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UK water firms admit using divining rods to find leaks and pipes | Guardian
"We've found that some of the older methods are just as effective [as] the new ones"
natureoftruth  news  tech  woo 
7 weeks ago by gominokouhai
How to decode the images on the Voyager Golden Record | Boingboing
"Welcome to the digital stone age". Recall that V'ger^WVoyager was launched in 1977, and employs technology available at the time. This clearly explains why the aliens are all avoiding us. They think we're all wearing bell bottoms and deely boppers, and encoding image data as analogue audio. Kinda haunting to listen to the raw recording.
science  tech  audio  spaaace  coolstuff  video 
october 2017 by gominokouhai
How a fish tank helped hack a casino | Washington Post
I know, let's put absolutely everything online. That can't possibly have any negative consequences.
internet  tech 
october 2017 by gominokouhai
Technology and the death of civilisation | Medium
"what is more likely to bring about the death of civilisation, children using smartphones[... or...] adults who are too quick to make assumptions?"
zeitgeisty  I_would_have_got_away_with_it_too_if_it_weren't_for_you_meddling_millennials  tech  art  socialnetworking  natureoftruth 
june 2016 by gominokouhai
Precious Plastic
This looks interesting: democratizing makership and reducing waste. Very now.
zeitgeisty  tech  coolstuff  ecology  internet  opendata 
june 2016 by gominokouhai
On the effectiveness of aluminium foil helmets: an empirical study
"These amplified frequencies coincide with radio bands reserved for government use".
science  silly  nerd  coolstuff  tech 
june 2016 by gominokouhai
Sting of Myself - The New Yorker
How it works in US politics. "The Watergate burglars look good compared to these guys[...] These guys can’t even figure out how to use an Internet browser, let alone conduct an undercover operation".
activism  journalism  fuckwits  tech  politics  usa  bloodytories 
may 2016 by gominokouhai
Take a look at "SwiftKey Keyboard"
Okay seriously, why did I take so long to install this. The leaking curve took twenty minutes and yes, I knew all about that typo there, I left it in for comedic effect. LAUGH DAMN YOU. Typing on mobile is so much more comfortable now; it's uncanny.
android  tech  coolstuff  livinginthefuture 
april 2016 by gominokouhai
The Rise of ‘Have I Been Pwned?’ | Motherboard
"...an Invaluable Resource in the Hacking Age". I should not be surprised that a service like this exists. (I checked, and it's okay, baby, I'm clean.)
hacking  tech  livinginthefuture  cyberpunk 
march 2016 by gominokouhai
The $300 Million Button | UIE
This is not just about UX. This is about customer relationships and brand engagement. This is about companies being able to see past the end of their own nose. There are certain people I know who need this blogpost tattooed onto the inside of their eyelids.
tech  internet 
march 2016 by gominokouhai
At Harvey Mudd College, the Ratio of Women in Computer Science Increased from 10% to 40% in 5 Years — Backchannel — Medium
Fantastic article, with specific, detailed action points. More of this please. (The only way this could be nerdier is if it were Harcourt Fenton Mudd College.)
nerd  tech  feminism  education 
march 2016 by gominokouhai
No Go: Facebook fails to spoil Google's big AI day | Technology | The Guardian
The creatures outside looked from Zuckerberg to Google, and from Google to Zuckerberg, and from Zuckerberg to Google again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.
news  tech  whyfacebooksucks  incrediblyobscurereference  oops 
february 2016 by gominokouhai
Robots will take your job - The Boston Globe
This is how big it is: "We must seriously start talking about decoupling income from work".
basicincome  tech  economics  news  ai  futurism  livinginthefuture  cyberpunk  apophany  robots 
february 2016 by gominokouhai
AlphaGo and AI Progress - Miles Brundage
This is big. Holy grail achieved, and inna way that seems (mostly) to be generalizable.
ai  livinginthefuture  futurism  tech  science  coolstuff  news 
february 2016 by gominokouhai
Take a look at "RealCalc Scientific Calculator"
I use this one instead. It is awesome, does everything you need in the free version, and the interface looks exactly like my old Casio gfx-7000 series.
tech  android  nostalgia 
february 2016 by gominokouhai
What It's Like to Be a 'Hateful Eight' 70mm Projectionist | Indiewire
...when you've never used the kit before, and Tarantino shows up to your theatre without warning
movies  film  tech  art 
january 2016 by gominokouhai
Magic Lantern | Home
Apparently you can hack my camera. This looks incredibly nifty. Has anyone else tried it first and did it brick yours before I risk mine?
photography  camera  coolstuff  tech  hacks 
december 2015 by gominokouhai
George Boole's untimely death - The River-side
"...George Boole and Charles Babbage at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London, a meeting which must surely be one of the most remarkable encounters of the mid-nineteenth century".
history  tech  computing  coolstuff 
november 2015 by gominokouhai
Activision purchases the developer of ‘Candy Crush’ for a staggering $5.9B
"To give you some idea as to the scale of this transaction, Disney paid $4 billion to acquire Marvel in 2009, and $4.05 billion to acquire Lucasfilm in 2012."
news  tech  fuckwits 
november 2015 by gominokouhai
Bitcoin mining on a 55 year old IBM 1401 mainframe: 80 seconds per hash
"[...] to mine a block at current difficulty, the IBM 1401 would take about 5x10^14 years (about 40,000 times the current age of the universe). The electricity would cost about 10^18 dollars. And you'd get 25 bitcoins worth about $6000. Obviously, mining Bitcoin on an IBM 1401 mainframe is not a profitable venture."
tech  coolstuff  internet 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
How To Fight The Filter Bubble: New Twitter App... Thing | Strange Company
Useful tool. Not perfect yet, needs a few tweaks, but a sensible addition to your twitter feed.
tech  blogging  news  socialmedia  socialnetworking 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
Batter Up! | Futility Closet
This on the other hand is the most Americanest thing ever. I have no idea what they're talking about. I am however gratified to note that the Washington Post was decrying the state of steampunk as early as 1897, when steampunk was still going on.
coolstuff  tech 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
Furby toys ‘turn nasty, seedy and inappropriate’ - The Scotsman
This is apparently what happens if you feed a Furby after midnight.
silly  news  tech 
february 2014 by gominokouhai
Descent 2 is now available for the Oculus Rift. Excuse me while I have my stomach surgically removed before I go anywhere near this.
tech  gaming  coolstuff  games 
february 2014 by gominokouhai
LUL Programme Machine | squarewheels.org
Eeeee this is ADORABLE. The machines use punched tape to control the signalling of London Underground trains. Still in use on some parts of the line, which, presumably, are the parts to be on when London is hit with an EMP bomb.
tech  coolstuff  history 
february 2014 by gominokouhai
Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived - The Oatmeal
Just in case you missed it the first time: Tesla == geek. Edison == CEO.
tech  history  science  writing  comic 
january 2014 by gominokouhai
Embed With Games | Embed With... London
Incredibly good writing, and it's good to see that @tef is amongst friends. (And guys. Next time you have a journalist this good to put up? I have three hotels in your woodsneck. Three. IM me or something.)
gaming  journalism  writing  tech 
january 2014 by gominokouhai
Booth babes are bad for business - Boing Boing
Somebody finally did proper A/B testing on booth babes. And it turns out they suck.
society  tech  sexism  feminism 
january 2014 by gominokouhai
Amazon introduces Prime Air
Okay, AMZN, I gots questions: 1. What kind of range do you get on a UAV loaded with a boxset of _The Art Of Computer Programming_? 2. Does smart-missile technology actually allow you to pinpoint people's doors with letterbox accuracy? 3. Hypothetically, if one were to catch a drone with a net, what kind of price could I expect on the open market? Asking for a friend. 4. Are adequate compensation plans in place for delayed delivery due to birdstrike? 5. But is there enough room on the drone for the black and white cat?
internet  tech  coolstuff  silly 
december 2013 by gominokouhai
ARTEMIS | Spaceship Bridge Simulator
“Artemis isn’t an official Star Trek game, but it is the Star Trek game you’ve always dreamed of.” WANT.
coolstuff  gaming  tech 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
Conservatives erase Internet history - Public Sector IT
I'm not quite sure that "editing robots.txt" exactly counts as "attempting to erase a ten-year backlog of speeches from Internet", but nonetheless the words "memory hole" spring readily to mind. Manifesto commitments are a bitch, ain't they?
bloodytories  internet  news  politics  tech 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
Google Books held to be fair use | Matthew Sag
Library digitization is apparently a transformative work with massive social benefit. This is great news.
news  law  copyfight  tech  internet  usa 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
πfs - the data-free filesystem! Github
100% compression /is/ possible! If you relax your assumptions a bit.
silly  computing  tech 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
Canonical shouldn’t abuse trademark law to silence critics of its privacy decisions | micahflee.com
Yes! In your FACE, Canonical. Note particularly the slew of comments from enterprise-level sysadmins who were previously unaware. I defy Unity in the name of all nature: it is a twisted abhorrence. It must die, it must die. Fixubuntu.com is a noble endeavour and has my full support, plus that of all right-thinking persons. [PS: The lawyers are coming! Micah, Flee!]
law  streisandeffect  privacy  copyfight  tech 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
All Tom Baker Doctor Who Prime Computer Ads | Youtube
From 1980. It talks to other computers! Please note that the third one is totally canon.
history  doctorwho  tech  video 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
BBC News - Russia: Hidden chips 'launch spam attacks from irons'
Is your iron plotting against you? This is why I don't press my shirts.
news  privacy  tech 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
Freemium Hardware Is Coming (and You Can’t Stop It)
"What happens when electronics become available at basically disposable price-points?" We run out of coltan and lithium and it stops.
news  tech 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
The Slow Winter [PDF]
I have no idea what this is doing open in my tabs. I understand little of the tech involved, beyohnd the Moore's Law bit. But it is incredibly well written, in a style that I suspect I might adopt if I were on Sorkin-levels of cocaine.
silly  writing  tech 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
LinkedIn 'Intro'duces Insecurity | Bishop Fox
Oh great. Now you too can invite a shady social network to run its own MITM attack against you. At least they're asking first. Why would anyone agree to this?
internet  news  privacy  socialmedia  socialnetworking  tech  whyfacebooksucks 
november 2013 by gominokouhai
tweenbots | kacie kinzer
Yes, it is a social experiment in human-computer interaction and the Uncanny Valley, not to mention an important artwork. No, it is not an excuse to have adorable robots wandering around parks. That would just be silly.
art  tech  coolstuff  robots 
october 2013 by gominokouhai
Gamers solve decade old HIV puzzle in ten days | ZME Science
Protein folding is apparently a cinch for a bunch of nerds with time on their hands.
news  tech  science 
october 2013 by gominokouhai
Somebody get the captain of the W3C on the line stat.
tech  internet  coolstuff 
october 2013 by gominokouhai
Nuclear fusion milestone passed at US lab | BBC News
Exciting! Fusion upgraded from "constantly T+20 years away" to "constantly T+19 years away". Meet me in the Moonbase One bar in 2033, the first bottle of Chateau Tranquility is on me.
news  tech  science 
october 2013 by gominokouhai
Inspiration / Box
Real-time 3D projection mapping looks amazing.
art  tech  coolstuff  video 
october 2013 by gominokouhai
The Most Awesome Animation About Quantum Computers You Will Ever See | Quantum Frontiers
Worth it if nothing else for the word "quanfidential" to refer to quantum unknowability within a superposition. Also, maybe it's just me, but the guy sounds incredibly like Terence McKenna. Could somebody please set this to Re:Evolution by The Shamen?
computing  tech  video  coolstuff  science 
august 2013 by gominokouhai
The Ecuadorian Library
Bruce Sterling still has it. (I hated both of his collaborations with William Gibson, by the way.) Brilliant writing and damn incisive about modern life. Long but worth it.
politics  society  news  copyfight  tech 
august 2013 by gominokouhai
Fujitsu supercomputer simulates 1 second of brain activity | CNET
Took it forty minutes to simulate one second of brain activity "in real time". Presents the possibility of exascale computers doing better because they will be faster than "basic petascale speeds". They said "basic".
news  wheresmyjetpack  tech  coolstuff 
august 2013 by gominokouhai
"This is the inspiring story of Hafid from Dubai, the douchebag who stole my phone. He forgot to switch off the camera upload function, that's why we will enjoy a deep insight into his life."
silly  tech  coolstuff 
august 2013 by gominokouhai
Out of sight | The Economist
"EVERY day for up to ten minutes near the London Stock Exchange, someone blocks signals from the global positioning system (GPS) network of satellites. Navigation systems in cars stop working and timestamps on trades made in financial institutions can be affected. The incidents are not a cyber-attack by a foreign power, though. The most likely culprit, according to Charles Curry, whose firm Chronos Technology covertly monitors such events, is a delivery driver dodging his bosses’ attempts to track him." It's like a very low-key, pathetic version of the plot from Goldeneye.
news  tech 
august 2013 by gominokouhai
An Eye Tracking Study on camelCase and under_score Identifier Styles [PDF]
I was right all along. Okay, my argument has always been "StudlyCaps make you look like a wanker" but now I have SCIENCE to back me up.
tech  science 
july 2013 by gominokouhai
5 Thoughts From A Month With The Oculus Rift | Strange Company
Oh, so /that's/ why we've not heard from Hugh for a while. Yes, I am incredibly excited about the Rift. Also about the jetpack I was promised at about the same time.
tech  coolstuff  wheresmyjetpack 
july 2013 by gominokouhai
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