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The many Deaths of Harry Potter | ShayneT
In a world with a pragmatic, intelligent Voldemort, Harry discovers that he has the power to live, die and repeat until he gets it right.
hp  shaynet  gen  het  harry/hermione  au:canon  returned.from.the.dead  dark  epic  wc:200-300k 
july 2017 by goodgriefcharlie
Waldorph - en avant
“My name’s Eggsy—I mean, Guinevere Unwin,” she says. “I’m—I’m in Holborn Police Station and—my mum said to call—“
kingsman  waldorph  het  eggsy/harry  au:canon  au:differentgender  ohmyheart  wc:10-20k 
april 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
Evandar - Charlotte the Great and Powerful
Her whole life has been about gaining power through struggle and sacrifice and manipulation of the only thing she has going for her (Charlotte’s a terrible person beneath the pretty face and she knows it).

Charlotte wants to be more than the girl from the cupboard and she's not above using others to gain power.
hp  evandar  het  harry/other  au:canon  au:differentgender  manipulation  wc:5-10k 
april 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
ShanaStoryteller - Rather Unfathomable
"Is this your first time?"

Olivier has never slept with a virgin.

Seriously and truly the best fic ever. I almost didn't want the Olivier/Ed parts to end, they were so perfect.
fma  shanastoryteller  het  slash  ed/olivier  ed/roy  first.time  amazing  favorite  postmanga  wc:5-10k 
april 2016 by goodgriefcharlie
Lycoris - Fixing What Isn't Broken
Merlin only meant to turn himself into a woman for a night, just to give Arthur what he wanted. But when he gets pregnant, he finds himself trapped in more ways than one.
merlin  lycoris  het  merlin/arthur  fpreg  sexswap/genbend  wc:20-30k 
december 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Cupidsbow & Ionaonie - Skyclad
In which Stiles doesn't enjoy the Hale summer party because she's wearing a dress (and Derek isn't there), and then both of those things stop being true.

A story about finding yourself, falling in love, and really good duck in plum sauce.
teenwolf  cupidsbow  ionaonie  het  derek/stiles  au:werewolves.are.known  au:nearcanon  au:stillalive  packdynamics  get.together  wc:30-40k 
september 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Island_of_Reil - Pennyroyal
“Mikasa.” There’s a mix of fear and revulsion in Levi’s eyes that makes her take a step back the way anger or scorn in them would not. “They are not going to give you that procedure. They are going to lock you into a room until you give birth, and they are going to take... it away, and they won’t care if it has twelve fingers or three eyes or the intelligence of a sponge, and they will raise it to be a weapon against humanity. Is that what you want?”

“So… what do I do?” she croaks.

He sighs and rubs at his eyes again. “Get rid of it on your own.”
snk  island_of_reil  het  levi/mikasa  au:canon  tw:abortion  tw:incest  wc:10-20k 
may 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Zee (orphan_account) - Black Me Out
Every time Mikasa closed her eyes she saw what she could not stop: the female titan running with Eren still in her mouth, the empty forest after the titan disappeared. Then Levi holding her back, yelling at her that they had no way of tracking one tiny human in this huge forest, that they had lost Eren and needed to fall back.

AU where Mikasa and Levi were unable to keep Eren from getting kidnapped by the female titan.
snk  zee  het  levi/mikasa  au:canon  tw:violence  hotlikeburning  wc:5-10k  favorite 
april 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Deadwoodpecker - Backward With Purpose Part I: Always and Always
AU. Harry, Ron, and Ginny send themselves back in time to avoid the destruction of everything they hold dear, and the deaths of everyone they love.
hp  deadwoodpecker  het  harry/ginny  ron/hermione  au:canon  epic  ohmyheart  throughtheyears  series  wc:200-300k 
april 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Elisera - Some Legends Are Told
The delightful thing is that the peerage truly believes them dumb enough to be caught after a night of ecstasy by the archbishop himself.
teenwolf  elisera  slash  het  polyamory  stiles/lydia  derek/stiles  derek/stiles/lydia  au:complete  au:human/nonmagical  career:royalty/celebrities  marriage/proposal  developing.relationship  wc:20-30k 
november 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Pprfaith - Like the Greeks (Series)
Medusa: Stiles makes lists and burns them. Derek keeps trying to save her, dragon slayer style. Nothing goes as planned and there’s way too much meta going on.

Enyo: Stiles is totally done with her origin story. This? This is their coming together arc. It’s weirder than she expected it to be, but also less painful. It’s a plus.

Atlanta: Stiles looks for her place in the grand scheme of things, secrets are told and there's some Buffy vibes going 'round.

Merope: Honestly, all Stiles wanted was to live to see eighteen without serious bodily harm or, you know, death. She has no idea when the hell that turned into the supernatural version of the Hunger Games.
teenwolf  pprfaith  het  derek/stiles  au:canon  sexswap/genbend  packdynamics  magic  sheriff.finds.out  dark  postS2  era:S3  series  wc:40-50k 
november 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Sullenhearts - Any Other Way
Derek and Lydia have always had an open marriage - but what happens when Derek falls in love with a guy, Stiles Stilinski?
teenwolf  sullenhearts  het  slash  polyamory  lydia/derek  derek/stiles  lydia/derek/stiles  au:complete  au:human/nonmagical  romantic  domestic  wc:10-20k 
october 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Turnpikedarling - everything we did believe
Derek hates his asshole neighbors.

They’ve always been loud people; they party and fight too late into the night, burn things in the toaster oven and set off the fire alarm, they vacuum at weirdly early hours of the morning. They don’t really seem to care about anyone else in the building, and Derek can never get a feel for their hectic schedule. Living next to them is miserable on a good day, but when they decide that it’s a good idea to start doing renovations on their apartment at the beginning of May, everything goes directly to hell.
teenwolf  turnpikedarling  het  slash  polyamory  derek/stiles/allison  futurefic  pining  wc:5-10k 
october 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Siria - The Stilinski Pack
"You mean we're going to be bros and we're going to be bros?" Scott said. His smile grew impossibly wider. "This is the best news ever!"
teenwolf  siriaeve  het  slash  melissa.mccall/sheriff.stilinski  derek/stiles  futurefic  family  marriage/proposal  fpreg  fluff  wc:5-10k 
august 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Weathervaanes - Can't Be Saved (Not So Frail
“Kira doesn't care a wick if you can afford her dresses and bonnets, I'm well aware. It doesn't change the fact that I have to look after her best interests. I'd like her to be with an Alpha that puts her above all else even if he cannot afford her every luxury.”

Scott looks surprised. “I know you do not know me, sir, but I can promise you that that is my only wish. I—I love Kira quite dearly, and all I want is to provide for her, make her happy.”

“So you will marry off your brother,” Derek says, taking a sip from his drink.


In which Kira is Derek's ward, Stiles is Scott's brother, and omega heat cycles are good for everyone.
teenwolf  weathervaanes  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/kira  au:complete  au:historical  au:abo  au:werewolves.are.known  heat/matingcycles  marriage/proposal  tw:rape(past)  wc:10-20k 
august 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Callunavulgari - hold your devil by his spoke and spin him to the ground
Stiles doesn’t ask Derek about the others. Doesn’t ask him about Malia or Liam or Kira or Lydia. Doesn’t ask him about Scott, because she’s pretty fucking sure that if any of them had made it, it wouldn’t have been Derek climbing through her window. At least not alone. It would have been Scott. If Scott had lived, he would have come for her. Always.

“I’m with you until the end of the line,” Scott had whispered to her temple the last time she’d gotten herself into the middle of their werewolf shit. She’d been tacky with blood and hurting everywhere, but his words had made shriek with laughter and bump their shoulders together anyway, gasping, “Don’t quote Captain America at me right now, you enormous asshole, laughing hurts!”

Well, look at that, she thinks, watching the world spin by outside Derek’s SUV.

End of the line.
teenwolf  callunavulgari  het  derek/stiles  au:canon  zombies  apocalypse  ontheroad  heat/matingcycles  sexswap/genbend  kink:knotting  wc:5-10k 
august 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
AnubisAnkh - Pride of Time
Hermione quite literally crashes her way back through time by roughly twenty years. There is no going back; the only way is to go forward. And when one unwittingly interferes with time, what one expects may not be what time finds...
hp  anubisankh  het  snape/hermione  epic  get.together  established.relationship  throughtheyears  secrets  family  era:mauraders  era:preseries  era:hogwarts  war  wc:500-600k 
july 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Marycontraire - The Grown-Ups Are All Right
”What?” Melissa says incredulously. Below her, Malia yelps as she douses the gash in her leg with alcohol. “Have you completely lost your mind?”

“Sometimes I wonder,” John says, leaning out beyond the shelter of the generator they’re hiding behind to fire off four shots in rapid succession. When he withdraws again he adds, “We make a good team. A good monster-fighting team."
teenwolf  marycontraire  het  melissa.mccall/sheriff.stilinski  marriage/proposal  humor  family  wc:<5k 
july 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Aris Merquoni (ArisTGD) - Wings of Winter
Once upon a time there was a family with thirteen brothers who were put under a powerful curse. Once upon a time there was a tiny kingdom far to the north, ruled by a young and lovely queen who took in a traveler who did not speak. And once upon a time, inconvenient family history and a certain someone's bad decisions made solving everyone's problems far more difficult than it should have been.
frozen  fairytales  aristgd  het  femslash  anna/kristoff  elsa/other  postmovie  undertheinfluence  magic  family  wc:20-30k  favorite 
april 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Rageprufrock & Waldorph - 10, 15, 18
In which Stephanie Rogers is a good girl, not an obedient one, so nobody's surprised she gets mixed up with that no-good Barnes kid. More a series of vignettes than a full story.
rageprufrock  waldorph  het  steve/bucky  sexswap/genbend  au:canon  wc:<5k  mcu 
april 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Tsukinofaerii - Learning to Swim - Series WIP (Read through Story 3)
Treading Water: Investigating whatever's in the water of Beacon Lake should have been an easy way to pass the summer. Should have been. But one dip in the lake is all it takes to set off a reaction that lands Allison, Derek and Stiles neck-deep in hot water. And Scott? Scott has the world's worst timing.

(Cannonball) Off the Deep End: Set: Two months after finding mermaids in the lake. Plot: Oh, shit.

Life Guards: Finding out you're going to be a maybe-honorary grandparent isn't always easy. It's all in how the news was broken. (With bonus Scott.)
teenwolf  tsukinofaerii  het  slash  threesome  polyamory  derek/stiles/allison  creatureoftheweek  get.together  kink:xeno  fpreg  series  wip  wc:40-50k 
april 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Callunavulgari - do you still believe in love, i wonder?
If someone had told sixteen year old him that four years down the road he’d be in a hotel room in Greece having spent the last couple hours having sex with two very attractive werewolves, he would have laughed them right out the door. Now — Well, now he thinks he can probably get used to it.
teenwolf  callunavulgari  slash  het  threesome  polyamory  derek/stiles  derek/cora  stiles/cora  derek/stiles/cora  postS3B  ontheroad  mates  get.together  wc:10-20k  tw:incest 
april 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Crunchysunrises - Cerberus
When Hermione Granger's parents are murdered custody goes to her mother's sister, one Haley Hotchner.
hp  criminalminds  crunchysunrises  gen  het  haley/hotchner  harry/hermione  ron/hermione  sirius/other  crossover  au:canon  tw:noncon  tw:rape  family  healing  recovery  wc:20-30k 
march 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
DevilDoll - Teen Wolf Tumblr Ficlets - Chapter 16 - Losing End of a Wishbone
Based on a prompt an anon sent to Otter: They meet because they are both dating the same person. There's no betrayal or cheating in this story, and it has a happy ending. The pairings are Jennifer/Derek, Jennifer/Stiles, and Jennifer/Kali.
teenwolf  devildoll  slash  het  femslash  derek/stiles  derek/jennifer  stiles/jennifer  jennifer/kali  holidays  fluff  wc:<5k 
march 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Theaeblackthorn - my body is your body, I won't tell anybody
"Would you... did you ever think about it with me?"

Stiles licks his lips, pulls himself up so he's leaning back against the arm of the sofa, Erica still above him. "Are we-- do you mean, sex?"
teenwolf  theaeblackthorn  het  stiles/erica  first.kiss  first.time  undertheinfluence  bestbros  wc:5-10k 
march 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Sa_kun - Funny how it always goes with love
“Yes,” Dad says, tone matching Stiles’ exactly. “Because I’ve gone bra shopping so many times, I’m practically a pro.”

Or the one where Stiles is a girl and nothing really changes.
teenwolf  sa_kun  gen  het  derek/stiles  au:canon  sexswap/genbend  slowbuild  asexuality  wc:10-20k 
february 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Morganoconner - All That's Best of Dark and Bright
It's not a gender identity crisis if you've known all along what the problem is. If you've been purposely trying to ignore it since you were old enough to consciously make that choice.

But what happens after that, when you finally learn how to let go?
teenwolf  morganoconner  het  derek/stiles  trans!character  get.together  slowbuild  h/c  reversebang  wc:20-30k 
february 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Discreetmath - I Want Samoa (You)
Derek is just looking for some peace and quiet when this girl barges onto their property trying to guilt-trip him into buying her cookies. It's not love at first sight. It's not.
teenwolf  discreetmath  het  derek/stiles  rule63  au:canon  au:stillalive  wc:<5k 
january 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Verity - ouroboros
Standing in a borrowed windbreaker that goes down to her knees, watching Stiles nearly lose an eye to the bungee cords they used to strap Danny's canoe onto the roof of the Jeep, Lydia says, "Do you have any idea what you're doing?"

"I watched a video about rowing on YouTube while you were in the bathroom," Stiles says. "Come on, it's 10PM on a school night and we're about to go canoeing on a lake that appeared out of nowhere last week, this is your sticking point?"
teenwolf  verity  het  stiles/lydia  mystery  reversebang  wc:<5k 
january 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Mirrorkill - With Just the Door Ajar
So there's a bunch of reasons why Stiles has been away from Beacon Hills: most noticeably being the time he accused his English teacher Jennifer Blake of being the evil Darach who spent two years sacrificing twelve of Beacon Hill's best.

But Stiles can't stay away forever from the town that killed both his parents. When he gets a job offer he can't refuse, it's time for him to grow up and apologize for his mistakes. Which just lands him an invitation to Beacon Hills' wedding of the century. Jennifer's wedding. To the werewolf Stiles had a thing with in senior year. To the werewolf Stiles might not exactly be 100% over.

Still, he's a grown up now and he can handle this thing without causing any trouble. Having sex with the groom repeatedly doesn't count as trouble… does it?
teenwolf  mirrorkill  slash  het  derek/stiles  jennifer/derek  au:canon  futurefic  pining  dubcon  mindwhammy  marriage/proposal  tw:infidelity  manipulation  wc:60-70k  bigbang 
january 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Thepsychicclam - territory lines
After everyone goes off to college, Allison is left behind in Beacon Hills.
teenwolf  thepsychicclam  het  derek/allison  futurefic  h/c  wc:<5k 
january 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Sevenses - Now Again a Beloved Son
"He imagined himself nineteen again, knowing then what he knew now, and he wondered if he would have let that long-ago battle fall to the Rabatians--let Auguste live. If he would have ignored his father's call to arms altogether, and instead found his way to the Rabatian tents, and sought out Auguste to find some common ground. Laurent would have been thirteen but in Damen's mind's eye he would have found him a little older, sixteen or seventeen, old enough that Damen's nineteen-year-old self could have begun, with all the exuberance of youth, to court him." - Captive Prince, vol. 2
captiveprince  sevenses  slash  het  damen/laurent  damen/jokaste  au:canon  political.machinations  au:stillalive  tw:childabuse  tw:sexualassault  wc:20-30k  favorite 
december 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Verity - decayed from the start
Derek's on Facebook. He's an architecture grad student, matriculated with Allison's class. The toothy smile in his profile picture makes him look like a robot.

"Derek does look like a robot," Stiles says when she calls him so they can Facebook-stalk Derek together. "But, you know, the Summer Glau kind. Like he could do ballet."
teenwolf  verity  femslash  het  allison/other  derek/allison  futurefic  wc:<5k 
december 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Weathervaanes - Like Heaven Catching Lighting
Prince Stiles of Cor has always known, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he was never truly going to marry for love. Fighting it has only made it worse. Now, presented with a choice between two children of the Hale family of Ignis, Derek and Cora, he must make the decision to determine who will rule by his side. If only it were that simple.
teenwolf  weathervaanes  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  melissa.mccall/sheriff.stilinski  au:complete  au:historical  career:royalty/celebrities  arranged.marriage  angst  miscommunication  wc:40-50k 
december 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Cutloosemcgoose - History, Like Gravity
If Derek’s life were a romantic comedy—which it’s really, really not, what with all the murder, mayhem, and supernatural elements—it would inevitably feature the moment when Erica brings Stiles home and he and sees, for the first time ever, not a gawky, uncoordinated teenager with a penchant for graphic tees and plaid, but a young man, taller than Derek now, with broad shoulders and large, capable hands that finally match the rest of him. Stiles would be walking down a staircase in slow-motion and Derek would feel the world tilt on its axis while his entire perspective on life underwent a paradigm shift. Stiles would be looking at something or someone else, and he’d laugh before his gaze shifted back to Derek and when their eyes met, it would feel like being struck by lightning. Like getting hit by the thunderbolt.
teenwolf  cutloosemcgoose  slash  het  derek/stiles  erica/other  futurefic  fakebfs  au:canon  dubcon  wc:20-30k  marriage/proposal  HEA  miscommunication 
december 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Nwhepcat - Everybody Goes to Rick's
Sam has built the normal life he's always wanted. But to protect his family, he'll take a journey to a world he'd hoped to leave behind.
spn  nwhepcat  gen  het  sam/jess  au:canon  injury  creatureoftheweek  family  kidfic  wc:30-40k  reunion  casefile 
november 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Otter - That time Stiles and Scott "competed" for Allison's love on a reality TV show
The thing is, Stiles has no interest whatsoever in going on a TV dating show. Deep down, in his heart of hearts -- and publicly, to anyone who is foolish enough to bring up the topic -- Stiles thinks it's kind of pathetic. Because it's all fake, for starters, like all "reality" TV is fake, but also he thinks the people who go on those shows are more interested in attention than love, so what's the point? It's like narcissistic masturbation with some television exhibitionism thrown in for good measure. And letting the entire nation -- nay, the world -- mock your lack of pick-up prowess? Noooo thank you.
teenwolf  otter  het  slash  scott/allison  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:realitytv  wc:<5k  fluff 
november 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Febricant - They Call Kids Like Us Vicious
Derek’s family died in a fire when he was sixteen.

That’s the official story.
teenwolf  febricant  het  derek/allison  au:canon  dark  wc:<5k 
november 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Starbolin - Irkalla
While backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, Allison runs into serious trouble. She finds help from a strange man.
teenwolf  starbolin  het  derek/allison  h/c  rescue  wc:10-20k  au:canon  injury  mythology  favorite  feral!derek 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Wolfinglet - and the light is close, close
A young Derek safewords out of a D/s scene with Domme Kate Argent. Convinced it was his fault and that there's something horribly fucked up inside him, he moves to New York and tries to bury the need for submission he doesn't know how to get rid of. Then, when he's twenty-four, he comes back to Beacon Hills for his mother's funeral and meets eighteen-year-old fledgling Dom Stiles.
teenwolf  wolfinglet  slash  het  derek/stiles  kate/derek  au:nearcanon  au:werewolves.are.known  kink:bdsm  kink:praise  tw:noncon  kate.issues  hotlikeburning  wc:10-20k  favorite 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Tzzzz - Found Objects - WIP
After the fire Kate Argent decided to keep Derek and the daughter he'd given her. Alone, Laura Hale moved to New York and turned her back on the supernatural world. Six years later, as a punishment for making his own fun in boring Beacon Hills, Stiles ends up with a part-time job as an orderly at Peter Hale's nursing home. It doesn't take him long to realize that there's more to his favorite patient than meets the eye.
teenwolf  tzzzz  slash  het  derek/stiles  kate/derek  au:canon  tw:rape  h/c  wip  kidfic  rescue  era:S1  au:stillalive 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Odysseaia - Bound
From acari's lovely prompt: Bonding (Characters are bound to each other in some way). To stop the cycle of death between the Argents & Hales, Allison & Derek get bonded to share every joy and every hurt, to dream each other's dreams and feel each other's pain until they've reached an accord. Derek as actual wolf gets bonus points.
teenwolf  odysseaia  gen  het  allison/derek  wolf!derek  art 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Shaenie - The Right Direction (is everything)
They’re in a box, Neal half-straddling Peter, in the basement apartment of a counterfeiter, when Peter starts to buy a clue.
whitecollar  shaenie  slash  het  neal/peter  peter/elizabeth  neal/sara  kink:celibacy  kink:d/s  wc:5-10k 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Anonymous - Raised By Wolves
For the TW kink meme prompt: Derek and Stiles have a very casual relationship where something happens leaving Stiles under the impression that Derek just wants her for sex. They can be a little bit older when Stiles becomes pregnant, and angsts like hell because she thinks Derek will leave her. (2nd chapter written by different author & not as strong as the first; feels a little incomplete)
teenwolf  anon  het  derek/stiles  sexswap/genbend  fpreg  wc:10-20k 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Bookshop - Trajectories
"So," said Hermione one morning, "I've decided not to return to school next year." And that was how Harry found out that he was going back to Hogwarts.

It was early July, and sunlight was pouring diligently through the windows and rafters of the highest nook in the Burrow. It was all very pleasant and tranquil, if you were of a mind to be pleased by the weather. Harry found it all a bit cheesy, really.

"Wait, what?" said Ron.

"For eighth year," said Hermione, blinking.

"Oh," said Ron, blinking back.

"Wait, what?" said Harry.
hp  bookshop  slash  het  harry/draco  ron/hermione  au:EWE  wc:30-40k  eigthyear  aftermath  grief  slowbuild  favorite 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Scoutshonor - Sucker Love
Kate sits up and narrows her eyes at him. “Page 72,” she says. “Why I Plan to Wait, by Stiles Stilinski.”

The spread is hilariously cliched: a full page picture of a pale, pretty boy with a wide-eyed blonde girl walking on the beach, the two of them holding hands and staring into the waves, probably thinking wistfully of the sex they aren’t having. Derek skims the text briefly. “Speaking up about the importance of virginity!” he exclaims. “Reclaiming chastity a a masculine virtue. Our friend Stiles sure is brave.”

“See, I was thinking he might make an interesting challenge,” Kate says lazily. “And he’s surprisingly attractive, don’t you think? Such long fingers. And that mouth.”
teenwolf  scoutshonor  slash  het  derek/stiles  kate/derek  derek/allison  scott/allison  au:fusion  dubcon  developing.relationship  manipulation  first.time  wc:10-20k 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Tryslora - Hale Yes!
For Cora Hale it was love at first sight when she saw Stiles Stilinski. Unfortunately for her, she's just Derek's little sister in his eyes. After three years, she's hoping that his first summer home from college might be the one where she finally stops being the forgettable Hale, and he notices her for herself.
teenwolf  tryslora  het  stiles/cora  au:complete  au:coffeeshop  au:human/nonmagical  au:stillalive  pining  oblivious  fluff  get.together  wc:10-20k 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Sofonisba_found - Der Yingl fun Erd un Blitz (The Boy of Earth and Lightning)
Miriam and John Stilinski had always wanted to have children. But when her illness prevented her from giving birth, and every conventional alternative option to raise a child was denied to them, they had to look for an...unconventional method. One that would give them a child that was himself far from ordinary in so many ways.

And soon after, in the town of Beacon Hills, a young werewolf named Derek begins to notice the scent of something different from anything he had ever known before in the air...
teenwolf  sofonisba_found  slash  het  derek/stiles  sheriff.stilinski/claudia  au:canon  au:stillalive  backstory  reversebang  pining  wc:10-20k  magic 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Aerlalaith - Celebrate the Earth and Sky
Earth never reached its full technological potential. The Federation never happened. But the serendipitous rescue of a doomed mission sets into motion a series of events – and individuals – whose choices will either release Earth from its chains, or bind it forever. Dystopian AU K/S. Now Complete.
startrek:reboot  aerlalaith  slash  het  kirk/spock  amanda/sarek  au:canon  action/adventure  au:dystopia  wc:100-125k  get.together  rescue 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Nokomis - burn the sorrow from your eyes
The one where Erica and Boyd come back and have no idea why everyone is so traumatized about their vacation.
teenwolf  nokomis  gen  het  erica/boyd  postS3A  magic  returned.from.the.dead  fix-it  wc:<5k 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Frith_in_thorns - Hold With All You Have
A lethal epidemic rips through New York. In the aftermath, Neal, Peter and Diana must work together to survive, and to search for those who left the city before lock-down. And then they have to keep on surviving. (Warning for animal harm in the second piece of fanart.)
whitecollar  frith_in_thorns  gen  het  femslash  peter/elizabeth  diana/christie  diana/other  apocalypse  ontheroad  illness  angst  injury  bigbang  survival  wc:30-40k 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
8611 - thermodynamics
It's 6:04am on a Sunday morning, and Lydia is at his door with coffee and an offer - Europe, witches, and sparks.
teenwolf  8611  slash  het  derek/stiles  stiles/lydia  stiles/other  tattoos  magic  wc:10-20k  futurefic  au:canon  training  travel 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Mijra - Drifting
Der shakes when he cries, and he never cries until he's lost in sleep and can't find his way back.
teenwolf  mijra  gen  het  derek/laura  family  h/c  wc:<5k 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Quintenttsy - things that fly, but cannot land
If Allison has to explain to one more person that she is not dating her ex-boyfriend’s best friend (and really, she broke up with Scott so long ago that the ‘ex-boyfriend’ part has mostly dropped off that title) she is going to explode. Especially now that Stiles has a girlfriend of his own, a girlfriend Allison is definitely not attracted to. Or jealous of. Danny has no idea what he’s talking about, except for the fact that he actually kind of does. (or, the one where Allison writes about werewolves, Stiles is her roommate and everyone is in love with Lydia.)
teenwolf  quintenttsy  het  femslash  polyamory  stiles/lydia  stiles/allison  stiles/lydia/allison  au:complete  au:human/nonmagical  wc:10-20k  pining  jealousy  career:writers/editors 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
8611 - Wednesday morning
Derek's going to break, and Stiles is worried he's going to be the one to do it. (Or, the one where team human are professional doms and Stiles has a new Wednesday morning.)
teenwolf  8611  slash  het  derek/stiles  stiles/lydia  au:canon  kink:bdsm  kink:d/s  wc:10-20k  get.together 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Sheafrotherdon - Coming Home
When Stiles comes home from college for Thanksgiving break, the last thing he expects to develop is a sudden, overwhelming attraction to Derek Hale.
teenwolf  sheafrotherdon  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  melissa.mccall/sheriff.stilinski  futurefic  get.together  fluff  family  holidays  wc:5-10k 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Ladylade - The Names We Gain and the Anger We Share
By the time Allison’s twenty-four, the other hunters call her The Cleanser. She hunts down a rogue, they say, and it’s like the thing never existed. But there is one thing the hunters don’t know, and that thing is bundled up on the back seat of her car on the long drive home from South Dakota, finally sleeping.
teenwolf  ladylade  gen  het  scott/allison  au:canon  futurefic  kidfic  packdynamics  family  wc:<5k  fluff 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
The_deep_magic - Shoebox Menagerie
Stiles’ research has let him down. Seems what he needs is a more hands-off approach.
teenwolf  the_deep_magic  het  stiles/erica  pwp  first.time  hotlikeburning  wc:<5k 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Mklutz - Sink Us to Swim
“Stiles,” Laura says, gently, “When all of this is over, when the rogue is taken care of, I think – I hope that your dad will join our pack. He’s always treated Derek and me almost like family, and I’d like to return the favor if I can. It’s fine,” she asserts, then corrects, “I’m going to make sure it’s fine.”
teenwolf  mklutz  gen  het  derek/stiles  au:canon  sexswap/genbend  were!sheriff  mystery  wc:30-40k  favorite 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Trollprincess - Real Men Don't Make Cheesecake
Dean takes home economics, and chaos ensues. And no, it's not his fault.
spn  trollprincess  het  dean/other  preseries  humor  snark  wc:<5k 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Nokomis - a specific kind of problem
Stiles might have a Hale problem. Cora notices. (Derek/Stiles is one-sided.)
teenwolf  nokomis  het  stiles/cora  derek/stiles  era:S3  wc:<5k 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Rubykatewriting - The Strong Scent of Evergreen
Derek and Stiles start something new. "I am, you know," she whispers against his mouth, and he tilts his head in question. "Yours."
teenwolf  rubykatewriting  het  derek/stiles  sexswap/genbend  first.time  get.together  developing.relationship  scentmarking  first.kiss  mates  kink:knotting  bestbros  wc:20-30k 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Argle_fraster - Welcome Home
Boyd wakes up in a clearing covered in moonlight. (Tag to 3x07.)
teenwolf  argle_fraster  gen  het  erica/boyd  episoderelated  fix-it 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Antistar_e (kaikamahine) - Boelyn, Beheaded
When they do the autopsy, this is what they will find: a heart, covered in your fingerprints. Or, Derek and Laura on the run.
teenwolf  antistar_e  het  derek/laura  preseries  angst  wc:10-20k  ontheroad  ohmyheart  grief  gorgeous 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Zosofi - Stutter and Shake
The likelihood of a major quake of magnitude 7.5 or greater hitting California in the next thirty years is 46 percent.
teenwolf  zosofi  gen  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  futurefic  h/c  injury  tw:gore  favorite  fav.rereads 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Loz - giving up this whole lie, this whole me
Between his relationship with Jennifer and his dealings with Deucalion and the Darach, Derek gains a form of resolution. (Spoilers for S3, up to 3x6.)
teenwolf  loz  het  slash  derek/jennifer  derek/stiles  healing  developing.relationship  breakup  era:S3  wc:10-20k 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Trinityofone - Heaven or Las Vegas
Third installment of the Swear Jar ’verse, this comes chronologically between Quarters and Sharing Is Caring. A more in-depth look at the scenario Castiel describes to Ruby in “Sharing”—namely, his and Dean’s first time with the sexin’.
spn  trinityofone  slash  het  dean/cas  sam/ruby  au:canon  first.time  sequel  series  wc:<5k 
june 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Trinityofone - Sharing Is Caring
Sequel to Quarters. For the kink_meme prompt, “Cas and Ruby discuss the merits of their respective bedmates.”
spn  trinityofone  gen  slash  het  dean/cas  sam/ruby  au:canon  undertheinfluence  sequel  series  wc:<5k 
june 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Trinityofone - Quarters
Set in a rather optimistic future. There was no room at the inn. (The logistics of sharing a room now there are four of them.)
spn  trinityofone  slash  het  dean/cas  sam/ruby  au:canon  era:S4  wc:<5k  series 
june 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
KismetJeska - My Roots Take Flight
After forty years in Hell, Dean’s more than willing to accept the offer: become a guardian angel and earn his freedom. But his new ward seems destined to hunt alongside Sam, and there are secrets in Heaven that the angels don’t want found out. Dean’s going to have to choose between his duty and the people he loves- and to work out just where Castiel fits in.
spn  kismetjeska  slash  het  dean/cas  sam/ruby  anna/inias  au:canon  era:S4  epic  wc:125-150k  angel!dean  au:reverse!verse  developing.relationship  get.together  favorite 
june 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Trinityofone - Good Things Do Happen
Summary: A Winchester Family Christmas, 2010. AKA, Best zombie Christmas ever!
spn  trinityofone  slash  het  dean/cas  sam/jess  humor  holidays  returned.from.the.dead  wc:10-20k  au:canon  postS5  get.together  fluff 
june 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
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