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The humiliation of Britain: International outcry following Miranda detention | politics.co.uk
Srsly you guyz. When Russia suggests that you might have overstepped the bounds of decorum regarding the infringement of press freedom, it's time to take a good long look at yourself. RUSSIA.
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august 2013 by gominokouhai
Protest Campaign - United Kingdom, 23 August 2013 | WAN-IFRA
Marvel at the fury of 18,000 newspaper editors adopting a slightly disapproving tone.
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august 2013 by gominokouhai
The detention of David Miranda was an unlawful use of the Terrorism Act | Graun
Says the guy who wrote it. Simple fact is that a bus timetable is "information that could help terrorists" and if we let them pull this one then we're letting them get away with everything.
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august 2013 by gominokouhai
The Real, Terrifying Reason Why British Authorities Detained David Miranda | The Atlantic
Bruce Schneier Fact: Bruce Schneier's speculations are more factual than most newspapers' facts.
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august 2013 by gominokouhai
London Hub is major advance in handling CCTV
"It would be appreciated if the exact location of the CCTV Hub is not disclosed for security reasons" say the BTP. Nonetheless I'm sure they won't mind my observing that it's at 3 Ebury Bridge, London SW1W 8RP, and if anyone needs accommodation near there I know a number of good hotels.
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may 2012 by gominokouhai
Theresa May's Internet History - WhatDoTheyKnow
Dear Home Secretary: if your MOTHER has nothing to hide, she's nothing to fear.
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april 2012 by gominokouhai

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