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Fake Britain: A Map Of Fictional Locations | Londonist
Includes Leadworth, Scarfolk, Qwghlm, Beanotown, and, of course, Llareggub, but is unaccountably lacking in Little Bazeley and Little-Storping-in-the-Swuff, and I was hoping that it might finally tell me where the Village is.
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23 days ago by gominokouhai
The Prisoner 001 (2018) | View Comic
Yes folks, it's a modern sequel/revival! (Although I think they have the chessboard in the wrong part of the Village, but perhaps they've relandscaped the lawn in the 52 years since we last saw it.) It's being released one episode per month, with #2 already available. Be seeing you.
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july 2018 by gominokouhai
Blondie & Philip Glass - 'Heart of Glass (Crabtree Remix)' | daftbeatles - mashups
Yes, it's the one featured on The Handmaid's Tale (s01e03). This is marvellous. Debbie Harry's vocals have never been so haunting, and the relentless textures of Glass' concerto layer against them sumptuously. Best served with a side of slomo splosions and shattering windowpanes, but then so many things are.
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july 2018 by gominokouhai
Amazon Buys ‘The Peripheral’ Drama | Deadline
Ooh, this could be interesting. Or terrible. Cautious optimism.
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april 2018 by gominokouhai
‘Brass Eye’ two decades on: the unstoppable genius of Chris Morris | ShortList
Twenty years since we were all suddenly plunged into the braintanglia of rudemath, and with what shocking results.

(My autocorrect already has 'braintanglia'. I wonder why.)
tv  satire  ChrisMorris 
april 2018 by gominokouhai
'The Prisoner' Has Superbly Outlived Its Original Context | Pop Matters
"this heady concoction of existentialism, psychedelia, espionage, and British eccentricity"
tv  culture  writing  books  nerd  satire 
march 2018 by gominokouhai
Jem and the Holograms - Opening Theme [Master Tape] (0/187) | YouTube
The original recordings, in better-than-broadcast quality. You're welcome.
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march 2018 by gominokouhai
How to tell if you accidentally end up in a classic Doctor Who episode | Exilian
"You have been accused of treason and spying. You have been on the planet for five minutes and are not yet sure who you might have been committing it against."

Hurr hurr quarries corridors hurr hurr wobbly sets hurr
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january 2018 by gominokouhai
"Oxide Ghosts" screenings | Michael Cumming | latest news
Today is the 20th anniversary of 1997. People did different things then, like watch Brass Eye on its original broadcast. Looks like I've missed the screening of this (and the York one), but there's still... um... Sheffield? Halifax?
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october 2017 by gominokouhai
Merry Christmas, VT | YouTube
Starring the Doctor (the genuine article, you might say), Romana (I), gin, K9, and UST.
who  tv  silly  booze  incrediblyobscurereference  video 
july 2017 by gominokouhai
The United Federation of "hold my beer, I got this"
"There is a phrase in Vulcan for 'the particular moment when you understand what the word "fuck" is for'."
startrek  tv  scifi  silly 
december 2016 by gominokouhai
Cyberpunk Anime: A Huge List of Everything | Exolymph
TODO: 1) install superfast fibre broadband 2) take several weeks off work
cyberpunk  tv  movies  nerd 
june 2016 by gominokouhai
Boldly going to television: First teaser for ‘STAR TREK’ series | One. Perfect. Shot.
Can I slingshot around the sun at high warp so this comes faster? No new information, except possibly a tantalizing hint when they say "new crews" plural. What I do know is that it probably isn't STAR TREK: EMPIRE, because I haven't sold it yet.
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may 2016 by gominokouhai
Don't Cringe in my Backyard ¦ Bella Caledonia
"I believe Scotland is a country rich in stories, that we deserve the dignity of a dedicated news service"... "If [Pacific Quay] make the insecure mistake of looking to London for leadership they will fail in their duty to serve Scottish audiences, and those of us that remain committed to the licence fee." All remaining four of them.
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february 2016 by gominokouhai
londonkds | Well, that wasn't nice to wake up to
I always thought that the accusations against Moffat were on the overblown side. He wasn't a shining beacon of feminism, but he genuinely adored his subject matter, despite being a bit clueless. Chibnall, on the other hand, seems to be a proper misogynist. Of course I didn't notice any of this myself. I just thought that he was an incredibly shit writer.
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january 2016 by gominokouhai
It's going to be okay. - The Oatmeal
If we must have glurge, let's have glurge that ends with SPACE LAZERS
comic  startrek  tv 
november 2015 by gominokouhai
A poem from the Doctor | Herminbean
This is why Eleven is still my favourite.
poetry  doctorwho  tv  silly 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
The Armando Iannucci Shows - Except for viewers in Scotland | Youtube
This (perfectly delivered) gag, the initial premise of which is that technology has already led to the obsolescence of regional television, was first broadcast before the Twin Towers fell. Take that, Better Together.
video  comedy  scotland  tv  politics  indyref 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
Doctor Who: The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World recovered
I was concerned that the BBC were to announce "a number" of recovered lost episodes when, as Adric would doubtless remind us, zero is a number---but then it turned out to include The Enemy Of The World, which I am totally excited about. Starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor! Guest-starring Patrick Troughton as The Bad Guy! Special-guest-starring Patrick Troughton as The Doctor Pretending To Be The Bad Guy, and briefly as The Bad Guy Pretending To Be The Doctor! Oh yes and also The Web Of Fear, which is apparently great. And has The Brig in it.
news  doctorwho  tv 
october 2013 by gominokouhai
How to get under Aaron Sorkin’s skin (and also, how to high-five properly)
Never noticed the masculinity of Sorkin's characters before; to be fair, it's his women too. Looks like The Newsroom might have it's moments---but is it The West Wing?
sorkin  tv 
june 2012 by gominokouhai
BBC - Archive - Modern Writers - Tonight | John Wyndham
John Wyndham Lucas Parkes Benyon Harris speaks on the Tonight show, 1960.
tv  sf 
may 2011 by gominokouhai

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