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Tekmessa - Oh, How Things Change!
The story goes like this: A new girl moves to Beacon Hills when Stiles is in the third grade. She's pretty, her eyes are green and her hair is strawberry blond, and Stiles falls for her head over heels. (Spoilers up to and including 2x05! Goes AU afterwards.)
teenwolf  tekmessa  slash  het  derek/stiles  stiles/lydia  lydia/jackson  episoderelated  au:canon  unrequited  kisses  preseries  slowbuild 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Mirabella - Untitled - Discontinued WIP
Love is stronger than death. This is not a promise; it's a warning.
fma  mirabella  het  slash  roy/riza  ed/roy  unrequited  angst  canon:firstanime  au:canon  gorgeous  wip 
march 2012 by goodgriefcharlie

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