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The Charley Project: Teresa Marie Barbusca
"Teresa's mother said that her daughter had a rebellious streak and was involved with drugs in 1999. She liked to go to the "2Pac Chat" website."
missing  rebel  1999  2pac  chat  sacramento  charleyproject 
august 2016 by gohai
Chatroulette! random videochats
Chatroulette! is a new videochat site that leaves you with an undeniably WTF feeling. It randomly connects you with another stranger, and there seem to be thousands online. (..) "I played with it for a while last night. I wore a space helmet, so it was a bit hard to see everything clearly through the visor, but mostly it was as you say, college boys, masturbators, college boys masturbating. I did get a few people who were clearly high, and delighted to talk to someone from Outer Space, but mostly I got men who clicked next as soon as they realized I wasn't a hot chick willing to show her tits."
chat  internet  video 
february 2010 by gohai

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