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kormantic - Costis Ormentiedes and the Thief of Eddis
“He looks too young to be taking his *own class*,” Costis continued. “He’s the worst Defense Against the Dark Arts professor we’ve ever had. And that's saying something.”

“You’re mad for him, aren’t you,” Aris teased. “It’s ‘Queen’ Attolia all over again… calf-eyes and mooning and swearing fealty…”

Costis felt his ears go scarlet.

“I do *not* have a crush on the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher,” Costis insisted.

“Happy to hear it,” Professor Saccularius sang out. “As I understand it, those can be very awkward, for both parties. I’ll expect those scrolls on my desk first thing on Wednesday!” And he breezed past them as if he couldn’t tell that Costis was choking on his own tongue.


Or: the one where Costis is exceedingly suspicious of the new DADA professor.
queensthief  kormantic  gen  au:complete  au:fusion  au:hogwarts  wc:5-10k 
february 2019 by goodgriefcharlie
dharmaavocado - Kind, Sober, and Fully Dressed
“You’re punishing me, aren’t you?” Anakin said. “I angered you somehow and this whole thing with Obi-Wan is my punishment.”

“Not everything is about you,” said Rex, hauling the guy up. “And, come on, have you seen him in those cardigans?”

“He looks like someone’s sad grandpa,” Anakin said.

 In which Obi-Wan returns from four years undercover, Rex called dibs, the entire squad is not helpful, and Anakin hates his life.
starwars  b99  dharmaavocado  obi-wan/rex  au:fusion  get.together  humor  wc:20-30k 
january 2019 by goodgriefcharlie
To Boldly Go | xylophones
“Yuuri!” Viktor calls. “I’ve come to rescue you!”
Yuuri stares at him blankly. He gestures to the various unconscious space pirates with his recently discharged phaser.
“Oh, Captain,” he deadpans. “Save me.”


A year in the life of badass science officer Yuuri Katsuki, Captain Viktor “Team Mom” Nikiforov, and simultaneously the best crew and worst crew in Starfleet history.

(No prior Star Trek knowledge needed! It’s a loose AU!)
yoi  startrek  xylophones  slash  victor/yuuri  au:complete  au:fusion  oblivious  pining  action/adventure  wc:20-30k 
may 2017 by goodgriefcharlie
I'd rather be skating | so_shhy
Sometimes, when a muggle child gets an acceptance letter from a wizarding school, they say no.

Victor Nikiforov would rather be skating. Yuuri Katsuki would rather be normal.
yoi  hp  so_shhy  slash  victor/yuuri  au:fusion  throughtheyears  grief  h/c  wc:60-70k 
may 2017 by goodgriefcharlie
Seagulls on the shore (that which we grasp) | Gintsuki
замок! Victor calls out, and the frustratingly beautiful fox bounds up.
天花, Yuuri doesn’t try.


When your heart is an ever-changing animal that flies out open windows and slips into seas, do you chase or do you let it go?

::In which Yuuri finds himself late, but that is fine too.
yoi  hisdarkmaterials  gintsuki  slash  au:fusion  wc:<5k 
january 2017 by goodgriefcharlie
Lissadiane - Mother of Dragons
Since Hogwarts had opened its doors to werewolves, many Hale children had apparently come through, wary and angry, refusing to socialize with the other students. And one by one, they’d been sorted into Slytherin, obviously, with the odd Ravenclaw to mix things up.

And then along came little Derek Hale, who’d barely gotten his ass on the stool before the hat was calling out Gryffindor.

Everyone thought it was funny, even now, when Derek was in his seventh year. Stiles, though, found it fascinating.

It helped, of course, that Derek was two years older and hotter than the sun.
teenwolf  hp  lissadiane  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  holidays  fluff  clueless  pining  wc:10-20k 
december 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Pantstomatch - Untitled SGA/TW Fusion w/WereOtter!Stiles
Featuring earth werewolves and snuggling and accidental nakedness and furry alien shifter!Stiles, because I think there needs to be more alien Stiles stories.
teenwolf  sga  pantstomatch  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  wc:<5k  tumblrfic 
november 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Kellifer_fic - the ring of the ancestors is not a euphemism
Stiles hadn't noticed the way the entire commissary had gone silent when the guy had approached his table, or the two military escorts that had been flanking him, looking at each other like maybe they should be intervening but weren't sure how. All he saw was someone stealing the last dessert from him and Stiles didn't think about it, he just reached across the table and snatched it back with a, "What the hell, dude?"
teenwolf  sga  kellifer_fic  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  miscommunication  courting  fluff  wc:10-20k 
july 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Rosepetals42 - Untamed
Of course, the transfer kid gets mentioned because transfers are rare, but the news isn’t that exciting. In fact, according to Laura, no one even seems to know his first name. The only thing anyone has really figured out about him is that he’s American. And that’s not exactly hard because he obviously has an accent.

The only thing Derek really knows is that, despite other reports, he seems quiet enough, prefers to work alone, and has the most amazing shade of amber eyes that Derek has ever seen.

Not that he’s looking.

teenwolf  hp  rosepetals42  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  slowbuild  wc:20-30k 
june 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Darthjamtart - hoping some ghost would be here still
There’s a poster hanging in the window of the Beacon Hills library: brightly-colored depictions of children at desks, holding books, captioned, KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE. KNOW WHAT’S IN THEIR CLASSROOMS. Smaller text at the bottom reads, Paid for by citizens in support of the Mutant Registration Act.
teenwolf  darthjamtart  gen  au:canon  au:fusion  powers  wc:<5k 
january 2015 by goodgriefcharlie
Tsukinofaerii - Two Points Between
Bronze rider Derek's world is upside down. Mystery dragons and mystery girls. Holds that aren't on the maps. Thread falling where no Thread should. Dragon eggs in danger, and Weyrleaders seemingly uninterested in following the only clues they have. He doesn't know what's going on, but he's going to find out.

Scott never intended to be adventurous, but somehow when he was with Stiles it happened anyway, starting with their boyhood in Fort Hold and continuing into their different apprenticeships. Neither of them expected their latest adventure to get them caught up with dragons and, even worse, dragon eggs. Thread is just the start of their problems.

Everything is connected, and when you're on dragonback the shortest distance between two points is seldom a straight line.
teenwolf  pern  tsukinofaerii  gen  au:complete  au:fusion  kidnapped  mystery  wc:30-40k 
november 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Weathervaanes - The Sins of My Caretaker
It smells like smoke, that's what wakes him up. It doesn't smell like burning wood, which would really freak him out, it just smells disgusting like—



In which Stiles is the oldest sibling to a fucked up family and it's his job to make sure they don't end up dead, meth addicts, or in juvie. And then Derek crashes into his world and makes everything a little bit more interesting. (Shameless fusion)
teenwolf  shameless  weathervaanes  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  family  angst  get.together  breakup  au:human/nonmagical  wc:20-30k 
june 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Finduilas - Love Don't Die
Derek is nine years old when he discovers the gift that he's been given. A gift that he didn't necessarily ask for. Derek can touch dead things and bring them back to life. But not without consequences and conditions, many of which are heartbreaking.

Many years later, his path crosses that of his childhood sweetheart, Stiles, in very unfortunate circumstances. But now, Derek's gift gives him the power to save Stiles. And damned be the consequences.
teenwolf  pushingdaisies  finduilas  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  magic  returned.from.the.dead  get.together  slowbuild  wc:30-40k 
april 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Stilinski - Chasing the Horizon
Stiles nearly laughs and for a moment, he sits there trying to think of anything to say. "It's been a good year," he croaks at long last. "I got you back--I got you back and I was so scared I'd lose you, you know? I got out there; I backpacked across half of Europe with my best friends - I got to see the never less than perfectly composed Lydia Martin after a few days without showers or real beds. Scott and Allison got married, dad. I made a speech."

The Sheriff's expression softens and he smiles, reaching up and clapping Stiles' shoulder. "You did. I was there. You had Melissa, Scott and Allison in tears."
teenwolf  spn  stilinski  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:nearcanon  slowbuild  wc:30-40k 
april 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Uraneia - That Which You Cannot Undo
By twenty-eight, Stiles has resigned himself to a quiet life of working in his magic shop, selling Jackson Whittemore fart-inducing tea, and looking after his goddaughter. It's a good life. But the quiet goes to hell when his sister, Lydia, shows up with a crispy werewolf in her trunk and a bite mark on her shoulder, because hard on her heels comes the hottest person Stiles has ever seen, and he happens to be looking for his uncle.

You know, the dead guy Stiles helped Lydia bury last night.

(Or: the Pracitical Magic AU nobody asked for.)
teenwolf  uraneia  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  magic  undertheinfluence  possessed  kink:knotting  get.together  wc:20-30k 
march 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Stoney - Kindred Spirits
Anne of Green Gables/Teen Wolf AU.
Essentially the world of Teen Wolf set in the late 1890s, with themes and some minor character names/places specifically borrowed from Anne's world (and no disrespect meant to LM Montgomery, because I love Anne Shirley to bits and pieces.)

Stiles is the adopted son of the Sheriff, brought to Beacon Hills to hopefully stay for good. A family, a best friend, school, Jackson as Josie Pye (because who else could he be?) and the mystery of a dark haired, green-eyed boy which leads Stiles to discovering a secret within himself.
teenwolf  anneofgreengables  stoney  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:human/nonmagical  au:historical  slowbuild  first.kiss  first.time  pining  family  bestbros  favorite  wc:100-125k 
february 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Uraneia - But Not With Haste
It's been years since Derek escaped from the hunters who killed his family and bound him in his human form. He travels solo, never staying in one place, keeping under the radar--until a skinny, smart-mouthed kid stows away in the back of his truck.

Four months ago Stiles's first kiss put his best friend in a coma. His dad gave him a couple hundred bucks and a hug and told him to run. By the time Stiles witnesses the cage fighter known as Wolverine take out a shotgun and its wielder with his bare hands, he's got a plan. He knows there's a school in New York for kids like him. All he has to do is get there.

OR, in which Derek is the werewolf version of Wolverine and Stiles is Rogue and the plot of X-Men progresses accordingly, with a few notable deviations.
teenwolf  xme  uraneia  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  first.time  get.together  slowbuild  angst  powers  wc:20-30k 
january 2014 by goodgriefcharlie
Uraneia - When Life Hands You Werewolves
Four hours—that’s how long it takes after the Daedalus II drops off the new contingent of baby scientists and Marines before Rodney starts taking bets on who’ll be the first to get into Derek Hale’s pants.


A month ago John's team rescued a former runner named Derek Hale. He's great to have on offworld missions--he's like a danger magnet; nobody else gets so much as a splinter. But there's just something different about him. John can't quite put his finger on it....
teenwolf  sga  uraneia  slash  derek/stiles  mckay/sheppard  au:fusion  outsiderpov  favorite  wc:<5k 
december 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Verity - never seen a man with so much dimension
"I'd like to hoard you," Derek said.

(Derek is a dragon. Lydia organizes his library. Stiles fails to rescue her.)
teenwolf  verity  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  courting  dragons  humor  wc:<5k 
december 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Kellifer_fic - By Moon And Stars
"Have you heard of this Alpha?" Stiles asks, shuffling up his pallet so Scott has room to sit. Scott does with a grateful little twist of his mouth. Stefan forces him into the Stilinski ceremonial armor when they travel and Stiles can see that it's heavy and doesn't sit well on Scott. He can't shift encased in metal and Stefan knows it.

"I know of him, mostly stories that seem a little fantastical. Shifters exaggerate just like common people. They like their war stories."

"Tell me of him. Tell me a war story," Stiles invites.
teenwolf  gameofthrones  kellifer_fic  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  arranged.marriage  wc:10-20k  tw:abuse  bestbros 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
M_Leigh - Once Upon a December
Scott would not have thought, years ago in the orphanage, that being befriended by Stiles would ultimately mean sneaking into the Archduke of Russia’s residence in Paris in order for Stiles to chase after the homeless man of his dreams, but he’s gotten very good, over the years, at rolling with the punches.
teenwolf  anastasia  m_leigh  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  homeless  amnesia  manipulation  kate.issues  wc:10-20k 
october 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Scoutshonor - Sucker Love
Kate sits up and narrows her eyes at him. “Page 72,” she says. “Why I Plan to Wait, by Stiles Stilinski.”

The spread is hilariously cliched: a full page picture of a pale, pretty boy with a wide-eyed blonde girl walking on the beach, the two of them holding hands and staring into the waves, probably thinking wistfully of the sex they aren’t having. Derek skims the text briefly. “Speaking up about the importance of virginity!” he exclaims. “Reclaiming chastity a a masculine virtue. Our friend Stiles sure is brave.”

“See, I was thinking he might make an interesting challenge,” Kate says lazily. “And he’s surprisingly attractive, don’t you think? Such long fingers. And that mouth.”
teenwolf  scoutshonor  slash  het  derek/stiles  kate/derek  derek/allison  scott/allison  au:fusion  dubcon  developing.relationship  manipulation  first.time  wc:10-20k 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Unloyal_Olio - On Anchors and Rudders
Stiles might be a sentinel, but Derek is a werewolf. Derek is not and never will be a guide.


There is no way in hell he’ll be a guide. No. Way. In. Hell.
teenwolf  thesentinel  unloyal_olio  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:werewolves.are.known  magic  get.together  wc:10-20k 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Ember - Bonding for Beginners
Stiles’ parents had the happiest, gushiest, a-typical connection that you could hope to hear about. They had met in an interview and within that month they had bonded. Just like that, they had instantly known that they were going to love one another. A lot of people gave them flack for being too quick, but when you felt a connection, you felt a connection, or so they always told Stiles. And from that day on the Stilinskis were the happiest pair of bondmates you would ever hope to find in Beacon Hills, and when Sentinel Stilinski became Papa Stilinksi, and then only a few years after that Sheriff Stilinski, his bondmate was always there to guide him along his way. His loving wife and the beautiful mother to his son. And after her death he would never be the same again, the emotional wound too jagged to fit another Guide within his life, like a puzzle piece with only one other matching cut-out, now gone forever.

Was it too much that Stiles wanted the same?


Sentinel AU where Stiles is a Guide looking for real connection, and Derek is a Sentinel forced to get a Guide.
teenwolf  thesentinel  ember  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  powers  mates  bonded  wc:40-50k  courting  get.together 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Verity - forget our future plans (series)
got something to put in you: The second time Derek and Stiles meet is in a gay bar. A wizarding gay bar. It's very sparkly.

all plans are golden in your hands: It takes a month or two for Derek to pick up on a few things. Like how he's never met any of Stiles's friends. Like how he doesn't know what, exactly, Stiles does for a living.

see you when you're ready: On the couch, Stiles arches his spine and rolls onto his side to press his face against the cushions. "I'm not part of your pack." Derek freezes, pullover in hand. "You could be."
teenwolf  hp  verity  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  mates  packdynamics  developing.relationship  breakup  established.relationship  family  tattoos  magic  kink:knotting  mpreg  wc:10-20k  series 
september 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Kellifer_fic - we're all together in the same robot (in life)
Stiles is not a Jaeger pilot groupie, but he does what he calls keeping tabs. He reads articles, goes over stats and scours the feeds. Everyone watches when a Kaiju attack happens so it's not like it's weird, but what people do find odd and are judgemental about is when Stiles breaks the fights down after, what went wrong and right and what could have been done better.

It's a hobby, that's all.
teenwolf  pacificrim  kellifer_fic  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:complete  wc:10-20k 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Inquisitioned - Call it a Fallacy
Or, five times Agent Alpha and Agent Q kissed, and one time Derek and Stiles did.
teenwolf  inquisitioned  slash  derek/stiles  au:nearcanon  au:human/nonmagical  au:fusion  undercover  fivethings  kisses  wc:<5k 
august 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Zosofi - Welcome to Beacon Hills
The City Council has issued a reminder to all residents to avoid Beacon Hills High School at all costs. In fact, forget Beacon Hills High School exists. Knowing that there is a high school in Beacon Hills and, in addition, knowing where that high school is located, increases the odds of being maimed and or killed before one’s time at least threefold. If you do know of this fictional high school that I and assuredly the better half of the Beacon Hills population know nothing about, the City Council advises you to definitely not go there, and definitely not at night. (Has spoilers for Teen Wolf 3x08.)
teenwolf  nightvale  zosofi  gen  au:fusion  favorite  wc:<5k 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Allizane - Such Things Don't Bear Repeating
A wizard, a wolf, and a boy. Or: spells and magic can never truly substitute for strength. (Harry Potter AU, in triplicate.)
teenwolf  hp  allizane  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  magic  mates  dark  tw:childabuse  manipulation  developing.relationship  favorite  wc:20-30k  gorgeous 
july 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Setissma - Gunshy
Six months later, a pair of new renters finds the skeleton. It's locked in a trunk in the attic, and by the time Jared gets to the house, they're already reloading the moving truck. (A J2 Bones AU.)
rpf:cw  setissma  slash  j2  jared/zach  au:fusion  au:complete  law.enforcement  casefile  miscommunication  get.together  favorite  slowbuild 
may 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Hoars - and the wild things roared their terrible roar
Derek as Khal Drogo (but set in snow beyond the wall) and Stiles as Daenerys Stormborn (although he's a greenseer of the Children rather than a dragon).
teenwolf  gameofthrones  hoars  slash  derek/stiles  arranged.marriage  au:fusion  magic  developing.relationship  dubcon  tw:noncon  mpreg 
april 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Interropunct - Easy Alpha
Easy A/Teen Wolf AU. Wherein, Derek Hale is the high school slut, Jackson and Scott really need to learn to use their inside voices. And, contrary to pouplar belief, everyone is still a virgin.
teenwolf  easya  interropunct  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:highschool  fakebfs  pining  hotlikeburning 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Zosofi - Spook: A Ghostly Love Story in Three Parts
Derek is fifteen when he dies. He's been fifteen for six years when he meets Stiles. And then suddenly... suddenly things start looking up. (Fusion with Meg Cabot's Mediator Series.)
teenwolf  zosofi  slash  derek/stiles  au:canon  au:fusion  ghosts  au:stillalive  romance  get.together 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Thebatwiggler - Pride and Prejudice AU - WIP
It would be set in a werewolf omega!verse type of world, but it’s all more about the status than it is about sex...Stiles is a freshman at Beacon Hills Community College (BH for short) with Scott and they live a relatively normal life of commoners, you know, just hanging out with no worries at all. Until news hits that the Argents, a somewhat influential alpha family, are moving to Beacon Hills.

Which, not a big deal until Scott falls head over heals for Allison Argent (a beta, but it’s not a huge deal since her aunt is an alpha and they’re not that important a family) after she brings a hurt dog to his vet clinic (yes, like in the show :D)

and they date, yadda yadda

AND THEN THE HALES COME BACK INTO TOWN, AND IT’S A HUGE DEAL. And they throw a huge party, and Allison takes Scott and Stiles only goes because it’s his duty as the sheriff’s son and he meets Derek, but he’s such an arrogant ass that no matter how cute he might be, Stiles can’t help but automatically hate him.
teenwolf  prideandprejudice  thebatwiggler  slash  het  derek/stiles  scott/allison  wip  au:fusion  au:omegaverse  tumblrfic 
march 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Kellifer_fic - Dude, what's a bulwark?
Beacon Hills is the kind of small town where everybody knows everybody, and what everybody knows is that surly diner owner Derek Hale and free spirited single dad Stiles Stilinski have been in love with each other for years. If only they knew it too. (Gilmore Girls fusion, but can be read just as a small town AU.)
teenwolf  gilmoregirls  kellifer_fic  slash  derek/stiles  isaac/other  au:fusion  au:complete  pining  oblivious  family  kidfic  miscommunication  get.together 
february 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Paxlux - way out east there might be a way out
Life in the Capital Wasteland ain't all it's cracked up to be. (Fallout 3 fusion with a link to a wiki for the curious, but can also be read just as a dystopian/post-apocalyptic AU.)
teenwolf  fallout3  paxlux  slash  derek/stiles  au:complete  au:fusion  apocalypse  ontheroad  get.together 
february 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Mklutz - He Blinded Me With Library Science
Stiles blinks. “Right, the reading room. Do you have your, uh ...library card?” he asks. He’s never been able to make that sound normal and not vaguely dirty when he actually means wand.
teenwolf  hp  mklutz  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  nothuman  get.together  oblivious 
february 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Ecarian - Cross My Soul
Sometime around mid summer, during the intervening weeks of baseball camp and recovering from baseball camp and the latest Minecraft update, Jinx hops up the plastic step stool to their bed and says, “Derek’s daemon won’t talk to me.”
teenwolf  hisdarkmaterials  ecarian  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  postS2  get.together  creatureoftheweek  kidnapped  rescue  injury  amazing  gorgeous  favorite  so.good  bigbang  slowbuild  wc:30-40k 
february 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
WhoNatural - Not Like Bond & Moneypenny
(AKA, the Ugly Betty AU where Stiles is totally Betty)

Stiles thinks he’s finally getting a break when a job at the sleek, sophisticated, Alpha Magazine opens up - but soon realises he’s not going to be writing anything and instead is playing tutor-slash-babysitter to their new Editor-in-Chief. Derek’s spoiled, grumpy, in way over his head...and so painfully attractive it makes Stiles want to lick his face. So there’s very little choice in the matter.
teenwolf  uglybetty  whonatural  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:office  au:complete  get.together  mystery  pining  oblivious  slowbuild 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Theaeblackthorn - Some rules are made with all intentions to break
When Tutshill Tornados star chaser Derek Hale leaves the team and returns to Hogwarts to become the new flying instructor, sixth year Slytherin Stiles Stilinski can't decide what he wants more: to know why his favourite Quidditch player has quit the game, or said Quidditch player naked in his bed.

Now, all he needs is a plan.
teenwolf  hp  theaeblackthorn  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  get.together  sports  developing.relationship  outed  fun 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Lady Angel (dameange) - AZA (After the Zombie Apocalypse)
It was thanks to the zombie apocalypse that Sheriff Stilinski finally finds out what his son and his friends have been hiding from him.
teenwolf  resident.evil  dameange  slash  derek/stiles  sheriff.finds.out  reversebang  au:fusion  apocalypse  zombies  sheriffpov  injury  transformation  get.together  family 
january 2013 by goodgriefcharlie
Ladyblahblah - An Intermediate Guide for the Lycanthropic Lovelorn
Stiles doesn't know why Derek Hale has asked him to go to Hogsmeade with him, but he's preparing for the worst just in case.
teenwolf  hp  ladyblahblah  slash  derek/stiles  au:fusion  au:complete  miscommunication  oblivious  fluff 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Trinityofone - Bird of Paradise
When Sam Campbell is chosen as a tribute for the Games—an annual fight to the death between twenty-four of New Eden's unlucky children—his older brother Dean volunteers to take his place. Dean fully expects to die so that Sam can live, but once he enters the arena, Dean discovers that what's at stake in the Games is far more complicated than simple life and death, and nothing and no one is what they seem. (An AU based on Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games.)
spn  hungergames  trinityofone  au:complete  au:fusion  action/adventure  battles  bigbang  dean/cas  gen  slash 
september 2011 by goodgriefcharlie

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action/adventure  allizane  amazing  amnesia  anastasia  angst  anneofgreengables  apocalypse  architeuthis  arranged.marriage  au:canon  au:complete  au:fusion  au:highschool  au:historical  au:hogwarts  au:human/nonmagical  au:nearcanon  au:office  au:omegaverse  au:stillalive  au:werewolves.are.known  b99  battles  bestbros  bigbang  bonded  breakup  career:law.enforcement  casefile  clueless  courting  crack  creatureoftheweek  dameange  dark  darthjamtart  dean/cas  derek/allison  derek/stiles  developing.relationship  dharmaavocado  dragons  dubcon  easya  ecarian  ember  established.relationship  fakebfs  fallout3  family  favorite  finduilas  first.kiss  first.time  fivethings  fluff  fun  gameofthrones  gen  get.together  ghosts  gilmoregirls  gintsuki  gorgeous  grief  h/c  het  hisdarkmaterials  hoars  holidays  homeless  hotlikeburning  hp  humor  hungergames  injury  inquisitioned  interropunct  isaac/other  j2  jared/zach  jerakeen  kate.issues  kate/derek  kellifer_fic  kidfic  kidnapped  kink:knotting  kisses  kormantic  ladyblahblah  law.enforcement  lissadiane  magic  manipulation  mates  mckay/sheppard  miscommunication  mklutz  monstersinc  mpreg  mystery  m_leigh  nightvale  nothuman  obi-wan/rex  oblivious  ontheroad  outed  outsiderpov  pacificrim  packdynamics  pantstomatch  paxlux  pern  pining  possessed  postS2  powers  prideandprejudice  pushingdaisies  queensthief  rescue  resident.evil  returned.from.the.dead  reversebang  romance  rosepetals42  rpf:cw  scott/allison  scoutshonor  series  setissma  sga  shameless  sheriff.finds.out  sheriffpov  slash  slowbuild  so.good  so_shhy  spn  sports  startrek  starwars  stilinski  stoney  tattoos  teenwolf  theaeblackthorn  thebatwiggler  thematrix  thesentinel  throughtheyears  transformation  trinityofone  tsukinofaerii  tumblrfic  tw:abuse  tw:childabuse  tw:noncon  uglybetty  undercover  undertheinfluence  unloyal_olio  uraneia  verity  victor/yuuri  wc:5-10k  wc:10-20k  wc:20-30k  wc:30-40k  wc:40-50k  wc:60-70k  wc:100-125k  wc:<5k  weathervaanes  whonatural  wip  xme  xylophones  yoi  zombies  zosofi 

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