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Becca - Wildflower
It's two years after Endless Waltz and Duo Maxwell is in big trouble. But who should he fear the most? The sadistic vice-lord into whose hands he's fallen or the man's hired assassin, Heero Yuy? (Not sure I quite buy how quickly Heero and Duo move past their problems, but I like how Becca writes them in love too much to let that bother me for long.)
gundamwing  becca  slash  heero/duo  duo/other  postwar  injury  angst  romance  undercover  preventers  rescue  nothuman  series  tw:noncon 
june 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Erin Cayce - Curing Homosexuality
Duo is sent to counseling after the principal of the school he's staying undercover at discovers that he's gay, but counseling turns out to be different than what he expected.
gundamwing  erincayce  slash  duo/other  heero/duo  unrequited  self-discovery  therapy  gorgeous  schoolfic  undercover 
june 2012 by goodgriefcharlie

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