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Fleete - An Algorithm for Mistakes
Lydia has a plan: attend college, study the biological makeup of werewolves, win prizes, and wear amazing shoes. She does not expect to make friends with Stiles. Or flirt with Stiles. Or accidentally start a pack war with Stiles. Whatever. The point is, Lydia has a plan. (Derek/Stiles and Lydia/Jackson are secondary pairings.)
teenwolf  het  slash  stiles/lydia  lydia/jackson  derek/stiles  futurefic  collegefic  outed  first.time  ladies.are.awesome  other.alphas  get.together  packdynamics  awesome  fleete  favorite 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Fleete - Articulation
In which Stiles "accidentally" chains himself to a wall, and Derek has to use his words.
teenwolf  fleete  slash  derek/stiles  pwp  kink:bondage  kink:humiliation  first.time  wc:5-10k 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie

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