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‘Oumuamua, Thin Films and Lightsails | Centauri Dreams
"`Oumuamua could be defunct sails floating under the influence of gravity and stellar radiation. Similar to debris from ship wrecks floating in the ocean. The alternative is to imagine that `Oumuamua was on a reconnaissance mission."
spaaace  coolstuff  science  astronomy  news  nerd 
november 2018 by gominokouhai
The Prisoner 001 (2018) | View Comic
Yes folks, it's a modern sequel/revival! (Although I think they have the chessboard in the wrong part of the Village, but perhaps they've relandscaped the lawn in the 52 years since we last saw it.) It's being released one episode per month, with #2 already available. Be seeing you.
tv  comic  privacy  sousveillance  surveillance  society  narrative  coolstuff  nerd  books  scifi  incrediblyobscurereference 
july 2018 by gominokouhai
Century's longest lunar eclipse July 27 | EarthSky
In Edinburgh moonrise will happen at the same time as the moment of greatest eclipse, 2122 BST. Totality ends at 2213. Best find a high vantage point.
astronomy  spaaace  coolstuff  local  edinburgh 
july 2018 by gominokouhai
Perfect Day: All the dairy you love, with none of the dairy cows. | Perfect Day
Interesting method of creating dairy products without the tedious necessity of putting corn into a cow and then squeezing milk out the other end. This will be useful when we go to space, but I still want to see herds of cattle on the cargo deck eventually.
science  tech  coolstuff  futurism  livinginthefuture  food 
april 2018 by gominokouhai
London's Hidden Tunnels Revealed In Amazing Cutaways | Londonist
"It is often said that London is an infrastructural palimpsest". Is it? Is it really?
nerd  maps  coolstuff  art 
april 2018 by gominokouhai
Researchers find a galaxy without dark matter | YaleNews
“I spent an hour just staring at the Hubble image,” van Dokkum said. “It’s so rare, particularly these days after so many years of Hubble, that you get an image of something and say, ‘I’ve never seen that before.’” I think I've worked this out. Clearly, NGC 1052-DF2 is the playable galaxy and we're just part of the painted skybox.
spaaace  news  coolstuff  cosmology  science 
march 2018 by gominokouhai
Humanity Star - Orbit | Heavens Above
Heavens-above had this in the database as OBJECT F until this morning. There were three satellites from that launch with similar orbital characteristics and I couldn't be sure which was which. Now nicely updated and even with a link from the front page. No passes visible from the UK in the next good long while.
spaaace  coolstuff  tech  nerd 
january 2018 by gominokouhai
The Humanity Star
So this is what was up with that Electron launch. I'm not convinced this is going to work. Each individual panel is significantly smaller than the reflective pane on an Iridium. Nonetheless I'll be keeping an eye out when the orbit's right.
spaaace  coolstuff  tech 
january 2018 by gominokouhai
"Oxide Ghosts" screenings | Michael Cumming | latest news
Today is the 20th anniversary of 1997. People did different things then, like watch Brass Eye on its original broadcast. Looks like I've missed the screening of this (and the York one), but there's still... um... Sheffield? Halifax?
tv  satire  coolstuff  silly  art  incrediblyobscurereference 
october 2017 by gominokouhai
People matching artworks | Stefan Draschan | Tumblr
Stefan Draschan clearly spends a great deal of time sitting in galleries, waiting for serendipity to occur. And he gets results.
art  silly  coolstuff 
october 2017 by gominokouhai
How to decode the images on the Voyager Golden Record | Boingboing
"Welcome to the digital stone age". Recall that V'ger^WVoyager was launched in 1977, and employs technology available at the time. This clearly explains why the aliens are all avoiding us. They think we're all wearing bell bottoms and deely boppers, and encoding image data as analogue audio. Kinda haunting to listen to the raw recording.
science  tech  audio  spaaace  coolstuff  video 
october 2017 by gominokouhai
Naica's crystal caves hold long-dormant life | BBC News
Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.
science  coolstuff  movies  incrediblyobscurereference  spaaace 
october 2017 by gominokouhai
Precious Plastic
This looks interesting: democratizing makership and reducing waste. Very now.
zeitgeisty  tech  coolstuff  ecology  internet  opendata 
june 2016 by gominokouhai
On the effectiveness of aluminium foil helmets: an empirical study
"These amplified frequencies coincide with radio bands reserved for government use".
science  silly  nerd  coolstuff  tech 
june 2016 by gominokouhai
Boldly going to television: First teaser for ‘STAR TREK’ series | One. Perfect. Shot.
Can I slingshot around the sun at high warp so this comes faster? No new information, except possibly a tantalizing hint when they say "new crews" plural. What I do know is that it probably isn't STAR TREK: EMPIRE, because I haven't sold it yet.
startrek  tv  coolstuff  scifi  nerd 
may 2016 by gominokouhai
The 9 Best Parts of a Legal Brief on Behalf of Klingon Speakers | Mental Floss UK
tlhIngan Hol didn't hitherto have a word for "intellectual property", so they created one ("yab bang chu"), thus demonstrating that it's an algorithm, and thus uncopyrightable.
copyfight  language  law  litigiousbastards  coolstuff  startrek 
may 2016 by gominokouhai
Take a look at "SwiftKey Keyboard"
Okay seriously, why did I take so long to install this. The leaking curve took twenty minutes and yes, I knew all about that typo there, I left it in for comedic effect. LAUGH DAMN YOU. Typing on mobile is so much more comfortable now; it's uncanny.
android  tech  coolstuff  livinginthefuture 
april 2016 by gominokouhai
This is gorgeous. Such meticulous shading. Reminds me of Piranesi's work.
art  coolstuff 
april 2016 by gominokouhai
Rising furniture design - Tech Insider
This is pretty incredible from a topological standpoint---I love the table and chair and the occasional table---but the bowl is bloody terrible. All the gravy would fall out.
design  video  coolstuff 
april 2016 by gominokouhai
The Editing of Mad Max the Movie | VashiVisuals
"The Studio of course asked for a script and George said there wasn’t one."
cinema  film  movies  coolstuff  splosions 
march 2016 by gominokouhai
Scientists gear up to drill into ‘ground zero’ of the impact that killed the dinosaurs | AAAS
Digging up Chicxulub, disinterring the comet that caused the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction. What could possibly go wrong. Paging Professor Quatermass.
science  coolstuff  history 
march 2016 by gominokouhai
AlphaGo and AI Progress - Miles Brundage
This is big. Holy grail achieved, and inna way that seems (mostly) to be generalizable.
ai  livinginthefuture  futurism  tech  science  coolstuff  news 
february 2016 by gominokouhai
The World's First Cultured Meatball - Memphis Meats ¦ Youtube
"This is the first time a meatball has ever been cooked with beef cells that did not require a cow to be slaughtered". Paging @GreatDismal.
WilliamGibson  livinginthefuture  science  coolstuff  cooking  food  sustainability 
february 2016 by gominokouhai
Ancient Babylonian astronomers calculated Jupiter’s position from the area under a time-velocity graph | Science
"This technique was previously thought to have been invented at least 1400 years later in 14th-century Oxford".
science  astronomy  archaeology  news  coolstuff  maths 
february 2016 by gominokouhai
Bobby McFerrin: Watch me play ... the audience! | TED Talk
Why music works: something fundamental about the way we're wired.
music  video  coolstuff  science  psychology 
february 2016 by gominokouhai
Für Elise 1920s Gangster Style - Slava Presnyakov - YouTube
Dem broads wuz syncopated, I tells ya! syncopated! I neeyuhly dislowcaded my jawuh! No, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
video  music  silly  coolstuff  incrediblyobscurereference 
february 2016 by gominokouhai
Secret Hitler, the bluffing game for people who hate bluffing games | Ars Technica
This looks awesome /and/ there's a free printable version available. Next board games night?
gaming  game  coolstuff  kickstarter 
january 2016 by gominokouhai
To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This | NYTimes.com
Fascinating insight into just how arbitrary and manipulable we all are. And into why that's not necessarily a bad thing.
psychology  science  coolstuff 
december 2015 by gominokouhai
OUTLIER Megafine Merino Socks
Apparently, The Sock Problem has been solved. At US$21 a pair.
livinginthefuture  coolstuff 
december 2015 by gominokouhai
Magic Lantern | Home
Apparently you can hack my camera. This looks incredibly nifty. Has anyone else tried it first and did it brick yours before I risk mine?
photography  camera  coolstuff  tech  hacks 
december 2015 by gominokouhai
George Boole's untimely death - The River-side
"...George Boole and Charles Babbage at the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London, a meeting which must surely be one of the most remarkable encounters of the mid-nineteenth century".
history  tech  computing  coolstuff 
november 2015 by gominokouhai
'This Goes All the Way to the Queen': The Puzzle Book that Drove England to Madness | Hazlitt
The story of Masquerade, with particular focus on apophany. I never even got as far as finding the rabbit hidden on each page.
apophany  psychology  literature  coolstuff 
october 2015 by gominokouhai
The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy - The Atlantic
It's a Dyson swarm. There's no actual evidence yet, but it's definitely a Dyson swarm. I have decided.
coolstuff  science  spaaace 
october 2015 by gominokouhai
Rail Geography
Mutable isochronic maps of travel time between selected cities. This is amazing.
nerd  maps  topography  coolstuff  northofwatford  politics  identity 
october 2015 by gominokouhai
Bitcoin mining on a 55 year old IBM 1401 mainframe: 80 seconds per hash
"[...] to mine a block at current difficulty, the IBM 1401 would take about 5x10^14 years (about 40,000 times the current age of the universe). The electricity would cost about 10^18 dollars. And you'd get 25 bitcoins worth about $6000. Obviously, mining Bitcoin on an IBM 1401 mainframe is not a profitable venture."
tech  coolstuff  internet 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
A Box Full Of Ashes – The Trouble With Vampires | Notes From A Small Primate
In case that wasn't enough to convince you, here's an excerpt. Clever people discuss Houdini over macaroons, set against a background of asploding goths.
writing  coolstuff  books 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
A Box Full of Ashes – now available to buy at Amazon. | Notes From A Small Primate
Tired of vampires who sparkle and sigh dramatically about their inexplicable love for an animal further down the food chain? So is everyone else over the age of twelve. You need this in your life.
writing  coolstuff  books 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer [HD] | YouTube
Please make this be on a giant wall in front of me very soon please
movies  film  coolstuff  splosions 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
Batter Up! | Futility Closet
This on the other hand is the most Americanest thing ever. I have no idea what they're talking about. I am however gratified to note that the Washington Post was decrying the state of steampunk as early as 1897, when steampunk was still going on.
coolstuff  tech 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
Sound Rhymes I Futility Closet
This is possibly the Englishest thing ever. Except that limericks should technically be Irish. /Except/ except that claiming credit for Irish literature is the /other/ Englishest thing ever, which makes this the most Englishest thing ever squared.
poetry  writing  silly  coolstuff 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
Alien | Typeset In The Future
A brilliant look at the Semiotic Standard, and an awful lot of Futura.
coolstuff  film  movies  nerd  scifi  typography 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
Turn Down for Spock (Star Trek Stabilized!) | Youtube
For the love of god, let no one show this to J J Abrams.
video  coolstuff  music  silly  startrek 
may 2015 by gominokouhai
London Underground | Frames of Reference
Shades of everyday travel on the 70s/80s. I particularly like the third picture.
photos  photography  coolstuff  zeitgeisty 
february 2014 by gominokouhai
Descent 2 is now available for the Oculus Rift. Excuse me while I have my stomach surgically removed before I go anywhere near this.
tech  gaming  coolstuff  games 
february 2014 by gominokouhai
LUL Programme Machine | squarewheels.org
Eeeee this is ADORABLE. The machines use punched tape to control the signalling of London Underground trains. Still in use on some parts of the line, which, presumably, are the parts to be on when London is hit with an EMP bomb.
tech  coolstuff  history 
february 2014 by gominokouhai
5th Anniversary Videos | Frisky and Mannish
The Kickstarter worked, so now these videos are available to the world. Even if you've not spent real money on every single Frisky & Mannish live performance available, like what I have, these hi-def recordings are now available for you to enjoy IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME (although, for various reasons Festival-related and not, I still highly recommend getting drunk either first or during). F&M aren't doing any shows for the next while, so this is all you get. Enjoy.
music  silly  video  coolstuff 
january 2014 by gominokouhai
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