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Bubsy's Back!
"Bubsy 3d: Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective is an web based edutainment experience produced by Arcane Kids. Explore your relationship with art as you guide bubsy through a realistic recreation of the James Turrell Retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. After you have played Bubsy3d and understand art a little better, Arcane Kids encourages you to go visit an art museum in your area and quit video games."
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february 2014 by gohai
Artist Turns Volcano Into Naked-Eye Observatory
"Roden Crater has been 'closed' for quite some time. Previously, the only way to get in was to drive into the hills, backpack about ten miles from the nearest road, approach on a new moon at midnight, and blend into the construction crews as they arrive in the morning to get them to give you a tour of what they're building (they like giving tours). That, or donate about a million dollars to the project. Then you can shake Mr. Turrell's hand and have him fawn over you like you're some golden child (which you just might as well be if you're forking over that kind of dough for what amounts to being a science museum) I don't think its ever actually going to open. If it did, it wouldn't last long, and I'm betting that Turrell, like every other major artist, has realized if they just pander to the rich, their art can stand the test of time (especially considering all this is, is just environmental art)."
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august 2013 by gohai

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