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British people stopped believing in the benefits system due to Tony Blair, researchers claim | Indy
"The exact moment at which the British public lost faith in the benefits system" bastard red tories
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march 2016 by gominokouhai
The lie of ‘unaffordability’
"...a very sharp old lady nailed [David Willetts...] by challenging the idea that we can’t afford to maintain the welfare state today when we could afford to construct it from scratch in the immediate, crushingly-indebted aftermath of World War II". Now with many, many graphs.
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july 2012 by gominokouhai
£8.3 million gifted to the Tories from private healthcare firms
333 individual donations to the Tories from the people with most vested interest in dismantling the NHS.
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february 2012 by gominokouhai
Coalition overturns Lords amendments on welfare and bans further dissent | Politics | The Guardian
Government propses thoroughly evil bill. Upper chamber amends bill. Government cancels amendments and instructs upper chamber not to amend anything in future. I'm starting to get the hang of this "democracy" thing. I don't like what I see.
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february 2012 by gominokouhai

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