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Enter the Freud.* « ericwebb.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I want to see three hours of a sister and her ghost brother get at each other like weasels in heat, but only if watching it is like having highlighter ink poured onto my retinas,” then brother do I have a movie for you.

If Tokyo were just one giant laser tag arena.

Gaspar Noe’s “Enter the Void” starts out with all the elements that I like in a movie. An engaging premise (teen gets shot in Japan, watches over his sister’s sad life in an “out-of-body” experience; also drugs), some interesting metaphysical ideas, and visuals that make Inception look like my high school’s production of Our Town.
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february 2012 by gnuygif7
Bike Snob NYC: BSNYC Single Speed Quiz-Taking World Championships!
Samurai quotes Jeebus said...
The comments about the Butlers being rich are hilarious...the Butlers are so deep in debt/shit they can't see straight and managed to rationalize a 1.5 house in a .5 neighborhood. One more tremor in the markets compliments of the Greeks or Italians or Towelheads and they'll be featured in local newspapers about how they're doing living out on the streets. Wealth is relative, many times "rich" people have no money to speak of, just lots of debt. "Rich" people are just people and frequently lead lives of misery and emotional starvation in the midst of all that "wealth".

DECEMBER 4, 2011 7:37 PM
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december 2011 by gnuygif7
Refried beans recipe: a life pursuit | Homesick Texan
This is a typical West Texas vista. Look closely at the ground. Does it bring to mind anything? Do you see it? To me, it has the color and texture of refried beans. So it’s little wonder I love refried beans so much—it reminds me of the rich soil my state rests upon.
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june 2011 by gnuygif7
Final Written Warning: September 2009
Have been putting off blogging for awhile as I really don't have anything relevant to say. I haven't had a bad week. I got a new mobile phone which I have mastered quite quickly and I even know its technical name. The LG KC550. Its OK, it does the business. I wish I could lock my texts as someone recently, lets call him/her Vixen only went and read my texts. I always write sarcastically, and most of the time it is quite harmless but when I am slagging someone off, I really don't want them to see it.
I think that I have become the unwilling participant in a love triangle. I like triangles mostly and have a thing about 3's but I'm not sure I like it. One admirer lets call her Window Licker got my number by subterfuge and when I say subterfuge I give it to her. She told me it was for someone else. The last time I was in a social situation with this person, lets call her....oh I've done that already
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april 2011 by gnuygif7
AllLookSame - China, Japan, Korea: What’s the difference?
We are all racist. Denying it makes the problem worse because we stop questioning our own prejudice, and prejudice is something that creeps out when we least expect it. People like Morrissey don’t think about what racism actually means because they have ruled themselves out of the possibility of being racist. People who are the least self-critical are the most likely to be prejudiced.

What is interesting about Morrissey’s response is that he denounces racism because it’s “beyond common sense,” which would mean that anything beyond common sense has “no place in our society.” He is one of those people I call “common sense” Nazis
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january 2011 by gnuygif7
The Cycling Lawyer: Imperial Winter Series Hillingdon Race 8 Saturday 16th January
I was not, I think, the only one on the start line who had not been on the bike at all for two weeks. Furthermore, I do not possess a turbo trainer and do not think I would ever use one. Accordingly the only exercise for me had been the odd trudge through the snow to the station and raising a glass to my lips perhaps slightly too frequently at last night's Thames Velo Club Dinner.
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december 2010 by gnuygif7
Microsoft Outlook ruins my evening | mark shroyer, dot com
As much as it has improved over the years, I think this proves Outlook 2010 is still entirely untrustworthy as an email client. Avoid using it if at all possible.
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december 2010 by gnuygif7
Silliness « The New Adventures of Stephen Fry
# Never ever read any tweets or direct messages sent to you the moment you get wind of a media shit storm brewing
# No more print interviews, Stephen. No matter how small and worthy the publication you can’t be trusted not to say something that will make you look a tit when reproduced elsewhere.
# Pretend you’re a politician and only say things after weighing all the consequences and potential offence caused.
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november 2010 by gnuygif7
Cheap Rip Off: Battle Of The Beef Ravioli
Cheap Rip Off

Cheap Rip Off Brands VS. The Good Stuff
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october 2010 by gnuygif7
Make Film Teach Film
Over the weekend, and as part of the London Screenwriters Festival, I was drawn into a newspaper article in The Observer about UK films being poor at economising. The basic gist being that I believe films need to be made more cost effectively if we are going to sustain any kind of infrastructure that can support a workforce. You can read the full article here. And this morning I ended up on BBC Radio 4 on the Today program as I have been dragged further into the debate. I must admit I was very nervous as I do listen to the show and the questioning is robust to say the least! You can listen to the short interview I did below…
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october 2010 by gnuygif7
Star Trek The Next Generation: Where No One Has Gone Before - TV Squad
The assistant wakes up and tells Picard that he's a Traveller, who has super magic powers, and he's been letting Kosinski take credit for his abilities so he can ride on starships and collect postcards from tourist traps all over the universe. He tells Picard that "thought is the basis of all reality," and offers to trade Picard Dick's Picks Volume 23 if he can just hook him up with some pants made out of hemp, man. He says that he acts as a lens to focus thoughts. Kosinski says it's bullshit, but Picard tells them that he was once tripping his balls off at a Galactic concert and totally realized the same thing, bro! High five!
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march 2010 by gnuygif7
Rangaku Learning About the West - Dumb Otaku
What really kicked off Rangaku, or “Dutch learning”, was when some Japanese doctors obtained an anatomy book that had highly detailed drawings of the internals of human bodies. This was very interesting to the Japanese as apparently they had never done an autopsy to learn what the insides of a person looked like. So they decided to do an autopsy on a dead criminal, and learned these books were exact. This spawned helped spawn a great curiosity of the west.
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february 2010 by gnuygif7
a fair and balanced look at "office space" - Zembla
When Mac's boss comes up behind him and begins doing the Gary Cole-esque, "Y-y-yeah" intro to some sort of crappy managerial request, it's not really funny, because the guy really is a manager, and even though he's doing a parody of a soulless middle manager, he still really is a soulless middle manager.
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january 2010 by gnuygif7
defmacro - The Nature of Lisp
Superficially XML is nothing more than a standardized syntax used to express arbitrary hierarchical data in human readable form. To-do lists, web pages, medical records, auto insurance claims, configuration files are all examples of potential XML use. Let's use a simple to-do list as an example (in a couple of sections you'll see it in a whole new light):
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december 2009 by gnuygif7
fergus the forager
Although this recipe is both somewhat extreme and absurd it does serve to illustrate some important points. Firstly, trying to mimic more conventional dishes using entirely wild ingredients is extremely challenging, time consuming and prone to failure. Perhaps more importantly, the more determined one is to utilize the full range of food plants potentially available, the greater the chance of poisoning. This point is quite obvious; in the case of yew berries and other such foods (cherry plum kernels) though the problem lies in their toxicologically ambiguous status.
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october 2009 by gnuygif7
Context Switches are Bad, but Stack Traces are Worse - Ted Dziuba
the most expensive question a manager can ask is "What are you working on?"

The danger here is when you're six or seven levels deep into yak-shaving, and your manager wants to know what you're doing and why. You need to give the manager a complete stack trace from your current frame all the way up to the original task. Each jump up the call stack is a context switch of its own, where you need to remember exactly why you made the decision that you did, and justify it as the best course of action.
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august 2009 by gnuygif7
Comments on “Will Oracle kill MySQL? Who cares?” • The Register
To all the Oracle paid shills pushing Oracle XE know that developers can smell the cheap cologne of hack salesman a mile away. You have some valid points about open source but Oracle's business model is legal extortion. I don't want to use their great "free" product that is meant to pidgeon hole me into spending way too much in BS oracle shit later. I guess you country club Republican salesmen really hate that "commie" open source stuff. Fear is good.
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august 2009 by gnuygif7
Bike Snob NYC: Pistolwhipped: Seminal Fingerbang
Hincapie tends to cross the line with a wimper. In fact, he seemed on the verge of tears in his post-race interview Saturday as he blamed first Astana and then Garmin for shutting him down. Subsequently, everybody involved rushed to Hincapie's side in order to comfort him as though he was a toddler who's just dropped his new ice cream cone.
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july 2009 by gnuygif7
Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » An Open Letter to Assos
So, if I understand correctly, your point is that people who ride a lot don’t need good bike clothes. People who rarely ride, however — or better yet, never ride at all — should buy your off-the-charts-expensive biking clothes. That’s a very original point of view, and you should be commended for it. Sadly, the originality of this point is offset by being one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.
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july 2009 by gnuygif7
Celebrity Wife Swap | Watch With Mothers
Jilly Goolden is one of those completely unflappable, indestructible women who built the Empire in-between making lunch, while their husbands were in the study dreaming of Nanny and re-enacting The Battle of the Somme with tin soldiers. As she arrived at Alexander’s stylish little flat in Central London, she looked completely unphased by the whole event. And when Alexander arrived, they got on like a house on fire. And Alexander had a weird limp.
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june 2009 by gnuygif7
Rich's Marmotte 2008
I looked at my watch, I'd been going for a little over 10hrs. I did the mental arithmetic, if I kept up a good pace then Silver was still on the cards. 4k to go. Time for a final push. MM upped the pace and I followed his back wheel. Pretty much like I had done up all of the climbs only this time the pace was faster. 2 bends to go, just 3k. Then round the final hairpin (1- Guerini) less than 2k to go. I was, hot, tired and my heart rate felt close to max, I pushed on. I wobbled. Then it went dark.

I hit the deck. I tried to get up but my legs were like jelly. It was like I was punch drunk. But I had to finish. I made it to my feet and started to push my bike up the hill. But my legs gave way and I was on the floor again. A friendly bystander gave me support and helped me sit against the wooden barrier, leaning on my bike. 1500metres to go. I had to go on. Then the lights went out.
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june 2009 by gnuygif7
Twitter will not grow much larger than it is now
There is a scene in ‘Top Secret” where a man stands clutching a parcel on a station platform in Eastern Germany. As the guards walk by, their sniffer dogs catch wind of something and start barking and jumping up at the man, who looks duly frightened. He is quickly dragged off-screen and shot. Meanwhile the parcel falls to the ground, and the dogs claw it open. It is revealed to be full of dog biscuits.

I think it might be the same for Twitter. I think these technological scouts have triggered a false alarm by finding something which is of great interest and appeal to them, but of very limited use to everyone else.
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april 2009 by gnuygif7
Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » I Am Still Working On My Entry in the “Win the Eddy Merckx Experience” Contest
To conclude, I would like to describe how once, Eddy Merckx appeared to me in a dream. He told me that if I ever wanted to win a race, I must be certain that as few people as humanly possible start that race. He told me that I must have confidence. He told me I must look sassy. He told me his bike was exactly what I needed to do all these things. In my dream, Eddy was eating bleu cheese.
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march 2009 by gnuygif7
POD-dy Mouth
The end isn't near; it's here.
Well, today marks an unusual moment at POD-dy Mouth; this will be my last post.

After more than two years of vetting and posting, I am done.

So, why I am ending it?

There are approximately 34 reasons that I thought of. Though I'll discuss the primary ones here.
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march 2009 by gnuygif7
We Need a Freakin NAME
In the midst of cats spinnin on their lips like they were in some Allure video our eyes meet without actually seeing each other before, and we both did a double take (something I don’t do often), and on the second look she gives me a weird looking screwface, so I’m basically sayin to myself, “WTF?” So I keeps movinnnnnnn, you know? I’m a Fonzi, I’ma play that role
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february 2009 by gnuygif7
Blogger: - Post a Comment
BTW Jaffe you're a trendy fucking bitch when it comes to movies. You keep mentioning some of the most commercial crap. Goodfellas, Goonies, There's Something About Mary, Spider Man 3, Dumb and Dumber, The Spielberg shit. Come one man. What the fuck? You have about as much taste in movies as my chick does in music. She likes Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent, all this commercial bullshit that keeps getting shoved down our throat. Get a fucking clue Jaffe do some exploring you blind bitch. Don't accept everything that is thrown at you by the studios open your fat eyes and you'll find an entire ocean of awesomeness out there. Quit swimming in the trendy sea fucker.
Check out Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Lady Vengeance, Old Boy, Ichi The Killer, Versus, Dark Tales of Japan, Begotten, Metropolis, Faust, The Last Laugh, Triump Of The Will, Just to name a few.
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february 2009 by gnuygif7

LORD Sebastian Coe is one of life's winners, whether I'm thrashing Steve Ovett to take the 1500m gold in Moscow, single-handedly bringing the Olympics back to London, or becoming head boy by exposing my rivals as communist sympathisers.
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january 2009 by gnuygif7
The Libes Libation
But, cheapskate that I am, I have stuck with Comcast due to their willingness to compete with Verizon purely on the basis of the price. I would really appreciate competition on speed and reliability too but I guess that's too much to ask for. And, clearly in my case, reliability - or lack thereof - doesn't seem to be a showstopper. I must enjoy being mistreated or having an unreliable connection. Why else would I stay? Laziness? Masochism?
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december 2008 by gnuygif7
Sign of the times: A RatShack salesdroid too depressed to charge for a component, or to do upsells on cellphone geegaws and overpriced speaker wire? In the 70s they would have been all over you, trying to sell you CB radio equipment and stereos. Batten down your bank accounts, this is gonna be a rough one.

The tuner works fine now; no internal fireworks.

The smell of melting solder brought back many memories of building stuff when I was a kid.
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november 2008 by gnuygif7
Wondermark » Archive » The Comic Strip Doctor: Marmaduke
But Marmaduke is uniquely psychosexual; the dog is a huge, lumbering id waving its monster lipstick-phallus throughout the tightly-buttoned Winslow household while tension simmers just below the surface:
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november 2008 by gnuygif7
jultra: 9/11: David Ray Griffin & David Shayler
No Plane Theory = Disinfo = COINTELPRO/Agent = Shayler.
humour  tinfoilhat  conspiracy  911  blog 
september 2008 by gnuygif7

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