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RemainNameless - The Worst Thing I Ever Did
Stiles would say his relationship with Derek is about fifteen percent empty threats, thirty percent sass, ten percent avoiding violence together, and five percent eyebrows.
If anyone asked, he would say the remaining forty percent is mutual orgasms.

It’s a good thing no one ever asks.
teenwolf  remainnameless  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  get.together  first.time  miscommunication  dubcon  emotions.are.hard  wc:40-50k 
june 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Drunktuesdays - Stay, Stay, Stay
He should have expected this. He knew it, knew Stiles was always in this temporarily. Derek knew it wasn't forever. The only thing that's surprising is that Stiles is lying about it.
teenwolf  drunktuesdays  slash  derek/stiles  miscommunication  established.relationship  emotions.are.hard 
may 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Scoutshonor - Reason to Believe
Stiles likes to think of himself as being immune to surprise: after all, he figured out that Scott was a werewolf before Scott did.
teenwolf  scoutshonor  slash  derek/stiles  futurefic  mystery  law.enforcement  developing.relationship  packdynamics  emotions.are.hard  favorite 
april 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Scoutshonor - Compound a Compound
Everyone knows that Stiles Stilinski has had a crush on Lydia Martin since the third grade. (Read the warnings first.)
teenwolf  scoutshonor  het  stiles/lydia  dubcon  emotions.are.hard  postS2  breakup 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Taelynhawker - This Isn't Love (Yet)
Stiles is cold and wet, he's exhausted. He is not in love with Derek Hale, but he invites him inside anyway.
teenwolf  taelynhawker  slash  derek/stiles  episoderelated  first.time  pwp  emotions.are.hard  gorgeous  favorite  wc:5-10k 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Magneticwave - just pretending that we're cool
In retrospect, using sex to trick Derek out of stalking Scott had maybe not been the greatest idea ever? Whatever, Stiles’ plans always work themselves out, one way or another.
teenwolf  magneticwave  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:college  get.together  oblivious  emotions.are.hard 
february 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
M_Leigh - the blood blooms clean in you, ruby
"You don’t remember, anymore, where exactly you were when you found out that she was dead. You remember almost everything else about her dying, though."

Stiles Stilinski has always been the person who will do what other people don't want to. It's hard, though, when your friends keep trying to protect you. Post-S2. (48k words)
teenwolf  m_leigh  gen  slash  derek/stiles  postS2  magic  packdynamics  other.alphas  injury  gorgeous  so.good  awesome  favorite  sheriff.finds.out  family  backstory  grief  kidnapped  emotions.are.hard  wc:40-50k 
february 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Elisera - Steadfast - WIP Series (Read through Story 5)
I Like It When: They’re in the middle of fucking when Stiles really notices it for the first time. He’s got Derek on his back and Stiles is sitting on his dick, taking things slow in an attempt to see how long they can stand it, how long it’ll take either of them to cave and pick up the pace. That was the plan but when Derek gets his hands on Stiles’ hips and Stiles can feel him tensing up in preparation to move Stiles the way Derek wants him to, he grabs Derek by the wrists and pulls his hands up instead, pins them down next to his head. He has no illusions about being able to hold Derek down but he’s feeling playful.

The Way I Feel: “It’s not my blood,” Stiles snaps, wiping down his hands, arms. Fuck, even his face and throat are slick with it and he really, really wants it off. Derek keeps circling them, eyes fixed on Stiles and his body’s still trying to shift back onto four feet, the bones and muscles bulging outwards against his skin and Stiles has no idea why Derek’s freaking out this badly.

You Give Me: Derek’s mouth quirks. “I can catch a ride home with you, right?”
Stiles arches an eyebrow and Derek rolls his eyes.
“Otherwise,” Derek says with a long suffering sigh, “Boyd will take me or I’ll run. I just figured you were here for a reason.”
“Oh, I am,” Stiles says with a slow smile, ass clenching around the butt plug he worked in earlier. The drive out into the woods was the good kind of agony and he’s half-hard in his jeans.

Let Me: Derek’s stomach twists, guilt spreading through him like a sickness and he ruthlessly shuts it down and keeps his mouth shut. He wasn’t even talking about sex but the need to apologize anyway makes his chest feel tight. It unmoors something in Derek whenever Stiles tells him outright no even though he knows Stiles isn’t just humoring him when they’re scening. It’s just an emotional reaction he can’t control, can’t unlearn.

I Ask of You: Stiles sighs, presses into the touch of Derek’s hands and thinks. He’s scared, is the thing. Of something big and hurtful he doesn’t want to put a name on, but he’s got practice in doing scary things. Maybe it’s time to take his chances.
teenwolf  elisera  slash  derek/stiles  kink:d/s  kink:negotiation  futurefic  established.relationship  series  pwp  hotlikeburning  emotions.are.hard  marriage/proposal  wip  wc:30-40k 
february 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Kalpurna - Don't Worry Baby
"You know you're allowed to ask for vanilla sex, right?" he says, afterwards. "We can do whatever you want. That's kind of the point."

Derek doesn't respond.
teenwolf  kalpurna  slash  derek/stiles  au:nearcanon  fakebfs  pining  developing.relationship  fluff  favorite  emotions.are.hard  prostitution 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Onrooftops - Stay Still
They read the entry on the alphas, then Derek crawls into Stiles’s bed and Stiles joins him, and they fall asleep twisted together. He wakes up alone, but there’s a note stuck to his computer. Gone to let the others know about the alphas. Don’t do anything stupid. (30k words)
teenwolf  onrooftops  slash  derek/stiles  postS2  get.together  breakup  developing.relationship  magic  kidnapped  other.alphas  rescue  injury  sheriff.finds.out  emotions.are.hard  family  awesome  favorite  wc:30-40k 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Helenish - Jocks v. Nerds (Read through April 6th Interlude)
Stiles was early, but Derek was always at the library, so it was no big surprise that he was there, sitting across from the girl with the frizzy blond hair—Erin or Elsie or something—who sat in the front in Multivariable Calculus (“I tested into it, so they said I had to,” Stiles told everyone on the team, “I just filled in the bubbles kind of at random—”) and asked a lot of questions.

“What, are you meeting your group partner here?” she said, laughing, scrubbing her hair back off her face and looping it into a ponytail.

“He’s not that bad,” Derek said, and Stiles, about to step around the end of the bookshelf, stops, pulled himself back a little.

“Yeah, I could tell he was a big help when you were up all night redoing the—”

“It wasn’t all night,” Derek said. “I didn’t mind, I—he had some good ideas,” he mumbled. “He bought me some pizza.”

“Oh, great, so it was like a date?” Erin said, voice flat.

“No,” Derek said, drumming his mechanical pencil against the library table. “He doesn’t—” he stared down at the table and didn’t say anything else.
teenwolf  helenish  slash  derek/stiles  stiles/other  wip  au:complete  au:college  ohmyheart  tumblrfic  emotions.are.hard 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
74days - That Unfortunate Situation
Derek Hale, 3rd Duke of that name has an unfortunate run in with the young Baron of Stiles - accusing the young man of being a fortune hunter. Regency Romance meets Sterek. (58k words)
teenwolf  74days  slash  het  threesome  derek/stiles  stiles/erica  scott/isaac  scott/allison  isaac/other  derek/other  erica/boyd  au:complete  au:regency  au:historical  get.together  developing.relationship  first.time  emotions.are.hard  epic  bestbros  illness  recovery  fun  marriage/proposal 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Korynnvictoria - Stay.
He leaves because the press of Derek’s lips and the sting of his teeth against Stiles’ neck are still burning his skin, and he can’t stop touching them, but then he remembers Derek telling him he’s not pack, he never was, and that he doesn’t belong here.

He leaves because Lydia asks him too, but he doesn’t go back to Beacon Hills because no one asked him to come back.
teenwolf  korynnvictoria  slash  het  derek/stiles  lydia/isaac  scott/allison  stiles/danny  futurefic  angst  emotions.are.hard  miscommunication  bestbros  holidays  sheriff.finds.out 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
DevilDoll - Jinx Removing
"Derek wished he would sit down or take his jacket off or something; anything that would indicate he was going to stay for more than a few minutes." This is an alternate universe version of the apartment scene in my story Love, Like a Sentence of Death.
teenwolf  devildoll  slash  derek/stiles  first.time  get.together  emotions.are.hard  favorite  fav.rereads  wc:5-10k 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Silverlining99 - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All Series
Temporary Like Achilles: Derek has a problem. Stiles is a solution.

American Heathcliff (Brooding and Comely): Derek's family history is long, and way more complicated than Stiles would have guessed.

You and Your Latest Trick: Stiles thinks that this is what being wanted must actually feel like. For a little while, anyway.

Hair of the Dog: Derek is a life ruiner. He ruins Stiles' life.

A Place Where It's Always Safe and Warm: Derek uses his words, with varying degrees of success.
teenwolf  silverlining99  slash  derek/stiles  get.together  first.time  miscommunication  angst  other.alphas  creatureoftheweek  mtdi  undertheinfluence  bonded  series  emotions.are.hard 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Lapin - By A String of Blue Lights
In which they keep falling into bed with each other, and Stiles keeps saying it's just adrenaline, just a lack of Adderall, just a lack of good judgment. Faeries and their drugs, mermaids and their creepiness, and covens and their sacrificing, and they just keep falling into bed with each other. They just do.

And Derek says, "No more games."
teenwolf  lapin  slash  het  derek/stiles  erica/boyd  creatureoftheweek  undertheinfluence  first.time  oblivious  emotions.are.hard  get.together  h/c  dubcon 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
BarlowGirl - The Shadow of Your Heart
Stiles slumped against the wall. “Barely. And you owe me. You owe me like crazy.”

Derek stretched his leg under the table, testing for twinges and aches. It seemed alright for his kneecap having been shattered by a wolfsbane bullet a few hours ago. Yeah, he could do this. Stiles was right. Derek owed him.

He stood up and walked towards Stiles, letting a bit of predator into his movements.

Sometimes the chase was almost as fun as the reward.
teenwolf  barlowgirl  slash  derek/stiles  creatureoftheweek  dubcon  emotions.are.hard  futurefic  kisses  get.together  first.time  h/c  injury  illness 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Lapin - I Won't Sit Outside Your House
Derek won't define what they are, despite how the wolf wants to, because the man knows better. He knows Stiles will find someone else, will be better off with someone who can just be a man, not someone pretending he's one. He knows this. He knows.

He knows.
teenwolf  lapin  slash  derek/stiles  stiles/other  angst  first.time  miscommunication  emotions.are.hard  mates 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
DevilDoll - Love, Like a Sentence of Death
"Derek would like to ignore it and never speak of it again, but that's the exact opposite of how Stiles operates." Despite the title there is no death in this story and it does have a happy ending, I promise.
teenwolf  devildoll  slash  derek/stiles  get.together  established.relationship  kisses  emotions.are.hard  vulnerable  gorgeous  favorite 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Supacat - Drunk
Akira's face was stripped bare, and Ogata thought: he's only ever lost to people who are better than he is; he's never lost before because he miscalculated his own moves.
hng  supacat  slash  akira/ogata  hikaru/akira  sai.revealed  undertheinfluence  emotions.are.hard 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Qthelights - Spark, Smolder, Catch
When Stiles starts pulling down Derek's burnt-out house, Derek finds himself letting him. He doesn't know why.

Wherein Stiles and Derek are both broken and doing more damage might just be what they both need to move on.
teenwolf  qthelights  slash  derek/stiles  angst  recovery  postS2  get.together  first.time  emotions.are.hard  grief 
november 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Unloyal_Olio - Joker
Sometimes, when they're close like they are now, Stiles wonders if Derek is seducing him. He wonders if the fingers rubbing calming circles into his thigh and the warm, salty breath against his neck are maneuvers to earn his trust. He wonders about Derek's plans, if—once he has Stiles fooled—Derek will rip his throat out.

The thoughts might seem paranoid, except that's exactly what Stiles did to Peter.

(This is an AU in which Peter bit Stiles--and then Stiles killed Peter to become the alpha.)
teenwolf  unloyal_olio  slash  derek/stiles  peter/stiles  dark  miscommunication  get.together  nothuman  packdynamics  undercover  injury  aftermath  sheriff.finds.out  creatureoftheweek  emotions.are.hard  ohmyheart  awesome  angst  tw:noncon  dubcon  were!stiles 
october 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Gyzym - Crash Landers
In which Stiles learns to Stalk That Stalk. (Or, how to accidentally woo your unfriendly neighborhood alpha in roughly five hundred handwritten steps.)
teenwolf  gyzym  slash  het  femslash  foursome  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/boyd  allison/lydia/boyd/scott  erica/isaac  danny/other  sheriff.stilinski/melissa.mccall  futurefic  get.together  episolary  humor  emotions.are.hard  amazing  favorite  packdynamics  wc:30-40k 
october 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Ladyblahblah - Say It Again and Mean It
No, I mean.” She takes the note, flustered. “Why are you so interested in helping? You don't even know us.”

Stiles swallows heavily, searching for the slender line between a lie and a truth that he doesn't want to speak. “Because I have a soft spot for idiot teenaged werewolves,” he says finally. “It's a character flaw."
teenwolf  ladyblahblah  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  futurefic  packdynamics  miscommunication  other.alphas  emotions.are.hard  kink:knotting  oblivious  pining  get.together  family 
october 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Primroseshows - The View From My Window
Derek is a glassblower on the hunt for new ideas. His assistant Scott has some artist friend named Stiles.
teenwolf  primroseshows  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  get.together  emotions.are.hard  recovery  aftermath  miscommunication  undertheinfluence  career:artists 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Linksofmemories - The Rory to My Amy Series
Permanent Fixture: Derek is Scott's older brother. Stiles is Scott's best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.

What's in a Name?: “I have a question.” “And I’ve got an answer.”

Finding a Mickey: “No,” Stiles said. “Look at it this way, you’re the Tenth Doctor, Allison is Rose, and Isaac is Martha. You need to find-.”
"Don’t compare my life to Doctor Who!”

I Bet People Call You Madam Kovarian: “You actually called her Madame Kovarian?”
“I might have.”
Derek smirked, leaning forward to press his lips against Stiles’ and mumble against them. “And just when I thought that I couldn’t love you more.”

The Angels Take Manhattan (And Everybody's Soul): "Raggedy Man-.”
“No!” Stiles cried.
“Oh, fuck everything,” Derek cursed, grabbing the Kleenex from Stiles.

Young and Spry: “If you two are done contaminating the kitchen with your nauseating excuse for dirty talk, then I’m going to start cooking,” Laura said. “But maybe I should wipe down the entire room first. God knows what you two get up to in here.”

After School Special: “Because I’ve always loved you.”
As if on cue, the song that was playing ended and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” started playing. Boyd turned around to see Stiles giving him a thumbs up. That sneaky little bastard.
“Took you long enough,” Erica said.

It's All Fine: Derek woke up on his 30th birthday feeling exactly the same as he did on his 29th birthday and his 28th birthday and his 27th birthday and his 26th birthday. Nothing felt any different, except that his age now started with a “3” instead of a “2”.

You Give Me Something: Seven chapters, seven couples, seven weddings. You get the idea.

Let's Talk About It: At that moment Stiles was 100% prepared to grab Derek and fall into bed with him and just forget about everything else in the world. But Laura then shouted something about a turkey and how they weren’t going to get any if they didn’t get downstairs, so falling into bed would just have to wait.

Through Our Fingers: The emergency phone was just a connection so that they all were informed of any serious things happening in one of their lives. Derek was just really happy that he was the one who picked up the phone and not Stiles when Melissa had called him one Friday afternoon.

Nine Months of Change: “We’re having a baby!”

Melody Aria: “It’s not like we’ve been hiding it from you,” Stiles said. “We haven’t told you who your biological father is—.”
“It’s you.”
“Okay, how do you know that?” Stiles said.
“My last name’s Stilinski and Grandpa always says that I look a lot like Grandma.”
“Good points,” Stiles said.

Three Little Words: “Don’t look now but my dads are sitting five tables down from us and hiding behind a plant.”

On the Last Page: Derek is a preserver. He wants to hold onto everything and make it so it’s okay again. I admire that in more ways anyone could possibly know. And that’s what everything is about these days, isn’t it? Preserving the times so that they won’t get lost in the future? I believe that Derek can do that. I believe that that is what he wants to do.
teenwolf  linksofmemories  slash  het  derek/stiles  kate/derek  derek/other  scott/allison  lydia/jackson  sheriff.stilinski/wife  laura/chris.argent  melissa.mccall/sheriff.stilinski  epic  get.together  established.relationship  family  throughtheyears  grief  fpreg  first.time  kisses  emotions.are.hard  au:intersects  human!derek  bestbros  erica/boyd  adorable  series  pining  injury  kidfic  babyfic  au:human/nonmagical  marriage/proposal  fluff  slowbuild 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Affectingly - i fall, i fall, i falter
It's been two weeks since the last time. Two weeks since Stiles let frustration and loneliness and need get the better of him.
teenwolf  affectingly  slash  derek/stiles  pwp  emotions.are.hard  angst  kink:knotting  wc:<5k 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Ladelle - One Part Trust, Two Parts Fear
Derek’s worried that Stiles doesn’t trust him, and Stiles just wants to go to bed.
teenwolf  ladelle  gen  emotions.are.hard 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Publicspeaking - You're Brought Back But You're Running
Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills after college, because the economy is shit and he needs a roof over his head. But sometimes, you really can't come back home.
teenwolf  publicspeaking  slash  het  derek/stiles  derek/other  lydia/jackson  erica/boyd  futurefic  angst  omg  emotions.are.hard 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Korynnvictoria - It's Been Four Hundred and Ninety Days
It’s been four hundred and ninety days, and it took Derek forever but they’re at day one again.
teenwolf  korynnvictoria  slash  derek/stiles  futurefic  angst  breakup  epiphany  hope  emotions.are.hard 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
LolaFeist - Advanced Vocabulary
“Why do you like me?” Derek asks as he folds his shirt and drops it onto Stiles’ computer chair.

“For your body,” Stiles says.
teenwolf  lolafeist  slash  derek/stiles  ohmyheart  emotions.are.hard  first.time  developing.relationship  miscommunication  angst 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Allyarra - Slipping Away
The summer before senior year Stiles is diagnosed with leukemia. (Warning: Major Character Death. Bring tissues.)
teenwolf  allyarra  slash  derek/stiles  illness  sad  grief  ohmyheart  h/c  emotions.are.hard  established.relationship 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Lizzstomania - Simple Math
"It's just math, Derek. It's me and you; it’s not rocket science and it's not Shakespeare. It's basic arithmetic and you, for some ungodly reason, never bothered to learn to add."
teenwolf  lizzstomania  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:college  get.together  emotions.are.hard  angst  au:coffeeshop  career:baristas  fluff 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Korynnvictoria - waiting for you to say it first
Four months.

Four months they’ve managed to avoid one another. Stiles quit going to pack meetings. He quit doing research unless Scott really, really begged him to. He avoided driving the road that led out to the turnoff to the Hale house, he avoided going to all the spots where Derek might possibly be. Four months, and now, here they are, standing in the Minit Mart, Stiles thinks, staring down at the grimy tiles. He can hear the catch of Derek’s breath, and he closes his eyes and breathes deep.
teenwolf  korynnvictoria  slash  derek/stiles  angst  ohmyheart  post-breakup  emotions.are.hard  kidnapped  rescue  favorite  wc:5-10k 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Korynnvictoria - Try to Let Your Heart Fly Free
The problem is that Stiles is always talking, but he’s never actually saying what he’s feeling. (Alternate title: Stiles is Actually Really Emotionally Stunted)
teenwolf  korynnvictoria  slash  derek/stiles  ohmyheart  angst  fluff  emotions.are.hard  kisses 
september 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Entanglednow - Milkshakes and Matchsticks Series
The Man Who Wasn't There: This is like the pre-credits sequence of every horror movie, he's probably going to be eaten before the main character is even introduced.

Don't Tell Me, I Know This One: "Look, I know I got very drunk last night, and if at any point I threw up on you I would like to apologise, and possibly offer to buy you new shoes."

I'm Just Making This Complicated: It takes Stiles exactly a day to decide that his tentative conclusion has to be wrong.

It All Comes Down To You: Derek doesn't know how to do this like a person. He's never been good with words.

One Step Forward: Stiles doesn't want to look like he's trying if Derek's just going to turn up in the last clothes he got stabbed in.

Two Steps Sideways: Stiles gets an angry text from Derek, an hour later. 'I'm not avoiding you. I have five broken ribs.'

Run That Past Me Again: "I'm not asking for nice restaurants, just for there to not be any dead bodies."

A Work In Progress: Because it's weird to date someone for a month and not kiss them, right?

And Then There Are Days Like This: This emergency is surprisingly fluffy, as emergencies go.

In Glittering Pieces: Kate had liked his possessiveness, she'd reveled in it, pushed it, treated it like a fire to stoke and encourage.

It's The Sudden Stop: "Are you asking me for Sharktopus's motivation? Because if you are, I think you're wildly overestimating how much thought the writers put into this movie."

Words and Choices: Stiles has spent a lot of this relationship convinced that he's just a handful of words away from being unceremoniously dumped.
teenwolf  entanglednow  derek/stiles  undertheinfluence  humor  oblivious  so.good  miscommunication  awesome  slash  series  favorite  kisses  get.together  established.relationship  dating  emotions.are.hard  trust.issues  fav.rereads  gorgeous  wc:50-60k 
august 2012 by goodgriefcharlie

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