Weaponized critique: On nuance-trolling | An und für sich
"In a time when academia is in such profound crisis, we should learn how to take better care of each other"
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22 hours ago
Michael Grunwald on Twitter: "Hurricane Katrina anniversaries piss me off. 1"
Man. Read this whole thread of tweets on Katrina, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the limitations of journalism:
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Like A Feather In The Wind - VXX And Contango - Eli Mintz | Seeking Alpha
$VIX futures contango settled at -10.86% (backwardation) This is a huge tail wind for long term $VXX $UVXY holders
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3 days ago
Antisemitism has no place on the left. It is time to confront it | Owen Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian
There is no antisemitism on "the Left." There is, however, people making a living creating straw man arguments on it.
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4 days ago
Boeing Raises Its Estimate of Chinese Aircraft Demand - WSJ
China: One-third the fleet, three times the people & a middle class as large as the entire US
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5 days ago
Gulf Airlines Eat Into Traffic on American, Delta, United - TheStreet
Ted Reed gets it right: subsidized Gulf mega-airlines are harming U.S. airlines and threatening jobs:
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5 days ago
The Triumph of Postmodernism
Loving the curator’s eye on this 6-month old tumblr, The Triumph of : great name, too
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5 days ago
Slavoj Žižek · Sinicisation · LRB 16 July 2015
A good time to read Slavoj Žižek's intelligent critique of Sinicisation (capitalism 'with Chinese characteristics')
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5 days ago
Pockets, y'all!! @ Drop Forge & Tool
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7 days ago
Regram from : “ at work (in fabulous necklace made by )”…
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8 days ago
747: The World’s Airliner | Flight Today | Air & Space Magazine
March 31 marked the end of an aviation era in Japan. That day, the last of the country’s passenger-carrying Boeing 747s landed at Tokyo’s Narita airport. Over the previous six months, All Nippon Airways had sent its 747-400s on a series of farewell tours, following by several years the final flights of Japan Airlines’ jumbo jets.

“I thought it was a wonderful aircraft. There is no comparison,” says ANA’s chief executive officer, Osamu Shinobe, of the decision to drop the 747. “I feel so sad to see its retirement.” But emotions are no match for economics, and the Japanese carriers join many others in ridding their fleets of the four-engine jumbo that gulps too much fuel and requires too many passengers to fill.

“Like a good car, when it gets old and it’s time to replace it, you get sad, of course,” says Austin Cheng, president of Taiwan’s EVA Air, which, along with Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, Air India, British Airways, and Qantas, has been swapping 747s for smaller twin-engines like Boeing’s 777 and 787 and the soon-to-be-flying Airbus A350 XWB (“XWB” for “extra wide-body”).

“The 747 is plummeting out of service far faster than anyone would have expected,” says Richard Aboulafia, an airline analyst with the Teal Group in Washington, D.C.
boeing  aeriality  aircraft  747  *** 
16 days ago
Ice Cube – Ghetto Bird Lyrics | Genius
Why, oh why must you swoop through the hood
Like everybody from the hood is up to no good
You think all the girls around here are trickin
Up there lookin like Superchicken
At night I see your light through my bedroom window
But I ain't got shit but the pad and pencil
I can't wait till I hear you say
"I'm going down, mayday, mayday." I'm gonna clown
Cause everytime that the pigs have got me
Y'all rub it in with the flying Nazi
Military force, but we don't want ya
Standin' on my roof with the rocket launcher
"So fly like an eagle."
But don't follow us wherever we go
The shit that I'm saying, make sure it's heard
Motherfuck you and your punk-ass ghetto bird"
hip-hop  lyrics  ***  aeriality  los.angeles  rap.genius 
10 weeks ago
Hellenic Wide - Fonts in Use
I'm always trying to remember what the name of this one is.


A very wide, mostly monolinear slab that was very common in the mid 20th century after releases by ATF and Bauer. Metal and wood precursors can be found back to the 1800s, including ATF’s Antique Extended No. 3–4, No. 124, and No. 152.
typography  font  slab  1950s  20thcentury  ** 
11 weeks ago
Boeing Sees Budget Airlines Driving Jet Market to $5.6 Trillion - Bloomberg Business
Boeing sees budget airlines driving jet market to $5.6 trillion: Bloomberg Business -
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11 weeks ago
Op-Alt: The latest plans for a revamped McKeldin Plaza leave a few things out - citypaper.com
In which I write for about how the destruction of public space and architecture might erode free speech:
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may 2015
Shift typeface
Shift is inspired by American slab-serifs from the late 19th century. In its lighter weights, it takes on the personality of a typewriter face, with flared terminals and prominent serifs. In the heavier weights, it acts as a titling Egyptian, with thin spaces between characters and small counters. Designed as a display face, it also works well for text.
typography  *****  mytools 
may 2015
Geoff Edlins on Periscope
LIVE on : Going to try DTW's McNamara Tunnel again.

Killing time at the airport has never been so magica…
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may 2015
Ben Jackson reviews ‘Honourable Friends’ by Caroline Lucas · LRB 7 May 2015
The trouble for the Greens is that they really would like to see the end of modern civilisation as we know it.
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april 2015
Untitled (http://www.newrepublic.com/article/121638/these-beautiful-photos-are-return-lost-jet-age)
Another great article from "Aerotropolis" author on the "Design Genius of the Golden Age of Air Travel"
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april 2015
House in rural Germany has a slatted wooden facade
This house in rural Germany features a slatted wooden facade and copper fittings:
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april 2015
A great website using NestaCMS
nesta  cms  mytools  webdesign  website  ** 
april 2015
Mi6 is a theme for Nesta, a Ruby CMS for developers and designers. A minimalistic and responsive theme developed for showcasing items and presenting various content, mostly for self-promotion (portfolio, skills, bio etc.).
theme  nesta  cms  ***  mytools 
april 2015
FF Franziska
A compelling microsite devoted to the typeface.
design  font  fonts  typography  *** 
april 2015
FF Franziska fonts from the FontFont Library
A lovely font family. I like a typeface that's readable in small sizes and has personality in large.
typography  font  *** 
april 2015
A Walk Through the Gallery - NYTimes.com
"Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York

On February 10, New Yorkers got their last chance to see the Museum of Modern Art's "Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs," a show that gathered about 100 of the artist's painted-paper works — the largest and most extensive presentation of these works ever assembled. The exhibition set out from the 1930s, covering work Matisse started producing toward the end of his life. Didn't make it to the museum? Here is the wall-to-wall experience.
art  matisse  nyc  moma  museum  color  nytimes  ** 
march 2015
BLDGBLOG: In a Pinch
Stairway from the Grands Magasins Dufayel, a kind of self-intersecting pinch between floors:
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march 2015
BLDGBLOG: Unconventional Sports Require Unconventional Spaces and Landscapes
Designing news types of schools and gyms to inspire new types of physical activity:
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march 2015
Book launch: The Internet Does Not Exist | e-flux
book & the launch look great! - "The Internet Does Not Exist" - & a title after my own heart -
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march 2015
Wooden tablecloth folds out to form table extensions
The top of this table is designed like a caterpillar track:
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march 2015
Why Is So Much of Our Discussion of Higher Ed Driven by Elite Institutions?
This. RT Why Is So Much of Our Discussion of Higher Ed Driven by Elite Institutions?
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march 2015
Vintage Future
LA Times Cover / LA 2013 in 1988

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march 2015
Night School
The AA’s Night School is an on-going speculative project dealing with alternative models of architectural education. It aims to turn an architecture school inside out, offering what are usually internal activities to a wide audience of professionals, clients, other creative practitioners, the general public as well as students. Its format is short evening classes and events that engage issues of design, culture, history, theory and professional practice. Through these it aims to redraw lines between practice and theory and between student and professional.

Night School echoes the Architectural Association’s own origins as an evening school in the 1870’s. It continues the AA’s tradition of innovation in architectural education into an era of rapid transformation of the educational landscape and profound disciplinary change. Night School addresses issues of life long learning, professional development and re-skilling that are becoming increasingly important. It is a timely experiment in architectural learning, knowledge and disciplinary expertise.
london  architecture  school  education  *** 
march 2015
Boris refuses City Airport’s plan to expand | HACAN East
BREAKING: Boris refuses London City Airport's plans to expand on noise grounds:
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march 2015
The Interview Question That Can Seal The Deal | Suzy Welch | LinkedIn
Powerful interview question from : “What did you do to prepare for this interview?”
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march 2015
Heiddeger dictionary: SPIELRAUM
Spiel is close to ‘play’ in the sense of ‘game, recreation’, but it also once meant a ‘dance, dancing movement’. Spielen means ‘to play’, but also meant ‘to dance, move in a lively way’. The older meaning survives in Spielraum , ‘room to move, leeway, elbow-room, free play’. To encounter entities DASEIN needs Spielraum , space to move; things that are too close, like the spectacles on one's nose, are ‘further away than the picture on the wall opposite’ (BT, 107). In BT Heidegger links Spielraum , literally ‘play-space’, with SPACE, but later he associates it with TIME-SPACE by coining Zeit-Spiel-Raum , literally ‘time-play-space’ (OWL, 214/106). ‘A man of the world’, Kant said, ‘is a player [Mitspieler] in the great game [Spiel] of life’ (A, Preface). This expression, like all linguistic usage, contains latent philosophy – after all ‘philosophizing belongs to the essence of Dasein’ (XXVII, 309). Hence if the ‘historical being-with-one-another of men’ has the diversity and variability of a game, this is because Dasein is essentially playful (XXVII, 310). This is why children play, in a way quite different from animals: ‘Perhaps the child is only a child because it is in a metaphysical sense something that we adults no longer comprehend at all’ (XXVII, 311). Play is prior to games: ‘We do not play because there are games. On the contrary: there are games because we play’....
dictionary  heidegger  space  play  theory  *****  movement  region 
march 2015
First, kill all the artisans | ROUGH TYPE
"The built environment is an $8 trillion per year industry that is still basically artisanal” – head of Google X 0__0
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march 2015
How Adam Curtis' film "Bitter Lake" will change everything you believe about news
I saw Curtis give a lecture in New York City once, after the staging of an experimental live show he created with Massive Attack at the colossal Park Ave Armory.

I’m recalling from memory but Curtis’ directly aimed it at media workers. He urged us to reject the fashionable artistic embrace of ambiguity, that we must rebel simply by telling stories.

For an unreckoned relationship with power has given rise to a lack of narrative, where we are aware that the global financial crisis meant something, but we have been given no real idea of what it means, and how it happened. Curtis sincerely believes we can defeat this, and all it will take is the hard work of diligence, good journalism, and storytelling. Despite his dryly funny and acerbic way, I found this argument compelling and impossible to ignore.

Curtis’ work may not be infallible, but it often asks why we have become stagnant and regressive, why we are running out of visions for the future. At the very least, his films have provided a new vision: of how we still have work to do in the form of filmmaking that will help us understand our world. I hope BITTER LAKE most of all raises questions of how news organizations appropriate the imagery that is shot, often at great cost to the lives of journalists, in a way that has narrowed the possible dimensionality of its truth. Even more troublesome, the exploitation of footage created by terrorists has resulted in a horrifying feedback loop where corporate news entities earn profits off of their existence.
aesthetics  culture  documentary  news  media  *****  criticism  critique  adam.curtis  storytelling  truth 
march 2015
Dala Prisma review on Typographica
It's a beautiful typeface.

"Barnes has taken cues from striped typefaces of the 19th and 20th centuries and transposed this styling idea to Dala Floda’s crisp Renaissance-inspired structures. Such diverse historical echoes notwith­standing, the result radiates an almost shocking contemporary sophistication. The stripes, so precisely drawn they’re dazzling, swell and taper with the strokes, bringing them to life. The circular ball term­inals transform into delightful marbles. The combin­ation of open inlines with stencil forms makes for an elegant, shimmering airiness rarely seen in type."
typography  mytools  *****  font 
march 2015
Mønster review on Typographica
But Mønster is easily misunderstood, even by its ostensible “reverse contrast” kindred, which are in fact decidedly banal in comparison. It’s no coincidence that designer Sindre Bremnes’ fellow Monokrom founder Frode Helland has questioned the rigidly contrarian modus operandi of virtually all reverse-contrast designs, and Mønster is anything but formulaic. It announces its quixotic nature from its very first letter: ‘M’, which is neither here (conventional contrast) nor there (reverse contrast), but elsewhere. Instead of following ductal logic, or its mere mechanical flipping, Mønster explores its own path through our forest. Illogical? No, simply something new, something… higherlogical.
review  typography  font  mytools  *** 
march 2015
Karol Sans review on Typographica
In its range of weights and styles, Karol Sans supports a breadth of diverse expression and typographic tones of voice. In text settings, it feels informal and yet trustworthy, with a comfortable and economical set of proportions and a durable contrast that equip it well for use in a variety of media. With the inclusion of Black and Light for display, it seems particularly useful for editorial design.
typeface  typography  font  mytools  *** 
march 2015
Klim Foundry: Maelstrom
A ridiculously fun typeface from Kris Sowersby.
typography  font  ***  mytools 
march 2015
The Setup: Stefano Zacchiroli
As desktop environment I use GNOME 3 with GNOME Shell. Philosophically, I really like the GNOME project, their vision, and the courage they have had to reinvent the desktop after many years in which nobody was innovating. But I'm also technically quite happy about GNOME Shell. I love full-text searching for applications, the big switch to mute notifications, the no-frills approach, and the well-rounded app integration.

The only feature I miss in off-the-shelf GNOME Shell is tiling window management (there is some tiling support in GNOME Shell, like splitting the screen in half with two main windows, but I do use more complex window arrangements than that). To fill that gap I'm using the Shellshape extension; the result is good enough for my needs.
gnome  linux  computers  howto  ****  mytools 
march 2015
Intervention – “Future Shock” by Andy Merrifield | AntipodeFoundation.org
"In accepted wisdom, we tend to think of amateurs as people who dabble, who don’t do things for a living, but who do something as a hobby, at weekends, in their spare time. We see amateurs as less accomplished than professionals. But professionalism, said Said, can constitute a form of compliant behavior, of making yourself marketable and presentable to the powers that be. None of which denies the need for competence, for being conscientious about what you do, and for having the right skills to do it. Not anyone can do heart surgery or pilot a plane, teach high school or cure animals. It involves training and learning. So it’s not the skills question that concerned Said; it’s more the professional practice, how you employ those skills, to whom you sell them, how you apply your knowledge, in whose interests you’re acting. Pros aren’t usually controversial; they’re on the payroll, they’re there to provide a service. Professionalism means having an expertise to hide behind, an often narrow expertise, an esoteric language that sets you apart, that gains entry into a professional bodies, one strictly off-limits to rank amateurs.

Amateurs, by contrast, aren’t moved by profit or pay; they usually care more about ideas and values not tied down to any profession; their vision is often more expansive, more eclectic, not hampered by the conservatism of narrow expertise, preoccupied with defending one’s intellectual turf. To be an amateur is to express the ancient French word: love of, a person who engages on an unpaid basis, a non-specialist, a layperson. Nothing pejorative intended. Amateurs sometimes care for ideas that question professional authority because they express concerns professions don’t consider, don’t see, don’t care about. Thus an amateur might likely be somebody who rocks the boat, who stirs up trouble, because he or she isn’t on anybody’s payroll—never will be on the payroll because of the critical things they say. In this sense, an intellectual ought to be an amateur, Said insisted, a thinking and concerned member of a society who raises questions at the very heart of even the most professionalized activity. Still, the issue for amateurs today is how to deal with the flagrant professionalism in our midst—in urban studies, in urban life, everywhere?"
andymerrifield  shrinkage  austerity  plannedshrinkage  economics  authority  experts  2015  maateurs 
march 2015
Boeing plans to build world's longest-range passenger jet
Experts say ultra-long range planes deliver mixed benefits to airlines and so far the market for them remains a niche, overshadowed by the juggernauts designed for trunk routes.

That is because when modern aircraft fly the longest 15-hour flights, the first few hours are spent mostly burning the fuel needed to carry even more fuel for the rest of the flight.

These aircraft "carry more fuel to carry more fuel," said consultant Richard Aboulafia of Virginia-based Teal Group.

"They need a very big wing with lots of (fuel storage) capacity, which means lots of structure and weight."

Fuel is not the only source of extra weight. The long journey times also mean loading extra meals and a reserve crew, so that the fuel burned per hour - a measure of efficiency - can end up greater than if the plane simply stopped en route.

Airlines must balance this against any extra revenue they can charge for a direct flight and the ability to eliminate the fuel wasted in climbing and descending twice, as well as en-route landing fees and other costs linked to a stopover.
airlines  boeing  airbus  a380  a350  777  787  aeriality  economics  ****  reuters 
march 2015
1/ Combining my typography tools into one library: Typography tools for better web type.
****  mytools  design  typography  javascript 
march 2015
My Ambitious Writing Goal Over the Next 12 Months | Jamie Todd Rubin
A Tale of Two Stories Last week, while on one of my daily walks, I suddenly hit on why I was struggling with the novella on which I’ve been working, off and on, for the last year or so. The current working title is “Strays.” I was artificially constraining the story.
writing  novel  howto  **  habits 
march 2015
Suzanne Heath on Twitter: "In the intro essay to High Rise it says that J G Ballard predicted social media in a 1977 essay for Vogue. Here it is http://t.co/EJm75E4A9r"
RT @Suzanne_Heath: In the intro essay to High Rise it says that J G Ballard predicted social media in a 1977 essay for Vogue. Here it is
essay  future  ****  social.media  ballard  prediction  vogue 
march 2015
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