Retail Labor Series – Adjunct Press
Xu Lizhi’s poems emerged amid the media coverage of workers at Chinese tech factories jumping to their deaths—a rash of tragedies whose cause was crystallized in the behemoth company Foxconn’s crass solution of erecting nets. Xu’s poetry gives a voice to workers so exhausted and dehumanized by the conditions of their labor and employment that, rather than continue, they chose to take their own lives. The poems show exhaustion, disappointment, and isolation; but instead of focusing solely on these internal struggles, they point a critical eye at the culture responsible. Xu’s voice is one that shows the struggle of shifting between a sense of disillusionment and one of hope.

Xu Lizhi grew up outside of Jieyang, Guangdong, the third son of farm workers. Xu moved to Shenzhen in 2011, in search of job opportunities unavailable in his rural village. To survive in the city he took work on the assembly line at Foxconn, but repeatedly attempted to find a job at a library or the Central Book Mall to follow his passion. During this time he published dozens of poems in the internal company newspaper, Foxconn People. Xu attempted to leave the factory, quitting his job and moving to to Suzhou, Jiangsu in February, 2014. After a few months, however, Xu returned to Shenzhen and on September 29, 20
shenzhen  foxconn  labor  poem  suicide  jump  zine  electronics  assembly 
Paolo Pedercini on Twitter: "Do we have a name for that "futuristic" design & architectural style that employs unnecessary 45° or 30° corners everywhere? I guess it comes from 2001 and Alien but in I Am Mother it reached a zenith of obnoxiousness. h
"Do we have a name for that "futuristic" design & architectural style that employs unnecessary 45° or 30° corners everywhere?
I guess it comes from 2001 and Alien but in I Am Mother it reached a zenith of obnoxiousness.

Oblique Dysfunctionalism?
Intergalactic Diagonal School?
design  sci-fi  angle  corner  degreess  45  30  tesla  cybertruck  bevel  molleindustria  paolopedericini 
Niklas Roy - WIA < > WIA
"As part of Linz' European Capital of Culture Program, Ars Electronica made an exhibition called 80+1 – A Journey around the World.
Part of this show was “WIA < > WIA”, short for “Water in Austria < > Water in Africa“, an artwork which was made by an African artist, called “Melissa Fatoumata Touré”.

The installation consisted of a public toilet in the exhibition space, which was hooked up via the Internet to an African village’s well. Data of the amount of water that was pumped at this particular well was sent to the exhibition space in realtime. The flush of the toilet in the exhibition space was provided with exactly the same amount of water, as there was pumped at the well in Africa. (..)

The artist Melissa Fatoumata Touré and the entire project were fake. I invented them without the knowing of Ars Electronica. Weeks after the exhibition opening and more than half a year after I first contacted Ars Electronica as Melissa Fatoumata Touré, doubts about the real character of the artwork raised on the side of the organizers and eventually, Ars Electronica’s investigations revealed the true background of the work."
arselectronica  prank  africa  toilet  water  mediaart  niklasroy  kylemcdonald  royrobotiks 
Peyman Milanfar on Twitter: "It’s been 20 years since I submitted my first paper with Nhat Nguyen and the late great Gene Golub on multi-frame super-res (SR). Here’s a thread, a personal story of SR as I’ve experienced it. It won’t be exhaustive o
It’s been 20 years since I submitted my first paper with Nhat Nguyen and the late great Gene Golub on multi-frame super-res (SR). Here’s a thread, a personal story of SR as I’ve experienced it.
superresolution  cs 
Devuan, April Fools, and self-destruction [LWN.net]
An April Fools joke that went sour seems to be at least the proximate cause for a rather large upheaval in the Devuan community. For much of April 1 (or March 31 depending on time zone), the Devuan web site looked like it had been taken over by attackers, which was worrisome to many, but it was all a prank. The joke was clever, way over the top, unprofessional, or some combination of those, depending on who is describing it, but the incident and the threads on the devuan-dev mailing list have led to rancor, resignations, calls for resignations, and more.
devuan  jaromil  linux  distribution  fork  community 
24 days ago
Thea Flowers - Creating a Sega-Inspired Hardware Synthesizer from the Ground Up - YouTube
to it so there's actually a file format
for that called vgm and vgm is sort of
that digitized sheet music I mentioned
earlier it is a recording of the the
address and data buses from the Genesis
CPU when it's talking to the ym 26:12 so
all the microcontroller has to do is
play that back it looks like this it's
just a series of bytes like this that
say right to the yn 26:12 right at this
address I write this value cool
hackaday  supercon  synthesizer  retrocomputing  music  fileformat  ic  sega  genesys  hardware 
24 days ago
Mike Harrison - Everything I’ve Learnt About LEDs - YouTube
often monochrome, preferably white - if color usually RGBW, not RGB (RGB never subtle)
RGB to RGBW conversion
eyes are not linear (brightness), thus gamma correction (LED power = intensity value ^ y, y e.g. 2)
dimming via PWM, thus always the same current
PWM frequency too low: flicker (e.g. on cameras), too high: audible artifacts (250Hz often good)
switchmode power supply frequency might cause problems, though (beating)
Binary coded modulation and shift-registers to control large amounts of LEDs
Osram Duris E3 LED nice
Multi-LED strings can be driven with a higher voltage than what the LED driver is rated at, because of voltage drop
Texas TLC5971 favorite LED drive
MeanWell HLG PSU (potted in an aluminum extrusion, no fan, works great)
hackaday  supercon  electronics  led  installation  howto  power  psu  logetivity  lightning  light  color 
24 days ago
Trump’s pee tape: analyzing an incredibly convincing fake.
Someone made this video and most likely recorded it in a hotel room that costs about $18,000 a night.
trump  fake  tape 
5 weeks ago
Did Boris Johnson Ramble About Model Buses to Manipulate Google's Search Results?
"Johnson has been giving lots of interviews lately, including one with Britain’s TalkRadio, where Johnson rambled on about how he enjoys making model buses. It was.... weird.

The interview didn’t make much sense at all, but there might be a rational explanation for Johnson’s bizarre interview. Some people believe he may have been trying to game Google’s search results. (..)

Now, there are some online, including internet marketing company Parallax, who believe that Johnson’s strange bus story was an attempt to change the Google search results people receive when they look for something like “Boris Johnson bus.”"
borisjohnson  uk  politics  bus  brexit  google  search  manipulation  seo 
5 weeks ago
The Single Most Important Internal Email in the History of Amazon
In the article, Yegge (again, read it if you haven’t yet) describes an internal Email Jeff Bezos sent to the 150-odd Amazon employees. Quoting Yegge’s post, the email was along these lines:

"1) All teams will henceforth expose their data and functionality through service interfaces.
2) Teams must communicate with each other through these interfaces.
3) There will be no other form of interprocess communication allowed: no direct linking, no direct reads of another team’s data store, no shared-memory model, no back-doors whatsoever. The only communication allowed is via service interface calls over the network.
4) It doesn’t matter what technology they use. HTTP, Corba, Pubsub, custom protocols — doesn’t matter. Bezos doesn’t care.
5) All service interfaces, without exception, must be designed from the ground up to be externalizable. That is to say, the team must plan and design to be able to expose the interface to developers in the outside world. No exceptions.
6) Anyone who doesn’t do this will be fired.
7) Thank you; have a nice day!"
amazon  aws  service  saas  interface  management  modularity  cloudcomputing  2002  jeffbezos 
5 weeks ago
Bill Barr Went to Rome to Hear a Secret Tape From Joseph Mifsud, the Prof Who Helped Ignite the Russia Probe
"Barr was in Rome on an under-the-radar mission that was only planned a few days in advance. An official with the embassy confirmed to The Daily Beast that they had to scramble to accommodate Barr’s sudden arrival. (..)

The Daily Beast has learned that Barr and Durham were especially interested in what the Italian secret service knew about Joseph Mifsud, the erstwhile professor from Malta who had allegedly promised then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign aide George Papadopoulos he could deliver Russian “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. The Italian justice ministry’s public records show that Mifsud had applied for police protection in Italy after disappearing from Link University, where he worked and, in doing so, had given a taped deposition to explain just why people might want to harm him.

A source in the Italian Ministry of Justice, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told The Daily Beast that Barr and Durham were played the tape. A second source within the Italian government also confirmed to The Daily Beast that Barr and Durham were shown other evidence the Italians had on Mifsud.

Ever since Robert Mueller concluded his probe in March 2019, Barr has worked to blunt its impact—and investigate the investigators behind it."
us  billbarr  mueller  politics  rome  intelligence 
5 weeks ago
Watch Tucker Carlson's Unhinged Rant About Eating Buttigieg Like a 'Hearty Stew' - VICE
"[Democrats] don't just want to vote for this guy. They want to consume him, like a hearty stew," Carlson says, unblinking, the words spilling from his mouth in some kind low, guttural growl. "Every last drop of Buttigieg. Yum. [They're all in.]"
us  politics  foxnews  homoerotic  tuckercarlson  buttigieg 
5 weeks ago
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Wikipedia
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is a labor union that represents nearly 750,000 workers and retirees[1] in the electrical industry in the United States, Canada,[3] Panama,[4] Guam,[5][6] and several Caribbean island nations; particularly electricians, or inside wiremen, in the construction industry and lineworkers and other employees of public utilities. The union also represents some workers in the computer, telecommunications, broadcasting, and other fields related to electrical work.
union  electrical  workers  brotherhood  labor  industry 
5 weeks ago
Rats taught to drive tiny cars to lower their stress levels - BBC News
"Researchers at the University of Richmond in the US taught a group of 17 rats how to drive little plastic cars, in exchange for bits of cereal.

Study lead Dr Kelly Lambert said the rats felt more relaxed during the task, a finding that could help with the development of non-pharmaceutical treatments for mental illness."
car  driving  la  mentalhealth  rats  study  stress 
5 weeks ago
IWF - Nearly Half U.S. Homeless Live in One State: California
"All told, 47% of all unsheltered homeless people nationwide — meaning those who sleep in areas not meant for habitation, such as sidewalks, parks, cars and abandoned buildings, rather than in shelters — live in the Golden State, according to a new report on homelessness from the White House Council of Economic Advisers."
homeless  california  us 
5 weeks ago
The Ever-Present Glow of LED Greenhouses Documented by Aerial Photographer Tom Hegen | Colossal
German photographer Tom Hegen, who specializes in aerial photography, recently traveled to the Netherlands to document the country’s LED greenhouses.
netherlands  farming  greenhouse  led  light  color  photography 
5 weeks ago
Fefes Blog
"And if Amazon takes over the packing and shipping, according to some interpretations of Jewish law, owners can operate their businesses through the Sabbath and on holidays like Rosh Hashana and the Sukkot festival without violating the proscription against working on sacred days.
Amazon also provides men who at certain ages spend a good deal of their day studying the Talmud and praying and women who tend to the seven or eight children common in Hasidic families the flexibility to become full-time and successful merchants."
amazon  nyc  nyt  jewish  merchant  sabbath  commerce 
8 weeks ago
Daniel Gross on Twitter: "FedEx keeps 5 empty planes in the air, “just in case”: https://t.co/tXHhhb3FA0 https://t.co/dBNIg33cvd" / Twitter
"Besides Las Vegas, the flying spares leaves from Duluth, Minn.; Laredo, Texas; Fort Myers, Fla.; and Portland, Maine. All take circuitous paths to Memphis, passing near major cities like Dallas, Denver and St. Louis.

On a typical night, one of the five makes an unexpected stop to collect an overflow of packages, one lands to bail out a plane needing repair, and three arrive in Memphis as empty as they were when they took off."
us  commerce  transport  logistics  fedex  airplane  shipping 
11 weeks ago
eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar's Second Life Avatar: 'Kitto Mandala' - Business Insider
But buried in the profile was the fact that Omidyar spent years living as a recluse, interacting with his business contacts using the virtual online world Second Life.

He has an avatar named Kitto Mandala — a tall, tattooed black man with no hair.
secondlife  ebay 
11 weeks ago
Michael Connor on Twitter: "I show my students Negroponte’s robot-controlled mouse maze from 1970 as a symbol of sinister, American-style militarized cybernetics. Always gratifying when bad people also make bad art https://t.co/w8HK35bycL" / Twitter
"I show my students Negroponte’s robot-controlled mouse maze from 1970 as a symbol of sinister, American-style militarized cybernetics. Always gratifying when bad people also make bad art"
art  mit  mouse  maze  cybernetics  1970  negroponte 
12 weeks ago
Fake News aus dem Universum? | Telepolis
""Allein von verschmelzenden Neutronensternen erwartete man für die nun laufenden Messperiode O3 bis 2020 Dutzende von Ereignissen. Die Detektion wurde automatisiert, so dass die Koordinaten jedes Gravitationswellensignals in einem sogenannten Alert sofort an andere Teleskope weitergegeben werden, die dann an dieser Position suchen.

Seit zwei Monaten ist nun dieses neue "Fenster zum Universum" im Betrieb und findet - nichts. Zwar gab es nicht wenige Alerts von LIGO/VIRGO, aber kein einziges Signal, welches die großen terrestrischen oder die Weltraumteleskope hätten bestätigen können. (..)

Wie man auch immer diese Vorgänge bewertet, es bleibt die Tatsache, dass nach weiteren drei Betriebsjahren und inzwischen dreifacher Sensitivität der Detektoren GW150914 immer noch das stärkste Signal von allen ist. Ein Zufall, der jeden Tag merkwürdiger wird. (..)

Für viele beruht daher die stärkste Evidenz für Gravitationswellen auf dem Signal GW170817 vom August 2017, das von LIGO entdeckt worden war und dann von den Gammastrahlen/Gammablitz-Teleskopen Fermi (NASA) und Integral (ESA, aber mit sehr schwachem Signal) bestätigt wurden - so jedenfalls wurde es auf der Pressekonferenz dargestellt.

In Wahrheit war es jedoch umgekehrt: Fermi hatte zuerst die Benachrichtigungsmail gesendet und LIGO benötigte ganze vier Stunden, um eine "Vorhersage" der Himmelsposition zu machen - welche mit den bereits bekannten Koordinaten übereinstimmte. Der falsche Eindruck, LIGO seien die ersten gewesen, entstand lediglich dadurch, dass nach einer expliziten Bitte durch LIGO die Betreffzeile der Alert-Mail modifiziert worden war (s. Bild)."
science  ligo  gravitation  waves  caltech 
12 weeks ago
Orthodox Jews Are Selling Big On Amazon
"Yisroel has missed a lot — blogging, Napster, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter. Like many other Orthodox Jewish men, most of his education was spent studying the Torah and Talmudic law. “I never went to business school or college — I barely finished high school,” the 46-year-old told BuzzFeed News. “I didn’t know how to turn on a computer until I was 35.” Which makes him an unlikely founder of a multi-million dollar Amazon business. (..)

The company’s third-party sellers make up 58% of all sales on the site. But there’s an estimate passed around third-party Amazon consultants that claims 7% of all Amazon third-party sales originate from a single zip code in Brooklyn, and that Orthodox Jewish–owned businesses make up 15% of marketplace sellers. Amazon declined to comment on both numbers. But sources told BuzzFeed News the company is well aware of this particular community, and Amazon seemed to nod to that in a statement to BuzzFeed News. “Brooklyn is home to many impressive independent retailers selling on Amazon,” it said."
brooklyn  amazon  fbi  jewish  business 
12 weeks ago
File:Telefontornet6838150900.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
"The "Telphone Tower" in Stockholm. This was one of the main telephone junctions in Stockholm between 1887-1913. About 5000 telephone lines where connected here. After that the tower remained as landmark until 1953 when it was torn down as a result of a fire."
tower  stockholm  communication  telephone  hub  switch  cables  architecture  infrastructure 
12 weeks ago
Attempto Controlled English - Wikipedia
"Attempto Controlled English (ACE) is a controlled natural language, i.e. a subset of standard English with a restricted syntax and restricted semantics described by a small set of construction and interpretation rules. It has been under development at the University of Zurich since 1995. In 2013, ACE version 6.7 was announced. (..)

Here are some simple examples:

Every woman is a human.
A woman is a human.
A man tries-on a new tie. If the tie pleases his wife then the man buys it. (..)

The Attempto Parsing Engine (APE) translates ACE texts unambiguously into discourse representation structures (DRS) that use a variant of the language of first-order logic.[ A DRS can be further translated into other formal languages, for instance AceRules with various semantics, OWL, and SWRL. Translating an ACE text into (a fragment of) first-order logic allows users to reason about the text, for instance to verify, to validate, and to query it."
language  english  formal  discourse  logic 
12 weeks ago
Human speech may have a universal transmission rate: 39 bits per second | Science | AAAS
"Italians are some of the fastest speakers on the planet, chattering at up to nine syllables per second. Many Germans, on the other hand, are slow enunciators, delivering five to six syllables in the same amount of time. Yet in any given minute, Italians and Germans convey roughly the same amount of information, according to a new study. Indeed, no matter how fast or slowly languages are spoken, they tend to transmit information at about the same rate: 39 bits per second, about twice the speed of Morse code. (..)

Scientists started with written texts from 17 languages, including English, Italian, Japanese, and Vietnamese. They calculated the information density of each language in bits—the same unit that describes how quickly your cellphone, laptop, or computer modem transmits information. They found that Japanese, which has only 643 syllables, had an information density of about 5 bits per syllable, whereas English, with its 6949 syllables, had a density of just over 7 bits per syllable. Vietnamese, with its complex system of six tones (each of which can further differentiate a syllable), topped the charts at 8 bits per syllable. (..)

No matter how fast or slow, how simple or complex, each language gravitated toward an average rate of 39.15 bits per second, they report today in Science Advances."
communication  information  shannon  speech  language 
september 2019
Amazon Indien: Plastikverzicht mit Kalkül - news.ORF.at
"Amazon Indien will bei seinen Verpackungen künftig auf Einwegplastik verzichten. Statt mit Plastikkissen und Luftpolsterfolie sollen Gegenstände mit Polsterung aus Papier geschützt werden, teilte der Konzern mit. Erst letzte Woche machte Konkurrent Flipkart einen ähnlichen Vorstoß; auch die indische Regierung sagte dem Plastik den Kampf an. In Europa sorgte Amazon zuletzt aber mit einem gegensätzlichen Vorstoß für Wirbel. (..)

Für Wirbel sorgte das Unternehmen zuletzt aber mit einem gegensätzlichen Vorstoß in Großbritannien und den USA. Im Vereinigten Königreich wurden neue Verpackungen eingeführt, die dort nicht recycelt werden können. Die leichten Plastikverpackungen dienen offenbar dazu, mehr Päckchen in einen Lieferwagen packen zu können, schrieb der „Guardian“.

Auch die „Washington Post“ berichtete im Februar davon, dass die Plastikverpackungen Anlagen von Recycling-Betrieben in den USA überfüllen und blockieren würden. Interessant seien die leichten Verpackungen für Amazon außerdem, so die Zeitung, weil dadurch Lieferfahrten eingespart und so auch die Klimabilanz des Unternehmens aufgebessert werden könne."
amazon  packaging  india  plastic  aircushion  footprint  weight 
september 2019
Hurricane Dorian: 'Waffle House Index' put to test during disasters
"Waffle House restaurants are often used to gauge the magnitude of disasters in the Southeast: If a store is open, your community has been spared. If the store is open but has a limited menu, you've probably gotten some damage. If the store is completely closed, you’re in a disaster zone."
us  disaster  waffle  restaurant  hurricane  florida 
september 2019
The Modern Home Project - YouTube
Surveyor site-drawings
Shipping containers ("40-foot high cube", one trip condition, $4800)
700 square foot minimum for houses
Flatten the site with a rented CAT D4 bulldozer and operator (two days, $500/day)
Digging for monolithic slabs using Backhoe ($400/day)
Rebar for foundation
General process: site survey ($4000), architectural design ($5000), structural engineering ($7500), construction documents (+$2700 school tax fees, $800 title 24 energy report, dept. of fish and game, construction waste plan, percolation study and septic design $1800, CA green building standards), package submitted to building department
Concrete: 45 yards of 2500 psi concrete, $6000
joshuatree  desert  container  house  permitting  cost 
september 2019
Judson College - Posts

MTV is looking for couples for a new documentary series!



Please send submissions to:
castingcouples@wyldsidemedia.com or just message me!
culture  us  media  tv  liberal  mtv  immigration  trump  greencard  marriage  wtf  realitytv 
september 2019
Does DIY mean anything? - a DIY attempt (= essay)
"My work as a reader at an art school involves the introduction of practices from both [academic humanities] and [zines, printmaking, Mail Art, DIY music publishing etc] into an institution that traditionally stood somewhere in between these two, but has always been grounded on the idea of a professional-institutional arts practice. The basis of that practice has become fragile and up for renegotiation in times where public institutions are being dismantled, infrastructures privatized and professions deprofessionalized, and where DIY production and sharing conversely has been appropriated as the business model of Internet platforms. In neoliberalism and other systems with fragile institutions and infrastructures, “DIY” has become the norm. As early as in 1986, the British cultural studies scholar Stuart Hall described this as “what Thatcherism regards as the new, vital forces of capitalism: the small businessmen, the do-it-yourself conveyancers” (Stuart Hall, No Light at the End of the Tunnel, Marxism Today, December 1986, 15).
As a result, DIY experience has often become cultural capital for those moving from classical DIY organization into institutions or companies. (..)

Maciunas financed [Fluxus festival] through his day job as a graphic designer for the U.S. Army (..)

Imagine a future scenario in which all printed matters will be DIY products because all mass media have become electronic. Then Maciunas’ anti-art politics wouldn’t have worked. Publishing artists’ books and multiples would not be a means of radically rethinking and democratizing the art market, but of contributing to a culture of craftiness and exclusivity. This is what factually happened to artist-made books today, as they are shown at the NY Art Book Fair and elsewhere, including the Fluxus booklets and multiples that have become collector’s items; a development anticipated in the 19th century when the socialist Arts and Crafts movements advocated hand-made goods for the masses against industrial capitalism, but ended up making luxury items for the few. DIY, in other words, has an inherent Arts and Crafts trap, next to the Facebook, Instagram, Google and Airbnb trap of participation platform capitalism (..)

However, if Arts and Crafts’ ambitions would have been realized, or if one does not merely consider industrialized cultures and societies, then the following is true: wherever things are always self-made, the term do-it-yourself makes no sense, since it no longer describes a difference. Conversely, it makes no sense to call the making of things in pre-, non- or weakly industrialized eras and areas “DIY” unless one simply views them through the lens of industrialization. Self-organization in areas lacking infrastructures and institutions is only “DIY” when one takes the existence of such infrastructures and institutions for granted.
DIY thus only exists through its other: an industrial economy. It can only be identified through an industrial-colonial gaze. (..)

DIY is a survivalist strategy, both in the sense of emotional survival (such as in queer and people of color communities and self-help zines) and physical survival. The latter is becoming more pronounced in times of impeding ecological catastrophe and collapse of civilization. It unites different political factions, too.
The document Alternatives to the Singularity, collectively written by a network of futurologists in 2011, includes the “Hexayurtularity” as one of its 82 dystopian futurological visions. The Hexayurtularity unites the left and right, digital and non-, post- or anti-digital DIY cultures: “global currency collapse meets DARPA sponsored DIY state regeneration projects led by Scottish Burning Manstyle collapsitarian gurus. Your future made of plywood. Scythe-wielding Afghan poets and wobble bass.” (..)

The Unabomber could be seen as the radicalization, Home Depot as the mainstreaming and commodification of a DIY mythology created in Henry David Thoreau’s 1854 book Walden, an autobiographical account of leaving civilization and living an autonomist life in the woods. Although many other (non-American, non-Western, and older) sources could be pulled into a cultural history of DIY, the name and its associated culture remains American at its core, linked to a history that prominently includes Thoreau and his concept of “civil disobedience” as well as the (often right-wing and Christian-fundamentalist) homesteader movement. (..)

Considering the meaning of the Greek word poeisis, making, DIY amounts to a poetics in the most literal sense. In the 18th century, Western art theory largely abandoned poetics in favor of the newly-coined aesthetics, in an act of shifting the definition of art from making to perception (aisthesis). The expulsion of making from art - that is still very much in place wherever art is defined as conceptual, post-conceptual or more recently “post-contemporary” - conversely opened up a space for DIY as poetics. (..)

The 1960s/70s US-American Whole Earth Catalog marked the convergence of proto-“Maker Culture”, Thoreau-inspired counterculture and DIY superstores. (..)

Craig Saper observed a similar tendency in Fluxus. Starting in 1967, Maciunas tried to convert two Manhattan houses into an artist-run housing project: “George Maciunas’s FluxHouse project functioned like a DIY development corporation, but with cooperative and social capitalists motivations. Maciunas referred to it as entrepreneurial communism, but now the phrase social entrepreneurs describes similar projects like the Kiva or Kickstarter projects.”"
fcramer  diy  culture  art  zines  institution  neoliberal  fluxus  macunias  artsandcraft  luxury  design  industrialization  anti  thoreau  homedepot  autonomy  homestead  poesis  poetics  aisthesis  aesthetics  making  wholeearthcatalog  siliconvalley 
september 2019
Planet Releases OpenLST, an Open Radio Solution
CC1110 Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU with up to 32 kB Flash memory
RFFM6403 405 - 475 MHz, 2.5 - 4.2V, 1 Watt, ISM Band Transmit / Receive Module
satellites  cubesat  radio  uhf  planetlab  opensource 
september 2019
204 – Earth Observation at Planet Labs | omega tau science & engineering podcast
ex-Phonesat team
Ionosphere protects the consumer electronics in their orbirts
the use controlled drag (solar panels) to spread out the satellites in space
Persistent imaging
bought RapidEye (German-Canadian competitor, HQ in Berlin)
combine GeoTIFF images together to maps, picking the best pixels
calculating plant health (Berlin)
counting cars in parking lots
finding tree groups too close to power lines
real estate - who is building what, where
finding modifications to houses (pools), for tax purposes
in the military they call it consequence-driven remote sensing, because - usually - they see something and they bomb it
deployed from the ISS
all data of California available for free
planetlabs  satellites  imaging  space  sanfrancisco 
september 2019
Are the arts at the center of software’s evolution?
"In his new book, The Software Arts, UC Santa Cruz professor Warren Sack presents an alternative history of computing that puts the arts at the center of software’s evolution.

Tracing the origins of software back to the step-by-step instructions of how things were created in the workshops of 18th-century artists and artisans, he illustrates how today’s programming languages are the upshot of past efforts to describe the mechanical arts in the language of the liberal arts.

As a result, Sack views his book as an invitation to artists and humanists to see how their ideas are at the very root of software, as well as an invitation to computer scientists to envision themselves as artists and humanists."
book  software  art  warrensack  ucsc 
september 2019
Betriebspension: Ruf nach Garantieleistung statt Minus - news.ORF.at
"Für die AK stand am Sonntag jedenfalls fest: „Wer eine Firmenpension bezieht, muss sich auf eine stabile Auszahlung verlassen können.“ Daher brauche es „wieder eine gesetzliche Mindestertragsgarantie“, forderte der Präsident der AK Oberösterreich, Johann Kalliauer in der Aussendung. (..)

Einen einzelnen, besonders prekären Fall schilderten auch die AK bzw. der PEKABE. Die Kürzungen betrugen in manchen Fällen in Summe bereits über 50 Prozent. Eine Pensionistin, die im Jahr 2000 mit 376 Euro zusätzlich in Pension gegangen sei, habe bisher keine einzige Valorisierung erhalten, dafür sei ihr die Pension ganze zwölfmal gekürzt worden. Ihre aktuelle Betriebspension betrage folglich nur noch 154 Euro, was einem Minus von 59 Prozent entspreche. (..)

Daher muss die gesetzliche Mindestertragsgarantie wiedereingeführt werden“, forderte Kalliauer. „Das ist eine Frage der Gerechtigkeit, nicht zuletzt weil die Firmenpensionen der Pensionskassen auch steuerlich gefördert sind.“ Aktuell seien die Betriebspensionen „ein brüchiges Zusatzmodell der Altersvorsorge“, resümierte die AK.

Gegenwärtig zählen die Pensionskassen über 947.000 Berechtigte, etwa 105.000 davon beziehen bereits eine Firmenpension."
austria  pension  liberal  investment 
august 2019
combination meter repair - DIY | Page 4 | PriusChat
"From Post #3 the regulator chip is an Infineon TLE4278G 5V Low Drop Fixed Voltage Regulator. Link
From Post #46 the upgraded 16V 220uF Cap that Toyota is using is a Nichicon UUD series. Link (Thank you Ben Edwards)
From Post #34 the other 2 Caps are 35V 10uF and 330uF, you can choose which ever brand you like but we use Panasonics.
10uF Link. 330uF Link."
prius  repair  diy  capacitor 
august 2019
Jason Stirman on Twitter: "My first hardware + software project! Coded and designed to sit on my desk and remind me to enjoy the journey, regardless of the goal. Built with #Processing, on a #RaspberryPi. Inspired by @shiffman and @thecodingtrain's video
"Jason Stirman
Product R&D at Facebook. Previously CEO of Lucid (http://getlucid.com). Ex Twitter and Medium.

My first hardware + software project! Coded and designed to sit on my desk and remind me to enjoy the journey, regardless of the goal.

Built with #Processing, on a #RaspberryPi. Inspired by @shiffman and @thecodingtrain's video tutorial on perlin noise."
processing  arm  raspberrypi 
august 2019
Evgeny Morozov on Twitter: "Since the Kochs and the Media Lab are both in the news, here is something for your delight: Nicholas Negroponte (in charge of the precursor to the Media Lab at the time) thanking the Koch Trust in his Soft Architecture Machines
Since the Kochs and the Media Lab are both in the news, here is something for your delight: Nicholas Negroponte (in charge of the precursor to the Media Lab at the time) thanking the Koch Trust in his Soft Architecture Machines.
mit  medialab  nicholasnegroponte  koch  conservative 
august 2019
Evgeny Morozov on Twitter: "Only in America could someone like Joi Ito head a major academic institute (MIT Media Lab), sit on three major boards (NYT, MacArthur, Knight) *all WHILE running a private investment business* AND get away with being completely
Only in America could someone like Joi Ito head a major academic institute (MIT Media Lab), sit on three major boards (NYT, MacArthur, Knight) *all WHILE running a private investment business* AND get away with being completely untransparent about it, even after Epstein.
mit  medialab  joiito  macarthur  knightfoundation  epstein  evgenymorozov 
august 2019
AI pioneer Marvin Minsky accused of sex with Epstein trafficking victim - The Verge
"A victim of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein testified that she was forced to have sex with MIT professor Marvin Minsky, as revealed in a newly unsealed deposition. Epstein was registered as a sex offender in 2008 as part of a controversial plea deal. (..)

A separate witness lent credence to Giuffre’s account, testifying that she and Minsky had taken a private plane from Teterboro to Santa Fe and Palm Beach in March 2001. Epstein, Maxwell, chef Adam Perry Lang, and shipping heir Henry Jarecki were also passengers on the flight, according to the deposition. At the time of the flight, Giuffre was 17; Minsky was 73."
mit  marvinminsky  epstein  sex 
august 2019
EyesOnDC 🇺🇸🌟🌟🌟 on Twitter: "@evgenymorozov These photos are from the https://t.co/1o1qb2eSPa 'Billionaires Dinner' in 2000. Note that among the attendees are Jeffrey Epstein and Nicholas Negroponte who was head of the MIT Media Lab at that
These photos are from the http://Edge.com 'Billionaires Dinner'
in 2000. Note that among the attendees are Jeffrey Epstein and Nicholas Negroponte who was head of the MIT Media Lab at that time. The picture of Marvin Minsky is from the 2001 dinner.

Interesting group.
epstein  mit  medialab  marvinminsky  nicholasnegroponte 
august 2019
Evgeny Morozov on Twitter: "Something in the New York Times story but also in Joi Ito's post doesn't add up: here is a 2005 dissertation which explicitly names &amp; thanks Epstein as a sponsor of the Media Lab. Clearly, it was way before Ito's tenure tha
Something in the New York Times story but also in Joi Ito's post doesn't add up: here is a 2005 dissertation which explicitly names & thanks Epstein as a sponsor of the Media Lab. Clearly, it was way before Ito's tenure that he got involved
epstein  mit  medialab  evgenymorozov 
august 2019
MIT's Joi Ito on Work with Jeff Epstein: "I Am Terribly Sorry"
"As that community is coming to terms with its ties to the accused pedophile, who was found dead in a Manhattan jail cell on August 10, MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito is asking for forgiveness. Writing in an open letter on his department’s website, Ito acknowledged the prestigious research center’s ties to Epstein, who was a frequent guest and made several donations to the lab.

In his letter, Ito says that beginning in 2013, he led Epstein on tours of the MIT facility, and that Ito visited Epstein at “several of his residences”—he did not say which—in an effort to court donations from the billionaire, who was known to give generously to scientific causes. Epstein had been designated a level three sex offender since his controversial 2008 guilty plea for soliciting a minor for prostitution. (..)

Ito, who has led the Media Lab since 2011, also acknowledged that Epstein gave money to funds that Ito controls and uses to invest in startup companies."
epstein  joiito  medialab  mit 
august 2019
ODDLAUG Sound absorbing panel - IKEA
Ear-relief for open spaces in the home, where there’s lots of activity. This panel absorbs annoying sounds from chitter-chatter, the clattering of pots and pans in the kitchen or the action picture on TV.

[introduced summer 2019]
ikea  sound  noise  absorbing  architecture  room 
august 2019
Rebecca (raccoon) - Wikipedia
"Rebecca was a raccoon kept as a pet by US president Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace Coolidge.

Rebecca came from Mississippi. She had been sent to the White House to be served for the 1926 Thanksgiving dinner, but the Coolidges decided to keep her as a pet instead. For Christmas, an embroidered collar was made for her, inscribed with the title: "White House Raccoon". She enjoyed participating in the annual White House Easter egg roll. (..)

At times, she could be mischievous, known to unscrew lightbulbs, open cabinets and unpot houseplants.

As First Lady Grace wrote:

"We had a house made for her in one of the large trees, with a wire fence built around it for protection. We kept her chained when out of doors, but in the house she had her liberty. She was a mischievous, inquisitive party and we had to keep watch of her when she was in the house. She enjoyed nothing better than being placed in a bathtub with a little water in it and given a cake of soap with which to play. In this fashion she would amuse herself for an hour or more." (..)

In preparation for leaving the White House at the end of the president's term in 1929, the Coolidges donated Rebecca to the zoological quarters in Rock Creek Park (now the National Zoo) in Washington DC."
raccoon  pet 
august 2019
Raccoon - Wikipedia
"In Germany—where the raccoon is called the Waschbär (literally, "wash-bear" or "washing bear") due to its habit of "dousing" food in water—two pairs of pet raccoons were released into the German countryside at the Edersee reservoir in the north of Hesse in April 1934 by a forester upon request of their owner, a poultry farmer.[245] He released them two weeks before receiving permission from the Prussian hunting office to "enrich the fauna."[246] Several prior attempts to introduce raccoons in Germany were not successful.[247][248] A second population was established in eastern Germany in 1945 when 25 raccoons escaped from a fur farm at Wolfshagen (today district of Altlandsberg), east of Berlin, after an air strike. (..)

Since the 1960s, Kassel has hosted Europe's first and densest population in a large urban area, with about 50 to 150 animals per square kilometer (130 to 390 animals per square mile), a figure comparable to those of urban habitats in North America. (..)

Among others, the Dakota Sioux believe the raccoon has natural spirit powers, since its mask resembled the facial paintings, two-fingered swashes of black and white, used during rituals to connect to spirit beings. The Aztecs linked supernatural abilities especially to females, whose commitment to their young was associated with the role of wise women in their society. (..)

Their propensity for unruly behavior exceeds that of captive skunks, and they are even less trustworthy when allowed to roam freely. Because of their intelligence and nimble forelimbs, even inexperienced raccoons are easily capable of unscrewing jars, uncorking bottles and opening door latches, with more experienced specimens having been recorded to open door knobs. (..)

Raccoons can become obese and suffer from other disorders due to poor diet and lack of exercise. When fed with cat food over a long time period, raccoons can develop gout. With respect to the research results regarding their social behavior, it is now required by law in Austria and Germany to keep at least two individuals to prevent loneliness. Raccoons are usually kept in a pen (indoor or outdoor), also a legal requirement in Austria and Germany, rather than in the apartment where their natural curiosity may result in damage to property."
raccoon  austria  germany  kassel  face  mask  nativeamericans  hands 
august 2019
The Essential Guide to Understanding Japan's National Mascot Obsession | FluentU Japanese
"There are a handful of ski mascots in Japan, but Reruhi-san may be the most popular. The mascot is based on Theodor Elder von Lerch, an Austrian Major General who went to Japan as “an ambassador to winter leisure sports.” His outfit is somewhere between a snowsuit and an old-fashioned pair of pajamas."
japan  mascot  austria  skiing 
august 2019
Did Oculus Quest Live Up To The Hype? - YouTube
Launch titles: Vader Immortal, Beat Saber, Superhot
Hardware is front heavy (use "VR cover")
First Steps, First Contact, Bogo
Inofficial apps to steam VR content from PC
Sidequest: Crisis Vrigade, Half Life Mod, Tea For God
Oculus Go emulation: Augmented Empire, Costa Combat, Herobound, Oculus Rooms, Oculus Arcade
oculus  vr  oculusquest 
august 2019
The "compostable" bowls at Chipotle, Sweetgreen, and your favorite food hall are made with PFAS | New Food Economy
"According to experts consulted for this story, all molded fiber bowls contain PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, a broad class of more than 4,000 fluorinated compounds that do not biodegrade naturally in the environment. This means that the bowls used at restaurants like Chipotle and Sweetgreen aren’t truly compostable, as has been claimed. Instead, they are likely making compost more toxic"
environment  bowl  food  green  toxic 
august 2019
Kultursubvention für KTM statt für zeitgenössische Kunst - Kulturpolitik der Bundesländer - derStandard.at › Kultur
"Zudem beklagte die Plattform die ungleiche Behandlung gegenüber den landeseigenen Kultureinrichtungen, etwa Landesmusikschulwerk, Landesausstellung oder Kulturquartier, die allesamt deutlich mehr ausgegeben hätten als im Vorhinein veranschlagt. (..)

Auf Twitter stellte die Kupf diverse Vergleiche an: So bekrittelte man etwa, dass die Kraftfahrzeugfirma KTM eine Kultursubvention in der Höhe von 600.000 Euro für eine Ausstellung erhalten hat, während bei nahezu allen Kulturvereinen gekürzt wurde. (..)

KTM hat 2018 einen Reingewinn von 114 Mio € gemacht, und eine Kulturförderung vom Land OÖ iHv 600.000 € erhalten"
austria  culture  art  funding  upperaustria  kupf 
august 2019
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