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Armageddon vs. Deep Impact: 20 Years Later | IGN
I'd have to watch it again to be certain, which I have no inclination to do, but I recall DEEP IMPACT being dreadful mawkish bullshit. ARMAGEDDON, though flawed, at least was fun.
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august 2018 by gominokouhai
Giant statue of sexy Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park unveiled to mark film’s 25th anniversary | Pink News
Your sculptors were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
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july 2018 by gominokouhai
Regionalism in Disney Animation: Pink Elephants and Dumbo | Mark Langer | JSTOR
h/t @JuliaGalef. That total big-lipped alligator moment in the middle of <cite>Dumbo</cite>? (I adored it, but I'm told it's been the source of most children's nightmares since 1941.) Apparently there was a minor coup at Disney halfway through production, after Walt wandered off to do management things, allowing two directors from the subversive East Coast animation school to take charge and insert bits. The East Coast school do the weird stuff involving sex and drugs and rubber skellingtons dancing alongside a rotoscoped Cab Calloway, as opposed to the West Coast school who do princesses in floaty dresses acting as aviary perches for flocks of highly choreographed songbirds. I think the film is much improved as a result.
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january 2018 by gominokouhai
Naica's crystal caves hold long-dormant life | BBC News
Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.
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october 2017 by gominokouhai
Blade runner 2049 teaser announcement piece debuts | EW.com
I gots concerns about: a) the prevalence of teal and orange, b) the lack of Vangelis. My default policy, as ever, is cautious optimism. Because that worked out so well for Prometheus.
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december 2016 by gominokouhai
Kate Bush, Theresa May and the trouble with political partisanship | The Conversation
c.f. also Orson Scott Card, Tom Cruise, Peter F Hamilton, Eddie Izzard, OH JOHN RINGO NO, Spike Milligan, Russell Brand, Roman Polanski
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december 2016 by gominokouhai
Cyberpunk Anime: A Huge List of Everything | Exolymph
TODO: 1) install superfast fibre broadband 2) take several weeks off work
cyberpunk  tv  movies  nerd 
june 2016 by gominokouhai
Star Trek Beyond Trailer #2 (2016) | YouTube
I watched it with the sound off, which is the best way to appreciate Abramsverse Trek, and was satisfied. Then I watched it with the sound on and HOLY SHIT they might actually have made a good Star Trek movie. At the very least, they seem to be developing their own plots. (You just know that Pegg was responsible.) My default policy, as always, is cautious optimism.
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may 2016 by gominokouhai
The Editing of Mad Max the Movie | VashiVisuals
"The Studio of course asked for a script and George said there wasn’t one."
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march 2016 by gominokouhai
Eye For Film: New company puts women first
I support this. They need to get Kathryn Bigelow on board. And Ruth Wilson.
movies  film  news  feminism 
march 2016 by gominokouhai
What It's Like to Be a 'Hateful Eight' 70mm Projectionist | Indiewire
...when you've never used the kit before, and Tarantino shows up to your theatre without warning
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january 2016 by gominokouhai
Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer [HD] | YouTube
Please make this be on a giant wall in front of me very soon please
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may 2015 by gominokouhai
Eye For Film: Tataouine threatened by Isis
If all of that murdering civilians wasn't bad enough for you, then Isis have finally gone TOO FAR. "The line must be drawn here! this far, and no further", cry a million geeks, rising from their chairs in anger, then immediately sitting back down, panting heavily.
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may 2015 by gominokouhai
Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Movie Review from Eye for Film
"There's a man, it's pretty safe to assume his name is Max, and he's being chased by a lot of crazy-looking people in fast cars with pointy bits on. This is such a strong start that the plot doesn't feel much need to deviate from it over the course of two hours. This is an excellent decision." All right, that's enough. Sign me up.
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may 2015 by gominokouhai
So How Do You Pronounce "R'lyeh", Anyway? - Strange Company
"[...]a right bastard to pronounce the magic chant – as my actors discovered. But that’s another story", says Hugh. He's quite right, and perhaps I shall tell it one day.
luvviedom  acting  voiceover  movies  literature  fhtagn 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
Alien | Typeset In The Future
A brilliant look at the Semiotic Standard, and an awful lot of Futura.
coolstuff  film  movies  nerd  scifi  typography 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
Our RoboCop Remake
Now /this/ is how you do a remake: get fifty independent filmmakers and groups to do one scene apiece, each in their own key, of course, until the whole place is just soggy with nostalgia. Stay tuned for the brilliant contemporary ballet rendition of scene 18. And lots of dick jokes.
luvviedom  movies  film  silly  video  incrediblyobscurereference 
february 2014 by gominokouhai
What Makes a Work of Art Seem Dated? | New Yorker
Interesting analysis, referencing Mad Max and BLade Runner.
film  movies  scifi 
july 2013 by gominokouhai
The incontrovertible link between Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill
(And not the bit about Samuel L Motherfucking Jackson.) Mind==blown.
film  movies 
march 2013 by gominokouhai
In defence of the RoboCop remake (with vegetables)
"[...]we've received a very strongly worded letter from legal people working on behalf of MGM and CPII. Apparently, at least one of the promotional images that we've used in our generally positive reporting of the RoboCop remake has constituted "copyright infringement[...]".
We are not sure how long we had to comply."
litigiousbastards  copyfight  movies  film 
november 2012 by gominokouhai
The Fellowship of the Bomb-Cart (Saxxy 2012) - YouTube
"FOOL of a Scout." Machinima oddly reminiscent of some other film I can't quite place.
movies  film  machinima 
november 2012 by gominokouhai
William Gibson's original draft screenplay for Alien 3
A touch preachy at the end and NOT ENOUGH RIPLEY. Nonetheless I would watch the shit out of this.
film  movies  writing  WilliamGibson 
november 2012 by gominokouhai
The Astonishingly Non-Nonsensical Plot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Cos it is like an allegory about society, innit. We're lucky to have Internet to deconstruct these things for us. You're lucky, I'm lucky, we're all lucky.
music  writing  movies  film 
november 2012 by gominokouhai
THE CURSE OF ASPECT RATIOS! | Hammer restoration blog
So that's the difference that they make. Interesting analysis.
movies  film 
october 2012 by gominokouhai
The Incredible Suit | It's Nearly Time For The 2012 London Pastry Festival!
Oh dear, people. Everyone knows that, when organizing a film festival, the /first/ thing you ensure is that the freebies are better than last year's.
movies  film 
september 2012 by gominokouhai
Magazines for sale in Blade Runner, 1982
Hahahah. /Magazines/ for sale. Made out of pressed wood pulp, no doubt. Some interesting artistic design here, but I wonder how much of it was visible on the big screen.
july 2012 by gominokouhai
How to Enjoy Going to the Movies Again
I have hinted at such blogwise in the past. So, who's up for midnighting Prometheus?
cinema  movies  film 
may 2012 by gominokouhai
Iron Sky is finally here...
The bit between 0:40 and 1:10 is the best thirty seconds of filmmaking I have ever seen. I'm still mostly waiting for the soundtrack.
trailers  movies 
february 2012 by gominokouhai

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