Euro 2016 England Fans Chant About Brexit At Violent Clashes In Marseille
This is what we look like to the rest of the world. And oddly enough, it's us who get to decide whether or not we can continue to be part of their club. Thank fuck we haven't given the rest of the EU a vote in the referendum. We'd all be exiled to some draughty archipelago somewhere off in the North Atlantic before you could say "rule Britannia".
britishness  Brexit  europe  fuckwits  news  politics 
june 2016
Born to drool « Wee Ginger Dug
This is what we look like to the rest of the world.
"The existence of the monarchy at the apex of the class system is what justifies the entire class system and which allows balloons like Boris Johnson and Davie Cameron to imagine that they have an entitlement to rule over us. We have an etonianocracy because of the monarchy. It’s the monarchy which provides the justification for the democratic obscenity which is the House of Lords.[...] The monarchy symbolises that the UK is founded upon the privilege of the few and the entitlement of the rich. This is a country in which unfairness is a foundation of the constitution."
republicanism  britishness  equality  inequality  poverty  politics  uk 
june 2016
WTFUK — Medium
This is what we look like to the rest of the world.
<q>There are themes here, on how we treat other human beings who don’t look like 'us,' how we make laws to make ourselves feel safe that just make everyone less safe, on bureaucracy and systems that punish honesty.</q>
immigration  fuckwits  terrorism  securitytheatre  bureaucracy  britishness  intersectionality  racism 
june 2016
Seagull falls into pot of curry, terrible puns ensue | The Poke
The pilau creature. He terned orange. After that experience he must have wanted his cardamom. I'm sure he'd pa-rather not have fallen in. He'll be more peshwari in future. Sorry for all the puns, I'm only rogan joshing.
silly  food  twitter  internet  socialmedia  awww 
june 2016
Cyberpunk Anime: A Huge List of Everything | Exolymph
TODO: 1) install superfast fibre broadband 2) take several weeks off work
cyberpunk  tv  movies  nerd 
june 2016
The Incredible Story of NASA's Forgotten 'Rocket Girls' | ThinkProgress
"They worked alongside famous figures like Carl Sagan, Wernher von Braun, and Richard Feynman, and they were ultimately essential to the discoveries that made those men household names."
computing  feminism  history  spaaace 
june 2016
I Wrote Drunk And Edited Sober For A Week, And Here’s What Happened To My Work | Bustle
Speaking of Rule #11. "Don’t do this unless you are a highly qualified functioning alcoholic".
booze  writing  blogging 
june 2016
wunami comments on "Write drunk; edit sober." - Ernest Hemingway | reddit
pajh's Rules for Life #11 is: "Write while you're still angry. Edit when you're sober. Publish when you're sure". Turns out I probably didn't invent it after all (but then, neither did Hemingway). I should probably be paying a little more attention to pajh's Rules for Life #5.
writing  lifehack 
june 2016
From Parthian chicken to flat breads: experimenting with a Roman oven | British Museum blog
Alright, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and tagines....
food  history  cooking  incrediblyobscurereference 
june 2016
Sparks of the Meltdown | Talking Points Memo
"locked in for a ride with an emotionally unstable man whose personal insecurities and instinctive racism now seem only to be accelerating"
drumpf  fuckwits  usa  politics 
june 2016
The stunning truth that explains the rise of the far-right in Britain | The Washington Post
"[Brexit is] the economic equivalent of quitting your job because you think you can get it back minus all the parts you don't like".
politics  economics  bloodytories  Brexit  britishness  europe  uk  economy  fuckwits  dataisbeautiful 
june 2016
My life after 44 years in prison | Al-Jazeera
"Everyone seems to be walking quickly with blank faces and wires in their ears[...] he’s entered a dystopia where everyone has become a secret agent wearing wires".
livinginthefuture  cyberpunk  crime  I_would_have_got_away_with_it_too_if_it_weren't_for_you_meddling_millennials 
june 2016
The ancient copper mines dug by children | BBC
Fascinating insight into the degree of communication, infrastructure, and society required to succeed in the Bronze Age.
history  archaeology 
june 2016
Tory MP's attempt to block police investigation into election fraud allegations fails | Indy
Of course we all know they bought the election. It's what they do. “The consequences of a conviction would be [...] the potential for election results being declared void.” The schadenfreude would be exquisite, but all it would do is return them again with a bigger majority. There's a better way.
news  politics  bloodytories  lies  fuckwits 
june 2016
Prince Wrote About Women in a Way That Most Contemporary Male Artists Still Can't | NOISEY
I always thought that he'd simply found a way to do objectification with panache (but <em>what</em> panache). Shows how much I know.
music  sex  rip  feminism 
june 2016
Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person | NYT
At first I thought this piece was tiresomely similar to stuff I would say ten years ago. Turns out that was just the preamble. It then develops the thesis inna way which is absolutely bang on. Just one major flaw: nowhere does it mention redheads.
life  relationships  wellness 
june 2016
Technology and the death of civilisation | Medium
"what is more likely to bring about the death of civilisation, children using smartphones[... or...] adults who are too quick to make assumptions?"
zeitgeisty  I_would_have_got_away_with_it_too_if_it_weren't_for_you_meddling_millennials  tech  art  socialnetworking  natureoftruth 
june 2016
miss_s_b | Lying Politicians and Common Knowledge
Good stuff here from the Yorksher Gob. Some good commentary below the fold, too.
natureoftruth  politics  lies 
june 2016
(((Echoes))), Exposed: The Secret Symbol Neo-Nazis Use to Target Jews Online
First they came for the union flag and I was silent. Then they came for our (((hugs))).
fuckwits  racism  britishness  bloodytories  socialmedia 
june 2016
Precious Plastic
This looks interesting: democratizing makership and reducing waste. Very now.
zeitgeisty  tech  coolstuff  ecology  internet  opendata 
june 2016
Just What Were Donald Trump's Ties to the Mob? - POLITICO Magazine
Any story involving a potential president of the United States and someone called "'Fat Tony' Salerno": cause for alarm.
usa  politics  fuckwits  drumpf  crime 
june 2016
Why the World Is Drawing Battle Lines Against American Tech Giants | NYT
"What's happening right now is the nation-state is losing its grip". I've been waiting for this for years. Now that it's happening, of course, the Americans are in charge of it.
europe  usa  politics  economics  law  internet  livinginthefuture 
june 2016
On the effectiveness of aluminium foil helmets: an empirical study
"These amplified frequencies coincide with radio bands reserved for government use".
science  silly  nerd  coolstuff  tech 
june 2016
Climate change may have saved western Europe | Tech Insider
The Mongol hordes withdrew because the weather in Hungary was too wet for horses. On such details, a couple of degrees by the glass, do the fates of empires turn.
history  climate 
june 2016
[WATCH] Don't ignore the background: The converse perspectives of CHILDREN OF MEN | One. Perfect. Shot.
Lovely in-depth analysis of Cuaron's worldbuilding skillz. I bloody love this film.
film  movies  nerd  video  literature 
june 2016
Iain Duncan Smith says what most Brexiters think: economic harm is a price worth paying
"Duncan Smith has offered an insight into the mindset of a true ideologue". As if he wasn't terrifying enough already.
europe  Brexit  news  politics  fuckwits  bloodytories 
june 2016
High Rents Keep People in Toxic Relationships | San Jose Inside
"Tenants with benefits". For all its flaws, UBI would fix this.
economy  basicincome  society  zeitgeisty 
may 2016
Terror Island — Strip #106
Among other things, this is basically a description of Shostakovich's entire career.
comic  silly  writing 
may 2016
The Forbidden Forest | Orion Magazine
The Zone Rouge at Verdun. "At the current rate of clearance it is a conservative estimate that the Département du Déminage will still be finding these weapons nine hundred years from now." Sobering.
history  ecology 
may 2016
The Most Completely Insane Thing I’ve Ever Seen In a Cinema. — Medium
"The exec I was talking to sighed, leaned forward, and explained to me that according BBC Scotland that “Scottish people” are more working class and less educated than English people and, therefore, would feel intimidated and patronised if they watched a sitcom that mentioned philosophers, whereas English people can cope with more “cerebral” comedy without feeling as though they’re being made to feel stupid. So if I was going to pitch a script to BBC Scotland then I would have to make sure it was Glasgow, preferably male, centric and with no references to anything that could be construed as “intellectual” or cultured otherwise it would get immediately discarded." This makes a disturbing amount of sense.
scottishcringe  scotland  media  comedy  northofwatford  bloodytories 
may 2016
All Twisted Up by Gender Bending | The New York Times
This stuff shouldn't bother us, but clearly it still does. At least the distinction between sex and gender is getting some play in the MSM. But the thinking here is still distressingly binary.
gender  sexuality  identity  intersectionality 
may 2016
"Rocky" Theme performed in North Korea - Moranbong Band | YouTube
Apparently DPRK's most popular girlband. They're quite good.
silly  music  video 
may 2016
Fear and fascination with a basic income | SWI
"an elderly party member[...] was worried about losing her cleaning lady" if she had UBI.
basicincome  politics  economy  activism  europe 
may 2016
Sting of Myself - The New Yorker
How it works in US politics. "The Watergate burglars look good compared to these guys[...] These guys can’t even figure out how to use an Internet browser, let alone conduct an undercover operation".
activism  journalism  fuckwits  tech  politics  usa  bloodytories 
may 2016
Star Trek Beyond Trailer #2 (2016) | YouTube
I watched it with the sound off, which is the best way to appreciate Abramsverse Trek, and was satisfied. Then I watched it with the sound on and HOLY SHIT they might actually have made a good Star Trek movie. At the very least, they seem to be developing their own plots. (You just know that Pegg was responsible.) My default policy, as always, is cautious optimism.
scifi  movies  startrek  nerd 
may 2016
How women prepare for first dates | Lalajia's random recommendations
When I have a ladyfriend round I show them where the key is so that they can get out by themselves should they wish to do so. All of them, so far, have looked at me like I was odd.
dating  gender  feminism  sexism 
may 2016
Abusive relationships: Trauma bonding | Julia Crane Counselling
TL;DR Stockholm Syndrome for relationships. I recognize a lot of this.
wellness  mentalhealth  relationships  abuse 
may 2016
What's the EU ever done for us? | YouTube #fb
Worth five minutes, although the conclusion is weak.
europe  politics  bloodytories  news 
may 2016
Boldly going to television: First teaser for ‘STAR TREK’ series | One. Perfect. Shot.
Can I slingshot around the sun at high warp so this comes faster? No new information, except possibly a tantalizing hint when they say "new crews" plural. What I do know is that it probably isn't STAR TREK: EMPIRE, because I haven't sold it yet.
startrek  tv  coolstuff  scifi  nerd 
may 2016
5 Common Regrets and How to Avoid Them | Tiny Buddha
The top five common regrets of the dying: I was talking to a fascinating woman last night, who'd spent some time working in a "fast-track" nursing ward. Made me think of this, and then this article popped up on my feed this morning.
wellness  woo  life 
may 2016
Du Hast (a cappella) - Viva Vox | YouTube
O Freunde, mehr von diese Toene bitte
silly  music  video 
may 2016
Short film: Death in Space
Actually, I think you'll find that explosive decompression doesn't... never mind. A series of two-second shorts. Glorious silly fun.
video  film  silly  scifi 
may 2016
They Got His Number | Talking Points Memo
"Getting hit on this gets him mad - mad and undisciplined". And how the cracks begin to show.
drumpf  fuckwits  usa  politics  news  incrediblyobscurereference  sexism 
may 2016
Astronomers crack the secret of this gorgeous poem by Sappho | Clive Thompson
I'm not 100% convinced by the astronomical argument---was Sappho speaking literally?---but the note about the varied translations is wonderful.
science  astronomy  poetry  history 
may 2016
Bob Dylan: How I found the man who shouted 'Judas' | Indy
Happy birthday rock music, born 17th May 1966. "The most famous heckle in history" was, naturally, a Mancunian law student who disapproved of change. No, that's not quite fair. Poor acoustic mapping MATTERS, people!
music  history  writing  #youareold  #getoffmylawn 
may 2016
The 9 Best Parts of a Legal Brief on Behalf of Klingon Speakers | Mental Floss UK
tlhIngan Hol didn't hitherto have a word for "intellectual property", so they created one ("yab bang chu"), thus demonstrating that it's an algorithm, and thus uncopyrightable.
copyfight  language  law  litigiousbastards  coolstuff  startrek 
may 2016
Popular painkiller ingredient can reduce empathy, study finds | Independent
I've decided to blame this for everything that happened in 2015.
drugs  medical  health  science  news  psych 
may 2016
All the Important Things Microsoft Announced Today at Build 2016 | Lifehacker
bash running natively in Windows 10? Okay, now I'm interested.
may 2016
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