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Furby 1998 source code
(FURBY.ASM - Version 25)
INVENTOR: Dave Hampton
furby  toy  code  firmware  6502  assembly 
august 2018 by gohai
Dwitter.net is a challenge to see what awesomeness you can create when limited to only 140 characters of javascript and a canvas. Give it a go!
javascript  demoscene  twitter  graphics  code  dwitter 
february 2018 by gohai
ZM~~ # PRinty# C with ABC!
"In this paper, I describe a new compiler for the C89 programming language.
For good reasons that I will explain later, this paper must be 20 pages long. Due to unreasonable SIGBOVIK deadlines, I did not produce enough technical material to fill the minimum number of pages, so I will am going to take my time and I have inserted several unrelated ASCII-art drawings. (..)

Now, for good reasons that I will explain later, this paper must contain 8,224 repetitions of the string "~~Q(", another weird flower. Please proceed to Page 3 to continue reading this interesting paper. (..)

This is part of the data segment. What else to put in the data segment but some data? You’re looking at the data now."
code  text  programming  printable  binary  ascii  compiler 
february 2018 by gohai
Linux Kernel 2.6.27 < 2.6.36 (RedHat x86-64) - 'compat' Local Privilege Escalation
#define __gggdfstsgdt_dddex(f, a...) do { fprintf(stdout, f, ## a); } while(0)
#define __pppp_tegddewyfg(s) do { fprintf(stdout, "%s", s); } while(0)
#define __xxxfdgftr_hshsgdt(s) do { perror(s); exit(-1); } while(0)
#define __yyy_tegdtfsrer(s) do { fprintf(stderr, s); exit(-1); } while(0)
code  text  c  obfuscation  hacking  ac1db1tch3z 
november 2017 by gohai
Software As Narrative 1/n: @noahsussman: Infinite Undo
"Any software system begins as a shared narrative about a problem and the people who come together around solving that problem. (..) But as all software engineers immediately come to learn, there is a Lovecraftian, Non-Newtonian gulf between “what we build” and “what we were meant to be building.”"
software  narrative  culture  projects  language  sourcecontents  code 
september 2017 by gohai
The Soul of The Sims, by Will Wright -- Macintosh HD:XmotiveHarness:src/Motive.c -- Tuesday, January 28, 1997 / 9:25 AM
"This is the prototype for the soul of The Sims, which Will Wright wrote on January 23, 1997. I had just started working at the Maxis Core Technology Group on "Project X" aka "Dollhouse", and Will Wright brought this code in one morning, to demonstrate his design for the motives, feedback loop and failure conditions of the simulated people."
game  sims  willwright  sketch  simulation  maxis  code 
august 2017 by gohai
Apple – WWDC 2016 Keynote - YouTube
[Tim Cook, image of schoolkids with Macbooks in classroom] "Swift is powerful, but it's also simple and it's approachable, so it can be your very first programming language. This is a very important point for us. Because Swift is so easy to learn it has the potential to bring many more people into coding. (..) Today we're introducing a new app for iPad. We call it Swift Playgrounds. (..) Instantly makes it accessible to hundreds of millions of peoples around the world. (..) We think it's the absolute best way to teach everyone how to code."
[left code, right interactive world, controlling character with code, commands appear just like quick-type suggestions]
"Byte moves forward, collects the gem, and I've completed my very first lesson."
[Tim Cook again] "We believe coding should be a required language in all schools. (..) [Slide "Developers"] Powerful tools like these enable developers to create great apps, but they also help the next generation of developers, who seek out on their journey, to change the world."
[Promotional video at 1:55:55]
[Middle-eastern man] "I realized I can do anything with code. Anything I can think off I can do it."
[Girl] "I told everyone about it: Download my app, it's on the App store."
[Programmer/Designer] "I think the more people can learn how to code and to build apps, the more problems can be solved."
[Middle-eastern man] "I feel I am creating stuff that can actually change the way how people live."
platform  politics  power  mindset  education  code  programming  processing  solutionism  apple  appstore  swift 
june 2016 by gohai
Jury Instruction -- Oracle v. Google
"Even though a computer program performs functions and has functional elements, the structure, sequence, and organization of a computer program may be (or may not be) highly creative. When there are many possible ways to structure, sequence, and organize a program,the particular way chosen for a copyrighted program and individual lines of declaring code may be (or may not be) highly creative. On the other hand, when the declaring code and thestructure, sequence, and organization are dictated by functional considerations such asefficiency, compatibility, or industry standards, then less creativity is indicated and the corevalues of copyright protection are less implicated."
code  programming  creativity  oracle  google  java  court  law 
may 2016 by gohai
dspinellis/unix-history-repo: Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until today
Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until today (..) The goal of this project is to create a git repository representing the Unix source code history, starting from the 1970s and ending in the modern time. To fulfill this goal the project brings data from early snapshots, repositories, and primary research. The project aims to put in the repository as much metadata as possible, allowing the automated analysis of Unix history.
unix  history  code  blame  belllabs  heritage 
may 2016 by gohai
Mindy Seu on Instagram: “Coding from life in yesterday's class”
@mindyseu Coding from life in yesterday's class @mindyseu Adapted from an exercise by @roombaghost
teaching  code  drawing 
february 2016 by gohai
Exe.cut(up)able statements (2011)
"Das Buch untersucht eine Literatur der Sprachalgorithmik und -kalküle, die keinesfalls erst mit elektronischen Computern beginnt, sondern ihre Ursprünge in Sprachmagie und pythagoräischer Mathematik hat, bereits in der Frühneuzeit eine spekulative Blüte erlebt und sich in Cut-ups, aleatorischen, stochastischen und rekursiven Texte des 20. Jahrhunderts sowie in den Internet-Künsten fortschreibt. Kalküle, so zeigt sich, sind wie Laute und Schriftzeichen eine Dimension aller Sprache und Literatur – auf die sich höchst widersprüchliche, utopische und dystopische Poetiken des Texts gründen, der sich selbst schreibt. Nicht nur poetische Formeln, Generatoren und Codes sind Gegenstand dieses Buchs, sondern auch die Imaginationen und Phantasmen, die auf sie projiziert und, vom Wortwechselvers bis zum Computervirus, nicht bloß beschrieben werden, sondern sich an der Schrift vollziehen."
fcramer  book  software  code  execution  language  literature 
february 2016 by gohai
Surviving on your art in Berlin – James Hudson (St. Vito Experience) |
"Herds of middle-class kids, like me, flock here to live out their bohemian artist fantasies. (..) I’m a freelance software developer, and I’ve been surviving in Berlin for the last 3 years, working on different art projects. (..) I get by off the crumbs that are too small for the big players: working with small creative businesses and technology artists. I find this work more interesting, plus I get to say no to projects which don’t sound worthwhile or fun. I code while my co-workers are putting on stage makeup, and have gallery exhibitions with my code."
mediaart  art  code  berlin  anneroquigny  martineneddam  browserbased  labor 
december 2015 by gohai
Biased and Inefficient - NZ Flag Referendum pseudorandom numbers
"The counting process for the NZ Flag Referendum needs some way to break ties. The Act defines a way to generate pseudo-random numbers (Schedule 4, clauses 14 to 22).  Anyone in computational statistics who reads this will recognise some of the magic numbers; for the rest of you, here’s what’s going on."
law  code  prng  random  randomness  voting  tie 
september 2015 by gohai
Music from very short programs - the 3rd iteration - YouTube
music  code  c  demoscene  dsp 
april 2015 by gohai
"Gesetze sind Prosa, sie enthalten keine maschinenlesbare Semantik. Eine Auszeichnungssprache wie XML verringert die Menschenlesbarkeit, erschwert die maschinelle Erkennung von Unterschieden und beinhaltet viel überflüssige Syntax. Markdown ist eine intuitive Formatierung von Text, die ohne zusätzliche Programme für Menschen les- und schreibbar ist. Das passt zu Gesetzestexten, die nur minimale Formatierung benötigen. Weiterhin lässt sich Markdown in andere Formate wie HTML konvertieren und ist damit maschinen-formatierbar."
github  text  law  code  markdown 
april 2015 by gohai
Pete Shelley - XL1. Album tracks with original ZX Spectrum visuals, 1983. - YouTube
"Music and Lyrics © Pete Shelley. ZX Spectrum programming by Joey Headen."
sinclair  spectrum  vinyl  cdrom  music  visualization  code 
march 2015 by gohai
Sans Bullshit Sans — Leveraging the synergy of ligatures
The font that replaces every buzzword by a Comic Sans-styled censorship bar
ttf  code  ligatures  fonts  critique  language  censorship  selfcensorship  bullshit 
march 2015 by gohai
IATA code
IATA meal codes: CAKE - Birthday Cake (on SAS) / CLML - Celebration Cake Meal / RFML - Refugee Meal (on United Airlines) / SFML - Seafood Meal
aviation  code  food  iata  airplane 
october 2014 by gohai
"Rdis, the Rainbowsandpwnies DISassembler, is a binary analysis tool under development by rainbowsandpwnies."
disassembler  code  try 
april 2013 by gohai
Adobe Photoshop Source Code
"With the permission of Adobe Systems Inc., the Computer History Museum is pleased to make available, for non-commercial use, the source code to the 1990 version 1.0.1 of Photoshop. All the code is here with the exception of the MacApp applications library that was licensed from Apple. There are 179 files in the zipped folder, comprising about 128,000 lines of mostly uncommented but well-structured code. By line count, about 75% of the code is in Pascal, about 15% is in 68000 assembler language, and the rest is data of various sorts."
photoshop  software  code  archaeology 
february 2013 by gohai
How do we read code? - Eric Holk
"I recently got to participate in a psychological experiment for programmers. A friend of mine, Mike Hansen, is doing research on how people comprehend programs. (..) Mike is currently running an experiment where he shows people several short Python programs and asks them to tell the output of the program. The test subject is sitting in front of an eye tracker, so afterwards Mike can see where you were looking at various times during the experiment."
eyetracker  tracking  eye  gaze  literacy  code 
december 2012 by gohai
Tridge's junk code
"This is a collection of bits of code that I have written over the years but that hasn't ever been released as a full project. There are lots of bits and pieces in here that I'm sure will be useful to someone. The reason I call this 'junkcode' is that I have no plans to properly document, package or support this code. If you find it useful then that's great, but I already have enough free software projects to keep me busy so I won't be spending a lot of time on this stuff."
hacking  tridge  junkcode  code 
december 2012 by gohai
Sean Barrett
"Born August 5, Washington D.C.
Lived in Maryland for following eighteen years
Graduated from St. Anselm's Abbey School, a private Catholic boy's school run by Benedictine monks
Went to Harvey Mudd College in Claremont California for one year.
Moved back to Maryland"
hacking  junkcode  code  seanbarrett  c  hacker 
april 2012 by gohai
Metaprogramming for madmen « The ryg blog
"Lekktor was to take the program and instrument it with detailed code coverage tracking. Then, in a second pass, it would take the code coverage information gathered in the first pass and eliminate all the paths that were never taken. Since all the content generation is deterministic and happens at the start of the program, you’d just need to launch the game once in instrumented mode, take the dumped coverage information, then run lekktor again to write the “dead-stripped” source files and recompile."
obscure  size  code  optimization  programming  demoscene 
april 2012 by gohai
illucia: a modular codebending instrument on Vimeo
"Codebending is the exploration of software with "patch points." Patch points expose the inner workings of computer programs, and allow for atypical connections between things like games, music making software, office suites, etc."
codebending  code  software  instrument 
may 2011 by gohai
Charles & Ray Eames: The Information Machine (1958)
"But there were men whose wishes (..) had a habit of coming true. These men and women were artists and had certain characteristics in common: The were seldom bored with anything, they were constantly building up stores of information in active memory banks. (..)
As a function of design, the calculator provides creative men a higher platform upon which to stand and from which to work. Data processing removes the drudgery but enforces new and broad responsibilities. The designer must be able to state precisely what it is he needs to know. This is not always so easy. He must formulate a general plan of procedure. This plan or program takes the greater part of all the time involved. He must write a concise step-by-step list of instructions, translate it into a digestible code and feed it to the computer. (..) The preparation may have taken months, the actual calculation hours or even minutes - but once set up, it can attack the problem with infinite variations and trustworthy memory."
artist  speculation  prediction  machine  ibm  computer  history  detour  design  digitalart  feeding  code  punchcard  generative  video 
december 2010 by gohai
SEC Proposes Wall Street Transparency Via Python
"We are proposing that the computer program be filed on EDGAR in the form of downloadable source code in Python. (..) Under the proposed requirement, the filed source code, when downloaded and run by an investor, must provide the user with the ability to programmatically input the user's own assumptions regarding the future performance and cash flows from the pool assets, including but not limited to assumptions about future interest rates, default rates, prepayment speeds, loss-given-default rates, and any other necessary assumptions." (..) The above quotes were pulled from pages 205 and 210 of the dense, 667-page proposal document.
code  language  interesting  finance 
april 2010 by gohai
Cessu's blog: Have You Listened to Your Program Today?
They say listening daily to your spouse improves your relationship. I wonder whether the same applies to programs.
code  sonification 
october 2009 by gohai

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