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Online Project Management and Redmine Hosting | Planio
free plan Bronze: 1 project, 2 users, 10 customers, and 500 MB storage

All plans include SSL encryption, access to all features, continuous updates and maintenance, unlimited issues and incidents, unlimited Git and Subversion repositories, free imports of existing data, and super-friendly support via e-mail and phone.
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august 2014 by goofrider
Bugify - Simplified issue tracker
Bugify is a simple PHP issue tracker, designed to offer powerful bug tracking capabilities in an easy to use system.

You can download Bugify and trial it with a free trial license, but you'll be restricted to 2 users (and some other restrictions).
License: Onee-time payment $59
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august 2014 by goofrider
Snowy Evening
Bug & Issue Tracking with GitHub Integration, Remote Error Logging
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august 2014 by goofrider
BugHerd | The world's simplest bug tracker
Access your task list directly on your website: BugHerd embeds a sidebar on websites that you're working on, letting you view and manage your tasks without needing to constantly switch tabs.

Manage client feedback without the email marathons: BugHerd helps turn vague client feedback into actionable bug reports and attaches all the information you need to fix the problem. You’ll never have to ask "what browser are you using?" again.

Visitor feedback you can act upon: Let your website visitors submit feedback right on your site. Then delight them with BugHerd by automatically letting them know when you’ve fixed their problem.

- See your entire project in a single glance
- Extend your workflow with BugHerd integrations

FREE for 1 member
- Unlimited Projects
- Unlimited Guests
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january 2013 by goofrider
A Simple Issue Tracker | DoneDone
Moonlighting? Sign up for our free plan which gives you 3 Active Users, unlimited projects, and 1GB of storage

Planning & Requirements
Focus the team early.
Get your ideas, sketches, and conversations into DoneDone issue tracker early to keep everyone up to date on broader business decisions

Coding & Design
Tune out the noise.
Once a project is underway, use DoneDone issue tracker to manage your features, sprints, and todo’s.

Testing & QA
Tag ’em & bag ’em.
Once a project is ready for review, use DoneDone issue tracking software to log your bugs, requests, and ideas, keeping everyone on track for the big deadline.

Support & Maintenance
Keep up the momentum.
Once you’re through that crucial deadline, continue using DoneDone issue tracking software to manage ongoing support requests and maintenance tasks.
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january 2013 by goofrider
This is a redmine plugin for supporting Markdown as a wiki format. This plugin use Redcarpet which is GitHub's markdown wiki formatter. Redcarpet is extreme fast and compatible GitHub's Wiki. They are advantage from Redmine Markdown Formatter and Redmine Markdown Extra Formatter. This code is originally Redmine Markdown Formatter and Redmine reStructuredtext Formatter.
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october 2012 by goofrider
Agile Scrum and Issue Trackerfor efficient Team Management (Agile Scrum Tool, Issue Tracker, Kanban Task Board, Project Management, Bug Tracking)
project-management  todo  webapp  bugtracking 
september 2012 by goofrider
Ketura Project Management and Issue (Bug) Tracking System
Ketura, for Windows and Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC), is a refreshing approach to project management and issue (bug/defect) tracking. Organize your work. Track time. Manage customer requests and other work issues. Schedule and deliver your team projects on time and within budget. Ketura optionally integrates with Perforce, Subversion and Araxis Merge to provide flexible and comprehensive change management solutions.
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august 2012 by goofrider
Main Page - Eventum Wiki
Wiki for Eventum, a bug tracker by MySQL AB
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september 2005 by goofrider
MySQL AB :: Eventum Issue / Bug Tracking System
New bug tracking system from MySQL AB. Still in beta
bugtracking  mysql  bugs  beta  dev  webapp 
september 2005 by goofrider
Issue Dealer
Zope product for bug tracking
bugtracking  addons  bugs  zope  webapp 
september 2005 by goofrider
List of Free Issue and Bug Tracking Software
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september 2005 by goofrider

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