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The Course of Honour | Avoliot
When Jainan arrived on Iskat to represent his home planet in a diplomatic marriage to Imperial Prince Taam, he was naïve enough to hope the match would work. Taam knew better. Five years later, his confidence shattered, Jainan is released when Taam dies in an accident, only to be faced with another marriage to help salvage his treaty. Jainan understands how the real world works now; but Prince Kiem - the cheerful, scandal-prone darling of the Iskat celebrity magazines - keeps breaking all the rules he's learned.
original.fic  avoliot  slash  jainan/kiem  slowbuild  arranged.marriage  pining  h/c  secrets  tw:abuse  wc:100-125k 
june 2017 by goodgriefcharlie
Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches | Reiya
‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’

A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.

Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.
yoi  reiya  slash  victor/yuuri  au:canon  throughtheyears  slowbuild  developing.relationship  epic  miscommunication  HEA  wc:175-200k 
march 2017 by goodgriefcharlie
Bear Your Soul on the Ice | SassySalchow (diedraechin) | WIP
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan's next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. The Yakov Feltsman, otherwise known as the coach to rising figure skating star -- and Yuuri's idol -- Viktor Nikiforov.
(It occurred to me that I should say that the title is not a typo. It's purposely "bear" as in "to carry")
yoi  sassysalchow  slash  victor/yuuri  au:canon  preseries  slowbuild  anxiety.issues  favorite  wip 
january 2017 by goodgriefcharlie
Batsutousai - Come What May
After the Promised Day, with his alchemy still intact thanks to Hohenheim's sacrifice, Ed finds himself and his chimera team getting dragged into the shadowy world of military secrets in an attempt to keep Bradley's legacy from causing a civil war. (Part 1 of Our Sinners Redemption series; next part(s?) not yet posted.)
fma  batsutousai  slash  ed/roy  ed/darius/heinkel  epic  au:canon  postmanga  h/c  slowbuild  action/adventure  academydays  team  missions  favorite  fav.rereads  series  wc:175-200k 
april 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
KouriArashi - The More Things Change
Ten years ago, there was a major war between the supernatural world and the mundane. Now Beacon Hills is cut off and the Argents are in control, and the supernatural creatures are slowly being hunted down. But when Stiles, who was adopted by the Argents after the death of his parents, makes friends with the Hale Pack, things start to change...
teenwolf  kouriarashi  slash  derek/stiles  peter/chris  au:complete  au:werewolves.are.known  au:dystopia  hunters  tw:torture  slowbuild  get.together  wc:80-90k 
december 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Grimm - here comes trouble
All Derek wants is one day where he can sleep without worry of being woken by gunfire, without the threat of death hanging over his head. He wants a full stomach and no pain clinging to his bones, no ache in his feet from months of running. He wants a shower, a safe place to put his head. He wants his family, the healing comfort of pack. He'll never have any of that again.
teenwolf  grimm  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:werewolves.are.known  au:abo  tw:abuse  tw:rape  recovery  slowbuild  heat/matingcycles  wc:100-125k 
december 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Exclamation - Don't Savage The Messenger
There is an uneasy truce between the werewolves in the woods and the humans who live in Beacon Hills, protected by a magical boundary that gives warning any time a werewolf crosses it. Then the sheriff is taken by the werewolves and his son offers himself in exchange.

Stiles promises to serve the werewolf pack, not knowing what horrible use they might have for him. But it turns out his most useful skill is the ability to cross the boundary line between humans and werewolves. Life with the werewolves is nothing like he feared and the werewolves themselves are nothing like the hunters' stories would have him believe.
teenwolf  exclamation  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:werewolves.are.known  slavefic  tw:rape  emissary!stiles  slowbuild  epic  wc:150-175k 
september 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Rosepetals42 - Untamed
Of course, the transfer kid gets mentioned because transfers are rare, but the news isn’t that exciting. In fact, according to Laura, no one even seems to know his first name. The only thing anyone has really figured out about him is that he’s American. And that’s not exactly hard because he obviously has an accent.

The only thing Derek really knows is that, despite other reports, he seems quiet enough, prefers to work alone, and has the most amazing shade of amber eyes that Derek has ever seen.

Not that he’s looking.

teenwolf  hp  rosepetals42  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  slowbuild  wc:20-30k 
june 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
MellytheHun - Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves)
Or otherwise known as "Derek Goes to the Doctor," wherein Derek gets the therapy he so desperately needs and gets healthy. The clearer his head gets, the more room it seems to have for Stiles.
teenwolf  mellythehun  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  postS3B  healing  therapy  packdynamics  slowbuild  epiphany  h/c  pining  get.together  wc:60-70k 
january 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Sanam - Three Marks
"And then there was pain again, but this time it was in only three places—his arm, below his clavicle, and next to his heart, all on the left side. It felt like the skin was being sliced apart, ripped open, flayed off—
And suddenly it was done.
Derek looked across the room and saw the boy on the floor, looking about as bad as Derek felt."

Derek and Stiles learn that bonding is probably best done with ridiculous amounts of video games and maybe a little bit of time.
teenwolf  sanam  slash  derek/stiles  au:nearcanon  au:human/nonmagical  au:stillalive  bonded  first.time  slowbuild  wc:100-125k 
october 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Exclamation - Unchained
Werewolves are considered little better than animals and often treated much worse, forced into slavery from birth. Derek has been owned by enough humans to know their cruelty. When he's bought by Stiles, he expects more of the same. But Stiles is not like any human he's dealt with before.

Stiles meanwhile is horrified to learn of the treatment werewolves suffer on a daily basis, and he must deal with the fact that his best friend is out there somewhere, probably going through everything Derek has been through.
teenwolf  exclamation  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:werewolves.are.known  slavefic  tw:abuse  tw:sexualassault  tw:rape  tw:torture  slowbuild  kate.issues  trust.issues  wc:150-175k 
september 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Pyes - Shatterproof (Series)
Aftershocked: The first time that Derek kisses Stiles, they're in the Jeep—which is sideways—while they're trapped in an overpass collapse. It's the second time when things really get scary.

Mixed Messages: Six weeks after Aftershocked, Derek is still convinced that the sky is falling. The good news: it's not. The bad news: he is.

Brave New World: Derek’s relationship with Stiles begins to feel almost normal, at least for Beacon Hills—the kind of normal with grisly murders and terrifying adversaries.
teenwolf  pyes  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  postS3B  injury  kisses  slowbuild  developing.relationship  sheriff.finds.out  creatureoftheweek  first.time  series  wc:90-100k  favorite 
september 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Ofherlionheart - Trust Fall [Into My Bed]
Stiles's eyes light up. “Did you see him, though? No wonder the dude is an Oscar winner. He’s amazing. I mean, I’ve worked with, like, Liam Neeson and Natalie Dormer. But Derek is something else – I don’t know, I can’t describe it. There’s just this, this thing about him, when we’re in a scene together, it’s so easy to just click with him, and you know some people hate how much I improvise, but Derek just takes it and rolls with it and adds stuff of his own –” He breaks off when he finally notices Lydia smirking. “What?”

“You’re rambling,” Lydia observes.


“I guess you aren’t too tired to talk about Derek.”


In which Oscar-winner Derek Hale and sidekick-to-the-top-guns Stiles Stilinski are thrown together to star in a new, powerful film. Mix in feelings, long days, late nights, terrifyingly omniscient agents, the Hale clan, Canada, and some UST, and come out with a long story with liberal amounts of UST and fluff.
teenwolf  ofherlionheart  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  career:actors  get.together  slowbuild  wc:20-30k 
august 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Lessandra - I’ll take hold of you
If Stiles could boil his life down to one moment, it would be this: his hand in Derek’s hand, radiating warmth as they sit together—on the edge of the forest, in Stiles’s living room, on the terrace of Derek’s house, wherever—and wait for the morning to come.
teenwolf  lessandra  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  magic  get.together  slowbuild  wolf!derek  gorgeous  wc:30-40k 
august 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Thepsychicclam - my heart's been offline
31/M/New York. Rich, lays in bed all day, likes to read (aka Derek Hale, son of an Oscar winning actress, brother of one obnoxious reality star and one rebellious fashion designer, hates the paparazzi so much he's a recluse)

26/M/California. Boring office job, likes to read (aka Stiles Stilinski, co-owner of a 100 acre organic farm with his dad and two best friends, writer of obits for a newspaper, has absolutely no life)

Or, where Derek and Stiles meet online, and Stiles has no clue Derek's part of a famous family.
teenwolf  thepsychicclam  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:human/nonmagical  career:celebrities  career:journalists  slowbuild  get.together  au:stillalive  secrets  wc:50-60k 
july 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Amazingpages - Somewhere In Between
Derek’s been letting his job dictate his life ever since he was promoted from freelance photographer to official travel photographer. In his five years of travel, he’s built relationships in countries all across the globe, yet he still returns home after each job as lonely as ever. When he decides to try out the pen pal site Laura recommends to him, he doesn't know what to expect. Derek isn't prepared for Stiles, a small town guy with big dreams of seeing the world. And he certainly isn't prepared to fall in love with him. He has to remind himself that this is just a pen pal thing and not to get carried away. It's not like Stiles could ever like him back.

teenwolf  amazingpages  slash  derek/stiles  slowbuild  fluff  get.together  au:complete  au:human/nonmagical  career:photographer  career:student  wc:30-40k 
july 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Grimm - What I Did On My Summer Vacation
There's something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can't quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.

There's something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.
teenwolf  grimm  slash  derek/stiles  au:nearcanon  au:werewolves.are.known  futurefic  magic  au:stillalive  wolf!derek  emissary!stiles  slowbuild  packdynamics  wc:100-125k  favorite 
july 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Calrissian18 - There's Monsters at Home
“How did you get past the wards?” Derek had put them up, with Peter’s grudging assistance, after the Alpha pack had made themselves at home a few times too many.

The guy pulled a face. “You mean the wards a five-year-old girl with the mental ability of a goldfish could deconstruct?” He blinked wide eyes at Derek. “Gee, I don’t know. It’s bound to go down as one of life’s great mysteries.”

Derek despised him.
teenwolf  calrissian18  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  emissary!stiles  other.alphas  packdynamics  tattoos  creatureoftheweek  slowbuild  dubcon  wc:80-90k 
june 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Llassah - some kind of karmic-chi love thing
Derek Hale comes back to Beacon Hills stoned and happy. Stiles tries not to resent him for it, and mostly fails.
teenwolf  llassah  slash  derek/stiles  postS3A  packdynamics  tw:drugs  tw:depression  slowbuild  get.together  feral!derek  wc:20-30k 
june 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Finduilas - Love Don't Die
Derek is nine years old when he discovers the gift that he's been given. A gift that he didn't necessarily ask for. Derek can touch dead things and bring them back to life. But not without consequences and conditions, many of which are heartbreaking.

Many years later, his path crosses that of his childhood sweetheart, Stiles, in very unfortunate circumstances. But now, Derek's gift gives him the power to save Stiles. And damned be the consequences.
teenwolf  pushingdaisies  finduilas  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  magic  returned.from.the.dead  get.together  slowbuild  wc:30-40k 
april 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Mirrorkill - The Nightmare of my Choice
Rogue werewolves and incubi and ghosts, oh my!: Life in Beacon Hills continues to be the epitome of weird.

Especially for emissary-in-training Stiles, who's being literally haunted by a parade of Beacon Hills' deceased, who are trying to compel him to embrace the darkness in his heart. His only source of comfort is when he's writing to an emotionally constipated Beta werewolf. When Derek Hale is your anchor to sanity? Yeah, weird might be an underestimation.

Stiles is well suited to the path of an emissary; in fact, something important about him has already been overlooked. Something that could have deadly consequences both for him, and for everyone else... (Goes AU after 3A.)
teenwolf  mirrorkill  slash  derek/stiles  postS3A  au:canon  emissary!stiles  ghosts  slowbuild  dark  injury  action/adventure  manipulation  wc:100-125k  favorite 
april 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Stilinski - Chasing the Horizon
Stiles nearly laughs and for a moment, he sits there trying to think of anything to say. "It's been a good year," he croaks at long last. "I got you back--I got you back and I was so scared I'd lose you, you know? I got out there; I backpacked across half of Europe with my best friends - I got to see the never less than perfectly composed Lydia Martin after a few days without showers or real beds. Scott and Allison got married, dad. I made a speech."

The Sheriff's expression softens and he smiles, reaching up and clapping Stiles' shoulder. "You did. I was there. You had Melissa, Scott and Allison in tears."
teenwolf  spn  stilinski  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:nearcanon  slowbuild  wc:30-40k 
april 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Siny - Sense of Home
Home can be a place, but it can also be a person.

After the events with the Nemeton, Stiles starts suffering the consequences of their sacrifice. A journey he attempts to make on his own, but only becomes worse with every step he takes. In the process he seeks comfort in an unexpected place and it draws him toward an unexpected person.
teenwolf  siny  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  postS3A  slowbuild  h/c  wc:50-60k 
march 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Keskasi - Stumble, Tumble, Fall
Stiles and Parrish are friends. And then Derek and Parrish are friends, and Derek is buying furniture from IKEA and calling the Sheriff John, and that's even more confusing.
teenwolf  keskasi  slash  derek/stiles  futurefic  slowbuild  jealousy  bestbros  fluff  wc:5-10k 
march 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
ZainClaw - Move A Mountain
Stiles goes camping with his friends in New Mexico after graduation where they befriend a biker gang led by Derek: a guy whom Stiles can’t decide if he will be either relieved or devastated to never see again once their week is up.
teenwolf  zainclaw  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  season:summer  slowbuild  first.time  ontheroad  fluff  angst  kate.issues  au:stillalive  wc:60-70k 
march 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Toraten - Crazy, Stupid, Love
After Stiles gets possessed and de-possessed, he falls into a depression. It's a time in his life he's not proud of. He's unable to help his friends who seem to have no problem getting on with their lives and battling all evil that threatens Beacon Hills, with a smile on their faces. , He's unable to do all the big things with his life he was expected to do.

He knows there need to be some changes once he gets off of his anti-depressants: the sheriff and Derek think it would do him good to start working out, and since Stiles doesn't really have a good reason not to, he agrees.

In which Derek is a terrible life coach, but at the same time he's exactly what Stiles needs.
teenwolf  toraten  slash  derek/stiles  futurefic  au:canon  tw:depression  ptsd  slowbuild  get.together  healing  wc:10-20k 
march 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Plume_bob - In Case The Daylight Never Comes
There's a relentless dark shape tearing through the pack and that's only the half of it. Stiles just wants to sleep and stop being haunted by the faces of his night-time tormentors. His dad thinks he's suffering from post-traumatic stress, Scott thinks he's suffering the after-effects of the ritual; Stiles thinks they're both reasonable theories, except for the part where Derek Hale is the only thing that can take his nightmares away and it seems that fact is no coincidence.
teenwolf  plume_bob  slash  derek/stiles  postS3A  creatureoftheweek  dark  tw:torture  tw:trauma(psychological)  slowbuild  bonded  first.time  au:canon  wc:70-80k 
march 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Stoney - Kindred Spirits
Anne of Green Gables/Teen Wolf AU.
Essentially the world of Teen Wolf set in the late 1890s, with themes and some minor character names/places specifically borrowed from Anne's world (and no disrespect meant to LM Montgomery, because I love Anne Shirley to bits and pieces.)

Stiles is the adopted son of the Sheriff, brought to Beacon Hills to hopefully stay for good. A family, a best friend, school, Jackson as Josie Pye (because who else could he be?) and the mystery of a dark haired, green-eyed boy which leads Stiles to discovering a secret within himself.
teenwolf  anneofgreengables  stoney  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:human/nonmagical  au:historical  slowbuild  first.kiss  first.time  pining  family  bestbros  favorite  wc:100-125k 
february 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Otter - Mated
Stiles already had a history with skin magazines for werewolves. It wasn't like he was new at this, even if his modeling portfolio was completely pathetic. He was cool and collected. He was a jaded professional. He was not at all prepared for working with Derek Hale.
teenwolf  otter  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  career:pornstars  verse:neckz'nthroats  kate.issues  slowbuild  tw:sexualassault  wc:30-40k 
february 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Sa_kun - Funny how it always goes with love
“Yes,” Dad says, tone matching Stiles’ exactly. “Because I’ve gone bra shopping so many times, I’m practically a pro.”

Or the one where Stiles is a girl and nothing really changes.
teenwolf  sa_kun  gen  het  derek/stiles  au:canon  sexswap/genbend  slowbuild  asexuality  wc:10-20k 
february 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Morganoconner - All That's Best of Dark and Bright
It's not a gender identity crisis if you've known all along what the problem is. If you've been purposely trying to ignore it since you were old enough to consciously make that choice.

But what happens after that, when you finally learn how to let go?
teenwolf  morganoconner  het  derek/stiles  trans!character  get.together  slowbuild  h/c  reversebang  wc:20-30k 
february 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Velero - Residuum
Stiles' life transforms when he chooses between his father and his supernatural friends. Then Derek returns to Beacon Hills and it transforms again. Written for my Trope Bingo square: fork in the road.
teenwolf  velero  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  sheriff.finds.out  first.time  slowbuild  wc:30-40k  postS3A 
january 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Uraneia - But Not With Haste
It's been years since Derek escaped from the hunters who killed his family and bound him in his human form. He travels solo, never staying in one place, keeping under the radar--until a skinny, smart-mouthed kid stows away in the back of his truck.

Four months ago Stiles's first kiss put his best friend in a coma. His dad gave him a couple hundred bucks and a hug and told him to run. By the time Stiles witnesses the cage fighter known as Wolverine take out a shotgun and its wielder with his bare hands, he's got a plan. He knows there's a school in New York for kids like him. All he has to do is get there.

OR, in which Derek is the werewolf version of Wolverine and Stiles is Rogue and the plot of X-Men progresses accordingly, with a few notable deviations.
teenwolf  xme  uraneia  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  first.time  get.together  slowbuild  angst  powers  wc:20-30k 
january 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Sa_kun - this world is cracked & crazy
Stiles runs away from his old pack on a Monday. He meets his dad for the first time on a Sunday, and he falls in love on a Thursday.
teenwolf  sa_kun  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  were!stiles  tw:sexualassault  aftermath  h/c  family  slowbuild  packdynamics  bigbang  wc:40-50k 
january 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Secondstar - Worth the Wait to Give You My Heart
All of Derek's memories surrounding his birthday were of his family, of their deaths. After leaving Beacon Hills, he thought the past was behind him; until he and Stiles began exchanging SnapChats.
teenwolf  secondstar  slash  derek/stiles  postS3A  throughtheyears  slowbuild  holidays  kisses  wc:5-10k 
january 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Anonymous - Complicated but Ridiculously Simple
Despite what Scott thought, Derek was into him. Stiles knew that. But Derek needed to be comfortable with himself, had to have dealt with all his issues before he’d let anything happen between them. Knowing what he did, Stiles respected that. But if one day Derek decided he only wanted them to be friends, well, Stiles would deal with that if it happened.
teenwolf  anon  slash  derek/stiles  slowbuild  futurefic  get.together  kisses  fluff  warm.fuzzies  family  wc:5-10k  season:winter 
december 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
KouriArashi - With or Without You
Derek thinks that the mating rituals are overly romanticized bullshit, but claiming a mate and defending them from challengers is something werewolves do, and his pack can't afford to appear weak after the fire. Especially not when Deucalion and his friends are in town for the rituals. Enter Stiles Stilinski, who offers to let Derek claim him so he won't be overrun at the ceremonies. Nothing goes as expected.
teenwolf  kouriarashi  slash  derek/stiles  au:nearcanon  au:werewolves.are.known  au:stillalive  fakebfs  slowbuild  mates  rituals  packdynamics  mystery  ust  miscommunication  other.alphas  wc:60-70k 
december 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Unloyal_Olio - Work

When the Sheriff lost his job in Season 2, the effects were worse than Stiles realized. Determined to help his dad, Stiles heads to San Francisco for a summer job.

He runs into a certain werewolf.

(Basically: slow build Stiles/Derek in the real world)
teenwolf  unloyal_olio  slash  derek/stiles  derek/other  postS3A  slowbuild  creatureoftheweek  au:canon  wc:20-30k 
december 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
KouriArashi - I'm Still Up and Driving
Jackson decides to teach Stiles a lesson for the interest he shows in Lydia. Stiles doesn't say anything until four months later.
teenwolf  kouriarashi  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  era:S2  postS2  era:S3  tw:rape  tw:bullying  aftermath  sheriff.finds.out  slowbuild  fix-it  wc:50-60k 
november 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
GotTheSilver - Nothing Short Of Perfect
In which Derek and Stiles are made aware of their potential and have to make a choice about what their relationship will be.

“Let me get this straight,” his dad says. “You’re telling me a witch told Derek and yourself that you could be destined to be together and now Derek will be going to college with you?”

Stiles shrugs, resting his hands on his legs to stop himself from fidgeting. “That’s about it, yep.”
teenwolf  gotthesilver  slash  derek/stiles  futurefic  bonded  slowbuild  developing.relationship  fluff  mates  kink:knotting  wc:20-30k 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Alenie - Be Near Me
It’s been over three months since John found out that werewolves are real when Stiles goes to the grocery store one night and doesn’t come back.
teenwolf  alenie  slash  derek/stiles  postS3A  kidnapped  slowbuild  h/c  hypothermia  get.together  first.time  wc:20-30k 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Bookshop - Trajectories
"So," said Hermione one morning, "I've decided not to return to school next year." And that was how Harry found out that he was going back to Hogwarts.

It was early July, and sunlight was pouring diligently through the windows and rafters of the highest nook in the Burrow. It was all very pleasant and tranquil, if you were of a mind to be pleased by the weather. Harry found it all a bit cheesy, really.

"Wait, what?" said Ron.

"For eighth year," said Hermione, blinking.

"Oh," said Ron, blinking back.

"Wait, what?" said Harry.
hp  bookshop  slash  het  harry/draco  ron/hermione  au:EWE  wc:30-40k  eigthyear  aftermath  grief  slowbuild  favorite 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Weathervaanes - Reach Out
Or, In Which Stiles Falls in Love Twice...With the Same Person


Stiles sees the flyer on his very last day at Beacon Hills High School. It’s hanging, unassuming, in the hall near the front entrance along with bulletins and other flyers, advertisements, posters for free student concerts, but the fact that the word “sex” is written in a font two times larger than the rest of the page catches his attention.

It’s an advice hotline for a whole range of things, from teenage angst to how to deal with your parents telling you you’re adopted and a whole mess in the middle. Stiles thinks it’s funny, though, that they offer advice on sexuality and sex education. It makes sense on the one hand, since high school sex ed does jack shit for actual learning, but anyone who really wants to know stuff has an infinite source of knowledge right on their phone—the internet.

So it starts off as a joke.
teenwolf  weathervaanes  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:college  career:teachers/professors  slowbuild  wc:20-30k 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Ohmyjetsabel - Tiny Houses
So this is what Stiles does. He lies in Scott’s bed and waits for Melissa to say she’s found someone to get it out of him, to cure him of the wrongness and the bad, and he dreams.

God, he dreams.

He dreams of fire and swollen bellies and that scene in Alien, of giving birth to jackals through his urethra, the whole horrific nine yards. His head is a terrible place to be, he can’t imagine his stomach is much better, why anyone would want to put a thing inside of it.
teenwolf  ohmyjetsabel  slash  derek/stiles  futurefic  au:canon  mtdi  tw:rape  mpreg  angst  h/c  injury  babyfic  kidfic  tw:bodyhorror  tw:depression  slowbuild  packdynamics  family  aftermath  recovery  other.alphas  magic  wc:70-80k  ohmyheart  so.good  favorite 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
DistractedKat - Atlas
Between what was and what will be stands James Tiberius Kirk, in all his fractured patchwork glory. Because saving the Federation was only the beginning.
startrek:reboot  distractedkat  slash  kirk/spock  postmovie  action/adventure  tarsus.iv  h/c  injury  kidnapped  rescue  slowbuild  get.together  team  missions  epic  wc:125-150k 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Clio_jlh - Couldn't Have One Without the Other
The little town of Beacon that weathered the Long Winter is growing with the arrival of new teacher Miss Laura Hale, who's come to prepare ambitious students Stiles and Lydia for their upcoming college exams. Miss Hale's brother and sister, Derek and Erica, have also come to town to start a horse ranch. But is it their beautiful horses, or the Hale siblings themselves, who have turned Stiles and Lydia's heads?
teenwolf  clio_jlh  slash  femslash  derek/stiles  lydia/erica  au:complete  au:historical  pining  courting  au:human/nonmagical  wc:60-70k  fluff  slowbuild 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Pyes - In the New Year
In Beacon Hills they don't say "Happy Holidays." Instead they say "Yo, Derek," which translates to "I'm pretty sure I soul-bound my sorry ass to the floor of your loft, four years ago, while reading spells off the internet." I think that's beautiful.
teenwolf  pyes  slash  derek/stiles  postS3A  futurefic  packdynamics  holidays  slowbuild  magic  get.together  wc:40-50k 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
WhoNatural - Living With Lycanthropy
AKA: The Sterek Rival Bakeries AU

Wherein they both own bakeries, Stiles tries not to run his grandmother's legacy into the ground, Laura wants to be a better alpha, and Derek can't seem to get Stiles' attention the regular way - so naturally he accidentally initiates a prank war.

(Or, if Teen Wolf was more like Gilmore Girls, with everyone far too invested in whether the Hale boy and the Sheriff's kid will work it out, and Laura Hale wrote a handbook for alpha werewolves.
teenwolf  whonatural  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  career:bakers  get.together  pining  au:stillalive  mates  wc:40-50k  miscommunication  oblivious  pranks  slowbuild 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Alocalband - Amor Fati
When Stiles gets thrown into the bank vault about twenty minutes after him, Derek isn’t even surprised.

As it turns out, neither is Stiles.
teenwolf  alocalband  slash  derek/stiles  postS2  developing.relationship  get.together  first.time  sheriff.finds.out  rescue  injury  fluff  wc:40-50k  slowbuild 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
JenNova - Work In Progress
“What are you trying to do?” Lydia asks finally.

“Fix Derek,” Stiles says, not bothering to dissemble – Lydia's been lied to enough. “You know, before someone or something else tries to use him.”

Goes AU(ish) before end of S3A.
teenwolf  jennova  slash  derek/stiles  era:S3  get.together  healing  au:canon  fluff  h/c  wc:5-10k  slowbuild 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
PeppermintWind - Master of Reality
“So, do you feel more in solidarity now that we’re making noodles together?”

In which Dean (whose father disappeared a few months ago, who sometimes takes on gangs for local charities, who would do anything to take care of his little brother without telling him what 'anything' entails) hangs out at the Roadhouse Homeless Youth Day Center and Castiel (high school senior with an edible-only weed philosophy, after-school fist-fighting veteran, owner of a fuzzy blue blanket with angel wings) takes an Urban Plunge.

And then everything gets complicated.
spn  peppermintwind  slash  dean/cas  alastair/dean  au:complete  au:highschool  first.time  prostitution  tw:drugs  dubcon  tw:noncon  au:human/nonmagical  wc:80-90k  homeless  slowbuild 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Stoney - Trust Fall
Stiles is fairly certain that a case could be made for every bad thing in his life coming back to Peter Hale. This time it's pissing off a powerful witch, who retaliated by swapping Stiles and Derek a la Freaky Friday, because sure. That makes sense. Um, there are GPAs on the line, not to mention the whole thing where his dad wants to shoot Derek on sight. Except who he sees as Derek is actually Stiles, and Stiles did not sign up for filicide.

Great. Wait...does this mean he's the Alpha until they figure this out? Holy. Shit.

Derek had stood in front of the bathroom mirror for a few minutes trying to control the panic as he saw himself as Stiles. As the loud mouthed human friend of the pack. He was going to kill Peter. He was going to kill the witch, then he was going to kill Peter. Maybe even resurrect him again just to kill him all over.

They were going to have to play this cool. They would have to stay calm and focused. Which is of course why the universe threw him into this situation with someone who physically couldn't be calm and focused.

Of course.
teenwolf  stoney  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  postS2  bodyswap  were!stiles  cuddling  scentmarking  h/c  slowbuild  kate.issues  fluff  injury  wc:125-150k 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
The_deep_magic - The Old Familiar Sting
To say the nightmares started back up again would be inaccurate – they never really went away, but they had faded to something manageable.

Not anymore.
teenwolf  the_deep_magic  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  grief  angst  tw:drugs  h/c  packdynamics  recovery  wc:30-40k  get.together  first.time  first.kiss  slowbuild 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
KouriArashi - Divided We Stand
Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn't expect and aren't sure they approve of....
teenwolf  kouriarashi  slash  derek/stiles  au:nearcanon  mates  courting  miscommunication  dating  au:stillalive  slowbuild  packdynamics  tw:bullying  mystery  family  favorite  fav.rereads  wc:150-175k  epic 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Sori - Miles Away
Maybe it should have felt like a bad thing, realizing that his pack wasn’t actually his anymore. He didn’t really want to admit that the day he looked around and saw Scott taking care of everyone, Derek breathed easily for the first time since he’d met Kate Argent.

(Story contains general season 3 spoilers, but doesn't follow strict season 3 canon.)
teenwolf  sori  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  healing  get.together  packdynamics  wc:10-20k  gorgeous  slowbuild 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Darthjamtart - Bury the Moon
First things get bad. Then they get worse. Stiles doesn’t know what he’s sacrificed until it’s too late.

Dying is the easy part.
teenwolf  darthjamtart  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  postS2  other.alphas  mindwhammy  magic  bonded  wc:10-20k  favorite  slowbuild 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
TamrynEradani - Carry On
Summary: When Sam gets into Stanford, Dean needs a bigger paycheck than Bobby’s garage can give him. Luckily, he knows a guy.
spn  tamryneradani  slash  dean/cas  au:complete  prostitution  tw:alcoholism  kink:bdsm  kink:d/s  wc:125-150k  au:human/nonmagical  family  developing.relationship  established.relationship  miscommunication  epic  slowbuild 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Onrooftops - At the Edges - WIP (Read through Chapter 1)
Jackson still won’t meet his eyes. “Do you want to know what’s going on?” he asks, finally, and Danny, even though he has had half a year to decide whether he wants the truth, even though he has been thinking about this since Scott McCall made first line, since that weird night in the club, since the boy he’d been crushing on disappeared, since a fuck-ton of death got shoved into a few short months, since Jackson died but actually didn’t, since Stiles came to school with his face black and blue and Lydia had stood in the middle of a hallway and catcalled at him, and Stiles had laughed—not blushed, not flailed, but laughed—since the whole school turned on its head, Danny has been deciding whether he wants to know.

And now he’s got to do it, actually make a decision, and that is pretty damn hard.
teenwolf  onrooftops  slash  stiles/danny  au:canon  postS2  other.alphas  get.together  wip  slowbuild 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Chandri - Keystone (series)
(In My Hand) The Golden Bough: There are a lot of things Stiles has forgotten. Some of them by choice, because some memories are too painful and that’s what you do to survive; some of them because they were taken from him.

Keystone: It takes time for the memories to settle into place, to feel like they’re his; the interim is hard.
teenwolf  chandri  gen  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  magic  mindwhammy  family  grief  gorgeous  favorite  wc:50-60k  series  aftermath  slowbuild 
june 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Mercy - Crossroads State
Castiel has a nice predictable structured life teaching high school, even if he happens to be overqualified for it. Then this guy moves in around the corner and literally knocks him on his ass.
spn  mercy  slash  dean/cas  cas/balthazar  au:complete  au:human/nonmagical  career:teachers/professors  career:mechanics  ontheroad  wc:50-60k  family  fluff  slowbuild 
june 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Unpossible - Building Something (series)
keeping the stars apart: Derek watches that sharp brain come fully online.
“Oh God,” Stiles says, and now he smells of embarrassment. “Fuck. I just- did I just have a fucking panic attack in front of Jackson?”
“It’s okay,” he says simply.
“Really. Is it.” Stiles sighs without looking up. “Well. At least I wasn’t naked.”

all we inherit: “C’mon,” Stiles whines, half-turning. “You can’t drag me into your lap and then expect me not to want to hit that.”
Mark dies a little at ever having heard that phrase come from his son’s mouth, let alone directed at an older, leather-jacket-wearing accused murderer with seemingly permanent three day growth.

howling and half hid: The Sheriff has had some long, disturbing talks with Deaton, as well as the shaman who did Stiles’ tattoo, and the Stilinski house is now awash with mountain ash beams for boarding up doors and windows, and protective runes carved on the roof beams at the four compass points. Stiles suspects his Dad also stocked up on rock salt, just in case Supernatural turns out to be a documentary.
teenwolf  unpossible  slash  derek/stiles  series  postS2  au:canon  get.together  established.relationship  sheriff.finds.out  injury  kidfic  secrets  drama  h/c  romance  tattoos  bonded  slowbuild 
june 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Sullymygoodname - Outlaw For My Love
The sheriff suspects something going on between Stiles and Derek. Stiles is pretty adamant that that's ridiculous (little does he know that Derek might actually be interested). Meanwhile, there's a new monster in B-Hills, an old friend of the Stilinski family is back in town, and Derek is becoming a responsible adult. No, really. (40k)
teenwolf  sullymygoodname  slash  derek/stiles  futurefic  casefile  sheriff.finds.out  fakebfs  miscommunication  creatureoftheweek  mystery  kisses  wc:40-50k  slowbuild 
may 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Owlpostagain - Stilinski's Home for Wayward Wolves
“At least your puppies knock first,” Stiles snorts. “Here I thought their alpha raised them to be well-mannered.” 

“There’s a sign,” Derek responds stiffly. 

Stiles, whose curiosity outweighs even his hardest of grudges, abandons his chilly façade of nonchalance in a heartbeat. He jumps right up and all but pushes Derek out of the way in his effort to get to the window, and sure enough when he leans outside there’s a laminated strip of cardstock duct taped to the vinyl siding: 

DON’T FORGET TO KNOCK Stiles gets cranky when we scare him


Or, in which Stiles Stilinski moves to Beacon Hills for his junior year of high school and accidentally adopts a pack of teenage werewolves.
teenwolf  owlpostagain  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  other.alphas  packdynamics  bestbros  get.together  kidnapped  favorite  fav.rereads  slowbuild  wc:30-40k 
may 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Setissma - Gunshy
Six months later, a pair of new renters finds the skeleton. It's locked in a trunk in the attic, and by the time Jared gets to the house, they're already reloading the moving truck. (A J2 Bones AU.)
rpf:cw  setissma  slash  j2  jared/zach  au:fusion  au:complete  law.enforcement  casefile  miscommunication  get.together  favorite  slowbuild 
may 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Janonny - By The Hour
The one where Stiles thought Derek was a hooker who needed feeding, and Derek thought Stiles was interested in him.
teenwolf  janonny  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  futurefic  failwolf  miscommunication  get.together  prostitution  humor  slowbuild 
may 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Kinneas - The Art of Dying Well
"You said we're friends."

"Whoa, way to hold what a guy says in the heat of the moment against him," Stiles replies automatically, but... that's not what he wants to say, not at all, not to the quiet contemplation that is Derek Hale on his living room sofa. So he adds, "I guess, yeah."

Derek doesn't speak for a long moment. "Then it's inevitable."

"Wow," Stiles whistles, "you are the biggest downer."


Life is a series of choices.
teenwolf  kinneas  slash  derek/stiles  get.together  first.time  postS2  other.alphas  rescue  injury  h/c  snark  creepy!peter  favorite  slowbuild  wc:40-50k 
may 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Dira Sudis (dsudis) - The Boy and the Beast
In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)
teenwolf  dirasudis  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  injury  cuddling  wolf!derek  favorite  packdynamics  dreams  epic  get.together  wc:100-125k  slowbuild 
april 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Owlpostagain - Fireman Derek's Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby]
“He can't blame me for the fact that I live in a building full of people united in the singular effort to ogle Hot Fireman as often as humanly possible."

Laura laughs, loud and echoing in the empty restaurant.

"Hot firemen can make a girl do crazy things," she agrees, nodding towards her brother's name on the menu. "Derek won't let me date anyone from his company, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the eye candy."

"Send them my way," Stiles suggests, finally loading up a forkful of pie. "Apparently I'm incompetent enough that I need to be babysat at all times, because it would be cheaper than dispatching a truck every time I try to use a kitchen appliance."
teenwolf  owlpostagain  slash  derek/stiles  au:nearcanon  au:stillalive  au:college  miscommunication  get.together  favorite  au:human/nonmagical  fluff  slowbuild  wc:10-20k 
april 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Survivah - A Simple Life
Derek plans to spend the rest of his life holed up in the woods after Laura dies. Then he meets a stubborn young fox, and the stubborn young fox meets an urn of Deaton's magic powder, and his plans change.
teenwolf  survivah  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  were!stiles  magic  transformation  developing.relationship  family  fluff  slowbuild 
april 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Sociallyinept - Fall
Derek learns to let go of old ghosts as he builds new memories.
teenwolf  sociallyinept  slash  derek/stiles  futurefic  get.together  slowbuild 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Triedunture - The Littlest Alpha
Derek and Stiles have taken out the Alpha Pack and pretty much saved the world. Okay, the town. Okay, their remaining friends. But the Alphas left something behind: a baby. And this baby is an Alpha too. Derek is determined to take care of the abandoned child, and Stiles is stuck going along for the ride.

But Stiles doesn't expect the ride to include seeing another side of Derek, or to find another way to say "family."
teenwolf  triedunture  slash  derek/stiles  family  kidfic  postS2  other.alphas  sheriff.finds.out  kink:knotting  angst  HEA  packdynamics  scentmarking  h/c  slowbuild 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Thepsychicclam - I Ran (So Far)
“But, you don’t run,” Derek pointed out, confused.

“People can get new hobbies,” Stiles snapped. “Geez, if I’d known it was going to be this big of a deal, I’d have called you first. Want me to give you my workout schedule? That way you can coordinate your nose accordingly?”

In which Stiles' summer starts off so badly he starts running with Derek, gets pelted by paint balls, and decides he is, in fact, going crazy if he willingly wants to hang out with Derek Hale.
teenwolf  thepsychicclam  slash  derek/stiles  postS2  developing.relationship  get.together  ptsd  scentmarking  first.time  established.relationship  slowbuild 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Febricant - Not As Described
Prompt: Who else sees Disaffected new billionaire Stiles dragged to his first werewolf slave auction by always-been-rich Lydia where Derek Hale is the next on the block in this gifset?
teenwolf  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  slavefic  febricant  developing.relationship  get.together  angst  wc:80-90k  slowbuild  favorite 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Drunktuesdays - Patterns of Intention
Derek looked like the stuff of his deepest fantasies. His shirt was rumpled where Stiles had his hands in it, and he was breathing hard as well, chest heaving. His eyes—his eyes were glazed over and he looked stunned, like he’d been—like Stiles had—

“No,” Stiles said, blood draining from his face. The word was croaky and felt like it had to be wrenched out of his chest. “God, no.”
teenwolf  drunktuesdays  slash  derek/stiles  postS2  magic  training  get.together  pining  miscommunication  creatureoftheweek  dubcon  jealousy  bestbros  hotlikeburning  first.time  favorite  wc:10-20k  slowbuild 
february 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Ecarian - Cross My Soul
Sometime around mid summer, during the intervening weeks of baseball camp and recovering from baseball camp and the latest Minecraft update, Jinx hops up the plastic step stool to their bed and says, “Derek’s daemon won’t talk to me.”
teenwolf  hisdarkmaterials  ecarian  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  postS2  get.together  creatureoftheweek  kidnapped  rescue  injury  amazing  gorgeous  favorite  so.good  bigbang  slowbuild  wc:30-40k 
february 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
WhoNatural - Not Like Bond & Moneypenny
(AKA, the Ugly Betty AU where Stiles is totally Betty)

Stiles thinks he’s finally getting a break when a job at the sleek, sophisticated, Alpha Magazine opens up - but soon realises he’s not going to be writing anything and instead is playing tutor-slash-babysitter to their new Editor-in-Chief. Derek’s spoiled, grumpy, in way over his head...and so painfully attractive it makes Stiles want to lick his face. So there’s very little choice in the matter.
teenwolf  uglybetty  whonatural  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:office  au:complete  get.together  mystery  pining  oblivious  slowbuild 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Qhuinn (tekla) - Strike Softly (Away From The Body)
Derek is a bodyguard and Stiles his spoiled, resistant client. (The Bodyguard AU. 35k words.)
teenwolf  qhuinn  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  get.together  humor  pranks  romance  injury  angst  reversebang  au:human/nonmagical  slowbuild 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Spikedluv - until we become something new
When Stiles is bitten by a werefox, his problems have only just begun. An old enemy returns, and new ones appear. It’s Beacon Hills, after all. (73k words)
teenwolf  spikedluv  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/isaac  erica/boyd  were!stiles  au:canon  transformation  other.alphas  family  packdynamics  get.together  developing.relationship  romance  holidays  creatureoftheweek  reversebang  fluff  slowbuild 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Pookaseraph - Courage Through Fear
With the Alpha Pack closing in, Stiles is thrust into the center of an unusual three-way alliance between Hunters, werewolves, and little old him. Injecting himself between all sides in a war far beyond his skill has far reaching consequences for Stiles, but it might be just what he needs to gain the courage to get what he wants.
teenwolf  pookaseraph  slash  derek/stiles  magic  postS2  other.alphas  hunters  training  injury  get.together  packdynamics  mates  sheriff.finds.out  h/c  family  slowbuild 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Theaeblackthorn - Home is wherever I'm with you - WIP (Read through Chapter 5)
When Sheriff Stilinski is killed in a liquor store robbery gone wrong, Stiles ends up in a foster home. He lasts about three months before he realises this is seriously not going to work out and he runs away.

Derek and Laura Hale have just lost their whole family in the fire, they've no idea what to do or where to go, or when someone is going to come back and finish the job. Laura decides to get out of Beacon Hills as quickly as she can, she just didn't expect they'd be taking someone extra with them.

Or, the one where four walls do not make a home.

AU where Stiles is an orphan and runs away with Derek and Laura.
teenwolf  theaeblackthorn  gen  slash  femslash  derek/stiles  stiles/other  laura/other  throughtheyears  au:canon  grief  family  preseries  wip  ontheroad  slowbuild 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
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