grahams
Long Now: "Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine" by Danny Hillis
One day when I was having lunch with Richard Feynman, I mentioned to him that I was planning to start a company to build a parallel computer with a million processors. His reaction was unequivocal, "That is positively the dopiest idea I ever heard."
algorithms  articles  awesome  feynman  physics  computerscience  programming  research  hillis  hardware 
may 2008 by grahams
Trusted Computing for Mac OS X
The purpose of this document is to discuss a specific piece of hardware found in certain Apple computer models: the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
apple  osx  internals  geek  tech  tpm  hardware  drm  security  misunderstood 
november 2006 by grahams
Apple - MacBook
What do you get when you put up to 2GHz of pure Intel Core Duo power, an iSight camera, Front Row, iLife ’06, and a 13-inch glossy widescreen display into a sleek case? More than you thought possible for less than you thought possible. Meet MacBook, sta
apple  computers  design  hardware  laptop  mac  macbook 
may 2006 by grahams
EPoX Computer Co., LTD.
Gib recommended this shuttle-esque PC case for me for use in a MythTV setup
case  pc  hardware  mythtv  pvr 
march 2006 by grahams
YouTube - I/O Brush
I/O Brush is a new drawing tool to explore colors, textures, and movements found in everyday materials by "picking up" and drawing with them.
video  hci  cool  fun  hardware  computers  graphics 
march 2006 by grahams : Beans : Intel Yonah hidden features exposed : Page - 1/1
"Intel's Yonah processor, which ships under the Intel Core Duo moniker, has features that aren't being exposed to the consumer." -- Namely 64-Bit support.
hardware  apple  intel  64bit 
february 2006 by grahams
100GB Serial ATA Retail Hard Drive Kit
Free Western Digital 100GB SATA Drive ($70 - $70 Mail-in Rebate)
deals  shopping  hardware  geek  computers 
december 2005 by grahams

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