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melannen - a gate to many wonders
Dying, for a Jedi Master in the line of Yoda, was a gentle thing.


"Hi, Not Listening To This Anymore," Han said, appearing suddenly. "I'm dead."
starwars  melannen  gen  force.ghosts  hilarious  wc:<5k 
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dimircharmer - Tomorrow (there'll be more of us)
“FN-2187 was real, right?” She sounds very young again. “Please tell me he was real."

"I'm real,” said Finn, who was on his first patrol since his back healed. “And my name’s Finn now.”

Her eyes widened. “You have a name?

Or: The resistance is starting to get stormtrooper defectors. Finn helps them out.
starwars  dimircharmer  gen  wc:<5k 
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The_Lobster & sentientcitizen - Add 1 Cup Boiling Water; Stir
Feral Desert Child and Former Stormtrooper Learn How To Food, Beleaguered Resistance Pilot Watches With Love And Horror
starwars  the_lobster  sentientcitizen  gen  wc:5-10k 
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bedlamsbard - Wake the Storm
Considering that he had picked up what was probably a Sith artifact, promptly passed out in the middle of a war zone, and apparently woken up twenty years in the future with Obi-Wan having taken up residence in his head, Anakin thought he was entitled to have a few questions.

Part 1 of Ouroborus (not read rest of series)
starwars  bedlamsbard  gen  era:clonewars  era:originaltrilogy  action/adventure  wc:70-80k 
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QueenWithABeeThrone - got a bad feeling about this (or, han solo: worst time traveler ever) (2 stories)
in which Han Solo, just after the events of TFA, wakes up an eight-year-old on Corellia, levels up a lot in Force-sensitivity, and accidentally becomes a padawan to Obi-wan Kenobi. oh, and he has to make sure baby-Vader and the senator get together and conceive Luke and Leia ASAP, that's top priority here.
starwars  queenwithabeethrone  series  gen  crack  wc:5-10k 
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tanarill - Probability Matrices (Series)
Fundamental Force Carriers: The Sith Lord Darth Vader lived his life. He probably didn't live it well, but he lived it as well as he knew how. At the end there, he'd even managed to woman up and kill Sidious. But he was dying, and at peace with the past. The past wasn't at peace with him. (88k)

Transition States: Anakin Naberrie is rather less mortal than he'd like to be, so he's decided to make sure a bunch of his friends stick around for the very long term. Galactic civilization, as it is, doesn't stand a chance. (7k)

Six Things: Some people are like onions. Some people are like mold. Some people just need the right environment to truly shine. (7k)

Weapon Test: Naberrie doesn't think on the same scale as everyone else. (14k)
starwars  tanarill  series  anakin/padme  era:clonewars  fix-it  therapy  jedi.reform  clones  wc:100-125k 
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dirgewithoutmusic - the family amidala
Padme lives. She runs.


Leia is growing in fits and spurts, eating greedily and crying loudly. She stays in a sling on Padme’s chest when they move, Luke held snug in a sling around Obi Wan’s. Luke gets a whole head of thick brown hair while Leia’s is still patchy and bald, but he never matches his sister’s powerful lungs.

When Padme had been sitting in her high senatorial apartment on Corsucant, holding Anakin’s sweaty hand, she had never imagined she’d be murmuring desperately soothing noises to her fussy daughter while she shot around a corner at stormtroopers, while R2D2 meddles with a ship’s blast doors behind her.

Luke starts teething on a hot jungle planet where they hunker down for three weeks, sleeping in an abandoned old temple and catching the local wildlife for dinner. Leia takes her first steps in the belly of a Corellian freighter they’ve stowed away on. She wobbles between Padme’s outstretched hands and Obi Wan’s knees and boxes of smuggled luxuries. When she falls down, Obi Wan surges forward, heart in his throat, but Leia laughs.
starwars  dirgewithoutmusic  gen  au:canon  au:stillalive  wc:5-10k 
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esama - Negotiator
Obi-Wan dies, wakes up and decides to live a whole different life.
starwars  esama  obi-wan/other  au:canon  fix-it  family  wc:30-40k 
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magneticwave - no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa
“Fuck you,” Leia says. “Who said anything about getting married? Did Luke say anything about getting married?”

“Luke is not involved,” Luke says, not looking up.

“Hey, Luke is not involved,” Han says, pointing at her. She’s going to bite his finger off, then they’ll see how much pointing he can do with it. “This is about you and me, princess.”

“There’s not going to be a you and me,” Leia says. “I’m going to have this baby with C-3PO.”

C-3PO says, “Madam,” tremulous.
starwars  magneticwave  han/leia  favorite  fav.rereads  wc:5-10k 
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imaginarykat - wicked thing - WIP (Chpt 1-14)
There are rumours of yet another Sith Lord hiding among the Separatists. The Council sends Anakin to investigate. Anakin has a bad feeling about this.


the story of how Anakin exists in a perpetual state of intense embarrassment, Kenobi is enjoying it a little too much, and everything is, generally speaking, a gigantic mess.
starwars  imaginarykat  obi-wan/anakin  au:canon  dark!obi-wan  wip  wc:100-125k 
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paperclipbitch - tell me, get my shit together
“I thought we were actively avoiding each other after the Trandosha Shitshow,” Han says.

“We’re actively avoiding each other after the Iridonia Shitshow,” Lando corrects him, “the Trandosha Shitshow is That Which We Do Not Speak Of.”
starwars  paperclipbitch  han/lando  postmovie  wc:5-10k 
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peradi - wonderterror
Anakin Skywalker is the son of the Force.

He’s half human and half something monumental.

What does that make his children?


The Skywalkers aren't entirely human. Here's what that means.
starwars  peradi  han/leia  han/luke  anakin/padme  obi-wan/anakin  era:prequels  era:originaltrilogy  au:canon  myth  wc:5-10k 
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Ariel_Sojourner -Back From the Future: Episode VI The Clone Wars
In which Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader travel back in time together to the Clone Wars era, have amazing adventures, and save the galaxy.
starwars  ariel_sojourner  gen  anakin/padme  era:prequels  era:clonewars  era:originaltrilogy  fix-it  action/adventure  clones  missions  family  epic  favorite  fav.rereads  wc:100-125k 
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Toruviel - The Red Past - WIP (Chpt 1-12)
Hanging below the Cloud City, in shock and pain, abandoned by friends dead and alive alike, Luke Skywalker knew better than to ask for help for the third time. He begged for understanding instead.

The Force heard.
starwars  toruviel  gen  era:prequels  era:originaltrilogy  wip  wc:80-90k 
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notquiteaghost - i think i get to keep coming back
Anakin shoots him a look, then, a wordless question - ‘Are we talking about it?’

Obi-Wan doesn’t know if he wants to talk about it. If that’s why he’s here, curled up on the bed of the one person who could possibly have any meaningful advice for his situation. If talking about it will do any good at all.

He knows he should, though.

And, well. Kabu keeps threatening to tell the Council he’s mentally unfit for duty and force him to talk to the Healers, and if he has to have this conversation, he knows who he’d rather have it with.


Obi-Wan and Anakin have A Conversation About Trauma, in the immediate aftermath of Zygerria.
starwars  notquiteaghost  background.relationships  era:clonewars  episoderelated  h/c  wc:<5k 
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Elfpen - Reprise Series - WIP
Reprise: Ben Kenobi dies aboard the Death Star in the year 0 BBY. He wakes up shortly thereafter in the Jedi temple in the year 41 BBY. Haunted by memories and regret, Ben must forge a new path for himself in the Jedi Order of his youth while navigating the murky waters of time travel. Crafting a better future from bitter experience is hard, but learning to heal is even harder. Major AU. (95k)

Reprise II: Ben Kenobi has been living in the past for three years, working behind the scenes to change the course of history. New friends and allies bolster his efforts, but old enemies - and new - lurk around every corner. With every day and every decision, Ben steps away the life that he knew and into a future he cannot predict. (135k)

Reprise III: Eleven years ago, Ben Kenobi emerged from death and into his own past, sent on a mission by the Force itself to reclaim balance. The galaxy has been forever changed by his presence, and he does not work alone. With every ally that joins Ben’s cause, the stakes rise higher. Now, as Anakin Skywalker comes of age, Ben must reconcile his own mission with that of the Chosen One. The Jedi, the Republic, the Galaxy, and everything Ben has ever held dear depend - once more - on the boy from Tatooine. (184k)

Reprise IV: As he comes into his power, Anakin Skywalker has never known a universe without both Ben and Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, as Palpatine’s schemes draw taut against a galaxy in crisis and Obi-Wan chases shadows, Ben must contend with his past colliding with his present while Anakin uncovers the truth of the dark and light within himself. Changing the fate of the universe is too lofty a task for a single person; all must work together in balance and harmony to ensure that Hope does not die to darkness. (Chpt 1-5, WIP)
starwars  elfpen  series  gen  au:canon  fix-it  h/c  action/adventure  family  epic  wip  favorite  fav.rereads  wc:400-500k 
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MrsHamill - The Seduction of Obi-Wan Kenobi
Qui-Gon Jinn gets injured and sent to a lavish rehab facility where he meets a psychically wounded Obi-Wan Kenobi.
starwars  mrshamill  obi-wan/qui-gon  au:canon  romance  wc:30-40k 
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esama - Fresh Out - WIP (Chpt 1-4, likely abandoned)
... of fucks to give.

Aka, Obi-Wan wakes up to relive his life, again.
starwars  esama  gen  era:jediapprentice  wip  wc:10-20k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
esama - Binary Star - WIP (Chpt 1-11, likely abandoned)
In which a Master Kenobi and a General Kenobi emerge to replace a dying Knight Kenobi.
starwars  esama  obi-wan/other  era:prequels  era:clonewars  au:canon  training  family  bonded  wip  wc:50-60k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
esama - On the other side - WIP (Chpt 1-11, likely abandoned)
...always greener the grass is, said Yoda, at some point, probably.

Dozen years ago Obi-Wan went into AgriCorps - now Qui-Gon Jinn is taking a new padawan. Somehow, this is Obi-Wan's problem.
starwars  esama  obi-wan/other  obi-wan/qui-gon  au:canon  wip  wc:40-50k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
InfiniteJediLove - System of Darkness
Chosen at age eleven by Jedi Master Virmu, Obi-Wan Kenobi meets the maverick Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn, twelve years later, when they are assigned on a mission to investigate the theft of starships from the Duro Starshipwright Shipyard. What appears to be routine quickly grows more complex as violence ensues, loyalties are questioned, and a dangerous reminder of Obi-Wan’s past rises to the forefront. Torn between the Jedi path and their devotion to one another, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon must risk everything to destroy a criminal organization that spans the galaxy.
starwars  infinitejedilove  obi-wan/qui-gon  au:canon  missions  action/adventure  get.together  bonded  wc:150-175k 
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Meggory - Beekeeping and Husbandry
Everything changes.

After barely surviving the Theed Generator Complex, Qui-Gon discovers this truth.
starwars  meggory  obi-wan/qui-gon  era:prequels  au:canon  au:stillalive  injury  recovery  fix-it  wc:125-150k 
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MissjuliaMiriam - Care What It Cost
Five years after Naboo, Obi-Wan becomes aware that things between Anakin and Qui-Gon have become... tense. The obvious solution is to mediate their difficulties if at all possible.

That is not what happens.
starwars  missjuliamiriam  gen  era:prequels  au:canon  au:stillalive  training  wc:5-10k 
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randomalia (spilinski) - Currents
Do you remember that mission? he wanted to say to Qui-Gon. But Qui-Gon had a new padawan to train. Obi-Wan hadn't seen him in a long time.
starwars  randomalia  obi-wan/qui-gon  era:prequels  pining  missions  get.together  wc:10-20k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
MrsHamill - The Jinn Identity
Who is the smuggler Jinn and why is he being followed by telepaths?
starwars  mrshamill  obi-wan/qui-gon  era:prequels  missions  first.time  wc:30-40k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
cadesama - Burnt Edges
Captured by the Separatists (again) and dosed with a drug (that's new), Anakin and Obi-Wan find themselves struggling with the overwhelming lust the drug provokes (that's really new).
starwars  cadesama  obi-wan/anakin/padme  era:prequels  era:clonewars  dubcon  undertheinfluence  mtdi  wc:30-40k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
torch - Meet another
On a mission to Tatooine to negotiate with Jabba the Hutt, the young Jedi knight Obi-Wan Kenobi runs into some unexpected trouble as he tries to deal with the reappearance of the long-vanished Qui-Gon Jinn, who has an agenda of his own.
starwars  torch  obi-wan/qui-gon  era:prequels  au:canon  missions  dubcon  wc:60-70k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
esama - Lightbearer
After his Master's death Obi-Wan Falls. Anakin picks up the pieces.
starwars  esama  gen  era:prequels  au:canon  h/c  training  bestbros  dark!obi-wan  wc:40-50k 
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Fialleril - Double Agent Vader (Series) (20 Stories)
The one where Vader turned double agent for the Rebellion about three years after ROTS, and Leia is now his primary contact with the Rebellion.

Alternate summary, according to TV Tropes: A man attempts to escape slavery by turning into one of his culture heroes, teaching his daughter how to do magic, killing people, and flower arranging.
starwars  fialleril  series  gen  era:originaltrilogy  au:canon  slave.culture  undercover  family  favorite  wc:90-100k 
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lilyconrad - Equinox
"One impulse from a vernal wood
May teach you more of man,
Of moral evil and of good,
Than all the sages can."
- William Wordsworth

During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
starwars  lilyconrad  obi-wan/anakin  era:clonewars  stranded  dark!obi-wan  dark!anakin  kink:d/s  wc:90-100k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
A_Delicate_Fury - The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars - WIP (Chpt 1-5)
"I don’t know how this happened. I don’t yet know why. But this is definitely Anakin’s fault."

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master, Exile, and now Force Ghost, was pleased with the way things had turned out. The Sith were dead. His padawan had returned to the Light. And Luke Skywalker was beginning to lay the foundation for his new Jedi Order. And while Luke, Leia, Han, and the Rebellion cleaned up the last traces of the Empire on the physical plane, he and Anakin would devote the next stage of their afterlives to repairing the damage Sidious and his ilk wrought on the Force itself.

At least, that was the plan.

After a disaster on the cosmic scale that Obi-Wan is still trying to wrap his mind around, he finds himself back in the early days of the Clone Wars, Commander Cody loyally at his side, Anakin at his back, and Sidious plotting against the Jedi at every turn. He's been given an unasked for chance to do everything over again. And with the Force as his ally, he intends to set the galaxy on a brighter path than the one it's currently on.
starwars  a_delicate_fury  gen  era:clonewars  fix-it  favorite  fav.rereads  wip  wc:30-40k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
torch - Gardening at night
Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi get caught up in a conflict while on a mission to a planet in the throes of political upheaval. Qui-Gon makes an in-depth study of local architecture, and Obi-Wan stubs his toe.
starwars  torch  obi-wan/qui-gon  missions  favorite  fav.rereads  wc:5-10k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
torch - Crystallize
A peaceful mission develops some unforeseen complications, and Qui-Gon Jinn learns something new about Obi-Wan Kenobi, and something new about himself.
starwars  torch  obi-wan/qui-gon  missions  wc:10-20k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
ChronicBookworm - The Two Sons of Tatooine
Rejected by the Jedi Order at the age of 13, Obi-Wan Kenobi's ship is taken over by pirates, and he is sold as a slave on Tatooine and adopted by Shmi Skywalker. Elsewhere in the galaxy, clones are being created and a war is brewing, but the Skywalker family have their own concerns: the rising storm that is the slave revolution.
starwars  chronicbookworm  gen  background.relationships  era:prequels  au:canon  family  fix-it  slave.culture  ladies.are.awesome  favorite  fav.rereads  wc:20-30k 
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happygiraffe - Always Gold
"Someday he's planning to visit every star in the galaxy." Obi-Wan stated this childish goal as if it were completely reasonable. "But I only want to show him a few, while I still can."

Obi-Wan is trying to secure his padawan's future, since the healers tell him he won't be around to witness it. Anakin's just trying keep from falling apart.
starwars  happygiraffe  gen  era:prequels  au:canon  angst  h/c  illness  grief  ohmyheart  wc:10-20k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
cupiscent - Walking the Fine Line
Anakin gets captured, Obi-Wan rescues him, and the aftermath would be ridiculous if it weren't so troubling.
starwars  cupiscent  obi-wan/anakin  era:prequels  dubcon  undertheinfluence  kink:bdsm  wc:5-10k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
KeelieThompson1 - Stand the hazard of the die (Series WIP)
Stand the Hazard: A plot from the future to save the past effectively ends Anakin Skywalker's career as a Jedi knight. (28k)

Changing Fate: A series of one shot stories set after Stand the Hazard in which 7 year old Luke is living with Padme and Anakin in the past. (46k)

Mother: In the wake of a tragedy, Padme must find a way to cope as the galaxy plunges deeper and deeper into a dark future. 3rd in the series where seven year old Luke was sent back to the Clone Wars era. (16k)

Someone always pays the price: As Palpatine's Galactic Empire enters its second year, the Skywalker family struggles to find their way back to each other. (27k)

Protected: The Skywalker clan will always protect each other. And, the wake of what happened in Zygarria, that has never been more true. (WIP)
starwars  keeliethompson1  series  anakin/padme  era:prequels  era:clonewars  au:canon  family  wip  wc:125-150k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
glimmerglanger - as good a place to fall as any
Obi-Wan and Anakin are sent to find a rumored weapon from the Old Republic on a mission directly from the Jedi Council, taking them away from the front lines at a vital time. During the course of the mission, they find far more than trouble than the anticipated and stumble into a series of events that leads to unintended attachments, misunderstandings, a fierce love affair, bloody victories, and an eventual end to the Clone Wars...
starwars  glimmerglanger  obi-wan/anakin  era:clonewars  au:abo  fix-it  favorite  fav.rereads  wc:100-125k 
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dharmaavocado - Kind, Sober, and Fully Dressed
“You’re punishing me, aren’t you?” Anakin said. “I angered you somehow and this whole thing with Obi-Wan is my punishment.”

“Not everything is about you,” said Rex, hauling the guy up. “And, come on, have you seen him in those cardigans?”

“He looks like someone’s sad grandpa,” Anakin said.

 In which Obi-Wan returns from four years undercover, Rex called dibs, the entire squad is not helpful, and Anakin hates his life.
starwars  b99  dharmaavocado  obi-wan/rex  au:fusion  get.together  humor  wc:20-30k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
Mithrigil - On Whose Authority
After seven years training as Qui-Gon's Padawan, Anakin finally has questions that his Master can't answer. A specialist in force-user initiation and the erotic mysteries might be just what Anakin needs--but Kenobi is almost too good at his job.
starwars  mithrigil  obi-wan/anakin  era:prequels  au:canon  first.time  training  kink.negotiation  kink:d/s  kink:bondage  wc:30-40k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
MrsHamill - Son of the Empire
The Sith and the Jedi have been at odds for millennia. In the face of a mutual threat, can they set aside their differences and work together?
starwars  mrshamill  obi-wan/qui-gon  au:complete  wc:100-125k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
MarbleGlove - Remedial Jedi Theology
Let us consider the fact that the Jedi Order is a monastic religious organization based out of a temple, with five basic tenets of faith.

Ch 1: Death, yet the Force (meeting Anakin)
Ch 2: Chaos, yet Harmony (teaching Anakin)
Ch 3: Passion, yet Serenity (teaching a teenaged Anakin, good grief)
Ch 4: Ignorance, yet Knowledge (Anakin is a Knight now, why is he still Obi-Wan’s problem?)
Ch 5: Heresy, yet Orthodoxy (actual plot? Ie, Clones and Sith)
Ch 6: Emotion, yet Peace (epilog)

Ch 7: extras / deleted scenes
starwars  marbleglove  gen  era:prequels  au:canon  training  theology  fix-it  wc:50-60k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
Lady_Lombax - Magic Blankets
C-3PO accidentally saves the galaxy by teaching a young Ani Skywalker how to crochet.

Or in which the power of love and crafts solve a lot of problems and the Jedi Creche is about two inches away from kidnapping Anakin at any given moment.
starwars  lady_lombax  gen  era:prequels  era:clonewars  fix-it  wc:<5k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
ophelia_interrupted - The Sith Who Brought Life Day
An Imperial officer loses a bet and has to get Darth Vader a present for Life Day.
starwars  ophelia_interrupted  gen  era:originaltrilogy  outsiderpov  wc:10-20k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
flamethrower - On Ebon Wings, Ere I Breathe
Ten years after the Battle for Naboo, a Jedi wakes up alone in the desert. His only companion is, of all things, a crow.
starwars  thecrow  flamethrower  crossover  obi-wan/qui-gon  era:prequels  returned.from.the.dead  myth  fix-it  angst  best.anakin  wc:100-125k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
flamethrower - Legacy
"Maul was my pride, my greatest accomplishment aside from the political games that have wrought me control over the Republic. Why should I take a second apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi? Why would you be worth my time?”

“Because I fucking hate you.”
starwars  flamethrower  gen  background.relationships  era:prequels  era:clonewars  au:canon  dark!obi-wan  fix-it  wc:10-20k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
flamethrower - Re-Entry Series (22 Stories)
Re-Entry is an alternate universe epic that spans time and possibility. Obi-Wan Kenobi, while still a young Padawan, suffers an injury and wakes up with all of the memories, experience, training, and Force-strength of Old Ben Kenobi. It isn't long before the Jedi discover that Anakin Skywalker, a five-year-old slave from the Outer Rim, has undergone the exact same change. Obi-Wan and Anakin bear the scars of harsh lessons learned; those who love them must learn those lessons quickly, before the mistakes of old are repeated.
starwars  flamethrower  series  obi-wan/qui-gon  obi-wan/other  anakin/padme  era:jediapprentice  era:prequels  au:canon  epic  fix-it  dark!obi-wan  action/adventure  injury  bonded  family  favorite  fav.rereads  wc:500-600k 
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flamethrower - In a Lonely Place
Six years after the Battle of Theed, a Jedi thought lost returns. This is not necessarily good news.
starwars  flamethrower  obi-wan/qui-gon  era:prequels  au:canon  dubcon  dark!obi-wan  undercover  recovery  wc:80-90k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
flamethrower - Speaker of Valaeanath
Obi-Wan Kenobi has been through physical torture, but the psychological torture Asajj Ventress subjects him to is worse than any physical pain. Trapped in silence and darkness, the only means of communication he has relies on the language of touch--a language that not everyone understands.
starwars  flamethrower  obi-wan/qui-gon  era:clonewars  au:canon  injury  recovery  h/c  wc:10-20k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
flamethrower - Letters to Qui-Gon Jinn
When Jedi Master Tahl is murdered, Qui-Gon Jinn leaves the Order, and his Padawan.

Obi-Wan Kenobi isn't about to let him go that easily.
starwars  flamethrower  obi-wan/qui-gon  era:jediapprentice  era:prequels  au:canon  wc:30-40k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
AmethystWinter - Hondo and Kenobi Save the Galaxy
“What do you want, Ohnaka.” Mace grits out.

“I am in need of a Jedi Master.” Hondo orates grandly.

“You’ll have to be more specific.” Mace looks like he’s fighting to keep the vein on his forehead from popping out.

“I am in need of a Jedi Master,” Hondo starts again, with a pointed look at Master Windu, “To help me stop a Sith.”
starwars  amethystwinter  gen  era:clonewars  hondo.shenanigans  wc:5-10k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
bessyboo - She's A Rebel [VID]
She's a symbol of resistance.

A/N: Guaranteed to make you have ALL THE CARRIE FISHER FEELS <333
starwars  bessyboo  vids  favorite 
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lilyconrad - The World Undone
Anakin Skywalker, proud symbol of the strength and purity of the Jedi Order, is the target of a strange and handsome Sith named Obi-Wan, whose only goal seems to be pulling Skywalker down into the dark with him.

"There is a dragon in the heart of every sun."
starwars  lilyconrad  obi-wan/anakin  dark!obi-wan  era:prequels  era:clonewars  au:canon  epic  wc:125-150k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
bluestalking - starting with your heart (bright heart)
The plot of this fic is Anakin leaves with Ahsoka.

Where she goes, he follows. He has a fleeting moment where he thinks he should tell Obi-Wan where he’s going. That he should turn back to the temple. But he’s afraid that if he turns away from Ahsoka for a moment, she’ll disappear and he’ll never see her again.
starwars  bluestalking  gen  background.relationships  era:clonewars  au:canon  episoderelated  ohmyheart  wc:20-30k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
Mirror and Image - All But Name
"You will be a Jedi, Anakin. I promise you. In all but name."
starwars  mirrorandimage  gen  era:prequels  au:canon  training  family  wc:100-125k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
Mirror and Image - Simple Steps
Galaxy changing events don't just suddenly occur. They are the result of a series of small steps.
starwars  mirrorandimage  anakin/padme  era:prequels  era:clonewars  au:canon  family  bestbros  bonded  wc:175-200k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
Madamebadger - Festival
The most notable holidays in the Resistance, ironically, aren't from a planet at all--or they were, but it's a planet that was turned to dust and nothing before Rey was even born.
starwars  madamebadger  gen  holidays  wc:<5k 
january 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
Sheafrotherdon - Geology and Geography
She feels no compunction to stake out that Finn is hers because he’s not, he’s himself, and he’s learning what that means as surely as she is, and perhaps Poe Dameron is part of that, too.
starwars  sheafrotherdon  poly  poe/finn/rey  fluff  kisses  wc:<5k 
january 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
Shadydave - Occupational Safety
"Like they’re going to make sure no one ever falls down the thermal exhaust shaft."
starwars  shadydave  gen  postmovie  missions  wc:<5k 
january 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
Verity - it's gonna be cohesive (it's gonna be my thesis)
"How'd you learn all this stuff, anyway?" Finn says.

Rey says, "Hand me the conductive grease." Finn doesn't move; she snaps her fingers. "Come on, it's the blue tube, the one—"

"Oh, yeah, I see." He slides it to her across the ship's floor. "So? How did—"

"Like that," says Rey.
starwars  verity  gen  ladies.are.awesome  wc:<5k 
january 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
Anonymous - Greased Lightning (VID)
Summary: You know that I ain't bragging she's a real pussy wagon. (OMG, this song is perfect for the Millennium Falcon!)
starwars  festivids  vids  anon  awesome  dl 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Moirariordan - Tall Tales
"We've got a whole month of time, your highness. And there's only so many places you can go on a starship."
teenwolf  starwars  moirariordan  preslash  derek/stiles  fusion  au:complete  awesome  action/adventure  humor 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Sheafrotherdon - Don't Mention the Wookies
Rodney's up to something, and John's bound and determined to find out what the hell it is.
sga  starwars  sheafrotherdon  slash  mckay/sheppard  crack  crossover 
september 2011 by goodgriefcharlie
Soraya2004 - Ascension
Sometimes, it takes Two to ascend. Starring J'hon and Ro'dnee as Sith Lords; flirting via failed assassination attempts.
sga  starwars  soraya2004  slash  mckay/sheppard  crossover  dark  crack  ascension  first.time  au:complete 
september 2011 by goodgriefcharlie
Siriaeve - A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Because if you looked closely at the movie, they really weren't as cute as they seemed. (second ficlet on page)
sga  starwars  siriaeve  gen  team  missions  crossover  humor  favorite 
september 2011 by goodgriefcharlie

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