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Harriet_spy - The New Frontier
He rode into our valley six years after the end of the war. I was just a kid, sitting on the fence and watching the dusty road that wound down from the blue-grey mountains, waiting for something to happen. Nothing ever seemed to happen back then, especially not to an eleven-year-old girl.
sga  harriet_spy  gen  futurefic  gone.native  kolya  outsiderpov  kidfic  domestic  angst 
september 2011 by goodgriefcharlie
Kassrachel - Forever Home
"The point is, at the end of the day I can tell you a lot more about their music -- unsurprisingly based on octaves -- and their math, which is in octal just like the Ancients' -- but not a damn thing about the location of this planet's stargate."
sga  kassrachel  slash  mckay/sheppard  first.time  stranded  gone.native  rescue  domestic  family 
september 2011 by goodgriefcharlie

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