No Promises (Guardian Meta: Love Song Edition)
Can we talk about how the Guardian end credits song and the promo song are essentially love songs?
guardian  surreality51  meta 
april 2019
starandrea - Learn the Light
Shen Wei hasn't been home in three days, and Zhao Yunlan wants to know why.
guardian  starandrea  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:canon  wings  wc:<5k 
april 2019
Isa_Iadel - Lingering
Zhao Yunlan doesn't understand why Shen Wei tried to take the blame for the incident with the pinhole camera. His normal brand of shamelessness didn’t stand up against something of this magnitude. It was his fault and he knew it.
guardian  isa_ladel  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  episoderelated  wc:<5k 
april 2019
china_shop - This Time
Kunlun was sitting sideways on Zhao Yunlan’s leather couch, reading a magazine.
guardian  china_shop  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:canon  au:stillalive  kisses  get.together  wc:<5k 
april 2019
mynameisnemo - Uprooted
Being buried alive is not a fun time.

Or, Shen Wei returns to Haixing after a ten thousand year absence.
guardian  mynameisnemo  gen  episoderelated  ohmyheart  wc:5-10k 
april 2019
china_shop - A little light deception
Zhao Yunlan’s father tries to send him on a blind date.
guardian  china_shop  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  fakebfs  wc:<5k 
april 2019
nonebutyou - A Fool's Errand
The situation, as it stood, was that Yunlan knew Shen Wei’s secret, but Shen Wei thought Yunlan had forgotten he knew Shen Wei’s secret.
guardian  nonebutyou  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:canon  fluff  wc:<5k 
april 2019
wildestranger - soften endless nights of wind and rain
Zhao Yunlan is new to managing a partnership of equals, but it is clear that his understanding surpasses Shen Wei’s. There are debts that can be exchanged, but this one is too heavy for Zhao Yunlan to ever pay back. And the Black Cloaked Envoy is too used to taking care of himself; he is not used to thinking that someone else ought to take the trouble.

However, Zhao Yunlan is getting good at getting around Shen Wei. He knows his weaknesses, and where they can be weaponised to strike at long-held beliefs about himself and his duties in the world.

There is no necessary conflict between saving the Black Cloaked Envoy for the sake of the good he can do in the world, and saving Shen Wei for himself.
guardian  wildestranger  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  h/c  established.relationship  ohmyheart  wc:<5k 
april 2019
Alipeeps - Not All Wounds are the Bleeding Kind - WIP (Chpt 1-2)
It was a foolish mistake. They – he – should’ve been more careful.

The suspect had never been known to use any weapon other than his dark energy powers and nothing about his behaviour so far had given them any reason to suspect he might suddenly choose to use another weapon - a Haixing weapon. Zhao Yunlan had gotten so used to Shen Wei being able to block any dark energy attack thrown at him, he hadn’t thought about the fact that he couldn’t block bullets.
guardian  alipeeps  gen  injury  h/c  wip  wc:5-10k 
april 2019
china_shop - Masks and Recompense
Shen Wei explains a Dixing custom; Zhao Yunlan makes amends.
guardian  china_shop  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  episoderelated  wc:<5k 
april 2019
sarahyyy - again
Yunlan wakes up, heart pounding.

“You were screaming a lot in your sleep,” Da Qing says, smirking. “There was a lot of ‘Kill me! Kill me!’ going on. And also a lot of ‘Shen Wei! Shen Wei!’ going on too. You should be glad Professor Shen wasn’t here to witness all of that.”
guardian  sarahyyy  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:canon  fix-it  kisses  wc:<5k 
april 2019
yantantether - Nor yet a floating spar
Shen Wei, distinguished professor, respected member of the community, Black Cloaked Envoy, master of the ineffable, is lost.
guardian  yantantether  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  episoderelated  pwp  wc:<5k 
april 2019
bonibaru - [Fanvid] Heartlines
Many tragedies were destined from the beginning.
guardian  vids  bonibaru  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  favorite 
april 2019
lolachrome - My Saint
Don't you know my eyes, my eyes//They'll see you only
guardian  vids  lolachrome  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  amazing  favorite 
april 2019
china_shop - you are north on my compass
“Shen Wei. What are you doing here?” Zhao Yunlan was sprawled behind his desk in a haze of addictive substances. His jaw was clenched, eyes bleak and angry. Shen Wei judged by the air quality and his demeanour that he’d already gone through half a packet of cigarettes and probably emptied half the wine bottle he was gripping so tightly by its neck.
guardian  china_shop  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  episoderelated  wc:<5k 
april 2019
china_shop -Everyone's compass points to home
Da Qing had the worst hangover known to Cat: his body ached, his mouth felt glued shut, and his stomach was roiling as if he had a hairball.
guardian  china_shop  gen  episoderelated  h/c  team  catpriorities  wc:<5k 
april 2019
anecdotalist -truths told by starlight
The allied forces celebrate a victory with a bonfire and music. Shen Wei and Kunlun are in their own little world.
guardian  anecdotalist  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  era:10kyearsago  dancing  fluff  wc:<5k 
april 2019
starandrea - The Way Home (Forever for a Miracle)
The Envoy takes Sha Ya and Hua Yuzhu back to Dixing, only to find hostile streets and a palace overtaken by rebels. They tell him to flee, and he does… but at the Lord Night’s pillar, he rages. The result may or may not be an amnesiac Ye Zun, one who claims no memory of the last ten thousand years and no Dixing abilities at all.

Shen Wei finds himself forced to choose between his brother and his home. No matter which path he takes, the SID will have to deal with the consequences.
guardian  starandrea  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:canon  wc:30-40k 
april 2019
yantantether - Soaring birds come home together
Shen Wei brings one hand up and starts petting at Zhao Yunlan’s face, nearly poking him in the eye. Zhao Yunlan gets out his phone and shines the torch on him. Shen Wei yelps and tries to cover his eyes, knocking the phone out of Zhao Yunlan's hand in the process. It hits the ground, clattering against something hard, and the light goes out. “Sorry,” Shen Wei says sheepishly.

A suspicion begins to dawn. “Fuck, are you drunk?”
guardian  yantantether  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:stillalive  post-canon  established.relationship  wc:5-10k 
april 2019
china_shop - One Fish, Two Fish
After finding files on the SID in Shen Wei’s apartment, there’s nothing for it but to search his office, too.
guardian  china_shop  gen  episoderelated  humor  catpriorities  wc:<5k 
april 2019
TimeTravelFreak - Mission: Matchmaking
Da Qing is <strike>looking for a mom</strike> wants to find a new lover for Zhao Yunlan, who is depressed after a bad break up.

Only Zhao Yunlan won’t cooperate, so what else is a cat to do but to matchmake?

It’s been three days since Zhao Yunlan was dumped and he’s still in an awful mood. Usually Da Qing would stay with him and snark at him until he snaps out of it, but Zhao Yunlan’s temper has been so bad that not even Da Qing can take it anymore.

After the first day Zhu Hong took leave because of “personal reasons” but Da Qing rather doubts that’s actually true. She probably didn’t have the patience to deal with their Chief throwing a tantrum, not that Da Qing can blame her.
guardian  timetravelfreak  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  canon:novel  au:nopowers  fluff  matchmaking  wc:10-20k 
april 2019
Now Lie in It - Xparrot - 镇魂 | Guardian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Ten thousand years before he's even born, Zhao Yunlan falls in love, all over again for the first time.
guardian  xparrot  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  wc:10-20k 
april 2019
kyrilu - Future Forged
Masquerading as Kunlun, Zhao Yunlan sets out on a mission to recover the stolen Hallows alongside the young Shen Wei. Along the way, he discovers new abilities, forges new bonds, unearths old histories, and learns that the universe goes beyond his wildest imagination.
guardian  kyrilu  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:canon  era:10kyearsago  get.together  action/adventure  wc:20-30k 
march 2019
likealeafonthewind | Speculative timeline of early Haixing history
This is a kind of a follow-up/companion to [personal profile] rheasilvia 's lovely timeline for events involving the SID which covers everything from the treaty onwards but this focuses more on the history of Haixing and Dixing.
guardian  reference 
march 2019
yantantether - Beseeching fires all night long
Zhao Yunlan's fingers tease open the buttons over Shen Wei’s belly. As he undoes them, one finger brushes against the cold skin under the cotton and Shen Wei sucks in a breath. Zhao Yunlan chuckles. “Is Brother Black ticklish?”
guardian  yantantether  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  episoderelated  h/c  kisses  wc:<5k 
march 2019
rheasilvia | SID Timeline
(contains spoilers for whole series)
guardian  reference 
march 2019
Teaotter - what hand, what eye
When Shen Wei suggested this, it had sounded like a lark -- a chance to scrawl crude obscenities across his lover's naked back before smearing them to unreadability with his own skin.
guardian  teaotter  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  wc:<5k 
march 2019
fkyb (Chrysomie) - A penny, a witch, and a dangerous deal
“I don’t care about the price. I’m ready to die if it means he’ll be alive again.”

“Come back in three days,” she repeats. She writes the price, one of the highest she’s ever asked for, but she has no choice, and she knows Zhao Yunlan will be back in three days.
guardian  fkyb  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:complete  au:magic  ohmyheart  wc:<5k 
march 2019
Sylvia - Fever
The flu is going around, and Zhao Yunlan makes a surprising discovery.
guardian  sylvia  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  sexswap/genbend  wc:<5k 
march 2019
mabyn - A Light for Others
Shen Wei sneaks into Zhao Yunlan's room to write calligraphy on his skin. It's the only way to guarantee his safety, and he owes Kunlun his life.
guardian  mabyn  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:canon  wc:<5k 
march 2019
wildestranger - Every ridge hand-picked by the late sun’s slant light
Zhao Yunlan hasn’t been this happy and this angry at the same time since he was nine years old and his best friend broke his Nintendo when Zhao Yunlan beat him after a three-day tournament.

He wakes up on the office couch to see his team, mildly concerned but mostly bickering, and the Black Cloaked Envoy, standing calmly to the side as if he wasn’t secretly Shen Wei and probably sweating nervously under his ridiculous costume. Shen Wei, who has been lying to him for weeks about coincidences and being a normal if unusually enlightened professor; looking at Zhao Yunlan like he’s about to take up the invitation in all his sideways smirks and shameless hands without ever quite doing so; responding to Zhao Yunlan’s outrageous flirtation by consistently stepping closer but never close enough.

Zhao Yunlan gets up to greet this man, his destiny – who is currently scowling behind his fancy embroidered mask – and smiles as filthily as he can make it. Whatever else they might be to each other, Shen Wei has been taunting him for weeks. Zhao Yunlan is going to take him home and fuck him until he cries and he wants Shen Wei to know that.

“Long time, no see,” he says.

The Black Cloaked Envoy blanches.
guardian  wildestranger  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  first.time  wc:5-10k 
march 2019
yantantether - like the deserts
Somewhere far below, Shen Wei is counting on him, and Zhao Yunlan is so fucking useless he can't even find a way to help him. He imagines a future without Shen Wei around to complain about the state of his fridge, bully him into eating vegetables, provide his effortlessly startling insights into SID's cases, and kiss him until he's nothing but a mass of nerve endings, and the thought makes the emptiness inside expand until it begins to swallow him.
guardian  yantantether  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  wc:10-20k 
march 2019
riventhorn - Helpless
Usually Shen Wei is the one taking care of Zhao Yunlan when he's injured. (Post-Episode 33.)
guardian  riventhorn  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  episoderelated  h/c  wc:<5k 
march 2019
teaotter - what hand, what eye
When Shen Wei suggested this, it had sounded like a lark -- a chance to scrawl crude obscenities across his lover's naked back before smearing them to unreadability with his own skin.
guardian  teaotter  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  wc:<5k 
march 2019
Chinese Terms of Endearment: little_details
Between two young chinese people, what terms of endearment (English translations, please) would he use when speaking to her? Or would he use them at all?
nirvanainfire  guardian  reference 
march 2019
sid_guardian | Give us all your links!
We thought it would be useful to create a resource page for people in Guardian fandom. We're not talking fanworks - but more things like galaxysoup's episode guide, the original episode titles, translation aids, subtitling aids, Guardian-related content on other websites, related media, actor information, and all that good stuff.

How do you find what you need? Share your tips, tricks and links!
guardian  resources 
march 2019
dtriad - 镇魂 translations etc masterlist
I was going to put up a masterlist of my translations and then decided I might as well compile a list of all the Guardian 镇魂 novel translations that I know of, so they’re available in one place for your convenient reading. :D This also includes links to some novel meta posts and name/honorific discussion. ♥ to my fellow Guardian fans.
guardian  reference 
february 2019
galaxysoup | Guardian Episode Guide
So I was watching Guardian, as you do, and decided that since none of the episodes had titles* it would be a good idea for me to make a quick word doc of what happens in each episode so I could go back and rewatch things at my leisure.

And then it… morphed. And grew. And got a little sarcastic.
guardian  reference 
february 2019
qikiqtarjuaq | Bai Yu & Zhu Yilong Primer
For Guardian fans interested in learning more about Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong but get lost within the sea of Chinese social media, I've written up a quick primer with lots of fun trivia & Guardian-related interviews/behind-the-scenes information, using information gathered with the help of the Guardian Discord (especially choco).
guardian  guardianrpf  reference 
february 2019
Tammaiya - Butterfly Lovers | 蝴蝶梦 (Series; 3 Works)
Three years after Mei Changsu's death, Jingyan falls ill.

Meanwhile, Mei Changsu's spirit has remained in this world to watch over his loved ones after his death, and is distressed about Jingyan's failure to cope.

The Butterfly Lovers is a famous Chinese folktale of two lovers who are tragically torn apart, only to be reunited in death, when they turn into butterflies and fly away together. For obvious reasons, this seemed like an appropriate name to give this series, which involves Jingyan following Lin Shu into death and the pair of them being reunited as ghosts.
nirvanainfire  tammaiya  meichangsu/jingyan  post-canon  grief  ghosts  wc:20-30k 
february 2019
huanzhuyulu (RuanChunXian) - after winter must come spring
Mei Changsu prepares to leave his lord, and Lin Shu prepares to leave his friend, to the care of Liu Yuzhuang.
nirvanainfire  huanzhuyulu  jingyan/ladyliu  wc:10-20k 
february 2019
kormantic - Costis Ormentiedes and the Thief of Eddis
“He looks too young to be taking his *own class*,” Costis continued. “He’s the worst Defense Against the Dark Arts professor we’ve ever had. And that's saying something.”

“You’re mad for him, aren’t you,” Aris teased. “It’s ‘Queen’ Attolia all over again… calf-eyes and mooning and swearing fealty…”

Costis felt his ears go scarlet.

“I do *not* have a crush on the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher,” Costis insisted.

“Happy to hear it,” Professor Saccularius sang out. “As I understand it, those can be very awkward, for both parties. I’ll expect those scrolls on my desk first thing on Wednesday!” And he breezed past them as if he couldn’t tell that Costis was choking on his own tongue.


Or: the one where Costis is exceedingly suspicious of the new DADA professor.
queensthief  kormantic  gen  au:complete  au:fusion  au:hogwarts  wc:5-10k 
february 2019
LadyMerlin - our love (is a summer's day)
Jingyan opens his mouth to ask if it was a joke, but realises he doesn’t have to. Xiao Shu’s jokes don’t taste like this, like terror and hope and sweet wine on his tongue. In that very moment he knows the answer to the question he had so gracelessly asked scant minutes ago, before the world changed.
nirvanainfire  ladymerlin  meichangsu/jingyan  precanon  fluff  wc:<5k 
february 2019
LadyMerlin - a special kind of sadness
"Remember that time you dared me to eat red chillies until we both cried?”

“Oh god,” Xiao Shu replies, and his fingers fist in the front of Jingyan’s robes. His grip is terrifyingly weak. “Oh god, my mother was so angry, remember?”
nirvanainfire  ladymerlin  gen  friendship  ohmyheart  grief  wc:<5k 
february 2019
akitania (spacehairdresser) - you should stop me there
The problem with jumping to conclusions is that jumping back can take you somewhere else entirely.
nirvanainfire  akitania  jingrui/yujin  fluff  wc:<5k 
february 2019
eikyrona (Desponsa) - ceasing
Lin Shu makes a deal. Mei Changsu pays for it.
nirvanainfire  eikyrona  gen  ohmyheart  grief  wc:5-10k 
february 2019
aozu - more than the night sky needs the moon
It only hits Zhanying that it’s the worst mistake he’s ever made when Lin Shu kisses him on the mouth, collar pulled towards the other to deepen the kiss.
nirvanainfire  aozu  meichangsu/jingyan  jingyan/zhanying  wc:<5k 
february 2019
oh_fudgecakes - wind, showers, and fallen flowers
After Mei Changsu’s death, the Jiangzuo Alliance disappears into the Pugilist world with his body. Jingyan decides to hold a private vigil, inviting those of them who had known and loved Xiao Shu. Marquis Yan, Yujin, Jingrui, and the Grand Princess must thus come to terms with the revelation that Mei Changsu was Xiao Shu, even as they make preparations to mourn him a second time. Spoiler: The man is not quite as dead as they think, and all of them must soon unite in a desperate race to save his life, as enemy forces try to eliminate him once more.

This was written for the following prompt as part of the 2018 NIF Exchange: Post-canon, fix-it verse. | Reactions of Yan family, Jingrui and Grand Princess Liyang (any of them, not necessary all four) to guessing/learning who MCS was and subsequent conversations with him. Bonus for extra angst about family resemblance between Princess Liyang and Princess Jinyang.
nirvanainfire  oh_fudgecakes  gen  au:canon  au:stillalive  post-canon  fix-it  family  wc:10-20k 
february 2019
marvelist (Ardent) - How I Lived As Your Consort Mother
The Beloved Emperor Jing, His Imperial Majesty Xiao Jingyan-

Fair Ruler of the People,
Father of the Warriors,
The Breaker of Injustice,
and All That Encompasses Good

- would duly like to present to his people, his Esteemed Empress Liu and his Treasured High Consort Mei Changsu.

((For the prompt: Consort!Mei AU; he and the Empress gets along well and together they are a force to be reckoned with in the Inner Palace.))
nirvanainfire  marvelist  meichangsu/jingyan  jingyan/ladyliu  au:canon  au:stillalive  mpreg  wc:10-20k 
february 2019
marvelist (Ardent) - Still Here (With All I Hold Dear)
Jingyan misses Xiao Shu in all the ways that matter but he cannot fall apart.

Surprisingly enough, Lin Chen can relate to that.
nirvanainfire  marvelist  gen  post-canon  grief  h/c  friendship  favorite  wc:10-20k 
february 2019
orangememory - Dog Days are Over
Jingyan is hurt at the battle of Mount Jiu An, and Mei Changsu cannot help but fuss over him, just like Lin Shu once used to.

| “Wait for me,” is the last thing Jingyan tells Mei Changsu as he reluctantly pulls away and turns around almost immediately, before his feet betray him. He feels a tug, and Mei Changsu is holding on to his red mantle with an unusually strong grip. Jingyan feels his strategist arrange the cape, and the man’s palms smoothing over his armoured shoulders.

Jingyan almost misses it when Mei Changsu whispers, “I know you will come back.”
nirvanainfire  orangememory  meichangsu/jingyan  episoderelated  h/c  wc:5-10k 
february 2019
orangememory - Beautiful Stranger
Something about this new woman who makes the Ice Prince smile feels rather off to Xiao Ying. The maid's eyes sharpen. Finally, after years, she has something of worth to report to Banruo Jie-Jie.


A new Consort enters the Jing Manor, raising the suspicions of one Xiao Ying, senior maid and Hua Spy.
nirvanainfire  orangememory  meichangsu/jingyan  au:canon  au:differentsex  outsiderpov  wc:5-10k 
february 2019
cywscross - We Carry Our Hearts in Our Souls
In the end, the smallest differences make the biggest changes.

(In the end, nothing changes and everything does.)
nirvanainfire  cywscross  gen  au:canon  au:daemons  wc:10-20k 
february 2019
Lanerose - Flowers Do Not Return In The Spring
A strange (and strangely familiar) man is found wandering in the ancestral manor of the Lin family. Set Post-NIF 1, no references to NIF 2.
nirvanainfire  lanerose  gen  au:canon  post-canon  wc:<5k 
february 2019
gooseberry - drift
Meng’s messages to Jinling and Jingyan are short and carefully edited. He writes about the skirmishes that lead to battles and the battles that lead to stalemates. He writes about the snow, how it drifts in the valleys and low places, how it melts beneath the sun and freezes again during the night. He writes about his generals, his lieutenants, and his captains. He writes about his strategist.

He writes, Mei Changsu is a skilled tactician. His insights have led to profitable battles with low casualty rates. He silently mouths to himself, He can no longer ride a horse. I don’t know how he will travel back to Jinling, and then writes, With Mei Changsu’s assistance, we will win this war quickly and with lower costs than anticipated.

He says to himself, “Mei Changsu is the cost,” and then covers his mouth with his hand, the scales of his gauntlet pricking at his skin.
nirvanainfire  gooseberry  gen  angst  grief  ohmyheart  wc:10-20k 
february 2019
LadyMerlin - safe as a mountain
Jingyan sinks to his knees on the ground in front of him and alarm instantly suffuses Xiao Shu’s face. His fingers – surprisingly strong for their apparent thinness – wrap around Jingyan’s elbows to prevent him from reaching the ground, a shockingly improper touch for all the propriety Mei Changsu feigns.
nirvanainfire  ladymerlin  meichangsu/jingyan  episoderelated  au:canon  h/c  wc:<5k 
february 2019
acernor - How to Make Love to Your Wife in 5 Easy Steps
Prince Jing needs an heir but needs some help getting there... if only he had a trusted advisor to guide him, wink wink

now with added Feelings (TM)
nirvanainfire  acernor  meichangsu/jingyan  meichangsu/jingyan/ladyliu  wc:5-10k 
february 2019
Katharos - Who I Walk Besides
Jingyan as accepted that he must fight for the throne. But at least he knows that he will always have Lin Shu at his side.

Won't he?

(Sequel to Schneefink's fic Step Forward)
nirvanainfire  katharos  gen  au:canon  wc:5-10k 
february 2019
icarus_chained - Watershed
With his duty now finally completed, Lin Shu at last gives free rein to his grief. Jingyan, Nihuang and Meng Zhi are there to let him break, and then put him back together again. Missing scene from Episode 54.
nirvanainfire  icarus_chained  gen  episoderelated  h/c  grief  wc:<5k 
february 2019
julad - The Next Life
Such a cold response comes as a shock. He'd expected impassioned pleas from her-- he had been steeling himself to endure them. Instead, he is left to consider, with a sudden sense of foreboding, how formidable Nihuang could be as an enemy.
Post-series, alternate ending. Lin Shu ends his engagement with Nihuang. Nihuang lets him. Jingyan finds this unacceptable.
nirvanainfire  julad  meichangsu/nihuang  au:stillalive  post-canon  epiphany  wc:10-20k 
january 2019
soera - Sings the Tune Without the Words
When the Emperor is severely injured by an assassin, his people call on Master Lin of Langya Hall to help him. Master Lin's quiet, disfigured assistant goes unremarked on by the Emperor's household.

Jingyan swallows everything he has ever wanted to say, because by now he knows the truth. He doesn't get to have this. He doesn't deserve it.

He's always only been second-best.
nirvanainfire  soera  meichangsu/jingyan  au:stillalive  injury  angst  wc:20-30k 
january 2019
soera - for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
Jingyan's greatest secret, that no one will ever know, is that Foya still hasn’t settled.
nirvanainfire  soera  meichangsu/jingyan  au:canon  au:daemons  favorite  wc:20-30k 
january 2019
Lisse - Soldier Girl
Out of time and options, the Divine Talent chooses to back a teenage prince with a very protective older sister.

Alternatively: In which Xiao Jingyan, Princess of Da Liang, keeps happening to her brother's strategist.
nirvanainfire  lisse  gen  au:canon  au:differentsex  family  wc:10-20k 
january 2019
jusrecht - Ripples
Mei Changsu was a pale, delicate-looking scholar with a gentle smile and a smooth, mellow voice, the kind that stirred the worst of Lin Shu’s scorn. (time travel AU)
nirvanainfire  jusrecht  linshu/meichangsu  au:canon  wc:<5k 
january 2019
soera - Even to the Edge
Whether as Lin Shu or as Mei Changsu, there's something obvious about Jingyan that he's missed.

[a.k.a. the one where Mei Changsu didn't know that Jingyan was in love with Lin Shu.]
nirvanainfire  soera  meichangsu/jingyan  post-canon  au:canon  ohmyheart  wc:5-10k 
january 2019
Katharos - Woman King, Sword in Hand
AU Three years before the series the Emperor falls ill, and the Prince Yu and the Crown Prince start a civil war. Nihuang has to make a choice - and the consequences of that take her further than she expected.
nirvanainfire  katharos  meichangsu/jingyan/nihuang  au:canon  wc:<5k 
january 2019
kitsunealyc - All That You Need to Say
When Mei Changsu suggests that they should abandon an officer of the Chiyan Army because it is the strategically smart thing to do, Jingyan is ready to cut all ties with his strategist--until Lin Chen arrives with a message from Langya Hall: Mei Changsu's illness can be cured, but only through great risk and sacrifice.

Jingyan chooses to take that risk, because it is what a man of honor would do for a friend in need.
nirvanainfire  kitsunealyc  meichangsu/jingyan  fix-it  wc:10-20k 
january 2019
emilyenrose - Among Friends
Jingyan rolled his eyes a little. “I mean that there is no need to be secretive,” he said. He nodded at Meng, who was looking both confused and alarmed. “It is unkind of you, Sir Su, to force Commander Meng to tell lies; it makes him very uncomfortable.”
nirvanainfire  emilyenrose  meichangsu/jingyan  meichangsu/mengzhi  crack  fakebfs  wc:<5k 
january 2019
emilyenrose - From The Grey Lashes
“Sir Su, I believe I have been given a certain drug. My mother sent a message warning me of it. It could have been placed in my food or drink at any time in the last two days; its initial action is slow. She said I would know when it began, and advised me to keep only company I could trust for the hours it lasted.”
nirvanainfire  emilyenrose  gen  undertheinfluence  ohmyheart  wc:<5k 
january 2019
emilyenrose - To Perish Twice
“Your father wishes to see you, Jingyan,” murmurs Consort Jing at the end of Jingyan’s visit. Jingyan freezes.
nirvanainfire  emilyenrose  gen  post-canon  family  wc:<5k 
january 2019
emilyenrose - Handfast
Nihuang with her heart pounding squeezed the Emperor’s hand. She had known before she submitted the report that it might not work. She had already thought of her last resort. She confessed, “I could not choose from the nine good men, your Majesty, because the one I wanted was not there.”
nirvanainfire  emilyenrose  meichangsu/nihaung  au:canon  wc:5-10k 
january 2019
melannen - a gate to many wonders
Dying, for a Jedi Master in the line of Yoda, was a gentle thing.


"Hi, Not Listening To This Anymore," Han said, appearing suddenly. "I'm dead."
starwars  melannen  gen  force.ghosts  hilarious  wc:<5k 
january 2019
dimircharmer - Tomorrow (there'll be more of us)
“FN-2187 was real, right?” She sounds very young again. “Please tell me he was real."

"I'm real,” said Finn, who was on his first patrol since his back healed. “And my name’s Finn now.”

Her eyes widened. “You have a name?

Or: The resistance is starting to get stormtrooper defectors. Finn helps them out.
starwars  dimircharmer  gen  wc:<5k 
january 2019
The_Lobster & sentientcitizen - Add 1 Cup Boiling Water; Stir
Feral Desert Child and Former Stormtrooper Learn How To Food, Beleaguered Resistance Pilot Watches With Love And Horror
starwars  the_lobster  sentientcitizen  gen  wc:5-10k 
january 2019
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