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Stilinskisparkles - Losers
Where Derek is new to college, eager to spend his time learning, and Stiles is everything he didn't want in a room mate. He's loud, he's into sports, and he keeps trying to make Derek do things.

Or, the one where Derek falls for a jock, Erica will cut you if you disturb her studying, and Jackson is a closeted romantic who pretends to hate everything.
teenwolf  stilinskisparkles  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  erica/boyd  lydia/jackson  au:complete  au:college  au:stillalive  developing.relationship  bestbros  oblivious  pining  miscommunication  get.together  first.time  au:human/nonmagical  fluff 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
TheWonderTwins - The Lines on Which We Tread - WIP Series (Read through Story 3, Chapter 4)
The Lines on Which We Tread: Increased supernatural activity leads Stiles to believe that there is a reason Beacon Hills is the new Hellmouth, and he's determined to find out what it is. He needs help along the way, though, when shit keeps going down and more often than not, he finds himself relying on Derek and his Pack.

Battle Lines (Not So) Clearly Drawn: In order to save Erica and Boyd from the Alpha Pack, Stiles is forced to face certain facts about himself and decide where he stands.

Lines of Communication (WIP): With the Alpha Pack gone to lick their wounds, Stiles and the Pack hope for a little time off from the fighting to enjoy their returned members and new relationships. The Universe has other plans however. Beacon Hills is about to explode with trouble of every kind....And then it might actually explode.
teenwolf  thewondertwins  slash  het  derek/stiles  lydia/jackson  erica/boyd  series  epic  creatureoftheweek  magic  get.together  established.relationship  wip  sheriff.finds.out  other.alphas 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Ladyblahblah - Cry Havoc 'verse
As Certain Dark Things Are to Be Loved: The beginning of everything can sometimes seem like the end.

Cry Havoc: In Beacon Hills, the two-year war that’s been raging between werewolves and hunters has begun spilling over onto the civilian population. Meanwhile, in Boston, when the tattoo on Stiles Stilinski’s back is damaged on a late-night hunt he begins to have dreams that lead him across the country, drawn by an inexplicable conviction that he’s needed there. When he discovers that Derek Hale began the war after his mate was killed, Stiles finds himself being offered a strange deal: figure out how to bring the alpha's mate back, and peace talks can begin.

The Word You See: When you’re both terrified of saying the wrong thing, sometimes you don’t say anything at all. Luckily, actions speak louder than words. A stumbling love story in five parts.
teenwolf  ladyblahblah  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  erica/boyd  lydia/jackson  series  epic  get.together  fairytales  developing.relationship  packdynamics  futurefic  amnesia  hunters  other.alphas  mystery  magic  recovery  tattoos  family  returned.from.the.dead  bigbang 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Remawolf - The Forbidden Woods Series - WIP Series (Read through Story 3)
Season of the Wolf: The people of Beacon Hills have always known they should stay away from the Forbidden Woods. That was where the Wolves lived. Everyone grew up hearing the legends of the Wolves and that the land belonged to them. The Season of the Wolf was when the Wolves ventured out of the woods to punish, claim, or seduce those who lived near them. Stiles never really thought much of the stories and he liked walking through the empty woods, having them to himself. He was about to find out how wrong he was…and that the Woods weren’t so empty.

The Scavengers: Stiles thought all the mysteries were solved when he found out the truth. Little did he know there was something other than wolves hiding in the shadows of The Forbidden Woods.

Traitors: Stiles had just come to grips with the reality that not only were Wolves really everything the myths had said, but their Alpha seemed to have quite a shine on him. Now he was seeing the darker, dangerous side. Coyotes, or Scavengers as the Wolves called them, had already attacked him once. Now he had to balance the growing danger with his growing attraction to the Alpha Wolf. As if High School wasn't hard enough.

Calm Before the Storm: Stiles is healing up and trying to figure out what's going on with everything. He just wants life to be calm for one minute so he can get things straight. You should be careful what you wish for.
teenwolf  remawolf  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  au:nearcanon  series  wip 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Etharei - A Wildness Warily Awakened
Derek Hale and his Specialized Combat Agents Unit are assigned to B-CON Base, a research facility in the heart of the lone human settlement on planet Cali. Normally, such an isolated place would not warrant the presence of Specs - the Infection is raging across the known galaxy, after all, and zombies don’t kill themselves (unless there are no tastier alternatives at hand) - but Derek is on a private hunt for his sister. He soon discovers that the rest of his team have ties to the place as well.

It’s all just coincidence, of course. (No matter what Stiles bleats on about those.)

Also, zombies. (65k words)
teenwolf  zombies  bigbang  etharei  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  au:complete  au:scifi  packdynamics  family  get.together  favorite 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Hoars - Laura is Badass
Laura's not expecting two teenage boys to burst into the bakery, brandishing lacrosse sticks yelling about “Kidnap!” and “Pedobears!” and “Sex slaves are illegal!”

She’s flabbergasted.

“Cupcake?” Derek offers.
teenwolf  hoars  gen  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/erica  lydia/jackson  au:stillalive  au:canon  packdynamics  ladies.are.awesome  humor 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Owlpostagain - will to follow through
“It depends entirely on how you look at it, I guess,” Stiles shrugs. “On the one hand, instant healing and the apparently inherited ability to pull off leather at all times. On the other, serious attitude problems and a suspicious disappearance of eyebrows.”

“Even Derek’s?” Danny snorts, “that’s a lot of eyebrow to lose.”

“I know,” Stiles agrees. “You should see, it’s so weird. Every time I want to ask him where they go, except he’d totally eat my face off.”

“There are worse ways to die.”
teenwolf  owlpostagain  slash  het  derek/stiles  lydia/jackson  postS2  bestbros  human.pack  packdynamics  epiphany  developing.relationship  get.together  favorite  slowbuild  wc:40-50k  fav.rereads 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Lady_ragnell - Once Upon a Time
Stiles doesn't know what his story is, but he knows he's in one.

(Or: five fairy tales Stiles isn't the hero of, and one he might be.)
teenwolf  lady_ragnell  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  fairytales  fivethings  kisses  creatureoftheweek  rescue 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Fleete - An Algorithm for Mistakes
Lydia has a plan: attend college, study the biological makeup of werewolves, win prizes, and wear amazing shoes. She does not expect to make friends with Stiles. Or flirt with Stiles. Or accidentally start a pack war with Stiles. Whatever. The point is, Lydia has a plan. (Derek/Stiles and Lydia/Jackson are secondary pairings.)
teenwolf  het  slash  stiles/lydia  lydia/jackson  derek/stiles  futurefic  collegefic  outed  first.time  ladies.are.awesome  other.alphas  get.together  packdynamics  awesome  fleete  favorite 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Wldnst - Hard Times For Dreamers
Derek Hale's just been hired to perform an extraction. He probably isn't qualified for this.
teenwolf  inception  wldnst  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  crossover  get.together  team  au:complete  au:human/nonmagical 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Blcwriter - Write a New Alphabet - WIP Series (Read through Story 7)
No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition: Derek only tracked Stiles down because Isaac was worried. He hadn't expected what he had found.

(This Is Not Really Happening) You Bet Your Life It Is: "The fact is, monsters are real.” Stiles’ hand burst into flame.

Papa Don't Preach: Chris Argent hadn't really thought the sheriff was stupid, had he? The problem was he hadn't thought about it at all.

'Tis a Gift to be Simple (the Young Frankenstein and Jungle, Glitter & Mini Reeses Remix): Three ways of looking at the Hale pack in the week before and on Halloween.

Almost Magic: Spark, his ass. Deaton was the lyingest liar ever. This was a goddamned unstable supernova. This was-- magical astrophysics for baby witches.

Useful (Like Iron in His Spine): It was bad. The whole cross country team was penned in by a dozens of some kind of fae, almost human-sized, slender, dark and crackling with creeping, weird magic. The kids all, somehow, had iron—pokers and fireplace shovels and things that looked like they came out of video games and in one kid’s case, a big frying pan, but they all still had iron, and Stiles was yelling, “Hold on to the iron, no matter how much it hurts, if you have the iron, they can’t take you away!” but he was clutching some tall, gawky kid (Greenberg?) who was pale and chalky and scared out of his mind and spitting out curses in what had to be fae with one hand as Stiles waved what had to be an iron shortsword another dozen fae, even darker and meaner, that had them penned in.

Keep Going: “We’re going to fix this.” He was going to fix this. Because it was his mess in the first place; Stiles might be nearly a grownup, might have a whole pack of lost boys who were better about saying thank you than John ever was. When had he ever thanked Stiles for his plain baked chicken and steamed brown rice and veggies, these last ten years, when John bitched about wanting bacon and Stiles was just trying to protect him from… everything, but an eight-year old kid only knew how to microwave dinner, that and do the laundry. What was that Winston Churchill quote? Something about going through hell, and keep going?
teenwolf  blcwriter  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  series  packdynamics  family  wip  ptsd  creatureoftheweek  sheriff.finds.out  magic  postS2  slowbuild 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Zosofi - And I Thought I Had Problems
AU. Werewolf!Stiles deals with nefarious soul-sucking witch spells, Scott's inability to be a fully functioning adult, Danny's incessant need to make everything about sex, and finding out that his mate is Derek Hale. Tuesdays suck. (60k words)
teenwolf  zosofi  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  danny/matt  au:canon  were!stiles  magic  mates  bonded  packdynamics  creatureoftheweek  futurefic  injury  law.enforcement  casefile  wc:60-70k 
october 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Onrooftops - The Battle's Never Won - WIP (Read through Chpt 2)
It's kind of unacceptable that he exists in this confusing mess. It is very unacceptable that his dad has created a file on him, that he apparently believes he has to treat Stiles's life like a case because actually asking Stiles about it has only resulted in a flood of lies.

And Stiles really has no idea what to do about it.
teenwolf  onrooftops  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  erica/boyd  postS2  family  miscommunication  wip 
october 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Magneticwave - tie your napkin 'round your neck, cherie
Stiles has been a teapot for 3,308 days. // Scott skids into the door breathlessly and shouts, “THERE’S A GIRL IN THE CASTLE,” and promptly brains himself on one of the casserole dishes.
teenwolf  magneticwave  slash  het  derek/stiles  lydia/jackson  scott/isaac  au:complete  au:disney  crack  fairytales  nothuman  transformation  magic 
october 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Ladyblahblah - Say It Again and Mean It
No, I mean.” She takes the note, flustered. “Why are you so interested in helping? You don't even know us.”

Stiles swallows heavily, searching for the slender line between a lie and a truth that he doesn't want to speak. “Because I have a soft spot for idiot teenaged werewolves,” he says finally. “It's a character flaw."
teenwolf  ladyblahblah  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  futurefic  packdynamics  miscommunication  other.alphas  emotions.are.hard  kink:knotting  oblivious  pining  get.together  family 
october 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Never_Says_Die - Last To Know - WIP (Read through Chpt 18)
Kink meme fill in which every werewolf and shapeshifter in Beacon Hills is aware that Stiles is pregnant before he is. And apparently the first baby!werewolf being born into the pack (their Alpha's, no less) is a big freakin' deal and excuse enough for everyone to lose their damn minds. When Stiles figures out why everyone's been acting so weird around him, he's not amused.
teenwolf  never_says_die  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  futurefic  mpreg  packdynamics  family  wip  established.relationship  other.alphas  fluff  danger  magic 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Linksofmemories - The Rory to My Amy Series
Permanent Fixture: Derek is Scott's older brother. Stiles is Scott's best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.

What's in a Name?: “I have a question.” “And I’ve got an answer.”

Finding a Mickey: “No,” Stiles said. “Look at it this way, you’re the Tenth Doctor, Allison is Rose, and Isaac is Martha. You need to find-.”
"Don’t compare my life to Doctor Who!”

I Bet People Call You Madam Kovarian: “You actually called her Madame Kovarian?”
“I might have.”
Derek smirked, leaning forward to press his lips against Stiles’ and mumble against them. “And just when I thought that I couldn’t love you more.”

The Angels Take Manhattan (And Everybody's Soul): "Raggedy Man-.”
“No!” Stiles cried.
“Oh, fuck everything,” Derek cursed, grabbing the Kleenex from Stiles.

Young and Spry: “If you two are done contaminating the kitchen with your nauseating excuse for dirty talk, then I’m going to start cooking,” Laura said. “But maybe I should wipe down the entire room first. God knows what you two get up to in here.”

After School Special: “Because I’ve always loved you.”
As if on cue, the song that was playing ended and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” started playing. Boyd turned around to see Stiles giving him a thumbs up. That sneaky little bastard.
“Took you long enough,” Erica said.

It's All Fine: Derek woke up on his 30th birthday feeling exactly the same as he did on his 29th birthday and his 28th birthday and his 27th birthday and his 26th birthday. Nothing felt any different, except that his age now started with a “3” instead of a “2”.

You Give Me Something: Seven chapters, seven couples, seven weddings. You get the idea.

Let's Talk About It: At that moment Stiles was 100% prepared to grab Derek and fall into bed with him and just forget about everything else in the world. But Laura then shouted something about a turkey and how they weren’t going to get any if they didn’t get downstairs, so falling into bed would just have to wait.

Through Our Fingers: The emergency phone was just a connection so that they all were informed of any serious things happening in one of their lives. Derek was just really happy that he was the one who picked up the phone and not Stiles when Melissa had called him one Friday afternoon.

Nine Months of Change: “We’re having a baby!”

Melody Aria: “It’s not like we’ve been hiding it from you,” Stiles said. “We haven’t told you who your biological father is—.”
“It’s you.”
“Okay, how do you know that?” Stiles said.
“My last name’s Stilinski and Grandpa always says that I look a lot like Grandma.”
“Good points,” Stiles said.

Three Little Words: “Don’t look now but my dads are sitting five tables down from us and hiding behind a plant.”

On the Last Page: Derek is a preserver. He wants to hold onto everything and make it so it’s okay again. I admire that in more ways anyone could possibly know. And that’s what everything is about these days, isn’t it? Preserving the times so that they won’t get lost in the future? I believe that Derek can do that. I believe that that is what he wants to do.
teenwolf  linksofmemories  slash  het  derek/stiles  kate/derek  derek/other  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  sheriff.stilinski/wife  laura/chris.argent  melissa.mccall/sheriff.stilinski  epic  get.together  established.relationship  family  throughtheyears  grief  fpreg  first.time  kisses  emotions.are.hard  au:intersects  human!derek  bestbros  erica/boyd  adorable  series  pining  injury  kidfic  babyfic  au:human/nonmagical  marriage/proposal  fluff  slowbuild 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Publicspeaking - You're Brought Back But You're Running
Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills after college, because the economy is shit and he needs a roof over his head. But sometimes, you really can't come back home.
teenwolf  publicspeaking  slash  het  derek/stiles  derek/other  lydia/jackson  erica/boyd  futurefic  angst  omg  emotions.are.hard 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Tekmessa - Oh, How Things Change!
The story goes like this: A new girl moves to Beacon Hills when Stiles is in the third grade. She's pretty, her eyes are green and her hair is strawberry blond, and Stiles falls for her head over heels. (Spoilers up to and including 2x05! Goes AU afterwards.)
teenwolf  tekmessa  slash  het  derek/stiles  stiles/lydia  lydia/jackson  episoderelated  au:canon  unrequited  kisses  preseries  slowbuild 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Publicspeaking - Caged By Frail and Fragile Bars
It's hard to find your place in life when you're only human and feel completely replaceable. Or, how Stiles finds out that while yes, he is completely human, he is irreplaceable.
teenwolf  publicspeaking  slash  het  derek/stiles  stiles/other  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  erica/boyd  futurefic  pining  gorgeous  ohmyheart  angst  get.together  kisses  mates  slowbuild 
august 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Emmie (burntotears) - (i've got a feeling) we will never get closer than this - WIP (Read through Chpt 2)
Nine months after Gerard’s disappearance sees an influx of packs in Beacon Hills, and while Derek is still the Alpha, the threat of the Alpha pack is what drives his pack and the other packs (whether they be human or hunter) to work toward the common goal of keeping the town safe from their clutches. But will they remain safe from those who are still lurking within their numbers? And how do you prepare for an enemy that you can't even find? While Derek works diligently to wrestle his pack into the cohesive unit it needs to be to survive against the threats of the Alpha pack and Gerard, he finds that he is permitting himself to do the thing he said he would never allow after Kate - he’s beginning to trust. And that trust is developing into a love larger than anything he's ever known. But Stiles, who wants nothing more than to mother the werewolf pack and learn all that he possibly can so that he might help all of the packs, is really not interested in that kind of relationship with Derek...
teenwolf  burntotears  preslash  het  derek/stiles  lydia/jackson  scott/allison  postS2  wip  slowbuild 
august 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Suzvoy - Important Things
Stiles learns that even with werewolves, giant lizards and psychopathic hunters on the loose, life can still find other ways to screw with you. Case in point: everyone keeps assuming he and Derek are a couple. What the hell? (Spoilers through 2x06.)
teenwolf  suzvoy  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  au:canon 
august 2012 by goodgriefcharlie

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