It's Nice That | Graffiti, murals and design: Jake Foreman illustrates all mediums in new zine, Flash
From this outlook and combination of two opposing mediums, Jake has released a new publication titled Flash Zine that depicts his true artistic flair for colour, graffiti and visual placement. Risoprinted and amplified with just three bold shades of red, green and black, Flash Zine incorporates the simple acknowledgment of a ‘less is more’ approach, as well the more practical sides of printing. “There are very few Risograph machines in Australia so there are limited colour options. I played around with how much I could minimise the use of colour in the illustrations to keep the printing costs reasonable,” Jake says. “The red and green was a combination I hadn’t seen around that often and seemed to fit with the subject matter in an interesting way.”
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Don’t March, Organize for Power —Jacobin Magazine “Alec Perkins / Flickr With the sudden and unexpected expansion of socialist organizations like Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in the wake of the 2016 elections, socialists finally have the o
In her book No Shortcuts, Jane McAlevey distinguishes between organizing and mobilizing.

Leftist organizing — the work it takes to build a labor or tenants’ union — addresses itself to the apolitical, the disillusioned, or those actively hostile to the Left and attempts to persuade them to join organizations and take collective action for their own betterment. Mobilizing, in contrast, seeks out those who already agree and asks them to make their support visible.

Organizing brings new constituencies into the Left, while mobilizing demonstrates existing support. The characteristic culmination of organizing is something like a strike — an action that requires majority support within a specific constituency. The protest is the characteristic culmination of mobilizing, and it draws a self-selecting minority of activists to show up and demonstrate support.

Both forms of activity have their uses, but, as McAlevey points out, mobilizing comes with sharp limits: in the US today, there are not enough leftists or progressives to win the necessary fights. The Left must bring in new people, which means organizing.

Organizing, however, is hard, resource-intensive work that takes years to accomplish, so leftists will always be tempted to take the “shortcut” and mobilize existing supporters. But, the same historical conditions that make marches so seductive — the Left’s lack of local organizations with ties to a larger base as well as its inexperience in building effective campaigns for power — are the very conditions that make mobilization the wrong strategy.

They also happen to be the very conditions that the DSA is meant to — and must — change.
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We Are Living in the Coen Brothers’ Darkest Comedy | New Republic
The most disturbing thing about Burn After Reading, though, is how it resembles every day in Trump’s Washington, where the line between blundering idiocy and malevolent conspiracy is increasingly blurred. Yet for all its dark prescience, Burn After Reading almost feels too optimistic. Though there is tragedy and death throughout the film, the Deep State is able to restore some semblance of normality to the world. In Washington, even as the Trump administration’s incompetence gets pushback from the intelligence community, there’s no real hope for going back to the way things were. Trump’s antics are relentlessly normalized by Republicans in Congress and the conservative media, whose latest defense is that incompetent collusion isn’t a crime. That’s a story perhaps too dark even for the Coen Brothers—where stupidity leads to attempted treason, but such behavior is waved away as everyday politics.
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The Politics Trump Makes | Online Only | n+1
“Nothing exposes a hollow consensus faster than the exercise of presidential power,” Skowronek writes. In the coming days, we’ll see if he’s right. But lest Trump’s opponents on the left draw too rosy a conclusion from Skowronek’s analysis, The Politics Presidents Make suggests a worrying word of qualification. Though disjunctive Presidents like Carter—and, maybe, Trump—are politically weak, they are Presidents, with considerable resources and powers—some quite violent and coercive—at their disposal. Constrained politically, they are prone to rely on the tools of their office and the executive branch. They compensate for their political weaknesses with robust exercises of state power. If Trump manages to put into effect much of his agenda despite the disjunctive political moment, it may be through the raw force of the executive branch rather than the alliance with the Republican Congress being tested out now.
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Pablo Picasso - Bull: a master class in abstraction
In the final print of the series, Picasso reduces the bull to a simple outline which is so carefully considered through the progressive development of each image, that it captures the absolute essence of the creature in as concise an image as possible.
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America's Political Economy: Leaving 50 % behind ... the very latest from Piketty, Saez and Co. – ADAM TOOZE
The fact that pre-tax incomes for the least favored half of American’s citizens have not risen, but have fallen slightly over the last forty years ought to be a show stopper. Literally, all other policy discourse should surely cease. Insofar as there is any kind of reformist agenda it has to focus on this overwhelming and dramatic fact, which implies the breakdown at the heart of global capitalism, of any meaningful relationship between national economic success stories told in terms of GDP and the actual experience of half the population.

Clearly, also, this is the stark reality that frames the frantic, confused and utterly misguided economic nationalism of the current political moment. The perversity is only magnified by the fact that a large portion of the people who have been “left behind” are not “WHITE working class”, but working people of every other color.
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Why time management is ruining our lives | Oliver Burkeman | Technology | The Guardian
But the modern zeal for personal productivity, rooted in Taylor’s philosophy of efficiency, takes things several significant steps further. If only we could find the right techniques and apply enough self-discipline, it suggests, we could know that we were fitting everything important in, and could feel happy at last. It is up to us – indeed, it is our obligation – to maximise our productivity. This is a convenient ideology from the point of view of those who stand to profit from our working harder, and our increased capacity for consumer spending. But it also functions as a form of psychological avoidance. The more you can convince yourself that you need never make difficult choices – because there will be enough time for everything – the less you will feel obliged to ask yourself whether the life you are choosing is the right one.

Personal productivity presents itself as an antidote to busyness when it might better be understood as yet another form of busyness. And as such, it serves the same psychological role that busyness has always served: to keep us sufficiently distracted that we don’t have to ask ourselves potentially terrifying questions about how we are spending our days. “How we labour at our daily work more ardently and thoughtlessly than is necessary to sustain our life because it is even more necessary not to have leisure to stop and think,” wrote Friedrich Nietzsche, in what reads like a foreshadowing of our present circumstances. “Haste is universal because everyone is in flight from himself.”
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White House Pushes Military Might Over Humanitarian Aid in Africa - NYTimes.com
Gen. Carter Ham, a former commander of Africa Command, said in an interview that cuts in foreign aid would lead to the need for more increases in military spending. “Insecurity in Africa, which adversely affects the United States, stems in my view from loss of hope,” he said.

He offered an example: “If you’re a young Muslim man in northeastern Nigeria, and you look at your government and say, my prospects for a job are pretty slim, there’s no education or health care, and then suddenly some guy comes along and offers me money, prestige, a gun and a girl, a purpose, that becomes attractive,” he said, referring to the many young men who have been coaxed into joining the militant group Boko Haram.
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Zach Lieberman on The Great Discontent (TGD)
Oh, I saw your sketches on Instagram. How has that daily practice influenced you? It’s been extremely helpful. I recommend it to everybody. One of the challenges as an artist is that the longer you work on something the bigger the payoff has to be. The more time you invest, the worse it is when the thing doesn’t pay off.

The daily sketching is great because it doesn’t have to work. If you spend half an hour on something, it doesn’t have to be good. That takes a lot of pressure off of you as an artist. Also, I think there are things you can learn by seeing how other people see your work. You have your own frequencies and the world has its own. Sometimes they resonate and sometimes they don’t. If I make a sketch I love and other people don’t like it as much, that’s interesting—that’s a data point. I can learn from that. Or I might make something that feels like a throwaway to me, but people really love it.
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5 Science-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience
One meditation that might be particularly effective at calming our negative thoughts is the Body Scan. Here, you focus on each body part in turn—head to toe—and can choose to let go of any areas of tension you discover. Strong feelings tend to manifest physically, as tight chests or knotted stomachs, and relaxing the body is one way to begin dislodging them.

In one study, researchers found that time spent practicing the Body Scan was linked to greater well-being and less reactivity to stress. Being more aware of our bodies—and the emotions they are feeling—might also help us make healthier choices, trusting our gut when something feels wrong or avoiding commitments that will lead to exhaustion.
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It's Nice That | Keep it positive and think big: Ryan Peltier’s illustration philosophy
“So like most of us, I have been trying to find ways to stay sane during these frustrating times,” says illustrator Ryan Peltier on his newest work. The uncertainty of everyday life at the moment has inspired the illustrator in the best way possible: “My philosophy is pretty simple, keep it positive and try to inspire people to think bigger and more expansively.”
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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum : Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee
Missing. Historically located in the Dutch Room; stolen in 1990.

Signed on rudder: Rembrant. f / 1633

Rembrandt’s most striking narrative painting in America, Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee, is also his only painted seascape. Dated 1633, it was made shortly after Rembrandt moved to Amsterdam from his native Leiden, when he was establishing himself as the city’s leading painter of portraits and historical subjects. The detailed rendering of the scene, the figures’ varied expressions, the relatively polished brushwork, and the bright coloring are characteristic of Rembrandt’s early style. Eighteenth-century critics like Arnold Houbraken often preferred this early period to Rembrandt’s later, broader, and less descriptive manner.

The biblical scene pitches nature against human frailty – both physical and spiritual. The panic-stricken disciples struggle against a sudden storm, and fight to regain control of their fishing boat as a huge wave crashes over its bow, ripping the sail and drawing the craft perilously close to the rocks in the left foreground. One of the disciples succumbs to the sea’s violence by vomiting over the side. Amidst this chaos, only Christ, at the right, remains calm, like the eye of the storm. Awakened by the disciples’ desperate pleas for help, he rebukes them: “Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?” and then rises to calm the fury of wind and waves. Nature’s upheaval is both cause and metaphor for the terror that grips the disciples, magnifying the emotional turbulence and thus the image’s dramatic impact.

The painting showcases the young Rembrandt’s ability not only to represent a sacred history, but also to seize our attention and immerse us in an unfolding pictorial drama. For greatest immediacy, he depicted the event as if it were a contemporary scene of a fishing boat menaced by a storm. The spectacle of darkness and light formed by the churning seas and blackening sky immediately attracts our attention. We then become caught up in the disciples’ terrified responses, each meticulously characterized to encourage and sustain prolonged, empathetic looking. Only one figure looks directly out at us as he steadies himself by grasping a rope and holds onto his cap. His face seems familiar from Rembrandt’s self-portraits, and as his gaze fixes on ours we recognize that we have become imaginative participants in the painter’s vivid dramatization of a disaster Christ is about to avert.

Source: Michael Zell, "Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee," in Eye of the Beholder, edited by Alan Chong et al. (Boston: ISGM and Beacon Press, 2003): 145.
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Watch Full Episodes Online of Tavis Smiley on PBS | Jacobin Editor Bhaskar Sunkara
The Jacobin editor discusses the rising popularity of socialism following the 2016 election.
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Turning Progressive Activism Into a Winning Social Movement - BillMoyers
To contend with Trump’s junk reactionary populism, we need a bold progressive populism. But we have to do this in a new way. In 2017 what we don’t need is people thinking that to have a compelling economic populism means you don’t talk about race, or you don’t talk about gender, or you don’t talk about sexuality. We have to center all of those struggles.

That’s the big challenge of our times. When you think about it, it’s a central challenge of progressive movements throughout American history: how to have a uniting populism that speaks to people’s economic interests and that frames a big and broad we — like the 99 percent against elites — but that doesn’t throw other struggles and identities under the bus in order to do so.
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Toy from feudal era Japan. This toy tiger is animated by placing it against a wall and fanning it, causing it to sk…
from twitter_favs
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Art to inspire: Ali Smith, Alain de Botton and others on the works they love | Art and design | The Guardian
One of our major flaws as animals, and a big contributor to our unhappiness, is that we are very bad at keeping in mind the real ingredients of fulfilment. We lose sight of the value of almost everything that is readily to hand; we’re deeply ungrateful towards anything that is free or doesn’t cost very much; we trust in the value of objects more than ideas or feelings; we are sluggish in remembering to love and to care; and we are prone to racing through the years forgetting the wonder, fragility and beauty of existence. It’s fortunate, therefore, that we have art.
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It's Nice That | Anthony Burrill’s new book urges you to Make It Now!
Anthony Burrill’s new publication Make It Now is his treatise on “creative inspiration and getting things done”. Part biography, part musing on what it is to create work, the hardback book published by Penguin Random House and designed in collaboration with APFEL. It offers insights and tips on working in design, as well as anecdotes by Anthony and his collaborators that uncover the stories behind some of his most famous works. The book is jam-packed with typographic artworks and messages that appear like a scrap book of ideas. Each story is interspersed with photos and quotes that portray a gentle portrait of one of the most popular designers working today. We caught up with Anthony to find out more.
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Beyond Resistance
Our unwillingness to admit our own weakness is the flip side of not having a clear set of principles that can serve as the basis for a mass movement. Instead, we give ourselves the appearance of unity and purpose by resisting evil and by taking our collective “No” out into the streets. We find comfort in knowing that we are not them, that at least we are doing something. Trump is immediate and present, the evils are right in front of us, numerous, and ready-to-hand.

There is no doubt that some protests have a marginal and valuable effect, most visibly in the case of the partial reversal of the immigration ban. And all protest provides the frisson of doing something against policies that are inarguably wrong. But that sense of purpose is not the same as a positive principle or an organization that you are winning people towards. It is, instead, an appeal based on fear, on resisting evil.

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Democracy Without the People | Online Only | n+1
EMPHASIZING INSTITUTIONS and norms as the essence of “democracy” has a history—one that comes from denying other, more radical definitions of the concept. The idea of democracy as an elaborate system of checks and balances enforced by a combination of constitutional law, informal norms, competing interests, and the distribution of socio-economic power across a plurality of groups, first crystallized in the 1930s. This was when American political scientists felt the need to define a uniquely “American” model in explicit contrast to “totalitarianism.” But for subsequent elaborators, this model (referred to as “pluralism” or “liberalism”) also could provide an alternative to democracy in the robust sense of “rule by the people.”
In 1956, Robert Dahl’s seminal A Preface to Democratic Theory coined the term “polyarchy” in explicit contrast to “populistic” theories of democracy (consisting of “political equality, popular sovereignty, and rule by majorities”). In Who Governs? (1961), an empirical study of polyarchy at work in New Haven, he deployed the concept to argue against the notion that the United States was ruled, as C. Wright Mills and others had put it, by a “power elite”—and that the stability of American polyarchy was in part due to the disengagement of American citizens. Dahl’s conceptualization accustomed countless students of democracy to insipid pluralism, handily justifying existing power relations and institutions. It remains pervasive in comparative studies of democracy and in the measurement of democratic consolidation. Witness the political scientist Jan-Werner Müller, who in his recent essays on populism for the London Review of Books and the Guardian, has defined the essence of democracy as “presenting citizens with options.” Meanwhile populism gets branded as “principled antipluralism."


our critique of Trump, and our determined political resistance to Trumpism, should not rest on venerating an ideal democracy we have never really achieved.
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Cornwall Travel Book - Weekend Journals
Cornwall by Weekend Journals is the definitive new guide to exploring the fairest English county. Following extensive research and time spent travelling round Cornwall, the Weekend Journals team have uncovered unique and special venues, from verdant gardens to visionary galleries, independent shops and exceptional restaurants. The book is written by Milly Kenny-Ryder and produced by Simon Lovell. They both have strong family links to Cornwall and have been visiting with their families since they were young. Using these connections they have gone off the beaten track to discover the venues that the locals love, while also showcasing some of Cornwall’s most iconic sites and stories.
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Conservatives claim to love “freedom” — but the historical record, and the evidence, suggest otherwise - Salon.com
But findings in a new NPR/PBS Marist poll neatly refute both versions of the claim. The poll asked if we have gone too far in expanding or restricting freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to protest the government and the right to vote. On all four questions — which hinge on questions of government restriction and thus “negative liberty” — conservatives and Republicans were more likely to say freedoms had been expanded too far, compared to liberals and Democrats. And on all issues except religious freedom, conservatives and Republicans were significantly more likely to say rights had been expanded too far, rather than restricted too much.
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Real Men Might Get Made Fun Of - NYTimes.com
One of my podcasting friends told me that he does stick up for women in challenging situations, like testosterone-soaked comedy green rooms, for instance, but complained, “I get mocked for it!”

Yes, I know you do. Welcome. Getting yelled at and made fun of is where many of us live all the time. Speaking up costs us friends, jobs, credibility and invisible opportunities we’ll never even know enough about to regret.

I know there’s pressure not to be a dorky, try-hard male feminist stereotype; there’s always a looming implication that you could lose your spot in the club; if you seem opportunistic or performative in your support, if you suck up too much oxygen and demand praise, women will yell at you for that too. But I need you to absorb that risk. I need you to get yelled at and made fun of, a lot, and if you get kicked out of the club, I need you to be relieved, and I need you to help build a new one.
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fonts, typefaces and all things typographical — I love Typography (ILT)
A while ago we asked ourselves the question: ‘Why do type designers traditionally think in black and white?’ The world is colorful, the web is colorful, Hollywood doesn’t produce any black-and-white movies anymore. Only type designers still think in this restricted way. New browser techniques, apps, and now Photoshop, make it possible to add color in typography, all responding to the use of emoji’s.

The use of color within type design can go in two directions. Color can be used as decoration, and we’ve seen lots of different variations of these designs in the history of type. The second direction, which is the most interesting one, is that color can also be used as part of the construction of the basic shape of the characters.
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Empathy in Book Publishing: Design Observer
All designers, no matter their level, should count fostering customer empathy in themselves and others as a baseline job requirement—doubly so if you work in book publishing where human-centered design is seldom discussed. Invest energy into spotting your readers’ peas. Internalize their perspective. Champion their needs. I can’t promise it will make you rich, but it will imbue your work with a greater sense of service and purpose.
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Educational Discounts for Fonts
A fairly comprehensive list of foundries offering educational discounts.
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Jing Wei on The Great Discontent (TGD)
When you’re starting out, there can be pressure to make your work look cohesive. And that can sometimes cause you to make drawing or design decisions that are forced, purely for the sake of consistency. I’ve found that the more I got away from that thinking, the more my style has strengthened.

It’s funny that you mention the way I draw people, because I avoided drawing people for a solid two years in the beginning. For some reason, it was really intimidating to me, probably because there are literally a million ways to draw a person. So I basically drew animals for every assignment, which got old quickly. At some point I realized that I never wanted to draw another armadillo again, so I finally started to explore how I wanted to depict people. Now it’s one of my favorite things to draw.

My style has also naturally evolved through embracing various mediums. I used to do a lot of printmaking with block prints, so I made drawings that catered to the process. I didn’t work digitally until three or four years out of college. It’s still a fairly recent thing for me, but when I learned it, I really embraced it. That gave my work a completely different look and feel.

I do have this under
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7 days ago
Drawdown maps, measures, models, and describes the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming. For each solution, we describe its history, the carbon impact it provides, the relative cost and savings, the path to adoption, and how it works. The goal of the research that informs Drawdown is to determine if we can reverse the buildup of atmospheric carbon within thirty years. All solutions modeled are already in place, well understood, analyzed based on peer-reviewed science, and are expanding around the world.
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7 days ago
Authoritative, Readable, Branded: Report from Poynter Design Challenge, Part 2 - Zeldman on Web
Any newspaper, however poor, can afford better typography. Any newspaper with a designer on staff can attain it, if the paper stops treating design as a lackey of marketing or editorial or advertising, and sets designers free to create great reading experiences.

In my work, which is still underway (and will continue for some time), I focused on creating what I call “reader” layouts (and probably other designers call them that too; but I just don’t know). Layouts that are branded, authoritative, clean, uncluttered, and easy to read.

I played with type hierarchies and created simple style guides. Most of my little pages began as Typecast templates that I customized. And then Noël Jackson from my studio cleaned up the HTML and CSS to make it more portable. We put the stuff up on GitHub for whoever wants to play with it.

Reader layout
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What A Character
Individual characters from the mind of George Salden.
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This is what America looked like before the EPA cleaned it up | Popular Science
In 1970, Republican President Richard Nixon signed an executive order creating the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It was a time when pollution made many of our nation's rivers and streams unsafe for fishing or swimming. Back then, New York City's air pollution was so thick that you often couldn't see the city's iconic bridges. Forty-seven years later, there is serious talk of dismantling the agency, or at least slashing its size by two-thirds.
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Is Emirates Airline Running Out of Sky? - Bloomberg
Yet as Emirates dictates new standards of technology, luxury, and range, it’s finding that more and more is beyond its mastery. Conceived as a titanic bet on the growth of what development economists call the Global South—the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Latin America—the airline is at risk if those emerging markets don’t, in fact, emerge. Emirates in May reported its first-ever annual revenue decline and is cutting some of its plans for growth amid slackening demand from sub-Saharan Africa, Turkey, and Brazil. The slump has industry analysts wondering how Emirates will fill the staggering number of planes it has on order. The company has agreed to buy 50 A380s and 174 Boeing 777s, adding to the 92 and 148, respectively, it currently flies. By comparison, British Airways operates 12 A380s, and American Airlines, Delta, and United have zero.

The bigger threat may lie in the U.S., the world’s most lucrative travel market, where Emirates has been expanding aggressively. It flies to 11 cities, including Orlando, Boston, Seattle, and Dallas. Led by Delta, the U.S. Big Three are intensifying a lobbying campaign against Emirates and its smaller Persian Gulf rivals, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, collectively the ME3, seeking to curtail their access to American airports unless “unfair subsidies” are eliminated. Their argument, that deep-pocketed foreigners are threatening American jobs by flooding the market with subsidized capacity, was once seen in business circles as a long shot—but it happens to resonate precisely with President-elect Donald Trump’s stated view of the world. Similar efforts are afoot in Europe.

Those challenges may make the world less hospitable than ever to a company whose marketing projects a sunny globalism. With Trump and his ilk ascendant, one Emirates ad sums up a corporate ethos that feels increasingly at odds with the times: “Tomorrow thinks borders are so yesterday.”
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What is Community Justice? —n+1 » Articles “Existing options for criminal justice participation focus too heavily on the decorum of deliberation.”
America’s criminal justice system is antidemocratic in at least three distinct senses. First, the system is run and maintained by privileged insiders: police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges. There is little transparency, participation, or day-to-day accountability in today’s police precincts and criminal courthouses, and the result is that formal communal input into everyday justice has all but disappeared. This is especially true in the world of plea bargaining, in which fewer than 5 percent of criminal cases end in a trial of any kind. Second, even for the very few ways in which ordinary citizens do participate in criminal justice, the unequal distribution of political power means that the resulting criminal laws and enforcement are rarely responsive to the interests of the poor populations of color most likely to come into contact with the system. The mass incarceration and supervision of poor communities of color only exacerbate these political inequalities: many of the people affected by mass incarceration are barred from voting, and their neighborhoods experience a reduction in political participation and resources. And third, when marginalized populations do participate in democratic processes, their participation is often muted by those processes.
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How to Bring Down a Dictator: Reading Gene Sharp in Trump’s America | Dissent Magazine
Compliance is key to the legitimacy of any regime, and Sharp offers a handbook for how to effectively withhold it. His compendium of 198 Methods for Nonviolent Action presents a wide range of techniques—from letters and speak-outs to boycotts, strikes, sit-ins, blockades, and slowdowns—that citizens can employ to refuse an illegitimate authority. When coupled with more traditional forms of protest, these tactical disruptions of the normal functioning of the system can place immense pressure on dictators. Sharp treats authoritarian regimes as fragmented coalitions held together by a tenuous obedience to authority. Once the perception of invincibility is removed, such regimes can rapidly disintegrate.
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The 20 Best TV Episodes of 2016 – Variety
12. “Superstore,” “Labor” (NBC): In the NBC sitcom’s Season 1 finale, Cheyenne has her baby but doesn’t get maternity leave — and in trying to obtain it for her, her well-meaning manager Glenn is fired. Cloud 9’s employees, in solidarity, go on strike. Combining birth labor with a labor movement is savvy and smart — and the type of topical, balanced humor “Superstore” is so deft with. But above all, it’s wonderful for just how daring and bold it is, plunging into a thorny topic without a single glance backwards.
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9 days ago
Losing my religion for equality
At its most repugnant, the belief that women must be subjugated to the wishes of men excuses slavery, violence, forced prostitution, genital mutilation and national laws that omit rape as a crime. But it also costs many millions of girls and women control over their own bodies and lives, and continues to deny them fair access to education, health, employment and influence within their own communities.

The impact of these religious beliefs touches every aspect of our lives. They help explain why in many countries boys are educated before girls; why girls are told when and whom they must marry; and why many face enormous and unacceptable risks in pregnancy and childbirth because their basic health needs are not met.
inequality  feminism  christianity  women  religion  jimmy.carter  *** 
9 days ago
11 Reasons I'm NOT Teaching My Children | Happiness is here
As a home educating parent, it might surprise you to hear that I am NOT teaching my kids. Isn’t that what people do when they don’t send their kids to school? Nope! We do life. And in life there is very little call for teaching in the sense that school sees teaching (teacher delivering information to students who may or may not be interested, and then testing their knowledge).

Make no mistake, we love learning around here. We’re learning all day every day, but that’s an entirely different thing to teaching.

If you are overwhelmed because you think that forgoing school means you have to take on a teacher role, the news is good! There’s no need to be a teacher, or to actively set out to ‘teach’ your children. In fact, it’s better if you don’t!
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9 days ago
Typographic Doubletakes | News, Notes
While good typefaces have prodigious families of carefully related styles, some of the best typography builds unexpected relationships between unrelated fonts. Here are five ways to create typographic connections, to help keep your design engaging and inventive.
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9 days ago
Takeout-Style Sesame Noodles Recipe - NYT Cooking
1 pound Chinese egg noodles (1/8-inch-thick), frozen or (preferably) fresh, available in Asian markets
2 tablespoons sesame oil, plus a splash
3 ½ tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons Chinese rice vinegar
2 tablespoons Chinese sesame paste
1 tablespoon smooth peanut butter
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon finely grated ginger
2 teaspoons minced garlic
2 teaspoons chili-garlic paste, or to taste
Half a cucumber, peeled, seeded, and cut into 1/8-inch by 1/8-inch by 2-inch sticks
¼ cup chopped roasted peanuts
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9 days ago
Hummus Recipe - NYT Cooking
2 cups drained well-cooked or canned chickpeas, cooking liquid reserved if possible

½ cup tahini, with some of its oil

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves peeled garlic, or to taste

Juice of 1 lemon, plus more as needed

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 tablespoon ground cumin or paprika, or to taste, plus a sprinkling for garnish

Chopped fresh parsley leaves for garnish
food  *****  recipes  bittman 
9 days ago
Stüf Stuff • swisscheeseandbullets (in 2010, site now...
This style of lettering was known to American sign painters as “gas-pipe” and it was used often in the 1920s–50s as a quick way to get clean, simple letters up on a board or wall. The shapes are easy to make. And, just as importantly, they are easy to space because of their flat sides.
history  ***  typography  america 
9 days ago
Magic Lantern Firmware Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Welcome to the Magic Lantern Firmware Wikia, the comprehensive database about Magic Lantern that YOU can help grow! Magic Lantern is an open platform for developing enhancements to the amazing Canon 5D Mark II and 550D/T2i digital SLRs. These cameras are "game changing" for independent film makers for various reason. Enter the wikia now to learn more!
photography  ****  camera  todownload  software 
9 days ago
WhaleSynth - A Unique Musical Experience
A remarkable, remarkably fun browser synth.
synth  art  audio  music  *** 
9 days ago
It's Nice That | Takashi Nakamura’s exquisite line drawings celebrate the quiet moments in life
Japanese illustrator Takashi Nakamura’s fine line drawings of day-to-day happenings range from close crops of fruit and veg and glasses of water, to bigger scenes of parks and libraries. Takashi “grew up reading manga”, and this has influenced his pared-back works that are often composed of precise linework and a faded application of colour.

His focus on the everyday is refreshing, as Takashi changes perspectives from one image to the next and celebrates the unnoticed. “I always like to draw the small things in life as I’m most likely to forget those moments,” he explains. It’s these closer studies that really draw the viewer in, whether it’s a prime spot among the food at a picnic or next to a hand holding a sparkler that’s just about to twinkle.

Takashi’s illustrations are drawn by hand, and he enjoys this analogue approach. “First I make a draft then erase parts of it so there’s just a faint trace of the image. Then I start painting with aqueous pens from there,” he explains. The use of this ink gives his works a soothing, summery vibe and and offer a welcome break from the mundane grey of reality.
art  drawing  illustration  *****  itsnicethat 
9 days ago
As McConnell's late-night desperation move—full repeal, no replace—collapses, some things to remember about this wh…
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9 days ago
This is Trump's entire political philosophy, and why we were so misled by all the Bannon talk of nations and states…
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10 days ago
Dying before We Reach the Promised Land • Fathom Mag
The reason I consider opposition to Trump to be self-evident is simple: the things I oppose in him are cooked into my bones, and they have been since my childhood. They do not stem from a deep love of Hillary Clinton or a coastal disdain for the white working class of the rust belt. I neither loved Clinton nor do I live on the coast. 

Instead, my reasons for opposing Trump are drawn from the principles instilled in me by the evangelical culture that made him president.

The Day Evangelicals Embraced the Relativism They Warned About

When I was young, it was in vogue for youth pastors to caution their teen audiences against the fearsome march of relativism. This notion, largely popularized by popular author and speaker Joshua McDowell, was a soft interpretation of philosophical relativism that said America’s secular culture was literally losing its grip on reality, and its rejection of the Bible as the ultimate standard truth would eventually lead to a rejection of truth in general. “If we decide spiritual laws don’t matter,” the theory went, “what will stop us from deciding that other laws don’t matter?”

This sounded like the usual Christian wolf-crying even to my teenage ears. Who in their right mind would ever decide that the truth didn’t matter? I figured it was just another example of Christians fretting over the cultural boogiemen that were coming for them. I was being naïve, as it turned out, but my old Christian leaders were wrong on one point: this particular boogieman didn’t come for them, but from them.
christianity  religion  ***  fathom  trump  politics 
10 days ago
Improve Your Web Typography with This One Plug-in – Type Thursday – Medium
UH: I guess the other part of the equation is display and how text looks on a screen. I was wondering if you can talk a bit about some of your projects in that space? Like Typography Inspector which you recently launched?

BS: Sure. Like you said, I recently launched the Typography Inspector. It’s very much an experiment. I don’t know yet if it will be a successful experiment or a failed one. The problem I’m trying to solve is how to design for the web. That’s a bit of a grand statement, but I’ll try and explain what I mean.
typography  webdesign  tools  plugin  software  *** 
10 days ago
Santa Monica Airport to become public park in 2029
Marking an end to a years-long legal and political struggle, the Santa Monica City Council announced an agreement with the United States Federal Government last weekend that calls for the closing of Santa Monica Airport on December 31, 2028. Upon closing, the site will be converted into a public park.

The announcement, first reported by Santa Monica Next, calls for immediately shortening the airport’s runway to 3,500 feet in an effort to reduce airplane traffic at the 227-acre complex. The airport would continue to operate commercially for the next 11 years after which it will be “returned to the residents of Santa Monica.” City residents voted in 2014—via the ballot initiative Measure LC—to use the site only for park purposes after it closes. Any other proposed change in use—including converting the site for much-needed housing—would require a public vote.
los.angeles  aeriality  ***  architecture  airport  california  plan 
10 days ago
Gitan - Webfont
Gitan (formerly Sherpa Sans) is a flared sans serif, reminiscent of engraving and stone carving. Sturdy and informal, the design features a moderate contrast. Cuneiform head serifs and deeply cut wedge terminals give Gitan a sculptural appeal – a quality desired for all things display. A rhythmic pattern and the classic construction make it sparkle in text. A natural look with a dynamic, that thrives in wooden and rock-solid materials. Gitan’s natural habitat is at the crossroads of editorial and packaging work, but by nature Gitan is flexible and willing to take risks.
****  sans  tobuy  wedge  typography 
10 days ago
These Christians Are on a Climate Mission—and Winning Converts | NRDC
For decades now, the organized climate-denial machine in this country—largely composed of polluting billionaires, bought-and-paid-for government officials, spurious think tanks, and a colorful assortment of freelance cranks—has liked to think that the millions of Americans who describe themselves as evangelical Christians are totally on board. The relationship they’ve cultivated is founded on the presumption of shared mistrust. To evangelicals, climate deniers have essentially said: You don’t really think those pointy-headed scientists have all the answers about the origins of the universe or how life on earth began, do you? So why would you ever trust them on this?

It’s easy to see what the climate-denial machine has gotten out of the relationship (besides fossil fuel profits). First and foremost, evangelicals have long represented a reliable voting bloc that can generally be counted on to organize for candidates and show up on election day; having them in your column is extraordinarily helpful at the basic level of boots-on-the-ground political reinforcement. Secondarily, climate deniers benefit from the patina of righteousness that comes from their association with the devout. When the policies you endorse are demonstrably linked to increased death, devastation, and human misery, believing that the majority of America’s evangelical Christians are nominally on your side must offer some degree of conscience-easing comfort.

But that invites the question: What do evangelical Christians get out of this relationship? Right now, the younger ones, at least, are getting the sneaking suspicion that they’ve been had. It is their future that's at stake, after all.
climatechange  counterintuitive  millenials  ****  religion  christianity  climate.change  politics 
10 days ago
. is right: the real source of the liberal/left divide today is that the left thinks capitalism is a profo…
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10 days ago
May 1 Reboot
#May1Reboot was born in 2000 among a group of friends with the simple idea of collectively relaunching their websites at the same time — and in doing so — rallying each other and sticking to that one deadline.
Launch day was something magical, and what started small - eventually turned into a global event with thousands of participants relaunching and celebrating renewal all over the globe.
Last year, our friend Tobias van Schneider picked up the torch and collaborated with us in bringing back the event after an 8-year hiatus.
***  webdesign  event  contest 
11 days ago
Kids Gone Wild - Forest Kindergartens Build Trust and Connect Children with Nature
Children are running wild in the mud, climbing high into trees and playing with knives, but no one is telling them off. This is kindergarten, Danish-style.
***  education  children  denmark  europe  schools 
11 days ago
Nina Stössinger | Sélavy
Sélavy is a dotted display typeface loosely based on the punched-out caps on Marcel Duchamp’s 1934 “Green Box”. Originally made for Paul Soulellis and his project Library of the Printed Web in 2013, the fonts are available under a SIL Open Font License, including the UFO source file, which allows editing of the base element of which all glyphs are composed.
The font was mentioned as one of the best of April 2013 by The Next Web, and as a notable release on Typographica’s Best of 2013.
fun  ***  typography  typeface  sans 
11 days ago
It's Nice That | Fresh Yale grad Franci Virgili applies an academic approach to graphic design
Although Franci’s comparison in courses could relate to the academic jump between masters and bachelor degrees, the programme at Yale allowed Franci to develop an individual approach to designing. “My work at Yale circulated around playing with the universality of design elements and their versatility,” she explains. “The question of whether a “toolbox” is something that can be established and used in different contexts, depending on content, was something I wanted to explore.”

To do this, Franci used the metaphor of an actor, “or a ventriloquist,” to expand the voice of her work. “My work is a way to understand the world around me; it is an internal process that finds its output through making, followed by understand – or confusion – with the desire to explore further,” she explains. “Because it is so personal, for a long time I struggled with detaching the success of the outcome with my expectations. The act of slipping into another character and projecting my voice and my thoughts onto that alter-ego is a form of obfuscation: it is a means to liberate myself from self-judgement and self-indulgence.”
tools  design  ****  art  methodology 
11 days ago
Pascal™ ND - Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts
Unique to Pascal is its true Italic, completely and truly following the construction of hand written calligraphic letter shapes as usually only seen in serif typefaces.
serif  sans  hybrid  typeface  typography  tobuy  *** 
11 days ago
Colophon Foundry
Lydia is a calligraphic sans-serif typeface, re-drawn and -developed by Benjamin Critton Art Dept. over the course of several years beginning in the Spring of 2010. It is a bold, condensed iteration of Warren Chappell’s Lydian, drawn on behalf of New York’s American Type Founders (ATF) in 1938 and successively updated and expanded in 1940 & 1946.

Lydia Bold Condensed was initially drawn for a poster announcing the arrival of visiting typography critic Matthew Carter, who swung through the city of New Haven one spring day while on his way to the premises of the MacArthur Foundation.

Lydia is concurrently fluid and sharp, intended to appear wrought simultaneously by both pen and machine. It follows respectfully in the footsteps of Chappell’s canon, Edwin Shaar’s Valiant (MT, 1940) and Tom Carnase’s Honda (ITC, 1970).

Lydia contains Latin-A and Central European support, as well as several typographic alternates. It is supplied in OpenType (.OTF) formatting.


Benjamin Critton

typeface  sans  fun  *** 
11 days ago
Ringo’s no joke. He was a genius and the Beatles were lucky to have him | The Spectator
It began early. Many might suppose that ‘She Loves You’ (from mid-1963) opens with just those words, sung in chorus. In fact, it kicks off on a fantastically propulsive Starr tom-tom. Through a revolutionary two minutes 20 seconds he frequently plays off the beat. With thrilling use of hi-hat cymbal he opens dynamics and heightens decibels in a manner hitherto not heard on a Beatles record. Such percussive glee was a band war cry as, from 1964 into 1965, the Beatles shook the world.

In his renowned study of the group, Revolution in the Head (1994), Ian MacDonald said of ‘She Loves You’ something absolutely germane to Starr’s real importance: ‘Beyond the basic words and music lay the vital work of arranging, at which juncture the Beatles became not a duo but a quartet.’
history  the.beatles  counterintuitive  music  *** 
11 days ago
The Vegetable Cookbook You Need - Lucky Peach
Six Seasons: A New Way With Vegetables is the latest in a recent batch of cookbooks (Hugh Acheson’s The Broad Fork, Steven Satterfield’s Root to Leaf) that aim to help readers cook seasonally. Its title refers to the idea that, as far as vegetables are concerned, the concept of four seasons doesn’t really cut it. McFadden instead splits the year into six: Spring, Early Summer, Midsummer, Late Summer, Fall, and Winter. This allows him more nuance with his recipes, which pair same-season produce with punchy, often Italian ingredients like olives, salami, citrus, cheeses, and fresh herbs.

And it passed every test I could throw at it. McFadden’s goal here is “to encourage and energize cooks of all skill levels…in your efforts at seasonal and local eating.” It’s a noble and lofty aim, but Six Seasons accomplishes this in part by providing a monstrous volume of recipes: 225, by the publisher’s count. Imagine going to the farmers’ market—as seasonal, local cookbooks cajole you to do—and returning home with snap peas. On one hand, we have a cookbook that has one recipe for snap peas; on the other, Six Seasons has three, plus advice for preparing them simply. Which one will you reach for again, when you return home with broccolini, or collards, or perfect, tiny sweet potatoes?

Another goal the book achieves is addressing “cooks of all skill levels.” Never before have I seen so many fascinating, delicious, easy recipes in one book. “I hate chef books that presume home cooks have the time, money, and skills—and desire—to replicate restaurant-style recipes,” McFadden writes. “Not to mention the dishwashing staff!”
book  recipes  food  vegetarian  *****  tobuy  lucky.peach 
11 days ago
FF Franziska fonts from the FontFont Library
The typeface has been conceived as a hybrid of a serif and slab serif which becomes evident when comparing the weights from Hairline to Black. It has a generous x-height and short descenders. The italics have a rather slight angle of slope and playful shapes derived from handwriting. A range of icons including various arrows and signs like thumb up and down complement the usual figure sets, small caps and stylistic alternates.
slab  serif  hybrid  typeface  typography  tobuy  ***** 
11 days ago
Joanna in use - Fonts In Use
Another classic serif, this one from the middle of the twentieth century, from the hand of Hague and Gill.
serif  typography  typeface  *** 
11 days ago
Tuna - Typeface
A Typeface for print and screen by Felix Braden and Alex Rütten. Bubbling, strong, but very accurate. Created with much fine tuning and precision. It has origin broad nib taste and is smooth like butter while reading.
typography  typeface  ***  serif 
11 days ago
2 eggs
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 3/4 cups milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tablespoon white sugar
4 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
****  waffles  food  recipes 
12 days ago
So Much for So Little - Wikipedia
So Much for So Little is a 1949 American short documentary film directed by Chuck Jones. It won an Academy Award in 1950 for Documentary Short Subject, tying with A Chance to Live.[1][2] As a work of the United States Government, the film is in the public domain. The Academy Film Archive preserved So Much for So Little in 2005.[3] Produced during the Harry S Truman administration, it attained renewed relevance during the Donald Trump administration nearly seven decades later.[4]
politics  usa  history  towatch  cartoon  film  animation  ***  healthcare 
13 days ago
Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement - The New York Times
Some of boomer commentariat struggle w this but millennials want unions & socialism bc of world you've given them
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15 days ago
(429) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/885471370536251392
More reason to be leery of people who throw around words like treason or security or disloyalty.…
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15 days ago
(429) https://twitter.com/i/web/status/885315448648208384
This sentiment portrays a fundamental misreading of climate science that is rooted in racism & misogyny. Let me exp…
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15 days ago
Conrad® - Webfont
The award-winning Conrad was created by Japanese type designer Akira Kobayashi. Its design was based on the fifteenth-century type by Conrad Sweynheym and Arnold Pannartz, two German printers active in Rome at that time. They produced a unique, slightly unbalanced yet attractive type.

Kobayashi says of his typeface, “I have designed a couple of typefaces inspired from the past, but this time the original print acted merely as a reference. The distinctive lowercase ‘a’ and some other letters were inspired by Sweynheym and Pannartz’s second roman type, but I revived the type in a more informal way. Here I used the historical type as a springboard. The resulting type looks different, taking on a rather temporary and lively look. I assume that the Conrad is the first revival of the Sweynheym and Pannartz type, though it does not closely resemble the original.”

Conrad won first prize for the text typeface category in Linotype’s Third International Typeface Design Contest (2000) as well as the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from the Type Directors Club (2001).
serif  typography  tobuy  fun  ***** 
16 days ago
Nueva® - Desktop font « MyFonts
Nueva, designed by Carol Twombly in 1994, was originally conceived as a potential lowercase companion to her 1990 titling typeface Charlemagne.

Nueva came into its own with a contemporary kinetic lowercase with its own capitals to match. Nueva has very high stroke contrast, with round, bouncy counterforms and stroke shapes, particularly in the wider instances. The low connecting joins of the arches on h, m, n, r, b, d, p and q are characteristic of some calligraphic designs, and this combined with rounded bowls and tapering stems makes Nueva unique among roman typefaces; the accompanying italic is a true italic design.

Nueva is extremely versatile and can take on a workload that ranges from fine book titles to billboards.
serif  typography  tobuy  fun  *** 
16 days ago
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