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The Post-Hope Politics of ‘House of Cards’ - NYTimes.com
"I’m trying to hail a cab (..) someone rushes up and gets in. I have a lot of choices in that moment (..) Do I have the power because I didn’t let this ruffle my feathers? Or does that person have the power because I let them walk all over me? When you put that on the political stage, there are real stakes to it. And there are people who make a living thinking about these sorts of transactions." (..) Aaron Sorkin’s "West Wing" was a vision of American government, presided over by a morally righteous liberal leader, unfolding each week even as Bill Clinton was assailed for abandoning liberal principles and subsuming important issues in his own moral messiness. (..) The politicians in (HoC,) by contrast, are morally bankrupt and endlessly opportunistic. The show is no cri de coeur, but a cold dissection of the post-Obama (or post-the-Obama-many-hoped-they’d-elected), post-hope political landscape. It’s a vision of American government not as we wish it were, but as we secretly fear it is.
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