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So Who Really Composed The Score for TRON: LEGACY?
"Daft Punk/TRON collaborator Joseph Trapanese sets the record straight."
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may 2015 by grahams
Strange Visitor: A Conversation With Aphex Twin | Features | Pitchfork
"Nice bit of porn!" Richard D. James says as he hoists a duffel bag off the floor, extracts a boxy black machine, and lays it on the table next to his empty juice glass. “That is a good piece of fucking equipment." I wish I could tell you more about the gear in question, but honestly, his mini-tutorial flies by in a blur, because, well: Aphex Twin is sitting in front of me, showing off his fucking drum machine.
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september 2014 by grahams
A Guy Called Gerald & Graham Massey - Attack Magazine
808 State’s Graham Massey and A Guy Called Gerald have reunited to perform all-analogue live acid house jams with a distinctly retro approach. When the men responsible for ‘Pacific State’ and ‘Voodoo Ray’ get together, we get excited. We chatted to the pair in advance of their performance in London this weekend to find out why the classic Manchester acid sound relied so heavily on Roland hardware and to hear Gerald’s typically forthright views on live dance music.
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october 2012 by grahams
Matmos Wants to Read Your Mind | Mother Jones
For the past four years, Daniel has been conducting this ritual with friends and strangers using Ganzfeld, a method of ESP experimentation first conceived in the 1930s. Schmidt estimates that they've done at least 50 of these sessions across a variety of university campuses, and even at the home the couple shares. Their subjects' verbal responses coupled with the vocal talents of friends (including Dan Deacon and the Dirty Projectors' Angel Deradoorian) are largely what you hear on Matmos' latest, The Ganzfeld EP. It's a teaser for a full-length release planned for next year, which will not only incorporate more experiments, but also celebrate Daniel's and Schmidt's 20th anniversary. They aim to call it The Marriage of True Minds.
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october 2012 by grahams
Interview: Kraftwerk | Red Bull Music Academy
This interview – which first appeared in the Academy’s Daily Note newspaper during the 2010 edition in London – was conducted by revered British music journalist and broadcaster Jon Savage in May 1991 to coincide with the release of Kraftwerk’s DJ-friendly compilation album The Mix. “It was all very easy,” Savage recalls. “Ralf Hütter was installed in an empty office in the old EMI building in Manchester Square, London, and was both friendly and forthcoming, if not quietly humorous. For some reason, I can’t remember why, the interview was never written up.”
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august 2012 by grahams
In Defense Of Skrillex
The one I liked best was a tiny pale guy with a goofy name and a goofier haircut, crouching behind a couple of laptops. You can probably see where I’m going with this.
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april 2012 by grahams
How The Major Labels Sold 'Electronica' To America : The Record : NPR
How do you sell an enigma? In the 1990s, American rave was a big but scattered subculture. Packaging its fleeting tunes and site-specific good times for mainstream consumption would take some doing. When rock and hip-hop began show signs of weakness mid-decade, a handful of true believers, funded by major-label money, would make their move.
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august 2011 by grahams
How The Internet Transformed The American Rave Scene : The Record : NPR
Rave was America's last great outlaw musical subculture: created by kids, for kids, designed to be impenetrable to adults. American rave formed its own mutant funhouse approach to existing looks, sounds and ideologies. In the early-to-mid-1990s, it was driven not by stars but a sudden collective sense that, as the Milwaukee rave zine Massive put it in every issue above the masthead, "The underground is massive."

What better place for such a subculture to flourish than on the Internet?
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july 2011 by grahams
roryk: Modern Mozart
Why is that modern electronic music has had the shackles of the instruments lifted from it but now somehow produces music that is emotionless and dull?
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march 2006 by grahams

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