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Reality Check: Has the UK's devolution settlement been ripped up? | BBC News
TLDR: Yes. But it's hardly surprising. The powers were always Westminster's to take back whenever they felt like it. Otherwise, devo-max would have been an acceptable alternative to indy. The problem is not that Brexit has provided an excuse for WM to do what WM was always going to do---the problem is the naked contempt with which they've done it. The fact that the whole thing went almost completely unreported until the SNP pulled their little walkout stunt today only serves to underline that.
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june 2018 by gominokouhai
How bad could it be, really? | tigerfort
Better start stockpiling bondage gear and dune buggies.
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june 2018 by gominokouhai
The Pivot | Charlie's Diary
Meanwhile in Britain. Charlie recaps everything nicely.

(I hadn't seen the news about Dacre, good riddance, but the other day I did have to blink and check what reality I was in when I saw an oddly anti-Brexit headline on the Daily Fail.)
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june 2018 by gominokouhai
'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death | The Guardian
"There may be corgis". And all nonessential work will stop for twelve days and the economy will tank. But there'll be a free bank holiday!
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june 2018 by gominokouhai
The catalogue of UK Entrances to Hell
The British versions are slightly less impressive.
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october 2017 by gominokouhai
Scotland Threatens to Leave U.K. If Forced Out of Single Market | Bloomberg
That will go down well with the sassenachs. [Aside: "sassy nachos" according to autocorrect.] In b4 "but what's your plan B/C/D/E/F".
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december 2016 by gominokouhai
Born to drool « Wee Ginger Dug
This is what we look like to the rest of the world.
"The existence of the monarchy at the apex of the class system is what justifies the entire class system and which allows balloons like Boris Johnson and Davie Cameron to imagine that they have an entitlement to rule over us. We have an etonianocracy because of the monarchy. It’s the monarchy which provides the justification for the democratic obscenity which is the House of Lords.[...] The monarchy symbolises that the UK is founded upon the privilege of the few and the entitlement of the rich. This is a country in which unfairness is a foundation of the constitution."
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june 2016 by gominokouhai
The stunning truth that explains the rise of the far-right in Britain | The Washington Post
"[Brexit is] the economic equivalent of quitting your job because you think you can get it back minus all the parts you don't like".
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june 2016 by gominokouhai
David Cameron duped newspapers with generic ‘love letters’ | Yorkshire Post
Pathetic PR sop to the regions in order to avoid doing anything that might constitute 'government'. Not even good PR: the letter was "formulaic" and "lacked empathy". The Yorkshire Post is a Tory newspaper.
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march 2016 by gominokouhai
Cannabis legalisation in UK 'would raise £1bn a year in taxes' | Indy
"[...]a rational policy must pragmatically manage the reality of use as it currently exists, rather than attempt to eradicate it using punitive enforcement".
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march 2016 by gominokouhai
What happens when Queen Elizabeth II dies | Business Insider UK
This is kinda terrifying. "For at least 12 days[...] Britain will grind to a halt". And they'll cancel BBC comedy.
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march 2015 by gominokouhai
The catalogue of UK Entrances to Hell
This week's most popular entrance is BRAAASHTEEEFUNORVALLISHHTUUU. Or perhaps it's QUETTY ORANA? Stay informed, stay protected.
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january 2014 by gominokouhai
On repatriation and “It’s easy: Send them back” | nanila
My favourite rocket scientist reminds us: social justice is for all of us, including the people we like.
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october 2013 by gominokouhai
21 Brilliant British People Problems | Buzzfeed
"Highlights from the politest and most apologetic subreddit of all time, /r/britishproblems."
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january 2013 by gominokouhai
UK most unequal country in the West | Indy
Congratulations everyone: we're on a level with Nigeria. Can I assist anyone in this bank account belonging to a deceased politician?
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january 2013 by gominokouhai
Fiscal Multipliers, the IMF & the OBR | Touchstone blog
I've read this twice, and I think it says that spending cuts are now thought to shrink the economy more than the Tories want you to believe. As you might expect when no one can afford to buy anything. Still it's nice to have some validation, and from a no less distinguished body than the Impossible Missions Force, at that. *cue Lalo Schifrin theme tune*
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december 2012 by gominokouhai

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